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Full text of "Report on the Manuscripts of the Corporation of Beverley"

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iresenteb Ijo Saxliament [i]} <!Iiommanib jof P^r ^airst]}. 




And to be purchased, either directly or through any Bookseller, from 

EYRE AND 8P0TTISVV00DE, East Harding Street, Fleet Street, E.G., and 
32, Abingdox Street, Westminster, S.W.; or 


E. PONSONBY, 116, Grafton Street, Dublin. 

[Cd. 284.] Price \%. ( 


Page 3, line 14, for '* was the aum actually paid " read *• is the sum specified in 
Archbishop William's charter." 

Page 13, line 17. f<yr " accepted " read " excepted." 

55, „ 28, /or" 1574 "reoci" 1572." 

60, „ 17, for ** occurs " read " seems." 

80, „ 20, /or •* gaiters" read 'hose." 

80, „ 21, for '♦ Shearmen's [' read '* Tailors'.' 

89, „ 35, for " de Celane " read ' ♦ of Colane [Cologne] . ' ' 

105, ,, 16, /o/- ** gaiters " read " hose." 

105, „ 26, for " Pariagii " read '* Paviagii." 

112. „ 18,/or "Apudle" read" Apudle." 

112. „ 20 Jor ** capitale " read " Capituli." 

121, „ 3, for *• plegiam " read " plegium." 

121, „ 22, /or "Biale " read •♦Riole." 

125, „ 31 

131, „ 2 

126, „ 31, /or " Baune " read ' • Bawme." 
130, ,, 14, /or " carnibus'' read " canibua." 
130, „ .39, /or "Newebygpyng' rc«d " Newebyggyng.' 

132, Vuu'x 13. 22, /or *' Ronthspitell " read " Routhespitell. ' 

133, line 3, for " Vsaconiae " read ' Vasconiae." 

135, „ 36 for "dimidii " read "dimidisB.*' 

136, laat line, for "Gov.*' read " Governors." 
138, line 27, for " Laugate " read " Lairgate. ' 
141, „ 26. for ' ' Aldermanus " read *' Aldermanno." 
143, „ 14, /or *• Kogeus " read "Rogerus.'* 
161, lafit line, for "Feyang'" read "Fegang." 
169. line 2, for " Henyson's " read * Heryson's.' 
174, ,, 27, for " or trumpeter ? " read '• or juggler." 

M 37/ 

for •• Conton " read " Couton." 




The records are kept in an upper room in the Town Hall 
next to and approached from the Council Chamber, through 
a heavy strong-room door, the key of which is in the custody 
of the Town Clerk. On the Council Chamber side it is 
reasonably fireproof, the wall being extremely thick, and pro- 
bably on the two outer sides, but on one side it is enclosed 
by a wall only one brick thick ; the floor is of stone, and the 
room below, used by the Police, is not much frequented. 

The Charters are in drawers in a press made for the purpose. 
Documents belonging to charities (which have not been examined) 
are in similar drawers. The Account Eolls are kept in wooden 
boxes. The valuable Town Books, together with the miscellaneous 
documents described below, were, when found, somewhat in 

The extant Eecords are only a scanty remnant of the mag- 
nificent series that once existed, and many were, like the valuable 
Book of the Provost of Beverley now restored to the Minster, 
only recovered a few years ago from the executors of a local 
antiquary, Mr. Gilliatt Sumner. 

The Records consist of : — 

1. The Charters. A list of these is given in the ** History 
and Antiquities of the Town and Minster of Beverley" by 
George Oliver, Vicar of Clee, published at Beverley, 1829, at p. 
377. It begins with the celebrated Charter of Archbishop 
Thurstan of York, which has been printed, from R3niier's 
Foidera, in Bishop Stubbs's Select Charters (Oxford, Clarendon 
Press, 1870). Most of these Charters have been given with some 
fulness either in Oliver's History or in the more elaborate 
*'Beverlac, or the Antiquities and History of the Town of 
Beverley and of the Provostry and Collegiate Establishment of 
St. John's," by George Poulson, 1829, 2 vols. ; or will appear in 
the Calendars of Patent Eolls or Papal Bulls. They are, 
therefore, only noticed here so far as they appear in the 
Town Books. The Corporation possess an elaborate transcript 
of all these charters in two volumes, with translations on 
the opposite page, made by W. lUingworth, formerly Deputy 
Keeper of H.M. Eecords in the Tower of London, in pursuance of 
a resolution of the Corporation 5th March, 1810. 

Wt 723. b A 

The copy of Thurstan's Charter printed by Bishop Stubbs has, 
however, a good niany errors, and the copy of the same Charter 
given in the Town Chartulary has also errors. As this is 
(excluding London) one of the oldest Town Charters extant, 
a corrected copy is now given. It will be found to differ in some 
particulars from Mr. Illingworth's transcript, especially in the 
very important particular of the rent charge payable to the Arch- 
bishop for the Toll of the Town. It appears that he must have read 
the Charter wrong through his prepossession by the copy in 
Eymer's Fcedera. The rent is not xviii but viii marks a year. 
The words unfortunately occur in a much rubbed crease of the 
charter where it has been, and is, folded ; but the reading 
seems to be not x and yiii but v and iii. There is certainly not 
room before the iii for both v and x. 

The Charter is as follows : — 

**T. Dei gratia Eboracensis Archiepiscopus cunctis Christi 
fidelibus tam prsesentibus quam futuris salutem^^>, Dei bene- 
diccionem et suam. 

Notum sit vobis me dedisse et concessisse, et consilio capituli 
Eboracensis et Beverlacensis et consilio meorum Baronum, mea 
carta confirmasse hominibus de Beverlaco omnes libertates 
eisdem legibus quibus illi de Eboraco habent in sua civitate. 

Preterea non lateat vos quod dominus H. Eex noster nobis 
concessit potestatem faciendi h[ec]^2^ de bona voluntate sua, et 
sua carta confirmavit statuta nostra et leges nostras juxtaformam 
legum burgensium de Eboraco, salva dignitate et honore Dei et 
S. Johannis et nostri et canonicorum; ut ita s[cilicet] honorem 
elemosinarum predecessorum suorum exaltaret et promoveret. 
Cum omnibus his liberis consuetudinibus, volo ut Burgenses 
mei de Beverlaco habeant suam Hanshus, quam eis do et con- 
cedo ut ibi sua statuta pertractent ad honorem Dei et S. Johannis 
et Canonicorum, et ad tocius villatus emendacionem, eadem 
libertatis^^^ lege sicut illi de Eboraco habent in sua Hanshus. 

Concedo et^*^ eis teloneum^*^ in perpetuum pro v*^^ et iij"' ^^ 
marchis annuatim, preterquam in tribus^®^ festis in quibus 
teloneum^®^ ad nos et ad Canonicos spectat, in festo s[cilicet] S. 
Johannis Confessoris in Maio et in festo translacionis S. Johannis 
et in nativitate S. Johannis Baptiste : in his vero tribus 
festis omnes Burgenses de Beverlaco ab omni teloneo liberos et 
quietos dimisi. 

Hujus eciam carte testimonio eisdem Burgensibus liberos 
introitus et exitus concessi, s[cilicet] in villa et extra villam, in 
piano et bosco et maresio^^">, in viis et in semitis et ceteris con- 
venienciis, exceptis^^^^ pratis et bladis, sicut unquam melius, 
liberius, et largius aliquis possit concedere et confimare. Et 
sciatis quod sunt liberi et quieti ab omni teloneo^^^^ per totam 
schiram Eboraci sicut illi de Eboraco. 

Et volo ut quicunque h [ec] <i^> [disf ecerit] <^*^ anathema sit, sicut 
ipsius ecclesie S. Johannis asserit consuetudo, et sicut statutum 
est in ecclesia S. Johannis, 


Hii sunt testes, Gaufridus^^^^ Murdoc^^^, Nigellus Fossard, 
[Alanus de]^^^^ Perci, Walterus Spec^^^^ Eustachius filius Johannis, 
Tomas Prepositus, Turstinus Arcbidiaconus, Herbertus^^®> 
Can[onicus]<20) Willelmus filius Tole, Willelmus de^^D Baius<^>, 
coram tota familia Archiepiscopi clericis et laicis in Eboraco." 

The variants printed in Bishop Stubbs' edition are as 

(1) et is inserted. 

(2) hoc (the original has only h'). 

(3) liberatam. 

(4) etiam. 

(5) thelonium. 

(6) ) XVIII. lUingworth has X et VIII. The Town Chartu- 

(7) J lary has VIII, and that was the sum actually paid. 

(8) iis. 

(9) theloneum. 

(10) marisco. 

(11) excepto in 

(12) telonio. 

(13) hoc. 

(14) The word is absolutely illegible here. lUingworth has 

** discencit." It may have been plainer 80 years ago. 

jj^j [ Galfridus Murdac. 

(17) There is no word here now at all. In the copy in the 

Town Chartulary it is given Abbas de. lUingworth 
has Alanus de. 

(18) Es-pec. 

(19) Herebertus Camerarius. The original is quite clearly 

(20) can, not cam. 

L J I Baiocensis. Of course the meaning is the same. 

2. Account EoUs of the Keepers or Governors of the Town of 
Beverley to the time of the formal Incorporation of the Town and 
the creation of a Mayor by Charter of Queen Elizabeth in 1573. 

The years for which the accounts are extant are : — 

1344 1502 

1366 1519 

1386 1520 

1405 1523 

1407 1541 

1409 1545 

1416 1556 

1423 1*557 

1433 1558 

1445 1559 

1449 1562 

1450 1570 
1460 1572 
1494 1573 


From 1574 the accounts purport to be those of the Mayor. 
There are extant : — 






1680 (inclusive, except 


1684 1664-65.) 



























1720 (inclusive.) 






1729 (inclusive.) 



They are all on parchment and till 1574 in Latin. Full trans- 
lations of the two first are given below, and translated extracts, 
most copious in the earlier years, from the rest. The Rolls after 
1574 have not been examined fully. 

Extracts from the EoUs were given by Poulson in his 
Beverlac, but they are not always to be relied on. 

It is to be regretted, too, that the Account EoU for 1420, which 
is perhaps that most copiously drawn from by Poulson, has dis- 
appeared since his day. 

3.. Minster Fabric Eoll for the year 1447, in Latin. This 
has now appeared in the Transactions of the East Eiding Anti- 
quarian Society, Vol 6, 1898. 

4. Eoll of particulars of Chantries granted to the Town by 
Edward VL This is imperfect. A copy of it from the Chantry 
Certificate (No. 73) of the Eecord Office is printed in Mr. W. H. 
Page's Yorkshire Chantry Surveys, Vol. II. p. 543, Surtees 
Society, 92, 1893. 

5. Two Account EoUs of the churchwardens of St. Mary's for 
the years 1548-9 and 1551-2. 

6. The Town Chartulary. This is apparently partly a copy of 
an older book now gone, which is referred to in other Town 
Eecords as the ** Old Paper Eegister " and the ** Large Eegister." 
It is a quarto volume, llj in. by 8 in., paper, bound in parch- 
ment. It is numbered in the middle of the leaf, and is stated to 
contain **41 leaves with a little labell in Englisshe." The label 
is there, but one leaf has disappeared. It contains the Ancient 

customs of the Town, and divers extracts, charters, and docu- 
ments bearing on its constitutions and privileges, and at the 
end a few Guild ordinances and contemporary documents. It 
seems to have been begun at the end of the 14th century, and is 
continued to 1452. A full account and copious extracts are given 
below. The Town and Guild Ordinances are mostly repeated in — 
7. The Great Guild Book. This is a large parchment quarto, 
15|^in. by Hi in., numbering, besides two blank leaves at the 
beginning, 97 leaves. The cover is gone. It seems to have been 
begun in 1409, and continued to 1589. The greater part of the 
first 16 leaves is written at one time, 1409, in a book-hand, with 
rubric headings and elaborate rubricated initial letters. Of the 
rest of the book some of the Guild Ordinances are written in 
book-hand at a slightly later date. The bulk of the book is in a 
cursive hand at various dates, while even in the first 16 leaves are 
interspersed later insertions of different times. In the middle, 
Elizabethan Ordinances of the Merchants are inserted on a quite 
different parchment to the rest of the book. The Town 
Ordinances are presented below in a pretty complete form. From 
the Guild Ordinances those of the Butchers and Merchants have 
been given in full as specimens, while salient or specially inter- 
esting extracts have been made in the case of other Guilds. 
Until about 1450 the Ordinances are almost invariably in Latin ; 
after 1460 usually in English. The former are here translated. 

It should be noted that the Ordinances of the ** Merchants or 
Mercers' Guild " are said to date from 1210 : the Bakers' date 
from 1364, Butchers' and Goldsmiths' from 1365. Most of them 
indeed claim to be of ** immemorial " antiquity, and probably 
are ; but the Drapers only became a separate Guild in 1493. As 
the Grocers' Company in London only dates from 1345 this points 
to a very early organization of the Craft Guilds of Beverley. 

There is not much notice of the religious Guilds, though all 
of those existing in Beverley in 1430 are specified in an Ordi- 
nance regulating the order of precedence at the Corpus Christi 
Procession on Corpus Christi day (Thursday after Trinity Sunday,) 
which was managed by the Corpus Christi Guild. They are, in 
the order given, the Guild of Corpus Christi, of Blessed Mary, of 
St. John of Beverley, and then, after 19 Craft Guilds, the 
Guilds of St. Ellen, of Pater Noster, of St. John the Baptist, 
of St. John in May, of St. Peter Azelon. The Ordinances of the 
Guild of St. Ellen and Blessed Mary are summarized in Toulmin 
Smith's Eiiglish Guilds, Early English Text Society, 1870, p. 
14, and aeq,, where it appears that on St. Ellen's day and the 
Purification of the Virgin respectively the members of the Guild 
dressed up persons as St. Ellen and the Virgin, with other 
characters, and went in procession to church, that of St. Ellen to 
the Franciscans' Church, that of St. Mary to St. Mary's. The 
ordinances of the Corpus Christi Guild have been published by 
Mr. Leach, with the Foundation deed of a Corpus Christi chantry 
in the Minster dated 1352, in a paper in Proceedings of the 
Society of Antiquaries, 8th March, 1894. Some of the Charters 


of the Great Guild of St. John of Beverley also appear in 
Toulmin Smith's volume. Though its Charters are those usually 
claimed as the Town Charters, and it is once in the documents 
called the ** Gilda Mercatoria," it does not appear to be the same 
either as the Merchant Guild, Gilda Mercatoria, Confratemitas 
Mercatorum sive Merceriorum, or as the Town Corporation. For 
the Merchant or Mercers' Guild appears separately in the Pro- 
cession, and is sometimes called the Trinity Guild, maintaining 
a Trinity Priest in the Charnel of St. Mary's : while the Com- 
munitas of the Town appears in the Account EoUs as paying a 
rent of £1 a year for the Guild Hall or Hanshouse to the Guild 
of St. John. 

The Guild of St. John in May is probably the Guild which 
managed the procession in Rogation Week, when the shrine of 
St. John of Beverley was carried from the Minster to St. Mary's ; 
and on another day to St. Nicholas Holme Church. The Craft 
Guilds first viewed the procession sitting in livery in wooden 
castles in the streets, and on its return rode after it on horse- 
back. There are several entries as to the Pater Noster Guild 
and the play it was founded to perform, hitherto only known to 
have existed at York (where a EoU of the Pater Noster Guild 
was in the possession of the late Canon Eaine, and is now in the 
Minster Muniment Eoom), and at Lincoln (Hist. MSS. Com- 
mission, 14th Eeport, App., part VII., p. 29). 

8. The Governors' Minute Book. This is a quarto volume, 
12Jin. by 9Jin., paper, bound in brown leather, numbered as 
having 168 leaves, but this is exclusive of the three first leaves, 
and many have been cut or torn out. In date it extends from 
25th April, 1436, to 20th August, 1470. It is written in Latin. 
Copious extracts, mostly in the original Latin, appear below. 
This book seems to have been quite unknown to the historians 
of Beverley. 

9. Minute Books of Governors, on paper, folio, bound in 
modern bindings, and lettered '*Bev. Gov. 1558 to 1567," Vol. I. 
The same, 1568 to 1573, Vol. 11. 

These and the following books have not been minutely examined. 

10. Corporation Minute Book. 7th January, 1597 to 21st May, 
1660; paper, folio, with paper cover, marked *' Liber C." 

11. Corporation Minute Book. 6 Oct. 1659 to 25 Feb. 1707 ; 
paper, folio, with parchment cover, marked ** Liber E." At 
the end are copies of some wills containing charitable bequests. 
It covers partly the same period as Lib. C, the first part having 
apparently been copied from Lib. C, which is badly torn at the 

12. Corporation Minute Books. 1679 to 1687, 1687 to 1702, 
1722 to 1726. Paper, folios in modern binding, lettered ** Bev. 
Corp." From 1726 there are regular Minute Books to the 
present time. 

13. Great Order Books. Parchment, in modern leather 
bindings. Elections of Mayor, Governors, officers, and the like, 
30 Elizabeth (1587-8) to 1821. At the other end. Ordinances as 
to Corporation and *' Occupations" or Craft Guilds, 1 Sept. 
1602 to 1728. 

14. Court Leet Pains, 1697. A large EoU on Parchment. 

15. Miscellaneous deeds of various dates from Stephen to 
Edward VI. The last one is interesting as showing that those 
mysterious persons the 7 Berefellarii or Eectors or Personae of 
Beverley Minster had a corporate house as well as a corporate 
seal, and, like the Vicars Choral of most Cathedral Churches of 
Secular Canons, were a College of themselves. 

The Beverley Town Eecords were originally examined with a view 
to seeing if they threw any light on the history of the Minster, 
or as it is formerly called the Collegiate Church of St. John of 
Beverley, the 13th century Chapter Act Book of which Mr. Leach 
was editing for the Surtees Society. Beyond the Fabric EoU above 
mentioned and a few very casual mentions in the 15th century 
of the Minster as a place of recognised Town resort, and of its 
Provost, Chancellor, Canons and Grammar School Masters, one 
of whom was several times one of the Twelve Governors of the 
town, what was sought for was not found. 

Warm thanks are given to the Town Clerk, Mr. J. Willis 
Mills, and his predecessor and father Mr. James Mills, for 
their great courtesy and kindness ; and to the Ex-Mayor, Mr. 
Tom Turner, and the Mayor, Mr. Farrah, and the Corporation 
of Beverley for permitting the documents to be removed and 
studied at leisure. 

It is to be hoped that the Corporation of Beverley, being in 
possession of such a magnificent and almost unrivalled series of 
town records, will take measures for their absolute security. 

Town Chartulary. 

/. 1. Part of a summary of accounts up to 23rd October, 
year not stated [13 Hen. VI.J , in the same order as in the Eolls 
of Account. 

Memorandum, that 9 pipes full of corn, belonging to Nicholas 
Brompton of Beverley, merchant, ordered and sent by him for 
Bordeaux without licence or order of the King, were seized 
by the Archbishop's ofi&cer and other officers at Beverley, 9th Sept., 
13 Henry VI., and are detained until a remedy is provided by the 
advice of the King's Council and the Archbishop and community 
of Beverley, for the delivery and disposition of the said pipes in 
form of law. And this by motion of John EUircarr. 


















Measure of Westwode, Beverley. 

Westwood, Beverley, with its ditches, 

contains in length on the west 

side from S. to N. 16 score and 1 perches. 

Length on the east side 

In breadth on the S. side from E. to W. 

In breadth on the N . side from W. to E . 

Besides one parcel of the same lying 
between the Croft, etc. (sic) and 
the Archbishop's croft to the N. 
and S. and the quarry and the 
croft outside North Bar, and con- 
taining in length from E. to W. 4 ,, ,, ,, 

(MS. torn) breadth from S. to. W. 33 „ 

Which make 16a. (MS. torn). Whole length of Westwode 
16 (score) and 1 perches, and 13 score and 13 perches, as above, 
by equal division, contains clear 14 score and 42 perches. Whole 
breadth (MS. torn) by equal division contains clear (MS. torn) 
and croft called Saint Gillycroft (MS. torn.) 

f. lb. Patent to array and try men-at-arms, armed men and 
archers (homines ad arma armatos homines et sagittarios), 
as follows: — 

10 July, 12 Henry VI. Commission to Eichard Earl of 
Salisbury, Henry, Earl of Northumberland, Kobert Ughtred, 
William Kicher, William Norman ville, knights ; John, the 
constable of Holsham, Eobert, the constable of Fleynburgh, 
Thomas Metcham, John Portyngton, John Meleton, John 
Kudstane and John Bedford, and the Sheriff of York ; to 
array and try all those dwelling within the East Biding able 
to bear arms, and to cause those able, to provide armour, bows 
and arrows for those who cannot provide them themselves, to 
array them in thousands, hundreds, and twenties, and place 
them where thought fit on the coast, and otherwise to oppose 
the enemies [xinnamecT] who threaten invasion. To have 
musters and see that every one carries his own arms except 
those armed at others' expense. To cause beacons ('* signa 
vocata Becoyns ") to be placed on the usual places, to give 
warning of the enemy's approach. 

/. 2. 17 May, 12 Eichard II. Charter that the Sheriff should 
not enter the liberties, whether the See is full or vacant. 

Eichard II. to Sheriff of York. By ancient Eoyal Charters 
the Archbishop's bailiff has return of writs and execution of 
them, whether the See is full or not, but you have entered the 
liberty without special mandate from us, to the no small 
expense of the community ; on whose petition, the temporalities 
being in our hands by reason of the judgment against Alexander 
late Archbishop, we order you not to enter the liberty, unless on 
default made by the bailiff of the Archbishopric. 


Copy of clause of the Charter of Henry IV., that no burgess 
of Beverley be compelled to be a collector of tenths, &c., outside 
the liberty of Beverley. 8 Feb., 2 Henry IV. (Printed in 
Poulson I., 175, as being Henry V.) 

Plea of discharge of burgesses of Beverley from collecting 
taxes outside the borough and precinct of the same town. 

From the memoranda of the Exchequer (King's Eemem- 
brancer) Eoll 9, 12 Henry VI. Discharge C*exoneratio ") of 
Thomas Nuttyll, of Eiston in Holdernesse, and William Cottryll, 
of MoUescroft, from serving as Commissioners for raising a 
fifteenth and tenth, in virtue of Henry V.'s Charter, as being 
burgesses of Beverley. 

/. Sb to/. 7. Customs and liberties of the town of Beverley 
from time immemorial, etc., used and approved by the burgesses 
of the same town. 

These are printed below, from another edition in the Great 
Guild Book. 

/. 7. Plea between the Governors of the town of Beverley 
and John. Howell. The defendant is sued in debt, for 40s., he 
having, in accordance with the ordinances, incurred a penalty 
of that amount to the community, and JBIO to the King, for 
malicious words against the Governors. On Friday, 28 Oct., 
13 Henry VI., he said to Master John Marschall and others that 
they held before themselves pleas which concerned the spiritual 
and temporal courts of the Archbishop. After two adjournments 
at the defendant's request, the case did not apparently come to 

/. 7. 1451. Eecognizance of William Dalton. 19 May, 29 Henry 
VI., before Thomas Wylton, John Sprotlay and Thomas Wyche, 
three of the twelve Governors, William Dalton showed two 
indentures made by him, being a recognizance to Thomas 
Mayne, Eoger Cokirham, William Kirkby, and others, seven of 
the twelve Governors ; which were, at the request of Edmund 
Portington, esq., and other burgesses, ordered to be registered 

in the Guild Hall Eegister. 


/. 7h, Action for penalty. The Governors versus John Whitlay 
for 40s. penalty for having abused the Governors in the Guild 
Hall, 1 June, 14 Henry VI., in respect of an ordinance passed 
on S. Mark's Day that year by the whole community, affecting 
the tailors' craft (result not stated). 

Ibul. Judgment concerning William Lorymer, mercer, 7 June, 
1442. William Lorymer, being one of the twelve Governors, 
was told by the rest that he could not properly sit with them 
until a charge of felony against his son, Thomas Lorymer, made 
by John Webster, robber, then lying in the Archbishop's gaol 
in Beverley, had been determined. He consented. 


26 March, 1443, William Lorymer came to the Guild Hall 
before Thomas Mayn, Edmund Portyngton, John Bewme, etc., 
eight of the twelve Governors, and wanted to sit with them. 
After a week's adjournment to consult the "magnates'' of the 
town, on Sunday, 31 March, the undermentioned (but names 
not given), " venerabiles " of the town met in the Chapter 
House of the Collegiate Church, and determined that he ought 
not to sit until the case was decided. And on the Tuesday 
following Lorymer was so informed by the twelve Governors 
sitting in the Guild Hall. 

/. 8. 19 July, 1440. [Power of] Attorney for the Chantry 
of John of Kelk. 

William Barkeby, tanner, was granted a letter of attorney 
for the lands of the Chantry for four years ; on condition of paying 
the two chaplains 6 marks each, and bearing the other charges 
of the Chantry ; receiving 26s. 8d. a year for his pains. 

Grant of the herbage of Lelicroft to John Portington, his heirs 
and assigns for ever. S. Mark's Day, 1445. Sale by the 
community, with assent of the twelve Governors, of common of 
the herbage of the croft ; price not stated. 

Of the discharge of toll in the city of York, 1373. Thomas 
of Beverley, the Archbishop's steward of Beverley, Thomas 
Humbercolt, and Adam " Tondu " made suit for delivery of 
distraint taken at York. Eoger of Moreton, then Mayor of 
York, in the presence of Master John of Walton, official of the 
Archbishop, and Henry of Barton, steward, acknowledged that 
burgesses of Beverley were quit of toll, and ordered the dis- 
tresses to be given up. 

Six of the twelve Governors of the town sworn as aflfeerers 
of the Brewster's Guild. 22 April, 26 Henry VI., before 
Master John Barnyngham, Treasurer of York cathedral church, 
and Henry Thwaytes, as commissioners of the Archbishop, 
Thomas Mayn and five others were sworn as affeerers of the 
Brewers and Tipplers (" Tipelariorum ") on the Archbishop's 
fee, for Easter term, 25 Henry VI. and Michaelmas, and Easter 
term, 26 Henry VI. 

The fines for Easter, 25 Henry VI., amounted to 33«. Od. 
The fines for Michaelmas, 25 Henry VI., amounted to 34s. lOd. 
The fines for Easter, 26 Henry VI., amounted to 36s. Id. 

f, 8b, Letter of credence in English. ** To the most 
Reverent Fadir in God oure most graciouse lorde the Cardinal 
and Archiebisschop of York," 13 July, 1447, sending Thomas 
Mayn and William Lorymer to the Archbishop to discuss certain 
matters (as under) affecting the town. 


"A Instruccion." 8 July, 25 Henry VI. Instructions by Thomas 
Wilton and his fellows, the twelve Governors, to Thomas Mayn 
and William Lorymer, these being two of them : — 1. To beseech 
the Archbishop to be ** tendir lord " and suffer us to enjoy our 
liberties. 2. To inform him that *' we was and is " ready to deliver 
the estreats of Brewster guilds, and to do our part to affeer them ; 
and that his steward has refused, and commanded the bailiff 
and his servants to distrain the constables of the fee to bring 
in afore him the estreats, and they have taken distress of divers 
of them. And ** slike distress was never seen within the said 
town by us men that bears life this day nor a great deal longer." 
3. They do not wish to encroach, but only to have the same 
liberties as their ancestors. They ask him to write to his 
steward to stay proceedings till he comes down " into this 

/. 8b'9. Covenants for making of the *' Bek '' by John 

6 April 1454, 32 Henry VI. Indenture between William 
Spenser, John Coppandale, William Sleforth and six others 
(probably for the 12 Governors) and John Gargrave, walker. 
[A walker is a fuller.] He ** sal gar make " and finish a pair 
of ** clowys " sufficient at the High Bridge of Beverley Beck 
to ** resayt '' of the water flowing into the same, unto the Parson 
Bridge ; and for avoiding of the same water betwixt the said 
bridges, for scouring the same beck. He is also to scour the 
beck from Parson Bridge to Saint John House, | of a yard 
deeper than at the date of the deed, and to cleanse and cut 
the banks from Saint John House to the end of the beck. The 
work to be done by 24th June. Payment, 40 marks. Gargrave 
to have power to stop Walkerbeck for the weal of the beck. 
He provides four sureties, two shoemakers and two tilers, in 
£5 each, for due performance of the work. 

/. 96., 10, and 11, blank. 

/. 116. ** Divers petitions not confirmed by the King in 
all things." This document is undated, but seems to be the 
petition on which the Charter of Henry VI. was granted. 

** Memorandum that from the time when the Lord Edelstan, 
of famous memory, once King of England by the general words 
following, * als Ire make I the, as hert may thinke or eyhe 
may se ' " granted the liberty to God and the Church of Beverley 
and the men of Beverley, the men of Beverley were free and 
quit of toll and tea (sic) and all the like customs through the 
whole of the King's power ; and from the time of Henry I. 
had their Merchant Guild and Hanshouse and free Burgage 
as freely among them as those of York. But yet they want 
those liberties and quittances to be more particularly confirmed ; 
viz. : — That they are free and quit in cities and boroughs and 
markets and fairs, in passage of bridges and ports of the sea, 
and in all places through all England, Ireland and Wales 
and other our lands and waters, from every tallage, passage, 


pedage C^pedagio"), lastage, stallage, wreck, and lagan, ewage, 
from imposts ('' vectigalibus ") and dues ('* tributis "), of murage, 
pontage, pavage, pitage, and that the said burgesses be quit, 
as of warnage, terrage, carriage, sayage, keyage C'cayagio") 
and all other levies C'pi'aestacionibus ") through the whole 
kingdom of England and elsewhere within the royal power ; 
and a certain custom which is called '^metlagh," and from all 
earthly service and secular exaction ; which should be looked 
into (*'quae inspiciantur ") according to the counsel of men 
learned in the law. 

Moreover, whereas in charters of the ancestors of the present 
King, Kings of England, it was granted to the men and bur- 
gesses of Beverley that they should have all the liberties and 
free customs which Thurstin and William, once Archbishops 
of York, gave them, and all which Kings of England, etc. (sic) 
gave and granted them, and by charters confirmed ; Now, 
though the burgesses of Beverley and their ancestors and pre- 
decessors used some of the liberties, customs, and quittances 
as aforesaid, by virtue of the said general words, and have 
been accustomed to use and enjoy them freely, the said burgesses 
of Beverley are hindered from the use of them, as they were 
wont, in divers places, viz., Lincoln, Huntingdon, Warwick, 
and elsewhere, as well by the King's ojfficers as by others ; where- 
fore let special remedy be provided if it may be. 

And, if it may be, that the said burgesses may have a com- 
munity between them, and that they may be able to create 
twelve Governors of the community of the more worthy, etc., 
among them yearly, on the feast of S. Mark the Evangelist, as 
they were accustomed. And that all persons dwelling or who 
shall dwell within the same town of Beverley, wishing to use 
the aforesaid liberties, be in scot and lot with the burgesses 
aforesaid in tallages, contributions, and other burdens touching 
the said community. And that they have their Merchant Guild 
and Hanshouse as they have been accustomed. And that the 
Steward of the Household, the Clerk of the Market, or other 
ofl&cers of the King or his heirs, may not enter the said town 
to do anything there which pertains to his office. And that 
the twelve Governors so elected and to be elected by the authority 
of the King may have power to punish disturbers of the peace 
and beginners of quarrels and dissensions in the town aforesaid 
by arrest and imprisonment, etc., and to do other things 
which pertain to the Justices as Keepers of the Peace. 

Liberties contained in charters of the abbey and convent 
of S. Mary's, York. This charter of Henry V. or VI. is 
appended, apparently, as a precedent for what the burgesses 
of Beverley wanted. It recites that '' whereas among other 
liberties and quittances granted to the abbot and convent it 
was granted, &c. Be it granted to them that they, their tenants 
and servants for ever, be quit in city and borough, fairs and 
markets, passage of bridges and sea ports, and all places through- 
out England and Wales and Ireland, of every toll tallage, 


passage, footage, stallage, wardage, pavage, and of all cartage 
and summage ; and that their cars, carts and horses, or other 
means of carriage be no way seized, etc.'' 

/. 12. Copy of commission of subsidy, to inquire of knights' 
fees, 12 April, 9 Henry VI., by Humfrey, Duke of Gloucester, 
Keeper of England. To Henry Brownflet, Eobert Babthorp, 
Kts., and John EUercarr and John Constable, Guy Eoucliflf, 
Eobert Eudstan and the Sheriff of York. Eecites grant (in 
French) by Parliament, of a subsidy of 20s. for every knight's 
fee and proportionate charges on ecclesiastical property. 

/. 136. Commission for East Eiding for two subsidies taken 
as well from knights' fees as of all inhabitants and householders. 
6 April, 6 Henry VI. Eecites the grant by Parliamen,t 
of 68. Sd. from the movables of all the inhabitant householders 
.(** domicilia tenentes ") of every parish whose church was valued 
below ten marks a year, if there are more than ten inhabitants, 
cities and boroughs only accepted ; and 13s. 4rf. from the 
inhabitants of those parishes whose churches were valued above 
10 marks ; and so proportionally ascending according to the 
value of the churches ; and, in cities and boroughs, of 2s. from 
every parish whose church was of the value of 20s., and so 
ascending ; and 6s. Sd. from every person seized of a knight's 
fee in demesne, and proportionally down to the 4th of a fee. 

/. 14. Discharge of the town of Beverley, except the church 
and parishioners of Holmkirke, Beverley, from the subsidy. 
Inquisition taken for the King before Eobert Eudstan and 
"William Soulby, bailiffs of the liberty of John, Archbishop 
of York, 3 July, 6 Henry VI., by virtue of a mandate from 
the Commissioners of the subsidies for the East Eiding, and 
the oaths of a jury of twelve Beverley townsfolk. The jury find 
that in the town and borough of Beverley the church of S. 
Nicholas, " commonly called Holmkirk," anciently taxed at 
10 marks, is worth 10 marks a year, and there are more than 
10 inhabitants in it ; but, after an exhaustive statement of the 
peculiar constitution of the Minster, the collegiate church of 
St. John and its various parochial prebends, including S. Mary's 
chapel (now S. Mary's church), attached to the altar of S. 
Martin's prebend in the chapel over the charnel in S. John's 
churchyard, they find that there is no other parish church in 
Beverley. The inhabitants of the town, therefore, except the 
parishioners of S. Nicholas Holme, escaped the subsidy. 

/. 151). Charter of Thurstin, once Archbishop of York, to the 
burgesses of Beverley. 

Charter of William, once Archbishop of York, to the said 
burgesses. A translation of this is printed in Poulson i, 55, 
with one blunder, by substituting ** inconveniences " for 
" conveniences." 

f. 16. Bull of confirmation by Pope Lucius of the gift of 
Tburstan and William. 


This is a confirmation by Pope Lucius III., probably in 1183, 
of the " libertates ac vestras liberas consuetudines quas bonae 
memoriae Thurstinus et Willelmus quondam Eboracensis 
ecclesiae Archiepiscopi rite et canonice vobis indulsisse nos- 
cuntur, sicut in autenticis eorum scriptis exinde factis con- 
tinentur et a karissimo in Christo filio nostro Henrico (II.) 
illustri Anglorum Eege corroborata sunt." Dated, Sign. 12 
Kal. Sept. 

Bull of Pope Celestine, dated at Eome, 5 July, an, 4, 1195, 
confirming Lucius' confirmation. 

These two bulls are crossed out, no doubt in accordance with 
Henry VIII. 's proclamation. 

/. 16. The Magna Chabta of the Community. 

To all, &c., Eichard of Louthe, John Tirwhit, son of Adam 
Tirwhit, Adam Coppandale, son of William Coppandale, senior, 
Peter Lumbard, William of Lothyngton, Peter of Staynton, 
John Spicer, Thomas Gervais, Alexander Cras, Eobert of Bedford 
Thomas of Scroeton, John of Wragby, elect by the common 
consent of the community of the town of Beverley, to keep the 
said town and the customs and statutes of the same town for 
this present year, viz., from S. Mark's Day, a.d. 1359, &c., 
Greeting. Know ye that we, in our Guild Hall of Beverley, 
anciently called the Hanshouse, in the presence of the whole 
community of the same, have inspected and recited certain 
statutes and customs used and approved time out of mind, to 
the effect following, viz. : — 

That every year on S. Mark the Evangelist's Day the Twelve 
elected to keep the town for the past year shall nominate 18 of 
the more worthy (" probioribus ") and sufficient of the said 
community in the Guild Hall aforesaid, the whole community 
then being there summoned for this purpose, those excepted 
who have been keepers of the said town for the three years 
before the said nomination ; of which 18 the community shall 
choose Twelve to keep the town aforesaid for the year coming. 
Which Twelve elected and sworn, or seven of them if all cannot 
be present, shall have (** habeant '') full power to levy farms 
(** firmas '') rents and ancient dues (** assessas ") in the same 
town, to keep and maintain the ancient customs and statutes, 
and to chastise and punish rebels and contraveners at their 
discretion, and, when necessary, with the consent of the com- 
munity aforesaid, to ordain and constitute new ordinances and 

And to levy by the boxes hitherto used such payments and 
assessments (** praestationes et assessas ") as were anciently 
used in the town aforesaid, viz. : — 

Of every whole cloth 1 

„ half a cloth OJ 

,, a quarter of a cloth O} 


Of every sack of wool 2 

„ half a sack 1 

„ a quarter of a sack OJ 

,, two stone of wool oj 

, , every pound (assisa) of dye (wayd) J 

„ every hundred of alom OJ 

„ half a hundred o} 

„ every hundred of brasell 2 

„ half a hundred 1 

,, quarter of a hundred OJ 

Of every cask of wine 2 

„ „ pipe 1 

„ ,, hundred weight OJ 

„ „ half Oj 

Of cheap cloth and other merceries aforesaid ... J 

„ every ten [dacra] hides of bulls and cows... OJ 

„ halfaten 0:J^ 

„ hides of horses oj 

„ hidesof goats 0;^^ 

,, every quarter of corn, either of wheat or 

other corn baked (furnato), for sale OJ 

„ ,, quarter brewed for sale 0^ 

„ „ brew less than a quarter oj 

,, ,, quarter of malt for sale 1 

,, ,, window of cobblers (sutorum), smiths, 
tailors, skinners, parchment makers 

and the like each week 0^ 

„ „ master carpenter, a year 3 

„ „ waggon and car (carra) for hire, a 

year 12 

„ „ ship, keel, and freight ship (fraght 

schip), a year 12 

„ „ great ketch (each) carrying casks of 
ashes (cinerum), corn, and the like, 

a year 6 

„ ,, mill a week OJ 

„ „ bakery (pistrina), a week OJ 

,, „ weaver for 4 cloths or coverlitts (^sicj 

woven 0^ 

„ ,, master fuller for 2 cloths fulled 0^ 

„ ,, vat for dying other people's wool, a 

week OJ 

„ „ lead of a working dyer, the week OJ 

„ „ table of a working barber, the week... 0^ 
„ ,, burgess living in Beverley, for every 

20s. rent, a year 1 

„ „ 10s. rent OJ 

„ „ 5s. rent oj 

„ a tray (traya) of salt oj 

„ every tiler's furnace fired OJ 

Every kiln fired " in le stanpitts," to sell 

beyond 6 quarters burnt OJ 


For 6 quarters of chalk and less OJ 

Of small vessels and boats and little ketches, 
to be taken at the discretion of the keepers 
and collectors in accordance with the seasons 
or season of the year at which they come to 
sell and collect the arrears of the aforesaid 

We will also and grant that wherever cloths of wool or other 
the goods aforesaid, within the town of Beverley or without, 
be bought by any fellow burgess or one of our merchants, the 
assessment above mentioned be levied on them. 

These Statutes and Ordinances of the aforesaid Twelve elected, 
for us and our heirs, we grant, approve, and ratify to endure for 
ever ; so that if any member of our community, present or 
future, shall ordain or attempt anything against the said 
Statutes, he shall give the community aforesaid £10 to be levied 
by distress by the Twelve for the time being ; and also lose 
the liberty of a burgess in the town aforesaid. 

Any one elected by the nomination aforesaid as a keeper 
refusing to serve, to pay 40s., to be levied, etc. 

Any of the twelve not coming to the Common Hall when 
summoned by the common sergeant, unless he have some 
reasonable cause, to pay 12d, 

Any other burgess summoned, and not coming, to pay every 
time 6d., to be levied in form aforesaid. 

If the twelve think it expedient that rates (** misae ") should 
be imposed in the said town, they must cause all the burgesses 
to be summoned to the Common Hall for a certain day, that 
they may be imposed with the assent of the whole community, 
if all come, and that by poundage (** per libratam"), and if 
they do not come, or come and refuse to consent, then the twelve 
may impose the rate by poundage, and levy it, as they may 
think most expedient on oath. 

Also the twelve, or seven of them, shall have special power 
of taking all and singular profits accruing to the community, 
of receiving rents, of leasing the wastes, lands, houses, meadows, 
pastures, and all other things concerning the community, and 
valuing through the whole time aforesaid all things coming 
to the community, of giving and paying gratuities, expenses, 
and salaries as often as they shall think fit on behalf of the 
community ; and of bearing, allowing, and giving discharges 
for all things and expenses and the like touching the community 
before the time of making these presents, &c. 

And whatever the said twelve, or seven of them, now elected 
shall have said on oath that they have spent, on behalf of the 
community shall be allowed without demur by the twelve to be 
elected for the next year. 



Moreover, if the twelve, or any of them, or their clerk or 
sergeant shall be sued for their ofl&ce or other act of the 
community, their expenses shall be repaid by the community 
in full. 

And if it happen that in a distress by the twelve, or seven of 
them, or the sergeant of the said community, any of the com- 
munity, whether one of the twelve or of the other burgesses, 
be found disobedient or oflfer resistance, let him at once, without 
pardon, pay 6«. 8J. to the community. And likewise, it shall be 
lawful for the twelve, or seven of them, to distrain, drive 
away, carry off, and detain de die in diem all the goods and 
chattels, wherever found, of him so found rebellious, until 
he shall have made full satisfaction for all arrears, demands, 
and profits belonging to the community, and of the offences afore- 
said. And if any of the community aforesaid cannot be justified 
in any such matters, the twelve, or seven of them, shall summon 
all the burgesses of the town for a certain day to the Common 
Hall for the assistance of the said twelve (or seven of them) 
against him so found to rebel and proved opponent ; and more- 
over to find a remedy and make such orders against all such 
rebels and opponents as may be necessary in the interests of the 

Also, it is ordained and decreed by the community of the town 
aforesaid, that none of the community aforesaid place, or cause to 
be placed, any filth or dung in the high streets or in other public 
ways, where carts are driven or may be driven ; and anyone dis- 
obeying this ordinance (unless the filth be carried away at least 
once a week) shall immediately pay to the community 40rf. ; and 
let this be yearly taken by the twelve keepers for the time being. 

In testimony whereof we, the said community, have affixed our 
common seal to these presents, and for greater security thereof 
have procured the seal of the Venerable Canons of the Chapter of 
the Blessed John of Beverley to be affixed. 

/. 17. Charter of Edward III. confirming the charters of all 
his ancestors. 

This is mentioned by Poulson I. 97, and assigned to the im- 
possible date 1322. It was 14 Dec. 6 Edward III., i.e. 1332. 
It is an inspeximus of the charter of 16 Edward II., itself an 
inspeximus of (i.) that of 28 April, 1 John ; and (ii.) that of 11 
April, 35 Edward I., itself an inspeximus of 13 February, 21 
Henry III., confirming the charters of John, Henry II., Henry 
I., and Ai'chbishops Thurstin and William, and of the charter 
of 2 July, 56 Henry III. This charter of Edward III. confirms 
all the liberties although they had not been used, and grants 
freedom from murage and pavage throughout his whole kingdom 
and dominion ("potestatem "). See Poulson I. 87. 

/. 18. 1382. Charter of the election of the twelve keepers 
of the town of Beverley. 
723 b B 


This is an extremely interesting charter which seems to have 
entirely escaped the notice of the historians of Beverley ; and 
is, beside the Account EoU for 1386, the only record of a long 
municipal constitutional struggle. 

18 March, 5 Eichard II. '^ Kichard, D.G., etc. To all and 
singular the good men and burgesses of the Town of Beverley. 
From the uncertainty of good government, many insolences are 
committed among the inhabitants and commons of cities and 
towns, evils arise and scandals, and divers kinds of dangers^ 
are excited, and peaceful conduct is badly hindered, and such 
insolences, evils, and dangers have more than usually happened 
in the town of Beverley, chiefly by default of good government, 
as is sufficiently notorious. 

For that town was accustomed by ancient and approved 
custom, there used without disturbance for 50 years, to be ruled 
and peacefully governed by twelve good (**probos") men of 
the town, elected for the purpose on the feast of S. Mark 
the Evangelist by the common assent of the burgesses of the 
said town. But that custom among you being suddenly set 
at nought, in place of the said twelve good men ye have newly 
appointed an alderman and two chamberlains for the rule and 
government of the town in the present year, and made this order, 
which has not been seen in the town aforesaid within the last 50 
years or before, except twice or seldomer, and for the better rule 
of the said town was then annulled by the common consent of 
the burgesses of the said town ; and ye intend to hold and keep 
to it, notwithstanding that the government of the said twelve 
men was much preferable for the good rule of the said town. 

And (whereas) this ordinance, if continued, will turn as we 
are informed, to the great desolation of the town and displacing 
C* dispositionem '') of the burgesses of the same, we, greatly 
desiring the relief of the town aforesaid and quiet and peaceful 
living there, on account of the special devotion to the glorious 
confessor of Christ, the blessed John, whose body has been 
translated into the Minster [one of the few occasions on tvhich 
the word '* monasterium " is used in formal documents'] of the 
said town, and wishing, moreover, graciously to provide for the 
future rule of the said town and for amending the defects of 
such rule there, enjoin and command you and every of you as 
strictly as we can, and on the faith and allegiance by which 
ye are bound to us, that by unanimous assent ye come together 
on the feast of S. Mark next at your Guild Hall aforesaid, as 
is customary, and having heard read all the premisses in your 
presence, and having understood them, and weighed them with 
mature deliberation, ceasing all matter of strife and quarrel, 
there determine and duly order such rule, order and government 
in the said town whereby the town and the people there may 
be best and most quietly ruled and governed, and our peace 
there kept, and friendship most nourished amongst you for 
the present year, and so from year to year ; for this end diligently 
and amicably taking your turns (** adhibentes invicem vices 


vestras '') as has been best and most orderly accustomed in 
the said town before this time, and has been for the best to 
make peace and quietness amongst you ; until, putting down 
rebels and opposers, or rather those who begin, promote, and 
are active in strife and quarrels, and their abettors, if any such 
there be, in this behalf by the ways and means which are 
suitable, ye restrain them from their malice. And this, as 
ye love us and our honour, and wish to avoid our heavy 'dis- 
pleasure and perpetual forfeiture of all your liberties, by no 
means omit. Witness ourself at Westminster, 18 March, the 
fifth year of our reign/' 

It is to be noted that the King does not definitely command 
a return to the election of twelve keepers instead of an alderman 
and chamberlains, and, in point of fact, it appears from the 
Roll of accounts for 1386 that both in that year and the year 
before the town was governed by the latter, and not by the 
twelve keepers. 

/. 18. Charter of Dynges and Outings C'outenges ")• 
This is a copy of the confirmation by Eobert, the Dean, and 
Chapter of York in 1284 of Archbishop WiUiam (Wickwane's) 
grant of the messuage with buildings over it called the Bishop- 
dyngs in the market place of Beverley and a meadow with a 
piece of arable land in it called Outings between Newdyke 
(wrongly called by Poulson Nendyke) and the common pasture 
of Fegang. 
A translation of the whole is printed by Poulson I, 77 and 81. 

This grant has generally been spoken of as if it was a great 
gift by the Archbishop, but the transaction was purely 
commercial. Substantial rents of half a mark each were 
reserved for the Dyngs and Outings respectively ; and the 
burgesses gave up their rights of pasture in the Archbishop's 
Park and the meadow of Stonecarr (Staynker). Moreover, it is 
questionable how far any of it was an original grant, as it 
confirms an agreement made by Sewall de Bovill, Archbishop 
A.D. 1256-8. 

/. 18 b. Discharge of the town of Beverley of the way [i.e. 
repair of the way] between Beverley and Hulbryg ; 1407. 

Friday after Whit- Sunday, 8 Henry IV. Pleas at Drifl5eld 
before Peter de Button, Kt., John de Eedenesse, Eichard 
Tirwhitt and other the King's Justices for sewers, bridges and 
causeways (* * calcetis ") in E stry thyng. The Burgesses are indicted 
for non-repair of the King's highway from Hulbridge to Beverley, 
so that in winter men could not go to the market of Beverley without 
danger of death, though they have always to pay pavage to the 
town. A jury of 24 knights and other freemen was summoned 
to view, and found that the Burgesses were not liable to repair 
the road. 

f. 19. Discharge of the town of Beverley, and Chapter of St 
John of the same town, for Quecngate ; 1411. 


Extract from Pleas coram Eege, KoU 40, Hilary Term 13 
Henry IV. The Town and the Chapter were presented at the 
Sheriff's tourn at Middleton for not repairing the King's street 
called Quenegate, from Milecrosse to Beverley. Eventually the 
jui*y found that neither the Town nor the Chapter were liable to 
repair the road. 

Charter of Westwode. 

f.l9h. Grant of the soil of Westwode to the Burgesses by 
Archbishop Alexander Neville, 2 April, 1380, 3 Eichard II. 

The rights of pasturage had been granted, or confirmed, by 
Archbishop Wickwane's grant 100 years before. The town now 
acquired the fee simple. It is to be noted that the grant was for 
fully valuable consideration, a rent of £5 a year. 

A full translation is given in Poulson I. 139. 

/. 20. 1380. Of the annual payment of 20 marks to the 
Lady of Cotyngham. 

Indenture between the Lady Joan, Princess of Wales, Duchess 
of Cornwall, Countess of Chester and Kent and Lady of Walle, 
cousin and heir of Lady Joan de Stoteville, once Lady of Cotyng- 
ham, of the one part, and Eichard of Walkington, John of Kelk, 
John Gervays, and nine others named. Keepers of the town of 
Beverley, and the whole community of the same town, on the 
other part. Witnesses that whereas Walter Giflfard, once Arch- 
bishop of York, by the consent of his chapter granted to the said 
Lady de Stoteville her heirs and assigns, by agreement between 
them made a.d. 1269, 6 marks of silver of annual rent to be 
received in the town of Waghen of the Abbot and Convent of 
Meaux, from 100s. which the said Abbot and Convent used to pay 
to Walter the Archbishop for the removal of all weirs, hedges, 
piles, chains and other hindrances whatsoever in the Hull water : 
which 6 marks the Burgesses and Keepers of the Town of Bever- 
ley have been used to pay in exoneration of the said Walter 
and his successors to the said Lady Jane de Stoteville and her 
heirs for the removal of the said weirs, &c. ; And whereas the 
said (parties of the second part) have newly by deed granted to 
the Lady Joan, Princess, and her heirs six marks to be taken 
from a house in Beverley called the Dynges, with clause of 
distress ; she has now released all right in the said six marks 
granted to Joan Stoteville, her ancestor, and in all other 
rents granted to her ancestors before the making of these 
presents. Dated at Missenden, 20 April, 3 Eichard II. 

The explanation of the deed appears to be that there had been 
disputes as to the rent-charge, and now in consideration of a 
specific charge on the Dyngs Joan, the Fair Maid of Kent, released 
the Town from all claims for the past. 


/. 20 b. Of the leasing of a lane in Mynstirmoregate, 1 Aug., 
1318. Agreement between the Community of the BurgeBses 
of the Town of Beverley, of the one part, and Sir Kichard 
of Birkyn, chaplain, of the other part ; lease for 60 years of a lane 
nine feet wide from Minstermoregate to St. Giles' cemetery 
for a silver sixpence a year. 

Charter of gift to the Town of a certain road or lane in Flemyn- 
gate. Symon Sewyn, son of Eichard Sewyn, grants to the Town- 
ship (*' villata ") of Beverley for the soul of his father and mother, 
in pure alms, a way six ft. wide on the west of his land on the 
stream of water from his gate which he has to the North, to his 
lane which goes to Fleming-gate (**vicum Flandrensium ") and 
free passage by the same lane to Fleming-gate. Witnesses not 
given, and date said not to be given in the original document from 
which this copy was made. 

Lease of two lanes in Flemyngate. Easter, a.d. 1318. 
Agreement between the community of the Burgesses of the 
town of Beverley and Master Thomas Harpham, then Dean 
of Beverley. Lease for 60 years of all the common of the 
said community in two lanes in Flemyng-gate on either side 
of Master Thomas' house ; one 8 ft. broad from Fleming-gate to 
the common water course ; the other 2 J ft. broad leading from 
Fleming-gate to a street in front of the Friars Preachers; for 18rf. 
a year. Thomas binds his house so that the covenant should 
run with the land. 

/. 21. Memorandum that the Lord Archbishop alleged himiielf 
injured by divers trespasses done to him by the Community of 
the Town, by a certain Bill, as follows, delivered to the Twelve 
Keepers, Thomas Mayn and his fellows, 13 Sept. 13 Henry VI., 
1434. In English. The complaints are : — 

i. William Ledys holdeth to him and his heirs of the Twelve 
Governors a lane which is a common way and waste of the 
Lord, for a certain sum of money paid beforehand : which lane 
endureth from Fischmarket Moregate through a close of the 
said Ledys into Eyngold-lane-ende toward Mynstermoregate. 

ii. Watkyn Clerk holds to farm for term &c. (sic) a lane of the 
Lord's waste as it lieth on the east side of the tenement of the 
same Watkyn from Flemyngate to Hellegarth, which is closed up 
at both ends. 

iii. Thomas Mayn holdeth [&c.] a lane etc., from Fleminggate 
to Hellegarth by the tenement of St. John of Jerusalem. 

iv. William Souleby [&c.] , two lanes from the same to the same 
on both sides of his place. 

V. lloger Eolleston [&c.] , a lane from Lort Lane to the New - 
Mill, closed within his garden, *' the length of a butscote " 
[buttshoot] and more, by the stopping of which the Lord pays 
for farm of a way to the said Mills, 2s. yearly to the Prior of 
Watton, and the same Eoger holdeth and stoppeth other two 
lanes of the saiii waste enduring from Flemyngate. 


vi. There be without Keldgate Bar divers tofts containing 12 
acres of ground and more, which were late " biggid " 
(built on) and then called Cokwald Strete, which ought to be 
kept several in all times of the year, and now late the said 
Governors and other commoners of the town use to common 
in the said ground in open time of the year. 

vii. And in the Chapel Lane (S. Mary's) be also divers tofts 
containing 6 acres and more from Keldgate Bar to S. Thomas' 
Chapel which were late bigged [&c.] 

viii. Also there be divers lanes within the said franchises of Bever- 
ley upon the said Lord's waste which be stopped and closed by 
the said Governors, to the great harm, hurt and hindering of the 
right belonging unto the Lord of the said franchise. 

ix. Also the said Governors have confederated ["confederid"] 
and constituted among them, in derogation of the Lord's Court, 
that what man that is enfranchised and sueth in the Lord's Court 
for debt, trespass or other causes, before the time that he hath made 
complaint to the said Governors, and have their leave, he shall 
pay a noble to the said Governors or else lose his burgessship. 

/. 21 h. And this Bill (following) was delivered to Thomas 
Mayne, Thomas Wayte, littester (dyer), and "William Lorymer, 
mercer, 3 Nov., 13 Henry VI., with which they rode to London 
to Iha Archbishop for an adjournment. 

The *' Bill," in English, is a'letter " right meekly beseeching " 
the Archbishop that though they had promised their answer by 
Martinmas, yet as they only had Thomas Wilton for counsel, who 
had not sufficient leisure to examine the evidence, nor was able to 
come unto London by reason of divers infirmities, he would 
adjourn the matter till his coming to Yorkshire. 

A Latin note says that the matter was respited accordingly. 

The issue does not appear. 

/. 21 h, 1433. Commission for lessening the tax granted by 
Parliament 12 Henry VI. 

27 Sept., 12 Henry VI. Henry, &c., to William Fitzhugh and to 
Edmund Darrell and Eobert Hopton, knights of the shire of York in 
Parliament. Recital of grant of a 15th and 10th, less J64000 ; which 
last sum was to be granted in relief of poor towns, cities and 
boroughs desolate, waste or destroyed, too much impoverished, 
or otherwise too much oppressed by the tax, at the discretion of 
one Lord and the two Knights of the shire. 

Writ for the same. To the two Knights of the shire, dated 
20 January the same year. 

/. 22 6. 1435. 13 Henry VI. Letter under Privy Seal of the 
King sent to the Community for a loan of 200 marks. English. 

'* Trusty and well beloved, Inasmuch as we, now late instantly 
required as well by solemn ambassiates as by letters of our Holy 
Father the Pope, the General Council, our Brother the Emperor, 


our Uncle of Burgundy (**Burgoigne "), and many other, to 
entend unto the means of peace to be treated betwixt us and our 
adversary in our realm of France, condescended to send our 
solemn ambassiate of the Lords of our blood and other in great 
number to meet with the ambassadors of our said adversary at 
Arras, 1st April next coming, for which cause of necessity we 
must send also at the said time into our said realm of France a 
great army to hold the field, the which thing ye at your discretions 
can well consider may in no wise be done, namely so soon, with- 
out great aid of chevance of our true friends and subjects : To 
the which aid at this time we have found our fair (**beal") 
Uncle the Cardinal and the remainder C*remenant'') of our 
Council and other about our person, as well spiritual and tempo- 
ral, as well willed as our heart can desire, notwithstanding that 
many of them at our prayer shall go unto the same convention 
in their persons : We desire and pray you that, considering the 
great good which we trust to our Lord shall ensue of these 
things before rehearsed, ye would at this time loan (**lene'*) 
unto us the sum of 200 marks, for the w^hich our Treasurer of 
England shall make unto you by authority of Parliament such surety 
for your repayment as he maketh unto our said fair Uncle and the 
remainder of our Council, and others, that loan like (" semblable") 
sums and greater unto us in this necessity : the which sum we 
pray you to be delivered unto our said Treasurer at London at 
the Octave (**oytanes") of Trinity next coming at the farthest, 
as ye desire the worship and weal of Us and the conservation 
of both our realms. Given under our Privy Seal at Westminster 
the 28 day of May." 

** Unto Our Eight Honorable and Worshipful Sir and Master 
the Provost of Beverley. 

Eight Honorable and Worshipful Sir and Master We commend 
us to ("til") you. Like you to wit our liege Lord the King has 
directed to us a Privy Seal of 200 Marks delivered to us on 
Corpus Christi even last past, of the which ("whilk") the bearer 
of this has a copy to show you if it like you. 

Whereupon and it like your mastership to understand that we 
in best wise assembled in our Guild Hall the most honorable 
persons and other commoners of the town of Beverley, rehearsing 
to them the Privy Seal beforesaid. Upon which they went 
("yede") together and gave answer that for divers causes notable 
they might provide (** chevy s") no good unto our said King at this 
time. One ("0") cause was that of men's freehold within the town 
of Beverley three parts was in decay, and other tenements that was 
inhabit [ed] with tenants was so feeble that they might not well 
pay. Another cause was said, that merchandize sometime used 
within the town of Beverley is so greatly enfeebled, what by loss 
of the sea and what with taking of enemies on the sea, that 
profit of merchandize is nothing as it was wont to be. Another 
cause, they have been so charged with taxes yearly that 
has been paid, and yet is for to pay, that withouten our grievous 
hindering to the community, like chevance may not be made. 


Another is, as it is well kenned, that enemies of divers nations 
has been on the coast of Holderness, and there has taken divers 
ships, men, and their goods ; also have run up at Withernsea and 
other places in Holderness, there taking sheep and men with 
them. "Which coast of Holderness, us (sic) must help and 
relieve in time of necessity, with all our power, in withstanding the 
enemies abovesaid. Also another is certified to us, that the Scots 
will have open war, which to us will be a grievous charge, and 
warrants come from the Wardens of the March to raise the people 
as it has been done before time. Another cause {MS. torn here 
in places) y poundage for safeguard and keeping of the sea both for 

them and men and their ships are taken on the sea 

daily to their utterest remedy. 

Wherefore such charges rehearsed with other that is 

importable hindering to the town. Praying you heartily with all 

our and to ye the said town good and tender 

mastership at this time in askcuse be us at 

this time considering the causes abovesaid. Therefore we pray 

your entent by letter how by your wise discretion we 

shall be de No more at this time but Almighty God 

have you in his Grace. Written at Beverley the 2nd day of July. 
By your own Governors and Wardens of Beverley." 

The worthy Governors, however, got no comfort from the 
Provost by their excuses. 

/. 23. For this was the answer to the above letter. 

"Worshipful sirs and full entirely beloved friends and neigh- 
bours, I greet you well oftentimes, of right perfect and hearty 
C* hertly ") affection. Letting you wit that I have late received 
your letter directed to me by your common servant. 

As for your excuse to the King our sovereign Lord of a loan 
(** loom") or chevance of 200 marks, desired of your town by the 
King for his special embassy and army at this time into France 
for the treaty of peace; of the which labour I pray you have 
me excused. For truly as I stand toward the King, as ye know, 
and also that other men of like condition as ye be of (e)strangeth 
them nought in this case, but makes chevance under surety 
suflBcient, considering the great and notable cause of the desire 
thereof. And I could not reasonably excuse you wdthout ye put 
you somewhat like other, and under like surety, the which is 
ordained as strong as the Lords of the Council, the which are 
chief lenders (*'lenners "), at this time can desire. And therefore 
withouten ye be disposed to do like other of your degree, desire 
me not to entreat in that matter ; as well for your worship as for 
mine. For truly I wot well it would not be accepted of your 
part, and I might be held (MS. torn) therewith, the which I 
trust ye would not in no wise. Wherefore I counsel you ye . . • 
like other men of your degrees to do somewhat to the King's 

pleasure, and send it hither by man in haste, and I 

will help you to bring it to as little sum as I may with all my 


heart with God. The which have you ever in his 

holy keeping. Written in haste at London, the 8 day of July. 
By Eobert RoUeston, Wardrober and Provost." 

/. 23. 1434. Exemplification of a Charter of Henry II. for 
the Hospital of Hedon. 

Inspeximiis, 18 Nov. 13 Henry VI. of Charter of Henry II. to 
the ** infirm of Heddon, whom William Earl of Albermarle 
placed there for the souls of Henry I. and others," to have a fair 
on St. Mary Magdalen's Day. Date torn away. 

1437. Bond for the arbitration and award between the Twelve 
Governors and the Prior of Bridlington : viz, — 

Bond by Roger RoUeston, Esq., Thomas Mayn, William 
Spencer, merchant, Thomas Skipwith, merchant, to John 
(Kemp) Archbishop of York, in £200, that the Archbishop's 
tenants and residents in Beverley, the Provost and Chapter of 
Beverley, and all their tenants and residents, and the 12 
Governors and all their tenants and servants, will abide by the 
award of the Archbishop in all matters pending with the Prior 
and Convent of Bridlington, their tenants and servants. 

1439. Copy of writ for restraint of grain ; 18 Oct. 18 Henry VI. 
On account of scarcity now long existing no corn to be taken 
out of the port of Beverley without special leave. 

/. 24. 18 Henry VI. Condition of bond for £20 between the 
12 Governors and William Dalton of London. To appear in St. 
Paul's to choose two arbitrators in the matter of claim by Dalton 
to rent of 5/- from a house outside North Bar, Beverley. 

Similar bond by Dalton, who is to show his title. 

26 March, 18 Henry VI. Letter of attorney by Thomas 
Wylton, William Colwell, Guy Bridekyrke, and the other twelve 
Governors, appointing John Holme to act for them in the matter. 

1436, 14 Hen. VI. Gaol delivery at Beverley for Alan Haulay. 

Letters patent to Robert Rudstan and Roger RoUeston to 
deliver gaol of prisoners thereat. Thursday after Corpus Christi 
Day, the gaol delivered Alan Haulay, indicted for divers felonies 
and treasons, found guilty and executed. No goods. No other 
profits to the Crown. 

/. 246. to 31. Series of Charters and Pleas, as follows : — 

1414. 20 June, 2 Henry V. Inspeximm and confirmation 
charter to Henry (Bo wet) Archbishop of York. Recites the 
charters of : — 

i. Edward the Confessor, in corrupt Anglo-Saxon. (This is printed 
by Poulson I. 42. His translation of ** minster-life " as 
meaning ** monastic-life " is of course quite wrong. It means, 
"according to the rule of Secular Canons," which was by no 
means monastic). 

ii. William the Conqueror, also in corrupt Anglo-Saxon. 
Poulson 1. 46. 


lii. Henry I. This is not noticed by Poulson. It is given 

thus : — 

H. Eex Angliae omnibus mercet {which appears to he a mistake, 
probably for ministris) et omnibus baronibus de Ewrewiescira 
fialutem. Volo et praecipio ut terra sancti Johannis non geldet si 
ipsa non geldavit tempore Edwardi et patris mei ; et sit quieta sicut 
homines comitatus inde portabunt ei testimonium. Et con- 
suetudines et Hbertates aUas eoneedo, sicut meliores habuit 
tempore Eegis Edwardi et patris mei. Teste Eoberto comitc 
de Mellent, apud Wesmonasterium. 

iv. 1 Stephen, 1135. 

/. 25. Inspeximns of 29 June 1 Henry IV., for Eichard le 
Scrope, inspecting 14 Feb., 12 Eichard II, inspectimf 20 Nov. 
12 Edward III., ExempUjication of Pleas of Quo Warranto, \\z : — 

8 Edward I., before John de WalUbus, etc.. Justices in Eyre ; 
gallows, return of writs, estreats, coroners on each side of Hull 
water, fishery in same, assize of bread and beer, free warren. 
The Archbishop claims gallows and coroners from grant of 
Athelstan, and Henry I., the rest by prescription. 

/. 25fc. 8 Edward I., before John of Metyngham etc.. Justices 
in Eyre, at York ; two Mints at York ; produces charter of 
Henry I. to Archbishop Gerard. 

/. 26. 21 Edward I., before Hugh de Cressyngham, etc. in 
Eyre at York : Infangthef etc. in Beverley and Eipon ; Wednes- 
day and Saturday markets in Beverley ; chattels of felons and 
fugitives ; wreck at Beverley ; fines for escape of robbers ; 
coroners; return of writs; custody of prisons; gaol delivery; 
pleas coram Eege and in Common Bench ; pleas of fresh force ; 
of wrongful distraint ; all pleas usually held before sheriff; in pleas of 
the Crown the King's judges deliver writs and records to the 
Archbishop's judges at the Mile-cross, and the case is tried by 
the latter, in presence of one or two of the King's judges, who sit 
to bear witness that justice is done, etc. 

/. 28. The Archbishop puts in evidence ; 

41 Henry III, before Eoger de Thurkilby &c. at York, Justices 
of Assize ; pleas of right and assize, the recovery of land by 
Thomas of Caster as heir to his brother. 

30 Henry III. before Eoger de Thurkilby, &c. Pleas of Crown 
at York. Archbishop's man and Provost's man found 8 " oUas 
Batumer'" and ''patell[as] de metall" on Eske Moor and took 
them to Beverley. They are taken and their chattels forfeit to 
the King. 

Inspecting also exemplification 20 Nov. 12 Edw. IH. of Pleas 
at York before W. de Herle, etc., Justices de Banco, 1 and 
2 Edward III., Eoll 68. 

f, 28 b. Plea as to land in Eipon ; production of Writ 
of 25 Jan. 2 Edward III. that Archbishop has cognizance of 
pleas of land in Eipon and Beverley. 


2 Edward III., Eoll 116. Plea of Dower in Beverley; the Arch- 
bisliop's bailiflf claims it. Plea of Debt, the same. 

9 Edward III., Eoll 6. Plea at Common Pleas at York. 
Trespass and false imprisonment at Beverley. Archbishop's 
bailiff claims cognizance, and it is allowed on production of Writ 
18 June 1 Edward III., Trinity term Eoll 5, allowing claim in 
similar case. 

/. 29 b. Inspecting also Inspeximus of 7 July 17 Eichard II. of 
Assize of Novel Disseisin before Eobert of Charlton, Mich. 16 
Eichard II., as to tenements in Beverley and Sandholme, stating 
that the liberty includes, besides Beverley town, the town of 
Sandholme, Stork, Mollescroft, Thorne, Wodemanse, Sice, 
Hulbrig, Wele, Tykton. 

Inspsximus also of 23 Aug. 5 Henry IV. Charter as to Steward, 
Marshal of the Household, and Clerk of the Market being excluded 
from the liberty. 

Inspeximus also of 26 March 41 Henry III. Free Warren to 
Sewall, Archbishop of York. 

Inspeximus of Charter of Henry I. To Sheriff of Notts and 
Barons of Notts and Derby, confirming to Archbishop Thomas 
customs on lands in Notts and especially of B. V. M. of South- 
well, viz., To do right as Canons of York would in like case. 

Inspeximus of Charter of Henry I. To William Pevrell and 
Eichard, Sheriff of Notts, confirming to Archbishop Gir[ard] 
customs which Thomas his predecessor had in Notts. 

[Full translations of the Quo Warranto pleas of Edward I. 
and Henry III. are given in Poulson I. 149, omitting that as 
to the mints at York. He does not state whence he took them.] 

/. 31. Indenture made by the Community for the election 
of the Twelve Keepers (" Custodum"). 

25 April 1345. — **H8BC Indentura testa tur quod communitas 
villsB Beverlaci elegit xij. homines ejusdem villae, viz. Willel- 
mum de Kelsterne, Eicardum de Luda (Louth), Thomam 
Harald, Eobertum de Humbleton, Johannem de Walton spicer, 
Johannem Clericum, Willelmum de Dalton, Thomam Coppan- 
dale, Johannem de Warton, Eobertum de Walton tannatorem, 
Johannem de Cotyngham, Walterum Barker, juratos ad 
custodiendum villam praedictam a festo S. Marci Evangelistae 
A.D. 1345 usque ad idem festum anno revoluto. 

Dans eisdem xij*^^"* hominibus, vel septem eorum, specialem 
potestatem omnia et singula proficua communitati contingentia 
percipiendi, redditus recipiendi, communitatem de vastis terris, 
domibus, pratis et pasturis, et omnibus aliis rebus com- 
munitati tangentibus, dimittendi et appriandi {sic) toto tempore 
prsedicto ad opus commmiitatis prsedictse ; exennia, curialitates, 
expensas et salaria, quotiens sibi pro communitate viderit 
expedire, dandi et faciendi; compotum de omnibus receptis 
et exceptis et aliis rebus communitati tangentibus ante 
tempus confectionis praBsentium, nomine commmiitatis pradictiie. 


audiendi, allocandi, et acquietare faciendi, ac omnia alia et < 
singula faciendi in praemissis et circa praemissa quae com- 
munitati prsedictse viderint proficuabilia et opportuna. Et 
quicquid xij*^^"* vel septem eorum jam electi per sacramentum 
suum pro utilitate commmiitatis se dixerint expendisse vel 
imposuisse, per xij. eligendos pro anno futuro sine contradictione 
eis allocabitur. Praeterea, quod si xij®^*" seu clericus ant serviens 
eorum sint implacitati, vel aliquis eorum per se sit implacitatus 
pro officio, vel pro aliquo alio commodo facto communitati, 
expensse illorum de communitate in omnibus restaurentur. 

Et si forte oporteat quod in villa prsedicta misse ponantur, 
prsedicti xij®"" homines praemunire facient omnes Burgenses de 
villa prsedicta essendi ad certum diem ad communem aulam, 
ita quod per assensum et consensum eorum misse ponantur, 
et hoc per libratam. 

Et si dicti Burgenses de villa praedicta venire contempserint 
vel per coUusionem assentire noluerint, extunc licebit prsedictis 
xijcim uiigas ponere et levare per libratam prout melius per 
sacramentum suum viderit expedire. 

Et sciendum quod xij®"" homines jam electi, vel septem 
eorum, per mensem ante tempus praedictum praemunire facient 
omnes burgenses de villa praedicta ad eligendum cum assensu 
praedictorum xij®"" hominum alios xij®*"^ homines ydoneos ad 
villam praedictam custodiendum pro anno futuro. 

Et si quis de xij''^"^ tunc electis praedictum officium con- 
tempserit, vel esse noluerit, communitati praedictae sine remedio 
vel contradictione incontinenter solvet xP- 

Et si quis de xij®*"* jam electis ad communem aniam pro 
negotiis communitatis agendis venire contempserit, cum per 
communem servientem praemunitus fuerit, quotiens se absenta- 
verit, nisi causam habeat rationabilem, communitati praedictae 
xij'' solvat. Et quicunque alius de villa burgensium nostrorum, 
cum sic praemunitus fuerit et venire contempserit, singulis vicibus 
communitati praedictae sex denarios solvet in forma supradicta. 

Et si contingat quod in districtione xij®*™ hominum vel 
septem eorum, seu servientis nostri communis, aliquis de 
communitate, tam de dictis xij®*™ hominibus quam de ceteris 
burgensibus, rebellis seu remissus inventus fuerit, aut rescussum 
fecerit, quod incontinenter sine remedio vj*- viij''- solvat com- 
munitati praedictae. 

Et similiter liceat praedictis xij®^"*, vel septem eorum, ipsum 
sic inventum rebellem ant remissum, de die in diem, per omnia 
bona et catalla sua, ubicunque fuerint sic inventa, distringere et 
districtiones facere, fugare, asportare et detinere, quousque de 
omnibus arreragiis, debitis, demandis, et proficuis ad communi- 
tatem pertinentibus, praedictae communitati plenarie satisfecerit. 

Et si aliquis de praedicta communitate in praemissis nuUo modo 
justificare possit, praedicti xij®*™, vel septem eorum, praemunire 
facient omnes burgenses villae praedictae ad certum diem ad 


communem aulam in auxilio praedictorum xij*^*°* hominum vel 
septem eorum, ad ipsum sic inventum rebellem et contrarium 
justificandum, et ulterius de talibus rebellis (sic) et contrariis 
reinedium apponere et ordinare, quotienscunque et quandocunque 
necesse fuerit pro utilitate communitatis praedictae. 

Et si dicti Burgenses de villa praedicta praemissa faeere con- 
tempserint vel noluerint, quod extunc liceat praedictis xij*^"" 
officium suum respuere, et quieti sint de oinni onere, aetione et 
demanda quae dicta communitas erga hos habere poterit, quantum 
ad praedictam villam ulterius custodiendum. 

Item ordinatum est et statutum per communitatem villae 
Beverlaci quod nuUus de communitate praedicta ponat seu ponere 
faciat fimum vel sterquilinium in altis stratis, nee in aliis viis 
publicis villaB praedictae ubi carrectae fugantur, vel possunt fugari. 
Et si quis de communitate praedicta contra banc ordinationem 
faeere praesumpserit, nisi ad minus amoveatur qualibet septimana, 
quod incontinenter solvet praedictae communitati xl*- 

Item ordinatum est et statutum per eandem communitatem quod 
omnes panni venales villae praedictae debent vendi in les Dynges, 
et si vendantur extra et non inibi quod capiatur de venditore pro 
quolibet panno integro viij''- ad utilitatem communitatis praedictae, 
et hoc annuatim capiatur per xij®*°* custodes villae praedictae qui 
pro tempore fuerint. 

Et istae ordinationes vel statuta locum teneant. Batum et 
gratum habitura quicquid praedicti xij*'"", vel septem eorum, jam 
electi, in praemissis duxerint faciendum in forma praescripta. {Sic.) 

In cujus rei testimonium sigillum communitatis et sigillum 
praedicto^um duodecim hiis indenturis alternatim sunt appensa. 

Dat. apud Beverlacum die et anno supradictis." 

/. 316. Protection for the men of Beverley. 

16 April 37 Edward III. Writ to all Bailiffs that whereas certain 
men were indicted at Beverley for divers robberies and oppressions, 
and some of them were convicted, and according to privilege of 
clergy delivered to the Archbishop to be imprisoned, and their 
relations and friends threaten the men of the Community of the 
Town of Beverley with corporal violence and burning of their 
houses, we take them under our special protection. 

Commission for Green Wax ; 136|. 10 Feb. 40 Edward III. 
Writ to Sheriff of Yorkshire. 

According to the custom anciently obtaining in Beverley, 
Sheriffs' Officers ought not to levy and take the Green Wax 
pennies belonging to Us in the said town before they have shewn 
their warrants for levying the same to the Bailiffs of the said 
town ; but some men of the town complain that some of your 
officers have levied such pennies without showing their warrants, 
and under colour of such levy extort money without reasonable 
cause, to our scandal and loss. See to it that it does not occur 


/. 32. 1375. Discharge of the citizens of York from murage, 
pavage, and stallage. 

5 July, 49 Edward III. Writ to the Pavage collectors of 
Beverley. The citizens of York are free of murage, pavage, and 
stallage throughout the kingdom by charter of Edward I., con- 
firmed by Us with clause of non-user ; do not therefore charge 
them pavage for their goods brought to your town. 

1432. Of divers Burgesses indicted for their measures, 11 
Henry VI. The jurors say on their oath that the 12 Governors 
and the Community of the town of Beverley have no weights or 
measures sealed with the Eoyal Seal and of the Eoyal Standard. 

John Thorynton of Beverley, tailor, bought of John Burwell of 
Cheriburton, on 6 December last, 20 quarters of barley by his 
own measure, exceeding the King's measure by a London bushel 
in every quarter, and so extorted 2 qrs. 2 bushels at 5«. a quarter. 

John Brown of Beverley, baxter, and several others presented 
for the like offence. 

/. 32. 1451. Copy of writ to have the names of men, as well 
temporal as spiritual, having lands to the value of 20s. and 

John Pykeryng, Sheriff of Yorkshire, to the Bailiff of the liberty 
of the Archbishop of York of Beverley ; 29 Henry VI. Venire 
facias before Henry Earl of Northumberland at Baynton 
on Tuesday before the feast of St. Edmund the King, all Earls, 
Barons, Knights, Esquires, and other persons having lands and 
tenements, fees, annuities in fee or for term of life, or by copy of 
court roll, to the value of 20s., and all Abbots, Priors, Prioresses, 
Masters of Guilds and Brotherhoods, Chantry Priests, having any 
lands acquired since 20 Edward I. And all constables of every 
township of the liberty aforesaid to hear and do what on the 
King's behalf shall be enjoined them. Bring the list with you. 

/. 321. Confirmation of Bull of Pope Celestine, by Eugenius IV. 

1 Aug., 1435, anno jnmtif, 5, dated at Florence, confirming the 
liberties and privileges of the town of Beverley. 

Feb., 1438, annopontif, 8, dated at Florence. Eugenius [IV.] 
to his beloved sons the burgesses of the town of Beverley. 
Confirmation in general terms of all liberties, immunities, 
privileges, exceptions, laudable customs and indulgences 
[** indulta "], also lands, freeholds [** libera tenementa "] 
granted by Thurstin, William Sewall, Alexander and Eichard, 
Archbishops of York of good memory : also by Henry I. son of 
William the Conqueror of England, Stephen, Henry II., John, 
Henry III., Edward I., II., III., Bichard II., Henry IV., V., of 
sacred memory ('*div8B recordacionis") and our dearest son in 
Christ now Henry VI., and all other princes and others of Christ's 
faithful people, for the honour of St. John of Beverley, whose 
body was honourably buried, adorned as is asserted by frequent 



miracles, in the Collegiate Church of the said town splendidly 
built (** solemniter constructa ") ; to them, their heirs and 
successors, and the town, as they and their ancestors, burgesses 
of the said town, freely held them. 

f. 33 to 36. Blank. 

f. 36. " The appoyntement betwyx the **Bastard of Orliance 
and Burdelez (Bordelais). 

** First, the 12 day of June the 29 yeer of our Soveraygne Lord 
Kyng Henri the sexte was appoynted and ordeyned betwix 
the Bastard of Orlyance and Burdelez, that if the French party 
were stronger in the feld than the Englisch party before the 
castell of Fronsek on Midsomer daye next folowyng, that then 
they sal delyver the said Burdeux and Burdelez, Bayonn and 
Acrez, if they will stande to the same appoyntement. 

Item, that the Frensch oste sal not com no further uppon the 
Englisch groynde duryng the said composicion. 

Item, that if the Frensch party have the feld that day, that on 
Midsomer day [they] schulde be rescejrved in Burdeux, and 
take the obbesiance and sacrament of alle tho that will be 

Item, that if ther be any man that wol not be Frensch that he 
take with hym alle his moveable goodis and goo his way within 
vj monthes folowyng, garnyshed with a safe condith, that sal 
coste hym a scute. 

Item, tho that have possessions and goods unmeveable, that 
they leve them to their next heyres that wil abide and be 

Item, every persone that will abide and be Frensch schal have 
alle his goods and possessions, be they of the King's gifte or othir- 
wise, in the same form and manner as he had them before. 

Item, all men of holy chirche of what estate or condicion they 
be schal holde their benefises and rents as they were of custum 
to do. 

Item, if ther be any habitant of Burdeux or Burdelez or of any 
place yelded be the seid composicion, at this tyme beyng out of 
the centre, that he cum home within xij moneths, and he schal 
be receyved and enioye his goods, possessions or benefices as they 
did before. 

Item, all the custumes, franchises, privylegis and lawys schal 
be used, conserved and kept asweel in Burdeux as any othir 
places, as hath been. 

Item, that ther money schal holde and not be changed this ij 
yeer day. 

Item, that the Court of the suffereynte schal be holden and 
kept in Burdeux as hath been used and custumed befor this tyme. 

*The urcrds "Frensch King" ore in the original before ** Bastard," but scratched out. 


Item, they in Bordeux nor in the centre sal not be put to 
no gabelellez, quatreinds, talage, nor non imposicion, nor non 
othir custumes then has been had and used. 

Item, that all maner of marchands may cum into Burdeux be 
watir or be land to discharge and charge in all places, payeng the 
dute and custume as hath been used here afor. 

Item, if the Frensch kyng wil make any werre to any centre, 
that they of Burdeux nor of the places yoldyn in the centre 
be sayde composicion schal not be holden to serve the said kyng 
witheute wages. 

Item, if any schip of Ingeland wil come to Eren he schal 
come saf to Nostirdamys Entredeux Acres, and fro thens to 
sende unto Burdeux for a saf condith, which schal be sent them 
for the maystirschip and maryners to be ther saf condith ; and 
for the merchands to cum bye and selle at Burdeux, paying for 
the same saf condith ef tir the burden of the same schip. 

Item, in this composicion abovesaid the counsell of Burdeux 
hath comprisond Bayon and Acres ; and if the said Bayon and 
Acres wil not yelde them be the said composicion that then 
all that may be done[?] in all haste goo befor hem and take 
hem be strengthe. 

And for to fulfiUe thees articles the Frensch Kyng and the 
Bastard been bounde, expressed be ther seals, for to do this in al 
haste possible withouten any tarieng or delay.'* 

/. 36. 1450.«> " Copy of the jfirst bill unto the Kyng fro the. 
Duk of York the yeer aforwretyn. 

** Please it unto your Excellence for to know that as well afore 
my departing out of that your realm for to go into your land of 
Ireland in your full noble service, and since {" sethyn '*), certain 
persons have lain in wait to hearken upon me, as Sir John Talbot, 
Knight, at the Castle of Holt, Sir Thomas Stanley, Knight, in 
Cheshire, Pulforthe of Chester, Elton of Worcester, Broke of 
Gloucester and Eichard groom of your chamber at Beaumaris ; 
which (** whilke ") had in charge as I was informed for to take 
me and put me in the Castle of Conway ; and to strike oflf the 
head of Sir William Oldhalle, Knight, and to have put in prison 
Sir Walter Devereux (** Devoroux'') and Sir Edmond Mulso, 
Knight, withouten enlargishing, unto the time your Highness 
had appointed their deliverance. 

(/. 37.) Item, at such time as I purposed for to arrived (sic) at 
your haven of Beaumaris for to come (** commyn ") unto your noble 
presence to declare me your true man and subject, as my duty is, 
my landing was stopped and forbarred by Harry (** Herry ") 
Norys, Thomas Norys, William Bukley, William Gruflfe, and 
Bartelmew Bolde, your officers of North Wales, that I should 
not land there nor have victual nor refreshing for me and my 
fellowship, as I have written to your Excellence here- 
before. So far forth that Harry Norys, Deputy to the 

♦ See Gairdner's edit, of the Paston Letters, I. lx. 


Chamberlain of North Wales, said unto me that he had in 
commandment that I should in no wise have landing there, nor 
refreshing for man, horse, nor other thing that might turn to 
my worship or ease, putting the blame unto William Say, usher 
of your chamber, saying and affirming that I come against your 
intent, as your traitor, as I am informed. 

And moreover certain letters was written, made and delivered 
unto Chester, Shrewsbury, and to other places for to prevent 
C* lette '') mine entry into the same. 

Item, above alle thes wronges and injuries abovesaid and done 
unto me of malice withouten any cause, I being in your land of 
Ireland in your service, certain commissions were made and 
directed unto divers persons which for the execution of the same 
sat in certain places [and] the juries empanelled and charged; 
the which juries certain persons laboured instantly for to have 
indicted (**endited'') me of treason, to the intent to have undo 
me, mine issue, and corrupt my blood, as it is openly published. 

Beseeching your Majesty Koyal of rightwiseness to do examine 
these matters, and thereupon to do such justice in this behalf as 
the cause requireth, for mine intent is fully to pursue to your 
Highness for conclusion of these matters. 

The Copy of the Second Bill. 

Please it to your Highness tenderly to consider that great 
grudging and murmur* is universally in this your realm of 
that justice is not duly ministered to such as trespasses and 
offends against your laws ; and especial of them that been 
indicted of treason, and other being openly noised of the same ; 
whereby great inconvenients have fallen, and greater is likely to 
fall hereafter in your said realm, which God defend: but if 
(** gif ") by your Highness provision reasonable be made for due 
reformation and punishment in this [be] half. 

Wherefore I your humble subject (** soget ") and true liegeman, 
Eichard, Duke of York, willing as effectually as I can, and desiring 
the surety and prosperity of your most royal person, and welfare 
of this your noble realm, counsel and advertize your Excellence 
for the conservation of good tranquility and peaceable rule among 
all your true subjects, so to ordain and provide that due justice 
be had against all such that be so openly indicted or openly noised. 
Wherein I offer me and will put me in devoir for to execute your 
commandment in these premises for punishing of such defenders, 
to redress the same misrule to my might and power. And for 
the hasty execution hereof, like it your Highness to address your 
letters of Privy Seal and writs to your officers and ministers to 
take and arrest all such persons so noised or indicted, of what 
estate, degree or condition so ever they be, and them to commit 
to your Tower of London, or other your prisons, there to abide in 
baU, withouten mainprise, into the time they be thereof utterly 
tried and determined after course of your laws.'' 

* •• romer" [rumour] , Faston Letters^ ut supra, I. 153. 
723, h C 


The Answer of the King to the said Bills. 

/. 37. ** Cousin, we have seen the bills late taken to us, and 
have understood (** undirstande ") the good humble obeisance 
that in your selfe ye show unto us as well in word as in deed. 

Wherefore our intent is the more hastily to ease you of such 
things as were contained in your said bill. As how it be that at 
our more leisure we might answer you in your said bill, yet we 
let you wit that for the cause aforesaid we will declare you now 
our intent in this matter. 

Sooth it is that a long time {word-space in the MS.^)y the 
people hath given upon you much strange language, and in 
special, anon after the disordinate and unlawful sleyng of 
the Bishop of Chichester, divers and many of the {MS. torn, 
** untrue'') shipmen and other said C*sayden") in their manner 
words against our estate, making menace C' manasse") unto our 
person by your saying that ye should be fetched home with many 
thousands, and that ye should take upon you that that ye neither 
ought nor, as we doubt not, ye will not attempt, so far forth that it 
was said unto our person by divers, and specially we remember of 
one Wastnesse, which had such words unto us. And also there 
were divers of such false people that wenten and had such language 
in divers of our towns in our land, which by our true subjects 
were taken and duly executed. 

Wherefore we sent to divers of our ports and places for to hearken 
and take heed if any of such manner of communing! were, 
and if there had been, for to have resisted it. But coming 
into our landj as ye did, our intent was not that nor ye, nor less 
of estate of our subjects and servants, should have been warned, 
but in goodly wise received. How it be, that peradventure your 
sudden coming withouten certain warning, caused them to do as 
they did, considering the causes aforesaid. 

And as touching to the indictment afore specified, we think 
verily there was none such, and if ye may truly prove that 
any such persons was there about, the matter shall be demeaned 
as the law requireth, so that ye shall know it is to our great 

Upon this easing of your heart in all such matters we declare, 
repute and admit you as our true faithful subject and as our well 
beloved cousin. 

Item, as touching your last bill, last put up unto us. Cousin, 
we understand well that ye of your good heart, counsel and adver- 
tize us to setting up of justice and to speedy punishing of certain 
persons indicted or noised, oflfering your service to be ready at 
our commandments in the same. Sooth it is, that, many great 
causes moving us, we have determined in our own soul so [sic, 
for **to"] stablish, with sad and so [read **a sad and"] 
substantial council (**consaile"), giving them more ample authority 
and power than ever we did afore this ; in the which we have 
appomted you to be one. 

* *' among the people hath been upon yon" PasUyti LetterSj ut supra, p. Izi. 
t •* coming," ib. } ** our true subject," id. 


But sith it is not accustomed or expedient to take a conclusion, 
or a conduct, by advice and counsel of one person by himself, for 
which consideration [it] is observed that in councils, greatest and 
the least, the rich and the poor, in liberty, virtue, and effect of their 
voices ben equal, we have therefore determined within our self to 
send for our Chancellor of England and for other lords of our 
counsel, they all together within short time ripely to commune [of] 
these and other our great matters. In the which communication 
such conclusion, with grace of God Almighty, shall be taken, as 
shall be to His pleasure, to the weal of us and our land, as well in 
these matters as in others.'* 

A Bond for 550 Salbus. 

/. 88. 8 July 1452. ** Be it kenned unto all men by these present 
letters me William Manypeny, Knight, Lord of Congtursault in 
France, to be bounden and obliged by these present letters, and 
farther in my body binds and obliges me, to the right honourable 
and worshipful lord William TurnbuU, Bishop of Glasgow C'Glas- 
kow") in 550 saleuz of good gold and of weight after course and 
poys of England, or in the value of English payment if the saleuz 
may not easily be gotten, to be paid unto the forsaid William Turn- 
bull, Bishop, or to his executors and his assigns, at the terms 
underwritten, by half and evenly portions, which is to say at All- 
hallowmass in winter next coming after date of these presents, 
and at the feast of Easter (**Pasche") next thereafter following, 
withouten further delay or exception fraudful. 

And if happen, as God forbid it do, me William Manypeny, 
Knight beforesaid, to fail in payment of the sums of goods and 
money, or in the avail, as it is said, at terms before written, 
in all or in part, I oblige me, my lands, rents, possessions, 
heirs, executors and assigns, all and sondry my goods moveable 
and immoveable whatsoever within the kingdoms (**kinrikes") 
of Scotland and France to be taken, [im] pounded and away led 
withouten license of any judge spiritual or temporal, at the free- 
will of the forsaid William TurnbuU, bishop, his executors or 
assigns, or his lawful attorney having sufficient mandement and 
power of him to come and pursue in any place wheresomever ; 
while, of as well costs, scathes, damage, labours and expenses, if 
he or they any make or sustain, in default of payment of the 
sums of gold and money aforesaid or of the value of English 
payment, as said is, at the terms afore written, as of the princi- 
pal sums and debt, full pajmaent be made and assessed, withouten 
fraud, guile or evil (*' male '') engine, none exception of law 
canon or civil by me, mine heirs or executors or assigns, or by 
any others in my name to be proponed or alleged, any time to 
come in the contrary. 

In witness of which thing to these my letters of obligation my 
seal is put and subscribed with my own hand the 8 day of the 
month of July in the year of our Lord, a thousand four hundred 
fifty and two years.*' 

86 . 

/. 38 b. 1452. 30 Henry VI. A record of a " servand recedid out 
of his service.'' Letter, testimonial to the effect that Thomas Colyn 
otherwise Colynson had fled from service of John Willyamson, 
dyer C'littester "), after having entered into covenant Jo serve 
him in **Uttestercraft" for a year, taking with him £3 lis. 5d, 
received of divers persons in Northcave, Whitgift and Croule to 
the use of Willyamson. " To your university effectually we 
notify, praying you to fortify the said John Willyamson after the 
form of the Statute of our liege lord the King against servants 

Bbbakebs of the Park in Beverley. 

/. 38 b. ''To the most excellent and worshipful Lord the Earl 
of Northumberland. 

Complaineth to your gracious Lordship your poor servant 
William Murthewayt, keeper of the park of Beverley. Whereas 
in the feast of St. Mary Magdalen at Leconfield, I complained 
unto your most worthy lordship of certain trespass and harms 
done to my lord within my said office, at which time it liked you 
of your special grace to give me in charge, at such time as I 
knew that any belonging to your worthy household did any 
trespass or reveny within my said office, to certify their names to 
your said lordship. 

How be it that divers times, and as who say continually, sith 
that time, certain persons have been within my said office and 
there without leave have hurt, slain and borne away my lord's deer 
in great number, that hithertowards I, supposing that they 
would have been more thankfully entreated to leave such 
misgovernance, which I can in no wise bring about, have not 
complained : Now is it so that upon Saturday 29 July last past, 
John Pykeryng, squire C'sqwier ") Henry of the cellar (** seler "), 
William Clifton, William Hotoft, John Clifton, John Smothyng, 
Henry Schotelanger, Thomas Broghton, John Clerk, servant to 
William Normanvile, Kichard, servant to Pynchebek, Copshawe 
and Basset, came into my said office, in fencible wise arrayed, 
and there killed two deer, and there said themselves lay in wait 
to have slain me and my fellowship, and beat and hurt certain of 
my friends within my said office, as they were coming towards 
me, for the which I am of very force coerced (" coartid ") at this 
time to complain to your most worthy lordship, tenderly beseech- 
ing you of remedy and succour in this behalf, at the reverence of 
God and in way of charity. 

And your said suppliant shall ever pray to God for your noble 

/. 39. Another copy of the Magna Charta Communitatis, as far 
as the word " pyxides," stopping at the detailed list of rates. 

Another copy of the Bull of Eugenius given above, /. 82 h. 

f, 40. Blank. 


/• 41. 1425. Ordinances of the craft of Saddlers. No date, but 
given at /. 65 of the Guild Book as dated 1425. 

1447. 26 Henry VI. Petitions of the craft of Fullers for 
election of searchers. 

Petitions of the craft of Coupers. Printed among the extracts 
from Guild Book. 

J. 41 h. Weavers' ordinances. Also in Guild Book. 

/. 42. Turners and Joiners to go with Coupers. Also in Guild 

/. 42 6.-45. Weavers' ordinances. Also in Guild Book. 

/. 45. Ordinances as to Sanctuary men's (Grithniannorurn) 
payments, if practising a craft. 

/. 46 b. Of the payments by Paviours and work of Bakeries 
(" clibanorum ") and of Lead-setters (" led-setters "). 

/. 47. Tilers' ordinances. 

/. 47 b. Skinners' ordinances. 

/. 48 b. "The co[u]nt of leves written in this book is xlj", 
with a litle labell in Engleshe. 

Si mea penna valet melior mea littera fiet." 

GKEAT GUILD BOOK. {Translation,) 

/. 3 b. These are the customs and liberties of the town of 
Beverley from the time of which no memory remains used and 
approved by the Burgesses of the said town [as appears by 
the old Kegister registered on large paper] . * 

Of the Assize of Bread. 

Inprimisy that the twelve keepers of the town of Beverley who 
are elected each year to keep the aforesaid town, at the next 
Court of the Archbishop after the feast of St. Michael, in full 
Court at Beverley, present six burgesses of the same town to keep 
the Assize of bread and beer for that year. Which six burgesses 
shall swear that they will faithfully keep the Assize aforesaid. 
And whenever they shall see it necessary and fitting, they shall 
take loaves, which loaves shall be weighed by the bailiffs in the 
presence of the aforesaid six burgesses, and there, according to 
the weight and quality of the loaves at their discretion, defects 

* The words 'in brackets show where the Guild Book differs from 
the Town Chartulary. 


shall be adjudged, and by their oath offenders shall be fined and 
punished, and the fines, if there be any, shall be assessed 
C^afiirentur") by them, and the aforesaid fines shall be delivered 
to the said bailiffs in accordance with indentures made between 
the six burgesses and the bailiffs ; excepting however on the 
three feasts of the fairs of the town aforesaid, namely, of St. 
John in May (7 May, but the later version has **inyeme ")> of the 
Ascension of the Lord, of the Nativity of John the Baptist and 
for eight days following, and except between the feast of St. 
Peter ad Vincula (1 August) and the feast of St. Michael, at 
which time let no Assize be held. So that at other times of the 
year the Assize be kept in form aforesaid. 

Of the Assize of Beer. 

And as to the Assize of beer, the aforesaid six sworn men shall 
make an Assize of beer at any time of the year when they shall 
see need. And in the end of the year, namely at the feast of 
St. Michael, they shall fine all brewsters (**brasiatrices ") offending 
against the Assize. And the fines aforesaid shall be made 
and assessed by the same six sworn men, and the same fines so 
assessed shall be delivered by indenture to the Archbishop's 
bailiffs and be levied by the bailiffs. Except however that there 
shall be no assize of beer at the times aforesaid. And that the 
Archbishop's bailiffs shall interfere in no other way than is 

Of the butchers. 

And that butchers be not punished before the Archbishop's 
steward, or his bailiffs, without special precept and commission 
of the lord King. 

Of the punishment of fishermen [and f orestallers] . 

And that no fisherman being a burgess be punished for any 
default except by fines, and this when he has been convicted by 
twelve sworn burgesses, and that those fines be assessed only in 
full Court of the lord Archbishop, and that by the oath of 
burgesses of the same town sworn for that purpose. 

This only excepted, that if any one shall have been lawfully 
convicted by twelve sworn men as a forestaller in a case in whicn 
he is adjudged a forestaller by the statute of the Lord King, 
That then he or she so convicted be punished according to the 
law of the land and the quality and quantity of the crime. And 
that in every inquest to be taken by the Lord's steward to 
inquire of f orestallers the jurymen be expressly informed by the 
steward or bailiff who are forestallers and who are not. 


Of summonses of burgesses. 

And that no burgess be summoned except in his own house 
and this by both bailiffs at once [by a bailiff carrying a rod and 
sworn] . And that in pleas of land no burgess be summoned 
except by both bailiffs in like manner, and in his own house, as 
anciently has been the custom. 

And that no burgess be fined for refuse heaps (**sterquiliniis"). 

Of the levying of fines. 

And that none be called out to levy amercements or fines except 
under the seal of the bailiff, and that they be levied by one sworn 

Of the attachment of burgesses. 

And that no burgess be attached for any trespass for breach of 
the peace (**pro affray del pees") unless the trespass happen in 
presence of the bailiff, and the complainant wish to prosecute his 
adversary ; and then the offender shall find pledges to answer to 
the laws. And if the party complaining does not wish to prose- 
cute, then the defendant go quit as to the suit of the Lord, whether 
he be a burgess or a stranger. 

And that no burgess be arraigned (** areniatur ") on the presenta- 
tion of the constable or bailiff, or anybody else, except at the 
presentation of twelve men, without the special precept of the 
lord King. 

[Of the forfeiture of a tenant of a burgess.] 

And if any tenant of the burgesses of the town incur forfeiture, 
and the Lord's bailiffs have seized the chattels of felons, that the 
burgess shall first be satisfied of his rent if any be in arrear. 

And when any one in the Archbishop's Court at the suit of a 
party do right, for which it is considered that the party should be 
quit [here the MS. of the CltaHidary breaks of, a leaf having 
been torn out, and the text is taken only from the Guild Book~\ 
that then the bailiffs of the Archbishop should not take or exact 
anything from the party of the defendant so quit ; where, before 
the present time, by extortion, some bailiffs have taken 12''- against 
the laws. 

Of the sons of burgesses. 

Also it is decreed and ordered for ever by the community of 
the town of Beverley that no one who was born before his 
father was made a burgess shall enjoy the privileges of 
burgesses. Thus : A man either a stranger or a denizen 
(** advena vel indigena ") made a burgess who has children begotten 
and born before he was made a burgess, those children shall not 
be burgesses or commoners C*communicarii"). 


Of the children of concubines. 

Also, [if] a burgess keep a concubine and beget offspring 
from her, out of matrimony, that offspring will not be burgesses 
or conunoners, even if their father afterwards marry the mother 
of the said children. 

Of children begotten in adultery. 

Also it was decreed and ordered that [if] a married man, a 
burgess, beget children in adultery, those children shall not be 
burgesses or commoners, unless they make their entry (i.e. pay 
their entrance-fee) in the Guildhall before the Governors and 

Mode of election of the Twelve Keepers of the town 
of Beverley. 

Whereas it was long ago ordered and decreed by the com- 
munity of the town of Beverley that on the election of the 
twelve keepers of the town of Beverley he who had been nominated 
and elected a keeper of the town of Beverley, and had refused 
the office, should pay to the community 40*- , but because it had 
not been fully ordered and decreed whether he who refused the 
said office and paid the penalty aforesaid should be quit and dis- 
charged of the said office for two years then next following, or 
whether he might in the following year be again elected to the 
said office ; therefore on Friday 6 May 1370, the whole com- 
munity being assembled in the Guildhall of Beverley, it was 
ordered and decreed by the said community with regard to the 
premises. That he who relinquished the said office and paid the 
penalty aforesaid, for that year only should be exonerate and 
quit of the said office, and that in the year following he might 
be lawfully elected and chosen to keep the said office. And so 
of all other offices affecting the community of a lesser and 
lower degree let it stand and be at all times, for the collection 
of boxes and such like. 

Penalty of one of the Twelve Keepers elect being absent. 

1376. Also, it was ordered on St. Mark the Evangelist's day, 
A.D. 1376, the whole community being present, with the full 
consent of the same, that he who is elected to be one of the twelve 
keepers of the town of Beverley be in the Guildhall, while 
Prime is ringing ('* pulsante prima,'' apparently equivalent to the 
phrase still in use at Winchester College of ** first peal"). If any 
one is later, if he was in the town of Beverley, let him pay 
without remedy 40*- to the use of the community aforesaid. 


Order of the sealing of letters testimonial: [as in the 
small Register], 

f. 6 h. Oath of the Twelve Keepers of the town of Beverley. 

This swear I, M., that I will keep the town of Beverley 
from this day to the feast of St. Mark the Evangelist next 
with all my mind (** sensu ") and power, and no man by reason 
of affinity, consanguinity or friendship unjustly sparing, nor any 
man by reason of hatred or malice unreasonably aggrieving 
("gravando") ; so help me God and these Holy Gospels of God. 
And if he has not taken the oath before, then he will swear : — 
And that I will be faithful and true to the community of Beverley 
and will keep secret the counsels of the community. 

Oath at the entry of a burgess. 

This swear I, N., that I am free, and that I will be faithful 
and true to the community at Beverley, and that I will keep 
secret the counsel and secrets of the town of Beverley and the 
Guildhall, and will be law-abiding (*' justificabilis ") and obedient to 
the twelve keepers of the town of Beverley who now are, and to 
those who shall be hereafter ; and will put no animals in any of 
the pastures of Beverley, except those which are my own, 
without fraud or craft, and I will keep the customs of the town 
and of this house. So help me God and these Holy Gospels of 

/. 7. Oath of the Thirty persons. 

[This is in a later hand, but before 1498.] 

This swear I, N.F., I will be true and faithful to the twelve 
keepers or governors of the town of Beverley for the time 
or year being, and to the Corporation (** corporacioni ") of thirty 
persons ; and at all times, whensoever they require counsel or 
assistance for any cause concerning our lord the King or our 
lord the Archbishop of York or the community of this town, I 
will be prepared with my best counsel and assistance according 
to my power, and I will keep secret the counsels of the same 
community and will not reveal them. So help me God and 
these Holy Gospels of God. 

Copies of the Commission and Eelease of the Twelve Keepers 
with copy of the release for Cotyngham. 

1374. Let it appear to all by these presents that we, the 
community of the town of Beverley, have chosen twelve men of 
the town aforesaid, viz. : A, B, C, D, F, and G, sworn to keep 
the town aforesaid from the feast of St. Mark the Evangelist, 
A.D. 1374, to the same feast of St. Mark the next year, giving 
to them and granting them, or seven of them, full power to 
levy and take all and singular the profits and assessments 


C'proficua et assessas") touching the aforesaid community. And 
also for the time aforesaid to keep and maintain all the statutes 
and liberties and ancient customs of the town aforesaid. And 
to chastise and punish all those offending, according to the 
customs and statutes of the town aforesaid, ratifying now and in 
time to come (**ratum et gratum habentes et habituri" — the common 
form for a proxy) whatever the aforesaid twelve or seven of them 
shall think meet to be done about the preservation and keeping of 
the town aforesaid for the time aforesaid. In testimony whereof 
we have caused our common seal to be afl&xed to these presents 
given at Beverley in the said feast of St. Mark, A.D. aforesaid. 

1369. Know all by these presents that we, A, B, C, D, F, and 
G, keepers of the town of Beverley, A.D. 1369, have received the 
account of H, J, K, L, M, N, and P, keepers of the town of 
Beverley, A.D. 1368, so that all things being reasonably accounted 
for we have found the aforesaid and their fellows before named 
have faithfully administered their ofl&ce and have rendered to us a 
faithful account of all receipts, rates C*misis") and expenses 
incurred by them in the keeping of the town aforesaid. Wherefore 
we acquit and discharge them by these presents, all and each, from 
rendering any further account of the premisses. In witness &c. 

Ejiow all by these presents that I, E. de G., receiver of the 
Lady A., Countess of Kent and Lady of Cotyngham, have 
received and had on the day of the making of these presents of 
the community of the town of Beverley by the hands of the 
twelve keepers of the town 40* sterling for the term of Pentecost 
last past before the date of these presents ; which 40*- 1 acknowledge 
that I, in the name of my Lady aforesaid, have been fully paid, 
and I acquit the said community thereof by these presents. In 
witness &c. Dated &c. 

Ordinance of the sealing of letters testimonial. 

/. 6. 1306. And it was ordered by Eichard Holme, 
Thomas Frost and his fellows, keepers of the town, on St. Mark's 
day 1306, and confirmed by the whole community, that 
henceforward no writing made under the common seal for any 
cause should be delivered to any one before that it be written in 
the present register ; so that the same writing after the term 
contained in it should be asked for (**petatur'') by the keepers for 
the time being and surrendered to them. And that if any 
testimonial should be made for any of the burgess-ship 
[** burgensise". The later copy in the Guild Book has ** burgense ' j 
that it should be sealed with the smaller leaf of the common 
seal, and not with any other. 

Order for the sealing of the Commission and Eelease of the 
Twelve Keepers. 

1306. Also, it was ordered in the year last aforesaid that the 
keepers elected on the feast of St. Mark the Evangelist, and for 
every year in future, that {sic) their commission made to them 


by the community should be sealed with the whole seal, and 
should be surrendered on the feast of St. Mark or before they 
have their release stated. And that their release on their 
account of receipts and expenses made by the said keepers for 
the said community should be sealed with the lesser leaf of the 
common seal, because the said release will remain with them 
without re-delivery. And that the said release sealed 
with the lesser leaf aforesaid should be to them in full allowance 
and delivery for the time for which they held office, for ever. 

Of the absence of burgesses of Beverley from the 

election of the Twelve Keepers on St. Mark the 

Evangelist's day with penalty. 

/. 6. Chartidary, 1435. On St. Mark the Evangelist's day, 
A.D. 1435, it was ordered and decreed to be perpetually observed 
by the common consent and assent of the community 
of the town of Beverley gathered together within the 
Guildhall, That any burgess of the said town who on 
any St. Mark's day in the future should not have come to 
the election of the twelve keepers there before the ending 
of the common bell, namely at eight o'clock, if he have 
been summoned on the day next before by the common 
bellman, but shall have absented himself from the same 
election, shall, each time that he has been found guilty, pay 
to the use of the community aforesaid 6d., without any pardon, 
unless he has a reasonable excuse. 

Of the summons of Burgesses. 

f. 15 b. 1354. It was ordered and statuted by Eichard 
Holme, Thomas Frost and the rest of the keepers, with the 
assent and consent of the whole community, that no Bur- 
gess, or neighbour of Beverley, summon or cause to ^ be 
summoned another for any matter before any ecclesiastical 
judge outside the town of Beverley, unless he first show and 
reveal his injury and grievance before the Dean of Beverley; 
and if he cannot get justice there, then he may lawfully 
seek C*perpetrare") justice elsewhere. Penalty Gs. Sd. 

Ordinance against any Burgess impleading another. 

1354. It was ordered [&c.] that no burgess of Beverley 
implead or cause to be impleaded another by writ, or in 
any court, for any matter or action, unless he first show 
and reveal his injury and grievance to the keepers or 
governors sitting in the Guild Hall. And those who are at 
variance (**discordes") shall abide by the award, order and 
judgment of the twelve or seven of them. Penalty 6«. 8d. 


Order with regard to the buying of 100 feet [of land] . 

/. 7. 1367. Also, A.D. 1367, it was ordered in the 
Guildhall at Beverley by the whole community there assembled, 
that he who thereafter should be free from toll, by reason of 
buying 100 feet of land, come to the Guildhall before the keepers, 
of the town, and there make known where his land lies, and show 
his deed, and pay entrance [fee] to the community, id., to the 
clerk, Id., sergeant. Id, 

Penalty for abusing the Common Clerk. 

And if any abuse the common clerk of the Guildhall in per- 
formance of his duty he shall pay without delay to the community 
6s. 8d. 

Penalty for abusing the Common Sergeant ("clientis"). 

And any one abusing the common ** client '' while doing his 
duty shall pay to the conununity 3s. 4d. 

Of the ofl&ce of Bellman and four bells. 

/. 15 b. 1390. St. Mark's Day. William Pyncheon was 
elected by the community to the office of Bellman of Beverley, and 
after him Thomas Tyrwhit son of John Tirwhit, and received of 
the community 4 small bells, price of each 2s., on condition of re- 
pairing them for the good of the community as long as he 
remained in office, at his own costs. 

Penalty for surrender of burgess-ship. 

/. 11 b. 1403. Also it is ordered Wednesday, the feast of St. 
Mark the Evangelist, 1403, by the twelve keepers of the town of 
Beverley and the whole community of the same, that if any of 
the burgesses of the said town hereafter surrender his burgess- 
ship with this object, that he does not wish to be obedient and 
law-abiding (^*justificabilis") to the twelve keepers of the town 
aforesaid, that he shall forfeit and pay to the said community 
d610, as often as he shall have been found guilty of the same. 

/. 8. 1428. The community of the town of Beverley gathered 
together in the Guild Hall, Tuesday, 16 March 1428, for a letter 
sent to the 12 keepers or governors of the town of Beverley 
undernamed, in the name of Sir Henry Brounflet, knight, and 
Master John Ellyecarr, the purport of which letter was this : 
That for reverence of the said venerable persons and at their 
supplication the 12 keepers should admit William Gelle, fisher 
(^*fisscher"), and make him a burgess. This being shown to the 
community, they with one consent said that the said William 
Gelle is a Grithman, and inasmuch as it was ordered and decreed 
before the said day that they should not for the future make any 
Grithman a burgess, therefore he cannot be admitted to that 


liberty nor any other Grithman for ever. And it was ordered 
and decreed the same day and year that no burgess of the town 
of Beverley who is a Grithman shall for the future, to the 
offence (it is written ** defence") of the common people, or against 
the peace of our lord the King, carry on him any knife or dagger 
(**dagarium") except with a blunted point, nor a club 
C* baculum ") or short sword (** baselardum ") within the town of 
Beverley, on pain of forfeiture of the same to the lord Archbishop, 
and forfeiture of his burgess-ship to the community of the town of 
Beverley for ever. And that these ordinances and constitutions 
may have perpetual force they were ratified and confirmed by 
Eoger EoUyston, &c., the 12 keepers or governors of the com- 
munity of the town on the day and year aforesaid, with the 
assent of the aldermen and stewards of all the crafts (*^artium") 
of the aforesaid town and of all the co-burgesses then there 

/. 16 b. 1429. 25 April. Public complaint was made in the 
Guild Hall by very many burgesses of the town that William 
Panys is a sower of dissension and discord and mover of unjust 
actions (*^ querelarum ") between many of the community 
aforesaid, though wholly ignorant of law, to the grievous loss 
and expense of the community and the loss of many of their 
goods. Therefore it is ordered by the common assent of the 
community that no burgess should retain or employ the said 
William Panys in any plea or cause henceforward to be brought 
in any court within the liberty aforesaid, and if any burgess 
presume to do so he shall lose his liberty without delay. 

/. 21. 1457. 25 April. The common burgesses of the town 
in their Guild Hall assembled and coming together ask the 
honorable men the keepers or governors of the said town 
to have their ancient contributions, as in the Crafts Eegister 
of the said town contained, and the rendering of the account 
in the presence of the aldermen and stewards of every 
craft, within a fortnight next after 24 June, and this under 
penalty of £10 as in the Common Book of Paper specified. 
Also, that the election of the Twelve Governors shall be 
made yearly on 25 April of 18 of the more honest and 
worshipful burgesses of the said town according to the tenor 
and effect of the Great Charter, as was anciently accustomed. 

The names of 202 persons are given as granting the 
premisses ( ** concesserunt ad prsemissa '' ). 

Certain Orders. 

/. 21 b. 1460. 25 Apr. St. Mark's Day 1460, at the special 
request of the community it was ordered that the keepers or 
governors of the year last past shall render their accounts before 
the Nativity of St. John Baptist then next, or within 40 days 
following, on penalty of forfeiture of £10 to the said community, 
to be paid without delay, and so yearly render account under the 
penalty aforesaid. Also it was ordered the same day that every 


alderman or steward of every craft can be present on the account 
day if they wish, when summoned by the common sergeant of 
the town. Also that every person of every craft of the town, being 
a brother of the same craft, be a burgess from the day of the 
making of this order, under penalty of 40s., to be paid to the 
community. Also it was ordered and decreed that no Grithman 
of the same town hereafter be a burgess even though he have a 
royal charter, etc. And that anyone indicted for felony shall 
not have his liberty until he has been cleared (** declaratus ") of 
the said felony. 

New Ordinances. 

/. 7 b. 1461. Ordinances and statutes made and published by 
Thomas Menskip [&c.] keepers [&c.] with the consent and 
assent of all the honest (** proborum ") burgesses of the aforesaid 
town, and all aldermen and stewards of every craft and science 
of the aforesaid town, for the reformation of certain abuses of 
certain unlawful contributions and customs in use among the 
burgesses and inhabitants of the town, and for the common 
good and necessary advantage of the whole community of the 
town, A.D. 1461, as is more fully contained in the following: — 

(1) If any one, of whatsoever estate or condition he be, wishes 
to dwell within the town of Beverley he shall freely come to 
inhabit, dwell, and practise his science or art, in the said town, 
without any exaction or contribution of money to be paid to the 
said community or any other [of] his science or art for the first 
year of his coming, except to the lawful and necessary expenses 
of the castle, and of the light of his art or science, and of the play 
if it happens that the play be ordered by the governors of the 
town that year. 

(2) After the first year, as long as he shall stay and set up a 
public shop and occupy, and not be a burgess, he shall pay and 
contribute yearly to the community until he is made a burgess 
12d., and to the alderman of his art or science 12d., besides the 
charges and expenses of castle, light, and play of his craft 
incumbent on him as a master : but the wage-receivers, or hired 
men called journeymen, shall observe the constitutions and 
ordinances made as to them, as is noted in the ordinances of the 
burgesses of each art and science in the town in their several 

(3) The twelve keepers or governors shall in future be called 
and named by the burgesses the twelve Aldermen, Keepers or 
Governors of the town of Beverley, and all proclamations, 
injunctions and orders shall for the future be made under that 
name, as anciently the same town used to be ruled and governed 
by an Alderman. 

(4) The orders of the Keepers to be observed : penalty 40«. 


(§) The burgesses shall not make any assemblies (*'con- 
venticulas") or meetings (*'congregationes") in the houses of 
the Friars (**fratrum"),* or in other places, nor shall come 
together in numbers (** multitudinem ") to the Guild Hall, 
except when summoned by the twelve governors ; penalty 20s. 

(6) If any inhabitant, burgess or non-burgess, of any craft, 
be not present in the taxation and assignment of expenses of 
castle, light, and play of his craft, and doubt of the true assess- 
ment and determination of expenses, and thereof feel himself 
aggrieved, and wish to complain thereof to the governors, then 
the governors shall inquire into and examine the truth and 
adjudge as they shall think best. 

(7) Any member of any art or science, not a burgess, 
who is to be received as master or brother of a craft, shall 
first, before his reception by the alderman and stewards, 
be presented to the governors, who shall take from him an 
oath of fealty ( ** fideUtatis " ) to the community of the afore- 
said town, and that he will faithfully observe all consti- 
tutions and ordinances of his art or science; on penalty of 
10«. to be paid by the said alderman and stewards. 

(8) Any one of the forty-eight burgesses who has been 
one of the governors not coming to the Guild Hall for 
public business when summoned, to pay 6d., unless he has 
a reasonable excuse, and send it to the governors the same 

(9) Any dispute taking place before the governors shall 
as far as possible be settled by the governors ; and the 
disputants shall obey their award, except in cases of debt, 
in which the governors shall not grant any delay or give 
time without consent of the parties. 

The rest of the ordinances concern individual trades, as follows : 

(10) No carpenter or tiler, viz., *' Tilethakker, Tile waller, 
and Plasterer," who has not a regular apprentice who works with 
him, to employ a journeyman without the consent of the master 
of the works with whom he works, and the latter may employ any 
joumejmaan he pleases, and finish a job begun by one with 

(11) Carpenters, tilers, and their servants, sawyers, paviours, 
and their servants and workmen, shall observe these hours : — 

From Easter to the Assumption (15 Aug.), from 4 a.m. to 7 
p.m., with an interval at 6 a.m. of J-hour to drink ; at 8 
a.m. of 1 hour for breakfast ; at 11 a.m. of 1^ hour to dine 
and sleep ; at 3 p.m. J an hour to drink ; otherwise they 
shall not be tardy, or absent from their work, on pain of 
12d. to the community. 

* It does not appear to mean brethren, i.e. burgesses, as they are not elsewhere 
so called, though the governors are. It appears elsewhere that the Friars took care 
of the Common Seal and Treasure Chest. 


From the Assumption to Easter they shall begin at day- 
break, and leave off when the light fails. At this season 
they may have at 9 a.m. ^ hour to drink or breakfast ; 
12 noon 1 hour to eat ; 3 p.m. J hour to drink. 

(12) No carpenter, &c., shall refuse to work with any burgess 
who wants him unless previously engaged on some other work ; 
penalty 6«. Sd. 

(13) No barber or chandler (*'chaundelarius") shall put any 
resin in waxen images or candles for sale, or in any way carry on 
their craft to the deception of the people ; penalty 20«. 

(14) Every carrier (^*cariator"), porter or creler wanted by 
any burgess shall carry for him unless previously engaged 
by another, and shall then carry for the second as soon as he 
has finished for the first ; penalty 6s. 8d, 

(15) When a burgess has been distrained upon for a debt to 
the community, if the distress be not redeemed in 8 weeks, it may 
be sold by the governors in the Guild Hall. 

(16) No one to have ships, boats ("batellas"), or ketches 
(''caches") built or repaired on the banks of the great Beck, 
between Guchmerelane and Parsonbrig, without special leave of 
the keepers ; penalty 20s. 

(17) No fishermen, viz. ''pansaremen," bringing fish into the 
town, to take them away for sale until the inhabitants are served : 
penalty 6s. 8d, All fish to be exposed for sale in the market, and 
not in their houses or other private places. 

(18) No burgess shall present those who have been keepers 
and governors to serve the office of constable in the Archbishop's 
Court ; penalty 6s. 8d. 

(19) On account of the stink, fouling of the air, and destruc- 
tion of fruit trees, none to make a kiln C* thorale ") to burn bricks 
C' tegularum ") in or nearer the said town than the kilns are now 
built ; penalty 100s. 

1465. /. 21. Award (in English) of George [Neville] Arch- 
bishop of York, Chancellor of England, with preface in Latin. 

Because on St. Mark's Day 4° Edward IV. on the day of 
election of the 12 Governors when the 12 Keepers or Governors 
of the community and the community were quietly and peace- 
ably proceeding to an election, sundry and divers meetings, 
insurrections and riots against the peace and against the 
election and against the King's writ directed to the Governors in 
this behalf, were made by Thomas Dicson, William Dowthorp, 
Adam Newcombe, William Eicher, Eobert Atwod, Eobert Payne 
and William Taillour, shoemaker, then present in the same 
Hall : Wherefore we John Coppandale [and 11 others, the 12 
Governors] with the consent and assent of all the aldermen of 
the crafts of the town caused the said Thomas Dicson and his 
fellows to be arrested and imprisoned ; and the said Thomas and 
his fellows continued in their malice a long time till the most 


reverend Father underwritten sent for them to Cawood and took 
their malice into his own hands, and made and delivered his 
award, decree and judgment under this form, as appears in a 
paper thereof made and sealed with his seal : — 

[Then follows the award, in English, dated 6 Oct. 5 Edward IV., 
which is given by Poulson I. 244 from the Warburton Papers, 
with, however, mistakes in names and words, and without 
the above statement, which shows the reason for it.] 

Ordinatio Nova. 

1493. 25 Apr. /. 25. It is ordande and statute on the 
Feste of Saynte Marc the Evaungeliste in the yere of our Lorde 
God M° cccc° IxxxxiijQ by Thomas Frost, Roger Kelk, Eobert 
Whyte, and their brethyr, ratefyed and confirmed by Adam 
Newcombe, John Eowmthwayte, John Cole, and ther brether, the 
same day elect : by the assent and consente of all the Aldermen 
and of all the Comynalte of the towne of Beverley that day 
beying present in the Guylde Haule. 

Fyrst, it is ordande and statute that no Gentilman, yeoman 
ne craftsman of the towne of Beverley be takyn to worshyp of 
the towne : bott allonely that berys charge of clothyng, oastell 
and pageaunte within the sayde towne. 

Also that ther shall no man occupy none occupayon, nowther 
by hymselfe nor by no jorneyman noght within the f ranches of 
Beverley, bott allonely that att he is brother withall, and in 
clothyng : and att evereman be in clothinge with the crafte that 
he most getts his lyffyng by. 

Also that evere Burges of the towne of Beverley be fre to bye 
and to sell hys owne gudes, so that he kepe no oppyn shopp in 
retaylyng. Nor no man by any maner of merchandyse for redy 
money to sell itt again in retaylyng : bot it sal be presentyd by 
the Alderman of Merchaunts to the xii Governers for the yere 
beying : And itt to be fynabyll by the dyscreyon of the forsayd 
xii Governors, als oft tymes as any such defawts be founde in 

Allso itt es ordande that itt shall be lefull to the Seyrchours of 
the Smyths to make serch within the towne of Beverley for any 
maner of thynge belongyng to ther occupacion ; And yf thai 
fynde any defawte, itt to be fynabyll by the dyscrecyon of the 
forsayde xii Governers. 

Also it is desyryd by the Drapers that thai shall be in clothyng 
by thame selfe ; And to have a castell and a pageante as other 
occupacyons hafe. Such a pageante as the xii Governers wyll 
assigne thame to, upon payne of forfettour to the comynalte of xl«. 

Also that evere man be fre to sell hys owne clothe, whersoever 
he may fynde his merchaunde. 

And att all those ordynaunce aforesayd be kepyd in evere 
degre with evere occupacyon, upon payne of forfettoure of x'^* to 
the Comynalte. 

723. b 


Thyse er the namys of the Aldermen folowynge that ware 
eonsentyng to this ordynaunee afore regystre, with the consent 
and assente of the most party of ther brether. 

Eobert Whyte 
John Wattkyn 
John Northende 
WilHam Cortt 
Eobert Waggas 
William Sparow 
William Eudd 
Henry Loursall 
Thomas Elsdale 
Adam Newcombe - 
William Bryghte - 
Thomas Aclyfe 
John Eowmthwayte 

Elyas Elys - 
John Kirkham 
Thomas Attkynson 
Eobert Eshton 
John Haythwayte - 
Eobert Weyll 
Thomas Colynson - 
Eobert Gray 
Henry Weton 
John Lelywhyte - 
Thomas Graybarne 

Alderman of Merchaunts 
,, ,, Bowehers 
,, ,, Baxters 

„ Wryghts 

„ Smyths 

„ Taylors 
,, ,, Barkers 
,, ,, Weavers 
,, ,, Walkers [Fullers] 
,, ,, Lyttsters [Dyers] 
,, ,, Wattermen 
,, ,, Shomakers 
,, ,, Bowers, Coupers 
and Fletchers 
,, ,, Glovers 

„ Tylers 
,, ,, Barbors 
,, ,, Potters 
,, ,, Sadyllers 
,, ,, Fyschars 
,, ,, Eopers 

„ Cokys 
,, ,, Crelars 

,, Paynters 

,, Laborers 

New Order of the Election of the Twelve Governors. 

1498. /. 26. All manor of men present and for to com knawe 
that insomych os itt is founde in wrytyng in aide constitucyons of 
the eleccyons of xij Kepers or Governors of the Towne of Beverlay 
Itt base beyn usyd of late the electyon for to be made in forme 
underwrytten, that is for to say, 

That the xij whych hafe beyn Governors or Kepers of the 
Towne in the yere next goyng before the Fest of Saynt Marc the 
Evangelist in the presens of Burgesys therto warnyd afore, And 
to whome itt shall please to be assystyng in the Guylde Hall in 
the forsayde Fest of Saynt Marc shall geder to gyder and com- 
pare. And then and thare shalbe publyshyd and namyd xij of 
the nowmer of the xxxvj so that none of them so namyd had 
beyn in that offyce of other two yeres then next afore passyd ; 
And allso other xij that had beyn in the ofl&ce aforetymes paste, 
And allso other vj worschypful and famouse Burgesys of whome 
none of theym had beyn in the office afore tyme. 

And so the forsayd xxiiij and these vj addyd to and now [m] herd 
makes full nowmer of xxx Burgesys of the Towne ther, of whome 
xij Governors or Kepers of the sayde towne schuld be elect and 


And for als mych as itt is consydered by the hole body of the 
sayd towne that the forsayd nowmer of xxx person is to large to 
be hed of the electyon for the worschyp and honesty of the sayde 
towne, Therefore it is ordande and statute in the yere of our 
Lorde God m° cccc™° Ixxxxviij® by the xij Govemers, that is to 
say, Eobert Whyte, John Armestronge, Elyas Cass, Thomas 
Bullok, Johne Thomson, Edward Johnson, Henry Watts, WiUiam 
Grevys, John Owsby, William Curtase, Eobert Smyth and John 
Wryght, by the assent and consent of the other two Bynks 
[benches] , And allso by the assent and consent of all the Alder- 
men of the sayde towne with ther breder, that the electyon fro 
now furth schal be made of xviij persons, that is for to say, 

That the xij Governors of the towne whych hath had rewyll 
for the yere next goyng before the Feste of Saynt Marc the 
Evangelyst in the presens of Burgesys tharto warnyd afore, And 
to whome itt shall please to be assystyng in the Gyld Hall in the 
forsayd Feste of Saynt Marc shall geder to gyder and compare. 
And then and thar shal be publysshyd and namyd xij of the 
nowmer of the forsayd xxxvj, or iij bynks, so that none of thame 
so namyd had beyn in that office of other two yeres then next 
afore passyd: And allso other vj worschypfull and famouse 
Burgessys taken thrugh the towne att the plesour of the sayde xij 
Governors. And so of those forsayd xij. And those vj addyd to and 
nowmerd, that is xviij Burgessys of the towne there ; off whome 
xij Govemers or Kepers of the sayd towne shal be elect and 

Whylke xij so electe and sworne, or att the leste vij of them yf 
mo may noght be thare presente, shall have full power, Fermys, 
Bents, and aide assesyngs in the same towne to rayse. And aide 
customys and statuts to kepe and halde. And all rebels and 
gaynsayers after ther discrecyon to chasty and punysch. And 
whennever shalbe ordynaunce and statutes with the consent of 
the body of the Towne of new for to ordane and sett. And yf itt 
happyn that any of the forsayd xxxvj dye, be seyk, be diffamyd, 
be falne to poverte, or in any other wyse be febyld, so that he be 
founde insuffycyent, then in hys stede to fullfyll the nowmer 
shalbe namyd a nother sufficyent Burges in the sayde towne, 
whersoever he shalbe founde, by all the towne. 

And whosowver brakes this electyon from hencefurth, and be 
foundyn rebell agayns this ordynaunce and statute, whych that 
may lefully be provyd upon hym, shall forfett to the Comonte 
x"- withowt any pardon And ther body to prison. And itt to be 
levyd and raysed by dystres. 

[Another statute as to Corpus Christi procession made the 
same day is given below under the heading of The Common 
Play 8,^ 

For Peter Craw ** in senectute sua.'' 

1522. G.B f. 22. Memo, that uppon Monday, 8 Dec. 1522 and 
14th yere [&c.] of Henry VIII., Peter Crawe, draper, beyng one of 
the counsell and corporacion of thys towne of Beverley, For such 


infirmities and seknes as he hath in hys body and lymys, so that 
he may no longer occupy any rowme or rewll within thys said 
towne, And for the some of xx markes, whiche he hath graunted 
to pay toward the newe beyldyng of Saynt Mary churche in 
Beverley now leyng in rewyne, Hath graunted by John Wensley 
and his brethren the xij Governers of this said town, by 
thassent and consent of the comminaltie of the same, under the 
common scale beryng date the day and yere abovesaid, That 
the said Peter Craw shalbe clerely discharged for ever from 
hensforthwards as to be any of the xij Governors of thys said 
towne, chirche-wardens, eleccions, quests, sheriff tournys or 
sessions, or any other rowme or rewll within thys said towne of 
Beverley whatsomever. Unto the whiche graunte Sir Bichard 
Eokeby, knight, and Eoberte Creyk, esquyer, have putto ther 
gode myndys, as by hys forsaid graunte therof , under the common 
sealle of thys towne to the said Peter Craw therupon made, 
more playnly it doth appeyre. 

The said somme of xx marks ys full content and payd, and 
the said Peter his executors and assignes thereof acquyte and 
discharged for ever. 

1535. /. 29 b. (English.) Articles of an order taken in the Star 
Chamber the last day of November, 27 Henry VIH., by the Lords 
of His Majesty's most Honorable Council concerning the yearly 
election of the 12 Governors of the town of Beverley, and for the 
quietness good order and peace within the said town. 

Item, first it is ordained and ordered that the election of 12 
Governors made of St. Mark Day shall be frustrate and void ; and 
that upon the vigil of S. Thomas the Apostle next coming the 
tenants and inhabitants which have, or ought to have, interest 
of the election of the same town, shall assemble themselves at 
the place accustomed, and come before the officer or officers of 
the Archbishop of York, for a new election of the 12 Governors 
peaceably to be made : And then and there shall elect 12 new 
Governors, discreet and honest persons, for the good order and 
rule of the said town, which 12 Governors shall continue [&o.] 

Item, it is ordered also that no person that is Governor in 
the said town one year shall be Governor in the year next follow- 
ing, nor Governor there two years together ; and that the 
Governors being elect for one year shall always for ever make 
their true account after the year ended to the new Governors 
that shall be elect, within six months after the year ended. 

Item, it is also ordered that none dwelling or inhabiting out of 
the same town shall be elect or chosen at any time to be any of 
the said Governors, nor intromit or meddle with the election of 
the twelve Governors ; the officers of the Archbishop of York only 

Item, it is ordered that no gentleman, now dwelling out of the 
said town, which from henceforth shall purchase or buy any 
tenements or lands within the said town of Beverley, shall be 
hereafter elect or chosen any of the said 12 Governors, 


Item, it is ordered that neither Sir Raflf Elleker, nor one Oswyne 
Ogle, son-in-law to the said Sir Raflf, shall at any time hereafter be 
elect and chosen any of the said 12 Governors of the said town. 
[^ similar order af/ainst Robert Qray and Richard Broune erased 
in the original,^ 

Item, it is ordered that the Archbishop of York for the time 
being shall have the order and rule of the said town of Beverley 
in like manner and form as his predecessors Archbishops of 
York have beforetime had. 

[An injunction to old Sir Ralph Ellerker, knight, enjoining and 
commanding him upon pain of 500 marks that neither he nor 
any other person or persons for him or in his name or by his 
procuring from henceforth shall intermeddle with the election of 
the 12 Governors of the town of Beverley, and that the said Sir 
Raff observe perform and keep all and singular the articles had 
made and devised by the King's Most Honourable Council in the 
Star Chamber at Westminster the 30th November 27 Henry VIII. 
concerning the said election and commonwealth and Governors 
of the said town.] 

Item, another injunction to the tenants and inhabitants of the 
town [to the same effect] upon pain of 1000 marks. 

[Next follows a bond by Robert Gray and Richard Broune in 
£100 to observe the same articles.] 

1536. /. 27. Indenture 5 Nov. 28 Henry. VIII., between 
Edward Archbishop of York and chief lord of the town of Beverley 
of the one party, and Robert Creke, esquire, John Wright, gent., 
Robert Ruffulls, Robert Gray, and other the burgesses of the said 
town on the '' tooder par tie." 

Recited, that the Archbishop had in the town his court called 
the SherriflTs Tourn or Court Leet, and ought to have all defaults, 
offences and other things inquirable presented there, and all the 
fines, amerciaments and other profits arising from such present- 
ments : also authority to make, depute, and ordain the Clerk of 
the Markets and to have all fines and other profits of such ofl&ce : 
to make justices of the peace, with the same power of inquisition 
as those made by the King, and fines and profits of such inquisi- 
tions ; and the burgesses had no right to intermeddle. 

" Yet notwithstanding, the said most Reverend Father in God 
wishing the increase and advancement of good order and rule to 
be kept within the said town, and the common weal of the same. 
And for the tender love and zeal that he beareth to the same, 
hath covenanted and agreed " — 

(1) That the burgesses shall have '* their free election and 
nomination of 36 persons to be one of the Common Council of 
the said town," vacancies to be filled by the Governors and the 
rest of the 36, naming '' two of the most honest and substantial 
persons, burgesses of the said town, which be of vesture and 
castle, and none other, to the commonalty " who choose one. 


(2) On St. Mark's day, every Alderman of every occupation 
and craft shall call their occupations together at the accustomed 
place, and inquire which of the 24 Councillers or Assistants they 
will choose as the 12 Governors for the year following, and the 
names to be presented to the 12 Governors in writing showing 
the Alderman's name and those present or voting for the 12 
chosen ; and the Governors " gathering the voices of all the said 
occupations shall choose " as Governors such as " hath the most 
voixes (sic) of all the said occupations." 6«. Sd. penalty for false 
return by the Aldermen. 

(3) The twelve outgoing Governors to make their account to 
the twelve incoming. 

(4) Every one to attend the election "in the clothing of their 
craft or other their best array," and no person to come into the 
"Hanshouse or the court or garthe of the same" within 3 days 
of the election with any "sword, dagger, wood-knife, or other 
weapon defensive or invasive," on pain of 208. 

Anyone not paying the penalty, or being a maintainer of 
quarrels, and so found before the 12 Governors, to lose his 

(5) No two brothers or brothers-in-law to be Governors the 
same year, and if there are two on the 36 their voice only to 
count as one. 

(6) No retainer in household livery, cognizance or otherwise 
of any spiritual or temporal lord or person to be of the 36. 

(7) All burgesses to have a voice in the election. No gentleman 
dwelling out of the town to be elected a Governor. 

(8) The Governors may at any time summon the 24 for their 
advice and counsel, and the 36 so assembled may summon the 
whole commonalty, but not otherwise. 

(9) The Governors on the election day, or within 5 days, to 
elect two of themselves Keepers of the Market to [ap] praise and 
set price of herrings and other fish and other victuals brought to 

(10) Two persons of every occupation to be chosen " Searchers 
of false weights and measures : unlawful tanned leather : corrupt 
flesh and fish : bread and ale not keeping the true assize or not 
made wholesome for man's body : " for forestallers and regraters 
of corn and other things ; to be presented to the twelve Governors 
in the Common Place. And the Governors to present them on 
oath at the next Sheriff's Tourn or Court Leet to the Archbishop's 
Steward or his deputy ; the fines to be assessed by him with two 
of the oldest Governors, to be levied by the ofi&cer of the 
Archbishop and the common ofi&cer of the town, and to be divided 
between the Town and Archbishop. 

Penalty for the Governors not presenting offences, double the 
moiety of the fine. 


(11) The burgesses to have the appraising of fuel and victuals 
" as shall come to be sold into the Beck called Beverley Beck, or 

(12) The Sanctuary men coming to the town to contribute to 
the upholding of any craft or mystery they practise as men of the 
town do. 

(13) The Burgesses to **have issue and course with their 
water from their pastures called the Fegang through the township * 
and fields of Thurne to the water of Hull, so that the said issue 
be not hurtful to the Archbishop." 

Sealed with the Burgesses' common seal and the Archbishop's 
Great Seal. 

A new oath was imposed after this concordat (Guild Book/. 5.) 
which is given in Poulson, 1. 288, in what purports to be a verbatim 
and literatim copy, on the part of the Governors and of the 
Burgesses, specifically undertaking to observe the articles of the 
agreement. But the following blunders, amongst others, make 
havoc of the meaning. 

" (I shalbe trewe to the comanalety of thys town) and deyn the 
poorest of thy a place " should be " and leyn (i.e. conceal) the 
secrets of this place" (viz., the Guild Hall). The oath of the 
Burgesses should begin : — " Thys swer I that I am fre and no 
gyrthman {i,e. sanctuary man, not ''gyrthmired"). And I 
shalbe trewe to the commonalties of thys town, of Beverley, 
and justiefiable (not "impatalle") and obedyentto the 12 
Governors." A line or two further on **coonm" pasture 
should be '' common " pasture. 

The constitution thus settled lasted only till 1574, on 24 July 
of which year the town obtained a Charter of Incorporation under 
the name of "Mayor, Governors and Burgesses of the town of 
Beverley " ; the day of election being altered from St. Mark's day 
to Monday before Michaelmas day, and the Governors were made 
an absolutely close co-optative body, by the vesting of the 
election of new Governors in the surviving Governors with the 

Purchase of the New Hall in Crossgarthes. 

1500. /. 26 b. Purchase of the great messuage which was Edward 
Mynskyps in the Crossgarthes in Beverley from Edward 
and Thomas Ottyr by Richard Boothe, Alexander Bossall, 
William Peyrson [etc.] 12 Keepers or Governors, &c., 9 Nov. 
1500, for a pasture called the Tunge, as it lies at the Beck end 
then belonging to the Community, and for £22 6s. ScL 

Tuesday, 11 March 13 Henry VIII. 

152^. Guild Book/. 27. Percevall Robson, draper, being one 
of the number of 36 of the Council of this town, upon a wrongful 
slander made upon him by John of Grene, bearward C * barward ") to 
the Right noble Lord Henry Percy, earl of Northumberland, which 


bearward by cause that Thomas Eobson, son to the said Perceval, let 
his ban-dog C*band doge ") to one of his bears, when he was baiting, 
and for other grudges that was betwixt them before, spake unto 
the said Thomas such words, "Take away thy dogs, thou Scots 
byrde : " whereupon the said Percevall his father incontinent 
after he knew that he had called his son Scot, complained unto 
the Governor Robert Whytene, who gave the said Percevall 
counsel to cause him to be arrested, and intended to have sued 
him for his wrongful slander, And for avoiding of such suit 

John of Grene .... rode unto my lord 

Percy to Wresill .... and besought my lord Percy to be so 
good lord unto him as to write a letter for him unto Master 
Eobert Creyke, receiver to my lord Cardinal's grace. And to the 
12 Governors aforesaid, to be good masters unto him concerning 
his unthrifty behaviour, insomuch as he spoke it but in wrath and 
at the baiting of his bears. And so my lord Percy wrote a letter. 
. . . And Master Percival read and declared it openly in my 
lord Cardinal's Court, the twelve Governors with many more as 
well of the town as of the country hearing it, and the said John 
of Grene being present. And therupon he was rebuked as well 
of Master Receiver as of the twelve Governors .... and 
openly denied his slander, and asked forgiveness, which the said 
Percival was right loth to give, but only at the special instance 
and desire of the Receiver and the twelve Governors .... 
forasmuch as it was well known of divers in this town that he 
was born in Haltwistle [** Hawtwysell "] in Northumberland, 
and his father called Roland Robson of Conyngwode and born in 
Haltwistle aforesaid, and that they and all their kin were true 
Englishmen born. And so . . . the said Percival was 
content to remit the matter upon such condition that the 
matter might be recorded and registered in this book 
called the leger ['*lygger"] in the Common Hall .... 

Lawsuits and Debates. Penalty. 

/. 5 b. Chartulary. When a lawsuit had been begun between 
Robert of G. of the one part and Adam of S. on the other before 
the Keepers of the town of Beverley, they came to an agreement 
to this effect, That if either of them henceforth offended against 
the other that he who was found in fault should without remedy 
pay to the community 6s. 8(1. And to this they were bound 
by surety before the said Keepers. 


Be it remembered that when a lawsuit had been begun between 
Thomas of H. and John of B. who had been sworn to keep the 
peace between themselves by the arbitration and judgement of 
Sir Thomas Ge, chaplain, &c.. They then ordered and adjudged 
the parties aforesaid being sworn to stand in all things to the 
order of the arbitrators aforesaid that if either of the aforesaid 
Thomas and John should thereafter offend against the other 
[he] should without remedy pay to the community 20«. 


f, 6 b Guild Book. From the bailiwick (" constabularia '') of 

Northbar without 60s. 

Northbar within £6 

Commarket iJlO 

High Gate {Alta rue) - - - - £4: 

Walker Gate 100s. 

Fysshmarket 100s. 

Flemyngate 60s. 

Bawrlyholme £4 

Laythgate ------ £6 

Keldegate 60s. 

Sum - - - i;50 

From bailiwick of 

Norwood 43s. 6rf. 

Beck 70s. 

Kfildgate ------- 26s. 6rf. 

Sum - . . £7 

From Chapter Fee 19s. lOd. 

Diminution (" minoracio ") of xVth and rbth - 53s. 4(/. 

Of watching the borough of the town of Beverley ('* De vigilaeione 

burgi villflB ")• 

1405. — The reverend men of the community being assembled 
11 December, 1405, it was ordered that the community shall 
watch at such times as seems good to the keepers of the town, 
and every one who is not personally present at the watch if strong 
and able, or by some other true and sufficient deputy if sick or 
impotent, shall pay to the community 6s. 8rf. without any 
pardon, and that every one summoned to watch be ready person- 
ally in his best harness (" apparatu ") under the penalty aforesaid. 

Of the proclamation to be yearly made and the 
hour of watching. 

And let that proclamation be yearly made when it shall 
have seemed good to the keepers of the town and the steward of 
the lord that no innkeeper (**hospes"), wineseller, brewster 
or female seller (** vendatrix ") called tipeler permit any inhabi- 
tants or strangers to reside or remain by night in their taverns 
after 9 o'clock has struck in the night, except true and honest 
persons for whose doings their hosts will answer to the lord the 
King and the community of the town, under the penalty of all 
which the King could take as forfeit in this behalf. And that no 
burgess or other inhabitant of Beverley keep at his house or 
table any stranger unknown beyond a competent time for coming 
and going in travelling, unless their hosts in the first week come 
before the keepers of the town with the same strangers, and make 
their names and persons there known, and undertake for their 


good behaviour, viz., a burgess under penalty of the . loss 
of his freedom, and an inhabitant, of 40«. to be paid to 
the King. And that no inhabitant wander in the streets beyond 
the franchises of Beverley by night after 9 o'clock, nor any 
stranger after 8, without a light, and reasonable cause, under 
penalty of imprisonment until provision and order shall have 
been made for the delivery of offenders by the keepers of the 
community and the servants of the lord. 

[A full translation of Queen Elizabeth's charter is given in 
Poulson II. appendix p. 10, with some mistakes in names of 
people and places.] 

1576. /. S5h, Certain ordinances motioned and proposed in the 
time of the Mayoralty of Eichard Bullock and of the 12 Governors 
then being, viz. Edward EUerker, Esq. (and others named) and 
afterwards in the time of the Mayoralty of William Farley by him 
together with Mr. William Prayler, Esquire, Recorder, with all 
the rest of the aforesaid Governors, John Raffles being chosen in 
the place of William Fletcher, deceased, for the good and 
better government of this borough, confirmed, ratified and fully 
established 20 April 1576, 18 Elizabeth. 

Election of Governors. 

First it is ordained that the Mayor and Governors or the most 
part of them every year upon Monday in the morning before the 
Feast Day of St. Michael tharchangel, by 9 or 10 of the clock, shall 
and may elect, choose and appoint 3 of the 12 Governors of the same 
town, whereof one to be such as hath been Mayor not within five 
years next before, to be and stand in election or like to be Mayor 
the next year following, and out of this three, the Sunday 
[following ?] , the burgesses of the said town or the more part 
of them shall and may elect the one of them to be Mayor to 
govern the next year ensuing as Mayor, and he that is so elected 
Mayor to go on the left hand of the old Mayor until he be sworn. 

Mayor refusing. 

(Penalty for refusing, £10. Penalty for refusing to be 
Governor, £5.) 

Five years. 

Item, that no person being one year Mayor shall be elected or 
chosen Mayor again within 5 years following. And no person to 
be compelled to be Mayor above three times during life time. 

Mayor's dinners. 

Item, that every Mayor shall make in his Mayoralty to the 
Governors and others at his discretion two dinners, thone upon 
the day that he is or shall be sworn Mayor, and the other on the 
day that the new Mayor his next successor shall be elected, upon 
pain of £10 for every default. 


A face of foynes. 

Item, that the Mayor for the time being shall have and wear 
on his best gown a face or f ue called foynes and a tippet of velvet, 
and the same to be worn at especial festival days and times, viz., 
on the election day, when the Mayor taketh his oath for the 
execution of his office, on the Fair day called St. John Day in 
winter. All Saints' Day, Christmas Day, St. Stephen's Day, New 
Year's Day, Epiphany, Candlemas Day, Easter Day, Eogation 
Sunday, Eogation Monday, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Trinity 
Sunday, Midsummer Day, and other times convenient, at the 
discretion of the Mayor, for the worship of the town, on pain of 
£12 for every default. And that every other person that hath been 
Mayor shall wear his gown and tippet of velvet aforesaid at such 
days and times as the Mayor shall wear his, having notice thereof 
given (the Sunday and usual Court Days excepted). And that 
the Mayor for the time being every holiday and Court day shall 
wear his tippet. 


Item, that the Mayor for the time being shall repair and come 
every Sunday and holyday to hear Divine Service (having no 
reasonable cause to the contrary), except the Mayor be of 
S. Mary's Parish, and then he to be only charged to be at the 
Morning Prayer and service at the Minster. And that every 
such day two of the Governors, successively in ancienty, upon 
notice given shall associate the Mayor to the Church from his 
house, and service being ended to accompany the Mayor out of 
the churchyard [penalty 12d.] . And that the said Governors on 
the Monday next following shall with the Mayor be at the Monday 

Governors refusing to come to the Mayor. 

[Penalty for not coming to the Mayor when summoned by an 
officer : 1st time, 1«. ; 2nd time, 3s. 4d. ; 3rd time, 40s. ; and 
40s. every time afterwards.] 

Mayor's diet. 

Item, the Mayor for the time being shall have paid him by the 
town for his allowance and diet £30, and also 200 of Westwod 
kyddes, paying for the same at the town's price, and the 
Mayor shall find the head Serjeant at the mace and the 
common officer always meat and drink, which allowance of £30 
was likewise so granted by the consent of all the burgesses at the 
election day of Eichard Bullock to the said Mayoralty and to his 
successors for ever. 


Item, that the Mayor during the time of his mayoralty shall 
not resort, use or frequent any alehouse, tippling house, inn or 
tavern ; penalty, first offence 10s., second 20s., every offence 
after 40s. [Poulson gives the penalty as £10, &c.] 


[The rest of these ordinances, which are little more than re- 
enactments of the existing practice as to accounts, officers and 
the like, together with further orders made next year, 31 July, 
1577, and 31 March the same year, are given at length by 
Poulson I, 322 seq. 

I now give some extracts from the Register, showing the 
general power of regulation vested in the governors, first with 
regard to the common pastures and other common property of 
the town ; then, to the common plays; and lastly to trades, 
not only by street, market, and other general regulations, 
but by rules for individual trades, and therein the guild 

It is not of course always possible wholly to separate these 
headings, as they overlap, but as it would be equally confusing 
to follow either the order in the Register, which is none, or the 
order of date, as the various regulations are spread over hundreds 
of years, an attempt at order of subject occurs the best, even if it 
cannot always be maintained with logical precision.] 

I. Common Pastures. 

Provisions for the Pastures of Beverley, and first of Fegang. 

/. 5 b. Chartalary, Of the pastures of Beverley it was 
was provided as anciently ordered in form underwritten, 
viz. : That in the pasture of Fegang no bull or bullock 
C'bovetus") in its third year, nor any beast of burden, should 
enter to pasture there in any part of the year. Nor shall sheep 
or pigs or geese enter that pasture, and if any animal be found 
''wayff" there let it be handed over to the bailiffs of the Lord 
Archbishop, to whom such waif pertains, so that 12d. 
be paid to the community of the town of Beverley, as was 
anciently accustomed to be done for herbage. And that all 
having common in the same contribute for their cattle, and give 
their portion for making, repairing, and when need shall be 
for sewering ("assewiandum ") the ditches round that pasture. 
And that none common in the same, except a burgess dwelling in 
the town equal and partner in lot and scot C' par et parcenarius ad 
lottam et scottam ") and contributing to the affairs of the com- 
munity. And that no burgess of Beverley having land in an 
outlying country- township (''in villa forinsica campestri '*) 
bring or cause to be brought the cows which he holds in winter 
there for the sustenance of his family and lands to pasture in the 
same pasture in summer time, unless they are being fed for his 
larder for the maintenance of his house in Beverley. And any 
one doing so for the same to the community [i.e. pay a sum-not 
stated] .* 

* But in the Guild Book it ends "and if any one do so and thereof be convicted 
let him be punished by the order of the Twelve Keepers of the town according to 
the amount of his, (&o." 


That sheep feed in public streets. 

And that the sheep of burgesses of Beverley be fed and kept 
in the public streets and ways in and out (** introitibus et 
exitibus ") round the town as has been anciently and hitherto 
the custom. 

[Of the pasture of Swynmore.** 

Bulls and beasts of burden to be fed there, but] no entry to be 
permitted or used from Sandholme and Stork by the bridge, nor 
otherwise than by the common and ancient entry at the Stone 
Cross. [Pigs to enter as they have been accustomed.] 

Of the share of butchers' sheep in Swynemore. 

1362. /. 8, Guild Book. Also in 1362 the Keepers of the town 
with the assent of the community ordered and consented among 
them to take of each sheep found in Swynmore -beyond the due 
share, viz. 40, the first time Id. ; and if at any time any sheep be 
found in the same pasture beyond the share aforesaid, that every 
sheep pay the community every time 4d. 

1428, St. Mark's Day. By consent of the community to be for 
ever observed. 

[It is, however, cancelled and '* adnullatur " written in 
the margin.] 

Order as to beasts in Swynmore. 

1399. /. 4 Chartidary. Also it was ordered in 1399 by Nicholas 
Else, William of EoUeston, John Warkyngton, mercer and his 
fellows, Keepers of the town of Beverley, and also by others their 
predecessors and the whole community of the same town, that 
all tenants dwelling in the towns of Stork and Sandholme should 
have every year fifty beasts only pasturing in the pasture of 
Swynmore and no more. 

Disposition of the money accruing from the common averys for 
the building of a certain new hall on the Dyngs. 

1434. Tuesday 28 May a.d. 1434 in the presence of all the 
venerable persons of the whole town of B. undernamed assembled 
in Guildhall, and by the assent and consent of the same and of 
other their co-burgesses there being present, it was ordered and 
decreed that the twelve Governors of the town of Beverley for the 
time being have power during the term of three years next 
ensuing and fully completed to let the common averys for divers 
sums of money according to their discretion, and to dispose of the 
money thereby received for the building of a certain new hall to 
be made upon the Dynges. And if any burgess of the said town 

* This, as its name implies, was properly the swine pasture, but bulls for the 
larder, and beasts of burden, but not of draught, were allowed there, and 40 sheep. 


should presume to attempt anything against the said ordinance 
daring the said term he shall lose the liberty of his bnrgessship 
("burgensise'^) for the term aforesaid. Moreover it was ordered 
and agreed by the aforesaid venerable persons and by the consent 
of their counsel there on the said day and year. That if any 
burgess of Beverley should for the future be found disobedient or 
rebellious against any order made by the twelve Keepers of the 
aforesaid town for the benefit and profit of the community aforesaid, 
and should have refused that order, that then without remedy 
he should be discharged of his liberty for ever. 

[A list is given of those consenting to the above ordinance 
headed by Soger Bolleston and 57 other persons without any 
additions to their names, by the Alderman and two stewards of 
the craft of butchers, by the Alderman and two stewards and four 
others of the smiths ; by the Alderman, two stewards and five 
tanners ; one creler ; the Alderman, two stewards and five tailors; 
the Alderman, one steward and three barbers ; the Alderman, two 
stewards and ohe skinner ; the Alderman, one steward and five 
shoemakers ("corvesors") ; the Alderman, two stewards and 
six bakers ("baxteyrs") ; the Alderman and six brewers 
("brasiers") ; the Alderman, two stewards and six "wryghtys." 
See the annuling of this order in the following year, infra.'] 

Orders for Grovall. 

139!h /. 10 h. Also Richard Hamondson and two others came 
in the Guildhall of St. John of Beverley, 1391, before the 12 
keepers of the town, and took of them the soil of the land called 
Groval Dyke at a rent of 3,000 tiles called Waltyle [i.e. bricks] 
payable at Michaelmas. 

Of the animals to pasture there. 

The same year Eichard son of Nicholas of Thoren wilfully put 
his beasts on Grovalgrene to pasture there. It was resolved by 
the Keepers of the town that if thereafter his beasts be found 
there he pay without remedy 6s. Sd. ; And that for his offence 
done he serve the community for 2 days. 

Of common soil taken there. 

1407. 5. July, 1407, John Wright took a certain common soil 
at Groval between the soil of Thomas Frost and Groval Dyke at 
a rent of 1«. 6d. John Bentley took soil of the community there 
at the rent of two shillings. 

1370. Friday, St. Lucy's Day, 1370, Thomas Whyt, tiler, took 
the tilery of Aldebek from Christmas for 4 years at a rent of 
6,000 tiles a year. 

Orders of the pasture of Fegang. 
As in old register. 


Of Trespasses on the Fegang with penalty. 

Also AD. 1407, Eobert Puttok with others broke the heads of 
the gutters called dowses in the Fegang and Swynmore and 
elsewhere and threw mud from them. Therefore he placed 
himself at the mercy of the Keepers with Thomas Wayte for 
surety, and laid down 3s. 4:d, because he is poor, and 16d. was 
charitably given back to him, and he was warned not to trespass 
again under a penalty of 20s. 

Order of Westwod. 

/. 7b. Also it is ordered that no bull or sheep enter the 
pasture of Westwod to feed there, and that none of Southburton 
have any cattle in the same except demesne pigs which they have 
by ancient favour and heretofore by grace and permission. 

Action between the Prior of Wartre and the Burgesses 
of Beverley. 

1388. Friday next after the Feast of the translation of St. 
Thomas, 1388, came Thomas Eoland, Canon of the Priory of 
Wartre and Warden of the house of St. Giles in Beverley, because 
a certain dispute had arisen between the burgesses of the town 
of Beverley and the Prior of Wartre and the said Thomas his 
fellow Canon, as to certain loads of thorns yearly every week to 
be taken from the wood of Westwod for the use of the house of 
St. Giles by way of charity. And thereupon a day was assigned 
to the said Prior and Thomas his fellow Canon by consent of 
John Kelk, Stephen Coppandale, and their fellows sworn to keep 
the town aforesaid, in the year aforesaid in the hall of the Guild 
of St. John of Beverley, and meanwhile viz. on Friday aforesaid 
came the aforesaid Thomas into the hall and asked the said John 
Kelk, Stephen and their fellows that he might have his loads of 
thorns for the love of God and the sake of charity, notwithstand- 
ing that the said Prior and Thomas his fellow Canon had day to 
show their charters and muniments by which they claim the loads 
of the aforesaid thorns until Michaelmas then next, and it was 
not allowed, nor afterwards did the Prior or the said Thomas come 
on the day assigned to them. 

Licence granted to the Sisters of Kynwaldgraves there. 

1399. Also, Friday before the Feast of Ascension, 1399, Alice 
of Burton, Alice of Ferriby, and Matilda Eyell, co-sisters of 
Kynwaldgraves, came as well for themselves as for their co-sisters 
living at Kynwaldgraves, before Eichard Eyse, John Bewme, and 
their fellows. Keepers of the town of Beverley in the year aforesaid, 
and asked for licence by way of charity to have pasture for one 
bull, twelve cows and twenty pigs in Westwod this year, and had 
licence for this year only for the love of God and the sake of 
charity. And so they ought to ask licence year by year to have 
cattle there according to the quantity determined by the Keepers. 


Licence granted to the Friars Minors there. 

1356. Also, Friday before the Feast of St. Nicholas Bishop, 
A.D. 1356, came Friar John Botiler of the order of Friars Minors 
of Beverley in behalf of the convent aforesaid before the Keepers 
of the town aforesaid in the Guildhall, and asked for licence by way 
of charity to take sand in the forest of Westwod to finish their 
work, which the Keepers gave for this time only. 

Penalty for wandering pigs. 

Also it was ordered by the community that no pig be found at 
large in the roads or streets, and if there be, there shall be paid for 
it to the community for each time 2d. and to the common sergeant 
[** clienti''] ^d. for his trouble if he take any pigs ; But sows big 
C*gross8B") and having litters are exempt, and pigs which 
are going to pasture under charge of the swineherd. 

Inquisition taken for the Averys, 1407. 

[/. 10 b. Evidence taken from representatives of each baili- 
wick as to the land being common and always '* averice.''] 

Grant of land there. 

1445. St. Mark's day, 1445. Grant by Thomas Everyngham 
and the rest of the Keepers of the town to John Portington, 
junior, of all the common of the herbage of the community in 
John Portington's croft called Lady Croft, for ever. 

Ordinance for the Common Averys. 

1435. That burgesses should not place their animals there 
before the day appointed. 

Friday, 12 August, 1435, it was ordered by Thomas Wylton 
and others his fellows the twelve Governors of the town of 
Beverley with the assent of the burgesses, also of the aldermen 
asd stewards of the crafts of the town aforesaid assembled in the 
Guild Hall there. That a certain order which was lately made 
by Thomas Mayne and his fellows late Keepers of the town 
aforesaid with the consent of the co-burgesses of the town 
A.D. 1434 as to the letting of the common averys for the terms 
of three years for building a certain new hall upon the Dyngs, as 
appears in the common Register, be null and void. 

Order for Guild Beasts under Penalty. 

Also it was ordered that no burgess of the town of Beverley 
put any animals in any place or close where the said burgesses 
ought to have the common averys after hay has been made there 
before the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 
the future. 


Also it was ordered that the aforesaid burgesses put and keep 
their ** geld bestis '' in three crofts only, namely, on the north 
part of Swynmore Gate to the King's way leading from Spray 
Cross there to the town of Hulbryg. And that burgesses of 
the said town who have placed any animals in the common 
averys before this order be quit of that trespass. 

Also it was ordered that none of the said burgesses place more 
animals in the common averys after the said feast of the Nativity 
of the Blessed Mary except as he has, and has been accustomed to 
have, in the pastures of Fegang and Swynmore. 

Order that sheep do not enter the common averys. Also it 
was ordered that no burgess of the town aforesaid place any sheep 
in the common averys for the future. 

And if any of the said burgesses shall have presumed to 
attempt anything against these orders or any of them that then 
he be punished at the discretion of the twelve Keepers or 
Governors (**custodum sive gubernatorum ") of the town aforesaid 
for the time being so, often as any one of the said co-burgesses 
shall have been so convicted for the future. 

1429, 25 April,/. 16 h. Also it was ordered and decreed by the 
assent of the community the day and year abovementioned that if 
any burgess holding any close or croft in the liberty in which 
any burgesses of Beverley have or ought to have their common 
C'commonam"), in English common averis after hay or grass 
mown, gathered and carried away, and hinders any burgess of 
the community against right to have his common in this kind, or 
favour or adhere to the Lord of whom he holds against any 
burgess in any plea or action henceforth begun for such common, 
he shall without delay lose the liberty of his burgess-ship. 

II. — The Common Plays. 

Order to the Tailors ('* Cissorum ") for the expenses of the Pageant 
(** PaginfiB ") and Corpus Christi Play, with penalty. 

1377. /. 16. Also, A.D. 1377, they agreed in the Guildhall 
that all tailors of Beverley should be present at the account of 
the expenses incurred by the pageant of the play of Corpus 
Christi, and about the castle and feast on Monday in the Eoga- 
tion Days. And that every sherman who is poor and does not 
wear the livery of the brethren of this craft be contributory to 
the expenses of the castle only. And whoever has been rebellious 
in this shall pay to the use of the pavage 12^. 

Order of Corpus Christi Play, with penalty. 

1390. /. 12 b. Also it was ordered A.D. 1390 by the whole 
community that all the craftsmen (''artifices") of the town of 
Beverley viz., mercers and drapers (** tannatores") masons, 
skynners, taillours, goldsmyths, smyths, plummers, boilers, 
tornours, girdelers, cutlers, latoners, brochemakers, horners, 

723« b ■ 


sponers, sadilers, furburs, websters, walkers, coverlid weavers, 
cartwrightes, coupars, fletchers, bowers, cordwaners, baksters, 
flesshewers, fysshers, chaundelers, barburs, vynters, sadilers, 
rapers, hayrers, shipmen, glovers and werkmen, have their plays 
and pageants ("pagentes ") prepared hereafter every day in the 
Feast of Corpus Christi, in manner and form according to the 
ancient custom of the town of Beverley, to play in honour of 
Corpus Christi, under penalty of every craft making default 40s. 

Penalty aforesaid by the Smiths by reason of their Play not 
played on Corpus Christi Day. 

1392. /. 16. Because Thomas Lorymer, Robert Marshall, 
John Lorymer, near the Cukstole Pit, John Lorymer of the 
Smiths' row (** Smetherew '') and their fellows, made default on 
Corpus Christi Day, A.D. 1392, in their play, therefore it is con- 
sidered by John Kelk, Stephen Coppandale, Richard Aglyon and 
their fellows, Keepers of the town of Beverley, that they pay to 
the community of the town 40s., as was anciently ordered by the 
whole community. Thereupon Friday next after the Feast of 
St. Swithun Bishop in the year aforesaid came Thomas Lorymer 
by the Cukstole Pit, John Loksmyth, Thomas Loksmyth, as 
well for themselves as their fellows, and offered the said twelve 
Keepers 40s. which they had forfeited. And because they acted 
obediently, therefore the 408. were re-delivered, on the condition 
that if the aforesaid Thomas and his fellows defaulted in their 
play of the Ascension of the Lord on any Corpus Christi Day on 
which the other craftsmen of the town play, that then they shall 
incontinently pay to the community 40s. And to this covenant 
to be well and truly kept the said Thomas Lorymer and his 
fellows aforesaid and each of them enter into a bond with the 
said Keepers and their successors for 100s. to be paid within 
twelve days after they have defaulted in their play aforesaid. 

Order of the Play called Paradyse by the Hayrers of the town 

of Beverley. 

1391. /. 13. Also, Friday after the Feast of the Translation 
of St. William A.D. 1391 came John of Erghes, hayrer, in the 
Guildhall, before the twelve Keepers of the town of Beverley, 
and undertook for himself and his fellows of the same craft to 
play a certain play called Paradise sufficiently, viz., every year 
on the Feast of Corpus Christi when other craftsmen of the same 
town play, during the life of the said John of Erghes, at his own 
cost, willing and granting that he will pay to the community of 
the town for every default in the play aforesaid 10s., Nicholas 
Fauconer being his surety. And he also undertook to re-deliver 
to the twelve Keepers of the town for the time being, at the end 
of his life, all necessaries which he has belonging to the said play 
under penalty of 20s., viz., one car ("karre"), eight hasps 
C'hespis"), eighteen staples C*stapils"), two visors C*visers"), two 
angels' wings ("winges angeli'')> one pine pole C'fir sparr")> one 
serpent C* worme''), two pairs of linen boots, two pairs of shirts, 
one sword. 


Order of Corpus Christi Play to be played for ever. 

1411. /, 12 b. Also, 3rd April 1411, to the praise and honour 
of God and the Body of Christ, and the peaceful union of the 
worthier and the lesser commons of the town of Beverley, 
moderate dealing was held with William RoUeston, merchant, 
Nicholas of Ryse, Adam Tirwitt, John of Holme, William Wilton, 
Adam Barker, and other reverend persons of the worthier sort not 
having liveries yearly like others of the rest of the crafts, and not 
taking part in plays otherwise, that the said worthies, though 
they had not before done so, should on Corpus Christi day erect a 
pageant, and support it at their own cost, and cause a play to be 
played honourably and fittingly. Whereupon the aforesaid 
worthies for themselves and others of the worthier sort, so far as 
in them lay, submitted themselves to the award and judgment of 
Richard Aglyon, Thomas Coppandale, senior, William Dalton, 
William Melburn and their fellows, the twelve Keepers of the town 
of Beverley, which twelve Keepers rendered their judgment in this 
form : That the aforesaid worthies toward the Feast of Corpus 
Christi next following the present year should, by means of four 
of them and under the supervision of the twelve Keepers of the 
community for the time being, at their own cost and charges cause 
to be made an honest and honourable pageant, and an honest 
play to be played in the same, under penalty of 40s. to be levied 
from the same ]jrorthies to the use of the community aforesaid. 

And further, that the honour of God and the honesty of the 
town might be the more devoutly and honestly exalted, many 
aldermen and stewards of the crafts of Beverley, viz. mercers, 
clothmakers, tanners, weavers, shermen, .... watermen, 
dyers, fullers, saddlers, bakers, butchers, smiths, skinners, and 
others, for themselves and their crafts and the whole community 
as far as in them lay, submitted themselves to the award of the 
aforesaid twelve Keepers, as well for the erection of castles as for 
the maintenance of the Corpus Christi Play. Wherefore the 
aforesaid Keepers gave their award thus : That all and smgular 
of the crafts who were wont to have and erect wooden castles to 
the honour of God and St. John of Beverley, or in future should 
have them hereafter for ever, should erect and ornament their 
castles every year in accustomed fashion under penalty of 6s. 8(1. 
to be levied from every craft thus making default. And that 
every year for ever they should play the pageant of the play of 
Corpus Christi which they were accustomed to play, and which 
should be assigned to them by the sworn Governors of the town, 
when they shall receive reasonable notice from the twelve 
Keepers of the town. And that the aforesaid worthies of the town 
in form above declared shall yearly for ever cause to be played 
the play in their pageant under penalty of 40s. to be levied as 
well from the worthier as the lesser members of the community 
omitting it. And if any particular person, whether of the worthier 
or the lesser, shall have refused to play or cause to be played, he 
shall pay to the use of the community 3s. 4cZ. and his share of 
the 40s. if such shall have been forfeited in common by any craft 
or pageant. 


Grovemance for the procession on Corpus Christi Day. 

14B0. /. 12 b. A dispute having arisen between the Aldermen 
and stewards of divers crafts on the carrying of their tapers or 
torches yearly before this time in the venerable procession of the 
Feast of Corpus Christi, Therefore by the assent and consent of 
all the Aldei-men and stewards of all the crafts underwritten and 
of others assembled together in the Guildhall in the time of 
Thomas Mayne and his fellows, the 12 Keepers or governors of 
the town, 19 March A.D. 1430 and 9 Henry VI., it was ordered 
and decreed to be perpetually observed that in every year for the 
future on Corpus Christi Day the stewards of each craft under- 
written shall pass with their lights in the said procession according 
to the form underwritten in their order, and no other of the 
same craft with him, under the penalty hereinafter specified ; But 
yearly in the future, with their x\lderman, have, hold and govern 
themselves after the most sacred Body of Christ honestly and 
honourably at the beginning of the solemn feast aforewritten. 

And any of the crafts underwritten found rebellious against this 
order shall forfeit to the use of the community aforesaid 40«. 
without any pardon. 

Next to the clergy C*clerum") of the Gild of Corpus Christi, the 
Gild of the Blessed Mary, the Gild of St. Jolm of Beverley, 
Merchants, Cloth Workers, Butchers, Bakers, Carpenters, Smiths, 
Tailors, Skinners, Tanners, Weavers, Sheremen1('*Schermanni")> 
Fullers, Sailors, Barbers, Glovers ("Serotecarii"), Coopers, 
Fishers, Tilers, the Gild of St. Elen, the Gild of Pater Noster, 
the Gild of St. John Baptist, the gild of St. John in May, and the 
Gild of St. Peter Melon {sic). 

1436, 25 April. /. 19. It was ordered by the assent of the 
whole community that every Alderman and Steward of any 
craft or rank should be prepared to play with their pageants 
on Corpus Christi Day 1437 on pain of forfeiture of 40«, 

1457. /. 13. Memorandum that on Monday, St. Mark's day, 
35 Henry VI., the common burgesses of the town of Beverley in their 
Gild Hall assembled petition the venerable Keepers or governors 
of the said town to have their plays yearly on Corpus Christi day 
as they were accustomed to have, and cause them to be played, 
under the penalty specified above in the order for the play. 

1498. /. 26. '' Allso itt is ordande and statute by the forsayde 
xij Governors, by assent and consent of the forsayde other two 
bynks (benches), and allso by assent and consent of all the 
Aldermen and ther bredyr that be in castell and clothyng 
{i.e. livery), that the forsayde xij for tyme beyng shall go yerly in 
processyon on Corpus Christi day, or on the morue after, as itt 
shall happyn, afore all the Aldermen ; And evere man of the other 
two bynks to go with there Alderman of ther occupacyon in thar 
clothyng belongyng to thar brodyrhed. And yi ther be any 
broder of any of the forsayde crafts that be founde rebeU 
hereagayne, shall forfett to the commonte xx** withowte any 


The Order of the processyon on Corpus Christi Day. 

In primis the xij Governers. 

Item, Alderman of Merchants 

Item, Alderman of Wevers 
,, Walkers 

,, Glovers 

,, Bowers 

,, Cowpersand 

,, Wattermen 

,, Potters 

,, Barbors 

,, Cappers and 


III. — Orders Eespecting Trades. 

Order of the carriage of porters, with penalty. 

1374. Also it is ordained by the Keepers of the town of 
Beverley in the year of the Lord aforesaid, and to this all the 
porters who then commonly use that art in Beverley consented, 
that each of them should take for one horse load to the Minster 
and Eastgate Jd., and to the Crossbridge C* Crossbig '') frf., and 
beyond the Crossbridge to North bar Id., and to Keldegate frf., 
to Lathegate Id. 

And it was ordained by the said Keepers of the town aforesaid 
A.D. 1377 that if any of the porters or crelemen should take for 
his labour in carrying otherwise than as above ordained that he 
pay each time he offends to the use of the community AQd. [see 
more beloiv under the head of Porters.] 

Penalty for placing jflax C'lini") in the common ditches. 

[The word is undoubtedly * lini,' but it evidently ought to be 
* limi/ and it has therefore been so translated.] 

Also, 10 July A.D. 1869 divers men and women of Stork and 
Sandholme came to the Guildhall impeached and convicted of 
placing filth in the common ditch there. They asked pardon 
subject to the condition that if hereafter they shall be found 
offending in the premises they should pay to the community 40rf. 

Also, on the said day and year, many dwellers in the Kelde- 
gate and Lathegate present in the Guildhall were impeached and 
convicted of placing filth in the common ditches, and prayed 
pardon on the condition aforesaid, paying, &c. 


Of the carriage of bread out of the town, with penalty. 

f.5.b. Chartulary. Be it remembered that it was found that John 
H. carried his bread to Hull when the town of Beverley was not 
oversupplied with bread for sale Therefore it was ordered by 
the Keepers of the town of Beverley and with the full assent of the 
aforesaid John that if the said John should send bread for sale to 
any place outside the town of Beverley if the town of Beverley 
was not fully supplied (*'suflfulta et repleta") with bread for sale, 
then the same John shall without remedy pay to the community 
6«. S(L for every time that he shall have been found guilty of 
such an offence. 

Order against snarlars {sic) and hawkers. 

1398, Gild Book,/. 15. Cltai-tulary , f. 5. It was presented in 
the Archbishop's Court by the twelve Keepers of the town of 
Beverley A.D. 1398 that there are several foreign peddlers ("mer- 
cenarii ") called snarlers and hankers wandering through the streets 
of the town, who often have bought divers chattels and jewels stolen 
in the town, to the grave loss and deception of the common people : 
And on this it is ordered by the Court and community of the 
town that no such peddler, alien or denizen ("alienigena nee 
indigena") shall thenceforth wander within the liberty for the 
purpose of selling or buying such goods, but shall have 
stalls in the Lord's open market at the time of selling their 
chattels, and not elsewhere, under pain of imprisonment and the 
loss of 6«. Sd. as often as any of them shall have been caught. 

Order for sale of things saleable at the Beck (** Torrentem "), 

with penalty. 

1405. Likewise 16 January A.D. 1405 it was provided, and on 
the Feast of St. Mary then next by the whole community 
decreed, that no burgess or stranger who carries and brings 
faggots, astilwode, coals, or other like fuel, or salt, to the Beck of 
Beverley to sell, shall sell to any one any of the goods aforesaid or 
the like before they be priced by two of the twelve Keepers, under 
penalty of the loss of 3^. 4J. to the use of the community as 
often as they shall have been convicted of the same. And that 
no burgess or other inhabitant of Beverley shall buy any of the 
goods aforesaid before they have been priced, under the penalty 
aforesaid, nor forestall them or buy in gross to resell by way of 
regrating {'' in regratea ") before the commons shall have been 
served, under the penalty above mentioned ; Nor buy on the 
Beck in fraud of the community saying that he buys elsewhere 
outside the liberty. 

Order of the Butchers' Market. 

1365. /. 11. Also it was ordered, A.D. 1365, by Eichard 
Holme and the other Keepers that no market for sale of meat be 
held elsewhere in Beverley except in the Butchers' market and 
Barlyholme, market days only excepted. 


Of meat kept and sold out of season. 

Also that if any butcher sell or offer for sale meat over seeded (?) 
(** superseminatas ")> or kept unseasonably, or which died of 
murrain, or carrion, that every time any of them be properly 
convicted on any of the charges or offences aforesaid he pay 
without remedy 6s. 8d. 

Of blood or other corrupt matter put in streets. 

Also that if any butcher or their servants put scarne (sic), blood, 
or other corrupt matter in the high streets or Walkerbek, or any 
other places except those assigned by the community, that every- 
one so offending pay to the community AOd. 

Of keeping Butchers' dogs. 

1877. Also owing to divers quarrels arising from butchers' 
dogs, ordered A.D. 1377, by the Keepers that if any butcher's 
dog be found in the road without any keeper, or bite anyone or 
the pig or dog of any stranger, the owner of the dog so offending 
pay 40d. 

Of the sale of meat. 

1370, Also it was proclaimed in the Lord Archbishop's Court 
on the Feast of St. Mary Magdalen, 1370, that every butcher sell 
all dead meat in his own shop, and not send it to another 
butcher to sell, on pain of forfeiture of 40rf. 

Also that every butcher sell his meat within 4 days of time of 
killing or on the fourth day salt it, under the penalty aforesaid. 

Of the Butchers' and Bakers' Market. 

Also that the town butchers stand at one end of the Lord's 
market to be chosen by them, and that the outside butchers stand 
at the other end, so that the bakers be between them on market 
day, and the butchers do not enter together and at the same time. 

Order of the Shoemakers' (** Sutorum ") Market. 

1364. /. 11 6. Also it was ordered and agreed by the whole 
community of the town of Beverley and the counsel and bailiff of 
the Lord Archbishop of York A.D. 1364, that all shoemakers of the 
town and also strangers of that craft shall henceforth use stalls 
in the market assigned for that purpose called the Shomarket, as 
they used anciently to have them there on Market days and Fairs 
and in no other place in the same town. 

Of chains remaining. 

1391. Also be it remembered that John Trippok, Thomas 
Yole and their fellows, Keepers of the town of Beverley, A.D. 1391 
Thursday before Pentecost in the year aforesaid, delivered to John 


of Holme, Adam Barker, John Carleton and his fellows, Keepers 
of the town aforesaid first, a chain at the Bek containing 52 
links, a chain in Flemyngate having 50 links, a chain at North 
bar containing 44 links, and two chains lying in the Guildhall, 
viz., one containing 36 links and the other 26 links. 

Of the Shoemakers' Market C toro''). 

1364. Also it was ordered A.D. 1364 that no shoemaker 
dwelling within the town of Beverley sell shoes in the time of 
fairs or other market days anywhere outside his house, except in 
the Market Place, where it was ordered anciently as above, under 
penalty of 6s. 8d, to be paid to the community for each offence. 
And all cobblers (** allutarii ") consented accordingly that if any of 
the brethren infringed any order contained in their Domesday Roll, 
he should incur the penalty aforesaid to be paid in like 
manner. Also, 1375, it was ordered and agreed by the cobblers of 
the town of Beverley that none of the Gild of the Cobblers of 
Beverley be clothed anew in any other clothes except of the suit 
of his co-brethren on the day in which they assembled in their 
castle against the coming of Blessed John of Beverley under 
penalty of 20d. to be paid to the light of the aforesaid Gild, and 
20rf. to the community of Beverley. 

IV. Gild Ordinances. 
Butchers (^'Bochers") * (Latin). 
1365. Gild Book. f. 58. Orders and ancient constitutions of the 
craft of butchers (**artis carnificum") in use (**usitat8B") from 
A.D. 1365, together with constitutions ordained anew to the 
praise of God and honour (**honestatem") of the whole craft A.D. 
1416, by the consent of the whole craft, and by the licence, 
permission and will of the 12 Governors of the town of Beverley 
confirmed C'afiBrmantur") and granted to be registered, as 
below described. 

(i.) Inprimis that every year for ever a solemn mass be sung 
on Mondays before the beginning of Lent (* 'diebus lunsB Camiprivii") 
at the Friars Minor for the souls of the brethren and sisters 
of the craft aforesaid, at their common cost, and that it be 
ordered by the Alderman and stewards of the same, as hath 
been anciently accustomed. 

(ii.) And that they have among them an Alderman and two 
stewards to be chosen yearly from among them on Sunday next 
after the feast of Corpus Christi to govern the craft aforesaid for 
a whole year. And whoever shall refuse the office of Alderman 
when elected shall pay a stone of wax to the use C'opus") of the 
said craft. In like wise whoever shall refuse the office of Steward 
shall pay half a stone of wax, without any pardon. 

* An English version made in 1510 which follows on/. 44 h, of the same book 
is here appended to this abstract, at p. 76, to show the variations. 


(iii.) Moreover they shall have amongst them as many meetings 
C*congregationes'0 a year as shall be necessary or useful for the 
good and honour of the craft, at the discretion and order of the 
Alderman and stewards. And everyone summoned to any 
meeting the night before and not coming shall pay lib. of wax, 
unless he can reasonably excuse himself to the Alderman and 
stewards. And if he shall go into the country (**patriam") 
without leave obtained from the officers (**officiariis'') he shall pay 
to the use of the craft 21b. wax. And if he have leave to go into 
the country to a certain place and shall fraudulently go to another 
place he shall pay 21b. of wax without delay, as they used to do 
from old time. 

(iv.) And anyone who shall dishonourably abuse C* repro- 
baverit inhoneste'*) his Alderman elected as aforesaid in his 
office shall pay to the use of the community [this word is inserted 
in a different hand] and the craft 40cZ. without remedy or pardon. 
And anyone who shall abuse his steward 20rf. in form aforesaid ; 
to be levied by distress as anciently accustomed. 

(v.) It is also decreed and determined (** statutum et ordi- 
natum") that if any discord, quarrel, insult (** contumelia ") or 
dissension shall have arisen between the brethren of the craft, 
then he who shall have expressed or felt himself aggrieved shall 
declare his loss or grievance with evidence (" evidenter ") to the 
Alderman and stand to his governance in law {'' recto ") before 
he complain elsewhere. And if he shall have held himself other- 
wise, he shall pay to the use of the community and crafts 3s. 4d., 
as was from old times decreed and hitherto finally agreed. 

(vi.) In the beginning moreover of any brother of the craft 
newly entering, he so entering shall pay his entrance fee [viz. 
20d. in hand, and for the rest shall make a tally and seal it, and 
have a day (for payment) at the free will of the Alderman, as 
has been ordered from of old] . (The part in brackets is cancelled, 
and instead is written, '^yearly to the community and his craft, 
until he shall be a Burgess, 2s.") 

(vii.) And everyone of the craft aforesaid who has been 
clothed in the livery (** secta ") of the brethren for Eogation 
days, and has given away, sold or alienated his livery (** liber- 
atam "), within 2 years, shall pay to the use of the craft afore- 
said 12d. And he shall use his clothing (**vestura ") at the 
principal feasts during his first year, and not on others, as was 
anciently decreed. 

(viii.) 1416. And now at Easter, 1416, John Spenser, 
Alderman, it is unanimously ordered and decreed that no one of 
the said craft shall kill any meat for sale on any Sunday 
between Easter and S. Peter ad Vincula (1 Aug.) in any 
year for the future, unless some chief Lord of the King shall 
have come suddenly to the town and want victuals ; on pain of 40d. 
to the maintenance of the burdens of the craft and 20d. to the use 
of the community of the town of Beverley, as often as he shall 
be convicted. And that none of the same craft shall sell or 


cause to be sold flesh for sale in the open windows of their shops, 
nor allow the same windows to be or to stand open for sale from 
the ninth hour of the clock striking to the 12th striking, on any 
Sunday between the feasts aforesaid on pain of the aforesaid 
penalty. It is lawful for them however between the feasts of St. 
Peter ad Vincula and S. Michael every year to kill and sell 
meat and make their profit as well on Sundays as other days, as 
they have anciently been accustomed to do. And between the 
feast of S. Michael and Carniprivium they shall shut and keep 
shut their shop windows without selling flesh in them on Sundays 
from 10th to 12th hour under the penalty aforesaid. Nor shall 
they kill meat on Sundays in the meantime on the pain 

(ix.) Moreover it was ordered and decreed in time of William 
Sleforth, Eobert Toffts, John Wellis, Eichard Dawson, Stephen 
Gildehouse, John Clark, John Barton, and their fellows the 12 
Keepers or Governors of the community of the town of Beverley, 
on the petition of John Wod, Alderman of the craft of Butchers 
of the town aforesaid, Eichard Kittson and Eichard Shirburn, 
stewards of the same craft, and the greater and wiser part of the 
craft aforesaid, that every brother summoned on the night before 
by the power of the Alderman to come to any meeting for the 
good of the said craft in any fit place to be fixed by the said 
Alderman and at a time to be named, who does not come, shall 
forfeit to the said craft each time 6d. or 1 lb. of wax at the choice 
of the Alderman of the said craft for the time being, unless he 
have a reasonable excuse known to and approved by the said 

(x.) Also, that every brother of the craft aforesaid who 
buys any flesh living or dead of any foreigner, coming to market, 
or being in the market, shall forfeit 6s. 8d. so often as it shall be 
proved, viz., half to the Guild Hall of Beverley and the other half 
to the craft aforesaid equally, to be paid without delay. 

(xi.) Also, that every brother of the craft aforesaid who unlaw- 
fully and dishonourably abuses or blames any brother of the 
craft by any words through which the said brother incurs loss or 
grievance, or by any other words tending to the dishonour (" in 
sonum dishonestacionis ") of his said brother, or shall commit an 
assault on his said brother (** affraiamfecerit") or shall unlawfully 
and dishonourably quarrel with the same, if this shall be law- 
fully proved by the greater and wiser part of the craft aforesaid, 
shall forfeit to the Guild Hall and craft aforesaid for each offence 
6«. 8d. to be paid in equal portions, without any pardon. 

(xii.) Also, that every brother of the craft aforesaid 
who keeps shop, as a master, in the town of Beverley aforesaid 
and is able to be a burgess and will not be a burgess, if the 
same brother is able to be a burgess according to the discretion 
of the 12 Keepers of the town aforesaid for the time being, shall 
pay yearly to the use of the community aforesaid for the common 
expenses of the craft aforesaid 68. 8d., to be equally divided, etc. 


And if the same brother, according to the discretion of the 12 
Keepers of the town aforesaid for the time being, is not found to 
be able to be a burgess, that then he shall pay yearly to the 
common expenses of the craft aforesaid 12rf., until he is made a 

(xiii.) Moreover it is ordered by the 12 Keepers or governors 
of the community aforesaid, with the consent and assent of the 
said Alderman and stewards, that whenever the Alderman or his 
successors, Aldermen of the said craft, punish or correct a brother 
for any transgression whence a penalty arises, that then the 
Alderman shall at once present the default to the said community 
in the Guild Hall aforesaid without concealment ; or if not, shall 
forfeit to the said community every time 3s. 4rf., to be paid with- 
out delay. 

(xiv.) And moreover it is ordered that every butcher aforesaid 
who is grithman (sanctuary man), and is not able to be a burgess, 
though willing to be, shall pay yearly as long as he follows 
C* occupaverit ") the same craft for the common expenses of the 
craft aforesaid to the Alderman, 12d., to be paid without delay. 

(xv.) 1469. It was ordered and decreed by John Pierson 
(etc.) A.D. 1469, on the petition of John Danby, bocher, Alderman 
of the craft of butchers at Beverley, all the brethren consenting 
to it, that in the beginning of any brother of the craft aforesaid 
entering the same craft and newly following it, that he so entering 
the said craft shall pay to the hands of the Alderman in whose 
time he entered the said craft, 3s. 4rf., and lib. of wax for the 
maintenance of the light of the said craft. 

(xvi.) And that every servant of the said craft, Anglice, a 
Journejntnan, shall pay yearly to the hands of the Alderman of 
the said craft for the time being towards Eogation Monday, 3d., 
or his master shall pay it out of his wages. 

(xvii.) 1490. It is moreover ordered and decreed 19 Novem- 
ber, 1490, by AdamNewcombe, etc., on the petition of Thomas 
Bowmer, Alderman, etc. of the craft aforesaid, that the searchers 
of the said craft shall search all foreign butchers coming to 
market with any flesh to sell : and if the said searchers shall 
find any flesh tainted, or carrion, they shall present the said 
flesh before the 12 Keepers for the time being, and the said 
searchers shall have for every defect so found and reported to 
the said 12 Keepers 4rf. paid by the said delinquent who makes 
the transgression. 

(xviii.) 1497. Moreover it is ordered by Thomas Frost [etc.^ 
on the petition and supplication of John Wattkyn, Alderman of 
the said craft of Butchers, John Hayles and George Bewshyr 
stewards, and by the consent and assent of the greater and wiser 
part of the said craft, that whatever brother of the said craft 
fraudulently without showing the same to his Alderman or 
brethren goes or shall go out of the town and country to the 


deception of the people of the lord King shall be expelled and 
for ever disburthened of the said brotherhood and clothing ; and 
if the said brother return to the said town to dwell he shall never 
be received for a brother of the said craft nor in clothing, but 
only as a contributory. 

(xix.) 1494. /. 60 b. It was also ordered and decreed, A.D. 
1494, by John Seglystome [efc], by the consent and assent of 
John Steynson, Alderman, Edward Settryngton and Edward 
Hogg, stewards, and all their brethren, that the said Butchers 
shall hold their election of Alderman on Sunday next after 
Corpus Christi Day, as has been anciently accustomed. And 
this election shall be kept of five of their brethren who have been 
and the one who is Alderman, till one of them shall be discharged 
by the hand of God, as in the form underwritten, viz. — 

The Alderman who has served for the year shall put on election 
two of the senior five brethren aforesaid, and from them the said 
brethren shall elect one to be Alderman for the year following ; 
and so yearly continuing tiU one of the said five brethren dies 
or is discharged C* disoneratur,") and then they shall keep the 
election of the number four ; and when one of those aforesaid 
four brethren dies or is discharged, then the brethren aforesaid 
shall elect among themselves another discreet man and able, who 
has been a searcher of the craft, and no one else, on pain of 
forfeiture to the community and craft aforesaid of 13s. 4d., to 
be equally divided between them. And any of the brethren who 
now are or shall be found rebellious to this order, and will not 
keep it, shall forfeit to the community of the town of Beverley 
40s. without any pardon, so often as he shall be found guilty 

(xx.) 1501. /. 60 b. (English,) It is ordained and statute 
in the year of our Lord God 1501 by Eoger Hethe [etc.'] , that every 
butcher shall be at his liberty to buy stuff where and of whom he 
will, and to kill stuff mickle or little according as he shall think 
for his most profit, without any stint, and whosoever be founden 
contrarious and gainstanding to this ordinance he shall forfeit to 
the commonalty of Beverley 20s. without any pardon, &c. 

\_The later English version follows^] 


/. 44. [From 1365.] Ordynaunces and olde customes of the 
facultie of Bocheours within the Towne of Beverley from the yere 
of our Lord 1365, used to the praise \lovange'] of Almyghtie Gode 
and honestie of the said facultie unto nowe (1510), and by 
consent of the same facultie and license and gudwill of the xii 
Governors of Beverley aforesaid, to be affirmed and regestred for 


(i.) First, that the Alderman and his stewards of the said 
craft yearly for ever, shall cause a mass (** messe ") to be songen 
at one of the places of the Friars within Beverley aforesaid, at 
the pleasure of the Alderman of the said craft, upon Monday next 
after Corpus Christi Day, for all the souls of brether and 
sisters of the said faculty at their own common expenses. 

(ii.) Also, it is ordered by the said Governors that the said 
Butchers shall take four of the most ancient men of the said craft to 
elect their Alderman yearly, the Sunday next after the feast of 
Corpus Christi, to govern the said faculty by one whole year, and 
he so elect refusing the office shall forfeit unto the said Gover- 
nor and faculty 6s. Sd. equally to be divided, without any 

(iii.) Also, the said Brether shall assign four of the same sort 
[to] be of election [of] stewards, of whom two shall be chosen 
stewards by the said brether. And they so elect refusing their 
office shall forfeit Qs. 4d. in form aforesaid, to be divided, without 
any pardon. 

(iv.) Also, in like manner as the said Alderman is elect, the 
Searchers of the said faculty shall be elect, and they so elect re- 
fusing their office shall forfeit 6s. Sd., in form aforesaid, to be 

(v.) Also, it is statute and ordained by the said Governors 
and brether of the said faculty, except the two persons afore 
except, [that] the Alderman of the said occupation shall have rule 
and correction as well of the contributors and journeymen of the 
same craft within the said town as of brether of the same, and 
that they shall be obedient to the said Alderman in all lawful 
commandments, [and if they shall be disobedient] when soever 
they shall be summoned by the stewards of the same faculty or 
by any Bedill by them assigned, their office doing, in any lawful 
commandment [ap] proved lawful of the said Alderman and four 
of his brether, shall forfeit to the said Governors and faculty 
6s. Sd. equally to be divided as ofttimes as any of them shall be 
found defective. 

(vi.) Also, it is ordered by the said Governors that the 
Searchers of the said faculty shall search all foreign ('* forencez ") 
and within the said town Butchers, bringing to the market within 
the said town any manner of flesh to sell ; the which by the said 
Searchers found foul and not able, they to present the said flesh 
to the foresaid Governors, and the said Searchers shall have for 
every fault so found and showed upon the trespass Ad, ; and if 
there be any person of the said craft within the said town, or 
without, that will not obey the Searchers of the same, doing their 
office, they so disobeying the said Searchers shall forfeit 3s. 4rf. in 
form aforesaid, to be divided, without any pardon. 

(vii.) Also, it is ordered that every Butcher being a foreigner, 
coming over four market days with any manner of flesh to sell 
within the said market, shall pay to the said faculty yearly 4rf. 


(viii.) And it is ordained by the said Governors that he the 
which slew (** slooe ") any manner of flesh to sell from the 
Saturday at even to Monday at 9 shall forfeit 2«. to the said 
Governor and Alderman, equally to be divided, fair-time except 
and the coming of a great man. 

(ix.) Also, it is ordained by the said Governor that if any of 
the said brether buy any manner of cattle of flesh of any 
foreigner coming to the said market of the market day he shall 
forfeit Qs. 4rf. to the said Governors and Alderman, equally to be 

(x.) Also, it is ordained by the said Governors that every 
Governor [brother ?] coming new unto the said craft at his entry 
shall pay to the Alderman 3s., and every Sanctuary man at his 
entry 12d. and so yearly after, 12rf., And every apprentice at his 
entry 2s., And every journeyman to pay unto the said Alderman 
yearly upon Cross Monday in the castle [i.e. the wooden castle 
erected by the craft that day, from which to view the procession] 
6rf. And every contributor shall pay yearly to the said Alderman 2s. 

(xi.) Also, it is ordained [_etc,'] that if any brother of the 
said craft be summoned over night by commandment of his 
Alderman to come to any congregation or **geddering" for the 
weal of the said craft, at the hour and place to him assigned 
by the said Alderman or his stewards, and come not, he shall 
forfeit to the said craft every time so failing 6d. 

(xii.) Also [etc.'] that any brother of the said faculty, the 
which goes out of the said town and country without knowledge 
making to the Alderman and brethren pf the same faculty, in 
deception of the King's people, shall be discharged for ever of 
the brotherhood and clothing, and never after to be taken but 
as a contributor. 

(xiii.) Also, it is statute that if there be any person of the 
said craft that by the Alderman of the same and his brether be 
found able to be Burgess, and will not be so presented able to 
the said Governors, he shall forfeit yearly, unto the time he 
make him Burgess, to the said Governors and Alderman 4s. 
equally to be divided, for his contribution. 

(xiv.) Also it is ordained and decreed in the year of our 
Lord 1510, by Stephan Gaits [etc,'] Governors [_etc.'], that the, 
Butchers of the same shall kill no manner of beast without the 
shops, nor hang no beast to sell without the same having the 
skin upon him, upon the pain of 3s. 4rf. Nor the said butchers 
shall wash the offal of their beasts in Walkerbeck within the 
said town, except they be **temed" nor cast any manner 
of offal as blood, horns, bones, guts, in the street upon a like 
pain. And the said butchers shall kill no bull unbaited, nor cast 
at the Bars belonging to the said town blood unburied, upon a 
like pain. And all the foresaid penalties to be forfeit to the said 
Governors and Alderman for the time being, equally to be divided. 


(xv.) Also, it is ordained by the said Governors [that] if there 
be any butcher, within the said town or without, that kills any pork 
from May Day to Michaelmas in any year hereafter ensuing, and 
brings the same to the market to sell, he shall forfeit 2s., in 
form aforesaid to be divided. 

[^This is crossed oitt,~\ 

f. 44. 1554. (xvi.) Also it is statute and ordained in 
the year of our Lord God 1554, by Launcelot Alford, esquyer [etc.'] , 
Governors, at the instance and desire of the Alderman of the 
Butchers and his brethren of the same occupation, that every man 
of the said occupation shall be obedient to all the lawful 
commandments of the Alderman by the stewards for the time 
being, upon pain of forfeiture of 6s. Sd. for every default. 

(xvii.) Also [etc.'] that if any man of the said craft do rebuke 
the Alderman with opprobrious and unseeming words in doing 
his office lawfuUly, he shall forfeit for every time 6s. Sd., to be 
divided [tit supra] . 

(xviii.) And it is likewise ordained that if any man of the said 
craft do rebuke the stewards or searchers in doing their offices 
lawfully [he] shall forfeit 3s. 6d. [&c.] 

(xix.) Also, it is ordained by the said Governors that the 
searchers any day in the week shall search for corrupt victual in 
any shop within the town, and who that interrupts or lets the 
said searchers so doing shall forfeit for every time 8s. 4rf. [etc.] 

(xx.) Also [etc.] that if any of the said craft do ride forth on 
the Sunday to buy any victual except it be on common fair day, 
he shall forfeit for every time 6s. 8^. [&c.] 

(xxi.) Also [etc.] that if any of the said company do not spar 
in their windows every Sunday at nine (**neen") of the clock 
afore noon he shall forfeit for every time 8s. 4rf. [&c.] 

Merchant Gild. 

Ordinationes Gildae Mercatoriae Beverlaei. 

(Abstract translated.) 

f. 72 h. 1446, 18 May. The ordinances and statutes (** con- 
stitutiones ") of the brotherhood of the Merchant Gild (*' Gilda 
Mercatoria ") of Beverley were exhibited in the Gild Hall of 
Beverley, and diligently inspected by Edmund Portyngton, 
Nicholas Brompton, Thomas Wayte, littester. Master William 
Hardyng, John Skipwith, Robert Jakson, William Trentham, 
W^illiam Penycoke, Richard Halytreholm, John Newton, and 
their fellows, Governors [etc.] 15 May, 1446, and because they 
found in them certain difficulties to their consciences or reason 
they ordered the underwritten ordinances to be registered and 
observed for ever in the following form, at the petition of Roger 
Cokirham, Alderman, Richard Coryn and John Middilton, 


stewards, of the brotherhood of the Gild aforesaid, also with the 
assent and consent of William Spencer, Thomas Skipwith, 
Thomas Whyte, Walter Barbone, Eichard Pattyngton, John 
Bawm, John Conlon, Edward Brakynburgh and their fellows, 
brethren of the Gild aforesaid : — 

Inprimis : Every one newly setting up shop as a master in the 
craft C*arte") or faculty of Merchants, Mercers and Drapers 
C^Pannariorum") known as an apprentice of the craft, shall pay 
yearly to the common expenses of castle, Ught and other 
charges C'onerum'') 3s. Ad. until he shall be of the livery or 
clothing of the Gild. If he has not been an apprentice and is 
not a brother he is to pay 5s. Penalty for non-observance, 6«. 8d. 
to the community and 6s. 8d. for the expenses of light, castle and 
pageants C'pagendarum") of the craft, to be levied by distress by 
the Stewards of the craft, or if refused to them, by the Common 

1492. 4 April. The same formula is entered as to constitutions 
of the Gild of ** Merchaunts, Mercers and Drapers." Every draper 
belonging to the brotherhood and livery of the said Gild may 
fit, sew, and make gaiters C'caligas'') in his shop and have a boy 
or apprentice to keep his shop, without contributing to the Shear- 
mens' Gild : but if he make any other articles of clothing 
except gaiters he must contribute to that Gild. 

Any one living in Beverley who frequents Fairs and Markets to 
buy clothes to resell and retail in Beverley to pay contribution to 
the Gild as abovesaid. 

/. 82 b, 1494. (Latin.) Ordinances and institutions of the 
Brotherhood of the Merchants and Mercers of the town of 
Beverley newly made by Adam Newcombe [etc.], Governors, 
22 May 1494 on the petition of John Seglystorne, Alderman of 
the Gild, and with consent of Robert Whyte and ten others {named), 

The brethren shall find a light from old time founded and 
accustomed (**usitatum") in honour of the Holy Trinity in the 
charnel (** carmelo,'' a mistake for **carnello") in the chapel of 
B.V.M. They also made ordinances for the good governance of 
the same, and the maintenance of the honour of the castle of 
Merchants and Mercers, yearly set up in honour of God and the 
glorious confessor St. John of Beverley. 

Any one absent from the election of Alderman on Sunday after 
Ascension Day, or at any Prime Gild (** gildam primam '') or 
any meeting duly summoned, to pay 1 lb. of wax. 

Any brother or sister dying in Beverley can have the light and 
decoration of it C* lucem et decus ejusdam") on payment of lib. 
of wax. 

And any one dying a pauper to be buried at expense of the 


Every one elected justly for the honour and good governance 
of the craft and castle, and not in mere derision, elected 
Alderman and refusing to serve, to pay 6s. 8d. to use of 
community, light and castle. 

Every brother newly liveried in honour of St. John of Beverley 
to keep his livery 8 years, using it on Feast Days, and if he 
alienate it before that time to pay 2s. to the community, and 2s. 
to the light and castle. 

Every brother outside the castle on Monday in Eogation Week 
after prime, or the same day or afternoon not riding with the 
brethren, if in health and able to ride, shall pay 3s. 4rf. 

Every brother to have a new livery when the rest do, if able ; 
and any one refusing, through pride or envy, to be liveried, to pay 
3s. 4rf. to Gild Hall, and 3s. M. to the castle. 

Any one absent from the Prime Gild, or disputing the election 
of Alderman or Stewards after the majority have decided, to pay 
20d. to the Gild Hall and 20rf. to light and castle. 

Penalties for quarrelling, slander, &c. 

If Alderman and Stewards or th^ Brethren make new 
Ordinances without consent of the Keepers of the town they 
shall pay 6s. 8d.y half to town, and half to light and castle. 

Election of two Searchers C* supervisores vocati Seyrcheours ") 
to be elected to test all measures of weight and ells. 

Accounts to be rendered yearly on Sunday after Translation of 
S. Thomas the Martyr. Any brother absent to pay Is. '' to the 
ornament of the light and maintenance of the eastle." 

Every newly elected brother to humbly give security of his 
faith to the Alderman to obey the statutes of the Gild. Entrance 
fee 6s. 8d. 

Every merchant or mercer being a brother but not a burgess 
to pay 4s. 8d. yearly ; and if a burgess but not a brother 2s. Ad. 

f. 83. 1502. English. Ordained by Roger Kelk, Robert 
Whyte, &c. Governors, at the petition of Robert Whyte, Alderman 
of the Marchands and his **breder " (13 named), that the Alderman 
for the year shall pay the Trinity Priest, for the year that he 
occupieth, 2s., those on the election with him Is. 6d., and every 
brother beside 8d. 

Agreed and ordained by assent and consent of the Alderman 
and his brethren that they and their wives shall have at the 
Alderman's house an honest dinner upon the account day, every 
brother and his wife to pay 6d. and no further to be charged. 

After the election made all the brethren to go home with 
their Alderman and drink with him at his house, and he that 
comes not shall pay lib. of wax. 

723 b F 


t. 88 h. 1503. 19 Dec. (English,) Ordained and siatnted by 
Thomas Pierson [etc?^ at the petition of John Gok, Aldennan of the 
confraternity of Marchiands and Mercers, and of all his brethren, 
that if there be any man within the town that occnpies buying 
or selling of merchandize in a year 5 marks or above, he shall 
pay whole contribution, 2^. 8^., withont any assessment 
(" sessyng ") ; under 5 marks to be presented to the 12 Governors 
to be assessed. 

Ordinance for the Brotherhoode of Merchamits or Mercers in 
Beverley in the comitie of York, 1582. 

/. 51. 1582. {English.) In the honour of Almightie God and 
for the worship of this town of Beverley, the common wealth of the 
said town, and the laudable order and good governance of the 
Brotherhood and Company of Merchaunts or Mercers, these orders 
and constitutions and ordinances following as well of ancient time 
used, ordained and founded by the assent and consent and 
supplication of the company of Merchants and Mercers within 
this said town of Beverley, and granted by the Twelve Governors 
of the said town A.D. 1210, As now renewed, augmented and 
amplified, made and agreed upon by the Mayor and Governors of 
the said town of Beverley in the time of Richard Garbray, now 
Warden of the said company of Marchaunts or Mercers aforesaid, 
for ever hereafter inviolably to be kept and observed among the 
brethren of the said Brotherhood and Company, the contributors 
of the same, and others exercising and using the said trade or 
any part thereof within the said town of Beverley ; That is to say 
by the Eight Worshipful Eobert Ingleton, now Mayor of the said 
town of Beverley, Edward EUerker, Esq., Richard Bullocke, 
[and nine others named^ the Governors and Council of the said 
town at the instance, supplication and request of the said Richard 
Garbray, Warden of the said Company and Brotherhood and one 
of the Governors and Council of the said town with his stewards, 
Richard Booth and Richard Wright ; Together with the assent, 
motion and consent of Raulph Knaggs [and ten others named] and 
others the brethren of the said Company and Brotherhood^ the 
— (sic) of September A.D. 1582, in the 24th year of our Sovereign 
Lady Elizabeth &c. 

1 according as in time past without memory of 

man hath been used, there shall be one fraternity as 

there hath been and is of other brotherhoods within this 

Upon the Sunday next after Trinity [instead of Translation of 
St. Thomas the Martyr] they shall elect one Warden [instead of 
Alderman] , two Stewards and 2 Searchers [as before'] . 

Penalty for refusing to serve as Warden 40s., as Steward 6s. 8d., 
to be divided between the Governors and the Company. 

2. Searchers to be "substantial, honest and credible men of 
the said science," to search weights and measures of all "using, 
practising and exercising the said trade or misterye of merchaunts 
or mercers or any part thereof." 


8. Penalty for disobedience to Warden, 6s. 8d. 

4. — tor rebuking the Steward, 3s. 4d. 

5. —for rebuking of one brother by another, 3s. 4d. 

6. — for rebuking the Searchers, 6s. 8d. 

7. Discord between one brother and another. 

In any case but treason, murder or felony, complaint to be first 
laid before the Warden, who shall refer it to arbitration of Warden 
and four brethren. Penalty for not abiding by arbitration 6s. 8d., 
but with appeal to Mayor and Governors. 

8. Absence from the election of Warden ; penalty 3s. 4d. 

9. For making Prime Gilds. 

Warden at his discretion to ** appoint an Assembly or meeting, 
one or more, of the said Occupation, called a Prime Gild or 
Guilds, at any time or times when he shall think most fit." 

Penalty for non-attendance 6d. to the Company. 

Penalty for absence from marriage or burial of any Brother or 
Sister 2s. 6d., divided as before. 

10. For Brother dying in poverty. 

A Brother or Sister in such case to be buried at the Company's 

11. The payment of a Brother at his marriage to the 
Occupation 2s., and at his or their burial 2s. 6d. 

12. Upsets. 

Every one " setting up or occupying the trade, viz., 
in buying, selling and retailing of wares and merchandize of what 
kind soever they be, to the value of £10," to come to the 
Warden and bind himself to observe the ordinances, and pay 10s. 
to be divided between Town and Occupation. Contribution of a 
stranger " not able to be a burgess " 6s. a year, and to be ad- 
mitted to brotherhood paying 10s. entrance-fee. 

But any native or other who has served a full term of apprentice- 
ship with a freeman, according to the Statute of Apprentices, setting 
up as a master, to pay 10s. only, and if he become a contributor 
without becoming a brother, to pay 4s. a year only and for 
brotherhood 6d. [?] only. 

13. The contribution of him which is in brotherhood with 
any other. 

Any one, whether a brother of another trade or not, 
exercising any part of the science of a Mercer to the value of 
61. 13s. 4d, a year, to pay as contribution 5s. a year. 

14. Apprentices. Apprentices to be for not less than 7 years 
according to the Statute ; and on entrance to pay 2s. 6d. to the 


15. Enstruction {sic) of persons. 

No one not a brother and burgess to take an apprentice on 
penalty of 10s. 

16. Smiths : Buying and selling iron not altered or wrought 
by them '' according to their science " to pay a yearly contribution 
of 6s. 8f/. 

17. Contributor shall be brother if he be able. Penalty 10s. 
[The nnmbenng and headings cease here in the miginal.'] 

18. Livery : 

The Warden and six of the ancientest brethren chosen by the 
Company to '' appoint and ordain clothing and decent apparel for 
all the brethren ... as in time past ... of like suit ... to 
be made ready on this side Cross Monday next." 

Penalty for not providing ** clothing and vesture " or for selling 
or conveying the same away, expulsion. 

Penalty for not attending Prime Gilds in livery, Is. 

19. Absence from Company from malice, 20s. 

20. Warden's Dinner 

To be given to all the brethren and their wives on the Audit 
Day ; '* viz., second Sunday next after the Feast day of 
St. Thomas iilimediately following the Feast day of St. Peter the 
Apostle," [this description is owing to the disappearance 
of the ** traitor Saint " Thomas, i.e. Becket, from the reformed 
Calendar] on penalty of 40s. to the Company. 

Brethren to pay for the dinner 6rf. for self and wife, whether 
present or not. 

21. Account Day, as above, to be held at the " Common Hall 
or Hanshouse of Beverley " or some other honest place. 

Warden to pay up, or give security for, all moneys belonging 
to the Company, so that nothing remain to be collected by the 
new officers, under penalty of £3 68. Sd. 

22. Back-biting and slander of brethren. 

Penalty 3s. M. and compensation to the aggrieved party. 

23. Renewing quarrel after settlement, 8s. 4d. 

24. Disobedience in matters affecting the Company and its 
officers, in refusal to pay fines, 3s. id. besides penalties above 

25. New Warden to find two sureties, brethren, to render true 
account for his term of office. Penalty (sic), — 


The form of the Oath to be ministered at the receipt of every 

new brother. 

This swear I, A.B., that I shall from henceforth during the time 
that I shall inhabit and remain within this said town of Beverley 
be obedient to the Warden of my Company and Occupation, and 
obey and perform all the commandments of him concerning the 
honesty, wealth and commodity of the same ; And will not by 
any means to my power or ability withstand, interrupt, break or 
disannul any the ordinances, rules and grants or any of them 
in this present original contained, being granted or which shall 
be granted and confirmed by the Worshipful Mr. Mayor and his 
brethren, the Governors of this town of Beverley for the time 

And shall not be obstinate but always willing to my power and 
abilities, when I shall be commanded by my said Warden for the 
time being, to aid and support my said Warden against such 
person or persons, being in brotherhood in this Occupation, or in 
brotherhood with any other Occupation in this town, and using 
this trade or any part thereof, as shall refuse, rebel, disobey, or 
neglect the ordinances and grants aforesaid, now made or which 
hereafter shall be made and granted for the causes aforesaid. 
So help me God and by the contents of this Book. 

God save the Queen. 


Ordinance of Bakers as to loss of burgess-ship. 

/. 13b. 1364. It was ordered by the Community that if any 
of the Bakers thenceforth be a delinquent {'' delinquat ") to this 
Community or against the usages (**usus'') and liberties of 
Beverley that without remedy he lose his liberty or burgess-ship. 

1366. John Maxay, John of Gillyng, John Harold, William of 
Stafford, Thomas of Kexby, bakers of the town of Beverley, allow 
for themselves and their whole craft C'artificio") before the 
Keepers of the town that if any of them thenceforward be found 
rebel and disobedient or contrary to the majority of the craft in 
that which is ordered by the community of the craft for the 
common advantage of the craft, he who is foupd blameable in the 
premises, shall, without remedy, pay to the Community of the 
Town 38. id. 

Of the hire of mills. 

And it was ordered by the whole community that no baker 
hire a mill for any term, under penalty of 40s. to be paid to the 
community, as often as he be found blameable. 

Of buying corn in the market. 

1401. It was ordered by the Keepers that no baker enter the 
Cornmarket t^efore prime C^horam primam") to buy any grain, 
under penalty of 6s. to be paid, &c. 


Of rebellion against the Alderman. 

1413. It is considered by petition of a bill of the Bakers and 
complaint of William Symonds, Alderman of the Bakers [and Jive 
other bakers named] and others of the same craft, that, whereas it 
was ordered that whosoever should be found disobedient or rebel- 
lious to the Alderman, searcher and brethren in things concerning 
the honour of the craft and government of the community should 
lose 3s. 4:d. to the use of the community and 3s. id. to the use 
of the castle of the craft; which penalty Eichard Ayre, baker, 
lost and is adjudged to pay, because he is in arrear for ds. 4d. 
out of 6s. 8d. for his entrance fee; therefore according to the 
ordinance of the whole craft, he is adjudged to pay the 3s. 4d. 
with the penalty aforesaid. 

Payments of Journeymen. 

The bakers asked in the petition aforesaid that bakers' servants 
should contribute to half the costs on Eogation days and Corpus 
Christi day ; but that they should not be charged for the new 
fabric of their castle or pageant ; which petition is postponed 
until the 12 Keepers have better deliberated on it. 

Bakers' penalty. 

1418, 10 Sept. John Bell and eight others [named], bakers, 
present, each separately swore that he will not enter Beverley 
market to buy wheat there on any Saturday in the future, nor 
will they buy wheat coming on Saturdays to market, nor will 
take or house C*hospitabit") wheat on Saturday in their houses ; 
and this on penalty to the community of 6s. 8d. &c. 

Bakers' ordinance. 

1413. Considered on the petition and complaint of William 
Tynmouthe, Alderman of the Bakers [and Jive others named] and 
others of the craft — [Enactment of penalty of 3s. 4d. for being 
rebellious to the Alderman.] 

[It is rather strange after all these ordinances and references 
to the Craft as a quasi-corporation, and its castle, to find in the 
year 1428 the following Ordinances of the Bakers, beginning 
as if the Brotherhood was then first founded.] 

/. 68. 1428. (Latin.) *'Inprimis, it is ordained and decreed, 
and by the assent and consent of the 12 Keepers confirmed, that 
there be of the same Bakers one co-Brotherhood to maintain a 
certain wooden castle to be erected on Eogation Mondays next the 
castle of the Fullers, when the venerable procession with the 
shrine of the most holy Confessor of Christ is carried to the 
Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Alderman and 
Stewards of the craft aforesaid shall yearly erect the said castle 
and honourably cover the same, under the penalty specified in 
the common Eegister of the town of the erection of castles." 


All the brethren to be clothed in one suit, new every second 
year, at prime for the coming of the procession, and to ride after 
it in the afternoon. 

A meeting to be held on Sunday after Corpus Christi day for 
election of an Alderman and one steward. 

"And it is ordained that the aforesaid Bakers and then- succes- 
sors shall for ever find and maintain yearly on the day of the 
procession of Corpus Christi two torches of wax burning and to 
be borne before the most holy Body of Christ, under penalty of 
68. 8d:' 

Then follow the common-form ordinances about disobedience 
and quarrelling. 

" Moreover it is ordered that the brethren aforesaid shall play 
or cause to be played the pageant of Maundy as often as it shall 
be ordered to be played by the Governors of the town, under the 
penalty specified in the common register. 

Moreover it is ordained &c. that every craftsman of the same 
craft who shall occupy with a master, called Journeyman, who 
takes for his wages in a year 30s. shall pay to the maintenance of 
castle and pageant Qd. And every servant called journeyman who 
takes beyond that sum, 4d. 

/. 74. Also it is granted that the said Searchers for the future 
shall faithfully present all loaves for sale of whatever kind found 
by them withm the common inns called Common Ostryes before 
the Governors without any concealment. 

And that the common bakers of the loaves aforesaid dwelling and 
living in the town aforesaid be brethren in the brotherhood of 
the craft aforesaid, or contribute 3s. id. to its expenses on 
Eogation Monday." 

Any rebellious to the Searcher in his office to pay IBs. 4d. 

Further it is ordained and granted for ever that any common 
baker not a brother or contributory may be charged by the 
Searchers to be such or to contribute to the expenses at the 
discretion of the 12 Governors. 

**It is moreover ordained and perpetually established that the 
Alderman and Stewards of the craft aforesaid shall render their 
accounts at the house of the Alderman for the time being on 
Sunday after Corpus Christi day, and whatever remains of the 
receipts after deducting the expenses shall immediately be shown. 
And if not, they shall forfeit to the community and the craft each 
3s. 4d. and nevertheless be bound to satisfy the account." 

Ordinance between Bakers and Innkeepers C'Hostilarios"). 

1458, 13 Feb. With consent of the Warden, Stewards, and six 
others [warned] and others of the craft of Bakers, and three [namtYi] 
and others. Innkeepers, ordered by the Governors that **the said 
Innkeepers shall not bake nor cause to be baked in any way any 
horse-bread, but shall buy it from the common bakers aforesaid 
and of no one else :" penalty 3s. 4d. 


"The common bakers shall yearly for ever serve the said 
Innkeepers with such horse bread good and sufficient, viz. 15 to 
the dozen, as often as required by the said Innkeepers:" penalty 
3s. M. *' Provided always that if any of the innkeepers aforesaid 
offer to redeliver to any of the bakers aforesaid any of such horse 
bread delivered to him and not used, the said baker shall take 
back the said bread," if the redelivery is made within four days in 
summer, and six in winter. 

/. 77 b, 1467. No baker to bake on Sundays unless a lord 
come or an honourable man C'probus") of the town die, or for 
other cause allowed by the Governors. None to take into service 
anyone born in Scotland, unless he has his parchment 

1547, 19 June. (English,) '' No brother of the said craft nor 
no inhabitant within the town of Beverley nor no foreigner shall 
occupy any market with bread to sell but only the Saturday 
market;" if any do, the bread to be presented to the 12 Governors, 
and go, half to the King [as Lord of the Manor] and half to the 

** Every foreigner that brings bread to Beverley to sell, shall pay 
yearly to the Alderman of Bakers toward the charges of vesture 
and *pageand' of the Occupation 4(V 

None to carry bread from house to house to sell which is called 
*'halkyng," but only to the King's market called Saturday market; 
who that doth the contrary, the Searchers to take his bread and 
present it in the Common Hall before the 12 Governors [&c. as 
above] . 

Any "that doth occupy any man's mark upon his bread but 
only his own mark, being once monished thereof, shall for every 
time pay 20fZ. to the craft, and 20d, to the commonalty." 

1572, 4 June. J^ny foreign baker or foreigner that brings 
bread to sell in Beverley, to pay 2s. contribution to the Alderman 
of Bakers, and for that to be able to sell on Wednesday, Friday 
and Saturday in open market and not elsewhere. 

New penalty of Bakers. 

155|, 4 Feb. Ordered by the 12 Governors, William 
Sanderson, Eobert Thomson, Christopher Farrer and others, 
with the consent and assent of the greater and wiser 
part of the Council of the said town, viz., Eichard Tailor 
and twelve others, that no common baker or other bakers 
called '' boule Baker," their wives, servants or apprentices, enter 
the Cornmarket on any Saturday before 1 p.m. to buy any com, 
or any wheat coming into the market on Saturday, beyond two 
bushels for store of their own houses, after 1 p.m. ; nor take or 
house any wheat on Saturdays on penalty of 6s. 8rf., &c. 



Order of the Goldsmiths for marking silver under penalty. 

1365. p. 5. {Latin.) And be it remembered that Symon de 
Corby, W. of S. &e. on Tuesday before the Feast of St. Martin in 
winter A.D. 1365, swore before the said Keepers that no silver of 
worse alloy than is English money ought to be worked. And 
that they would not allow any vessels or other works worked, or 
to be worked, by them to pass out of their hands, unless they 
had been marked with their own accustomed mark under penalty 
of 40d. to be paid to the community for every default. And the 
said Symon was sworn as overseer to keep the said ordinance. 

Order of the Overseers of the Goldsmiths' craft. 

G,B. /. 14. 1409. (Latin,) Also it was ordered in the Guild 
Hall of Beverley, 25 Feb. 1409, by William Adleston, &c. the 
Twelve Keepers [&c.] on the petition and request of Thomas 
Burton and three others [jiamect] , goldsmiths, that two overseers 
C'supervisores'') of the said craft called 'serchors' should be 
assigned, and swear to search and oversee that the gold and silver 
made in the town of Beverley be pure and assayed C'examinata") 
and of true alloy C'aloy ") without fraud, and to present defaults, 
and that the marks of each of them be known in the Guild Hall. 

And that every goldsmith found in deceitful default by the 
overseers pay to the community 12rf. and to the maintenance of 
St. Dunstan's** light 12d; and every master newly setting up shop, 
as well those now as those in time to come, pay to the maintenance 
of the said light 20rf. And every craftsman of the said craft who 
shall work C*occupaverit") with any master, called **jorneyman," 
shall pay at the beginning of his employment to the maintenance 
of the said light lOrf. 

And the said Goldsmiths shall yearly maintain a candle in 
honour of God and S. Dunstan, and a torch in the procession on 
Corpus Christi day for ever. 

** Payntners, Goldsmyths, Masons, and Glasears." 

/. 80. 1455, 8 Oct. To be one brotherhood '* and have yearly 
a pageant of Three Kings de Celane, and find before the image of 
St. Christopher a wax candle of lib. weight to burn on Sundays 
and other feasts in the nave." 

All typpellers dwelling in the town not married to pay 2d. 

Order of the clothing of the Shermen. 

/. lib. 1396. Also, Tuesday before the feast of St. Mark 
the Evangelist, A.D. 1396, came Walter Basket, Eobert Sherman, 
and [seven others named] before the Twelve Keepers of the town 
of Beverley, and prayed that this year they might not be 

[* St. Dunstan was the Patron of the London Goldsmiths alsd.J 


burdened with any clothing at the feast of the Ascension of the 
Lord, because the time was too short, but they granted, by full 
assent of the same, before the Twelve Keepers, that henceforward 
every year every one of them should be clothed anew every year 
in a like suit of clothing in honour of St. John of Beverley, and 
if any of them make default in any year he shall pay to the 
community of the town aforesaid, for every default, 6«. 8d. 

Order of the clothing of Fullers. 

/. 12. The same day John Bole and [ten others named] came 
before the Twelve Keepers and of their free will granted that 
every one of them be clothed in a like suit of clothing in honour 
of St. John of Beverley, that is to say every year at the feast of 
the Ascension, and they prayed the same Keepers that if any of 
them thenceforward should be found rebellious against his 
brethren, he should pay to the community of the town of 
Beverley 3s. id. and for the repair of the castle of the Fullers 
38. 4d. 


Statute between Tanners and Cobblers. 

/. 11 b. 1364. {Latin.) Also it was ordered by the whole 
community that no cobbler should exercise the art of a tanner 
together with the art of a cobbler, under penalty of a fine of 
4:08., to be paid to the community as often as he shall be found 
blameworthy. Also it was ordered by the said community that 
no tanner should exercise the art of a cobbler together with the 
art of a tanner under penalty of 40s.,to be paid in form aforesaid. 


Statutes of the Cordwainers or Shoemakers 

(*' Allutariorum constitutiones "). 

/. 67. 1394-1427. Memorandum of the ancient customs 
which belong to the craft of Shoemakers of the town of Beverley, 
anciently used and founded in honour of Blessed John of Beverley, 
with some new ordinances made for the rule and government of 
the Gild of the brethren shoemakers aforesaid, now anew 
recited by the assent of Henry of Walton, Alderman of the Gild, 
Richard of Walsyngham and Robert of Cotom, stewards, Adam of 
Ripon and twelve others and their fellows, John of Moreton and 
[ten others named] and others ; 

Which customs are now ratified and confirmed by John 
Trippok, &c.. Keepers of the town, A.D. 1394. 

And that these statutes and ordinances may keep in force for 
ever, now ratified and newly confirmed by William Cokerell, &c., 
Keepers of the community of the town 1427, in the time of John 
Sutton, alderman, Thomas Abraham and William Sterlyng, 


First, that in every meeting (" congregatione ") held for the 
good of the said Gild all the co-brethren obey the Alderman 
for the time being in things which pertain to the good of the 
Gild, under penalty of lib. wax. 

Item, that every year at the first (**principali") meeting six 
co-brethren be elected by all the co-brethren at their discretion, to 
assist the Alderman and Stewards for that year to rule the said 
Gild, and to administer justice (^'justificandum"), and punish 
rebellious co-brethren, if any such there be, according to the 
statutes and ordinances of the said Gild, under penalty of lib. 

Item, that all the co-brethren be present at the making of the 
castle and covering it, and be all sitting or standing in the castle 
at the hour at which the shrine of S. John of Beverley is 
carried (** bajulatum ") to the bridge called the Crossebrig, 
under penalty of lib. wax. 

Item, that every brother warned by the Alderman's deputy to 
be in any place assigned by the Alderman for the good of the 
Gild, if in the town of Beverley and in good health, no way 
absent himself, nor delay after the hour assigned, under penalty 
of lib. wax. 

Item, that no co-brother in any meeting fall out upon (" egre- 
diatur '') his co-brother with insulting or angry words, but hold 
his tongue and be silent when ordered by the Alderman : penalty 
lib. wax. 

Item, that no co-brother summon or cause to be sum- 
moned any of his co-brothers before any judges whatsoever 
for any cause until he have revealed his grievances to the 
Alderman and those associated with him, who shall renew peace 
between the parties if they can ; and if not, then they shall give 
evidence to the Keepers of the town against him who shall have 
refused to conform to equity. Penalty lib. wax to the profit of 
the Gild. 

Item, that no co-brother give any work to any of his servants 
to be done out of his master's house, unless to his own hired 

Item, that if any one give any work to any one outside his 
house after being warned once by the brethren of the Gild, that 
he pay 40d. to the use of the Gild. 

Item, it is ordered that none of the co-brethren of the Gild 
aforesaid be clothed anew in any other clothing except of the 
livery (**secta") of his co-brethren on the day on which they 
are assembled in their castle against the coming of Blessed John 
of Beverley, under penalty of 40rf., 20d. to the light of the 
Gild and 20d. to the community of the town. 

At the death of the co-sisters of the Gild, every co-brother of 
the Gild to be present while Placebo and Dirige are being cele- 
brated (" sunt in celebratione ''), so that they be seen there while 
the Alderman and stewards are there, under penalty of Alb. wax. 


Item, it is ordained that every workman called a catiour pay 
yearly to the repairs of the castle of the Shoemakers and vise of 
their Gild 6d. 

And it is ordained as well by the Keepers of the town of 
Beverley as by the co-brethren of the said Shoemakers, that ii 
any of the said coriours or the said servants be found rebellious 
or opposed to this ordinance he shall pay to the community of the 
town, 6d,, and to the repair of the castle, 6(1. 

Item, it is ordained that every co-brother of the craft of Shoe- 
makers newly entered into the co-brotherhood of the same 
craft shall come to the Alderman of the aforesaid craft, and hold 
up his hand to the said Alderman that he will obediently do the 
orders of the Alderman of the Gild abovesaid lawfully and 
honourably, and pay to the repair of the said castle and the use 
of the Gild abovesaid 12d, and lib, wax. 

Also it is ordered that every master of the craft aforesaid who 
takes any apprentice to serve him, if he come before Ascension 
day shall pay on Tuesday before Ascension day 20d. 

\_The two last articles are crossed outJ] 

Also it is ordered that any Alderman of the said Gild for the 
time being shall choose to himself six co-brethren to appoint 
lawfully and honourably all the woollen cloth in which the co- 
brethren of the said Gild who are able shall be clad, and shall 
deliver that clothing (** indumentum") to every master who 
shall be able to be clothed, paying for the same according to the 
true discretion of the Alderman and his fellows. Eebels to pay 
12(Z. to the castle, 12d. to the Gild. 

Also that if any co-brother of the said craft, being in council 
with his co-brethren to make ordinances for the good of the Gild, 
unlawfully scandalize that council, he shall pay 3s. 4rf. to the 
community and Ss. M. to repair of the castle and use of the Gild. 

/. 67 h. Further ordinances 12 Sept. 1438, that the election 
day of Alderman and Stewards be Tuesday before Ascension day : 
penalty for absence Is., rebellion at the election 10s., refusing 
office if elected of Alderman or of Steward 3s. 4d. between Gild 
and community. 

12 Feb. 1440. Ordered by the Twelve Keepers that any brother 
or craftsman of the craft who presumes to work at the door of any 
church outside the town of Beverley with shoes or other necessaries 
of the craft for sale there on any Sunday except from 1 Aug. to 
29 Sept. shall pay 3s. 4cZ. 

/. 5. 1462, Friday after 1 Aug. The Shoemakers thence- 
forward to have and keep their tables for selling shoes in a lane 
called Shomarket lane, standing in order on the south side of the 
said lane on market days and other markets and fairs, and in no 
other place except in their own shops where they live, as has 
been heretofore accustomed. And every shoemaker shall stand 
in his priority as he entered the craft, beginning at John Danby's 


1468, 2 March. Every new master to lift up his hand to the 
Alderman that he will be obedient, and to pay Ss., or if a 
Grithman 12d. 

1501. Every new brother to give security to the Alderman 
tg obey the craft regulations. 

1502, 15 Nov. Craft to elect two Searchers on same day^s 
Alderman and Stewards. 

/. 74 b. 1530. All the brethren consent to an ordinance that 
new masters setting up shop pay 3s. 4d. They are named, and 
number 17. 

/. 75 b, 1542, 17 May. No brother or contri"butor of the 
said occupation shall at any time hereafter go to any church 
doors within the town or without the town with any ware to sell, 
except it be a cried Fair and Market : penalty 20rf. 15 agreed 
to this ordinance. 

New ordinance of "Jomeymen" of Shoemakers. 

{English.) 154J, 4 Feb. Ordained by consent and assent of 
the Alderman of the Maisters of Shomakers and of all his brethren, 
and also of the Alderman of the Journeymen and of all his brethren, 
that all such duties as hath been paid heretofore to the ** Gyld of 
Saint Peter " either by brother, journeyman, or contributor, shall 
henceforth be paid to the Alderman of the *' Syrmen " for the 
time being to the use and profit of the said occupation and craft. 
Anyone who ** repungs against this " to pay 2s. 


The Weavers' Ordinances. 

/. 68. 1406. {English.) To the honour of God and the honorable 
feast of the Assumption of the most glorious Virgin Mary, and to the 
honour of the glorious Confessor St. John of Beverley and all God's 
Saints, the Masters of the craft of Woollen Weavers of Beverley, 
desiring to solemnize and exalt the aforesaid feast of the 
Assumption, with their common consent and the assent of the 
community of the town of Beverley, have founded a certain light 
(**lucem") and honour by the name of a Gild for themselves 
and whosoever others wish to venerate the aforesaid feast. 

Also they consented to make and decree ordinances for the good 
government of the same Gild, and for the maintenance of the 
honour of the Weavers' castle yearly erected for the praise , of 
God's glorious Confessor of the town which follows 4 November, 
1406, to be observed through times to come. 

And first, they have ordained that a certain solemn Mass should 
yearly on the aforesaid feast, in the chapel of the most Blessed 
Virgin Mary of Beverley, be solemnly celebrated for the brethren 
and sisters of the same Gild living and dead ; and a light, viz. a 


principal candle and four lesser candles of the same Gild, be 
lighted there at the Mass time. And all and singular brethren 
and sisters be summoned (*'somoniri") by the summoner of the 
Gild, and be present, and oflfer at the time of oblation whatever 
may be of devotion. Those absent to pay lib. wax. 

They ordained also that every brother of the craft who should 
be 'absent on the said feast day of the Assumption at the election 
of the Alderman, Stewards and Summoner or at any prime Gild 
(**primam gildam") or at any assembly called (" congregationem 
factam") by the Alderman and Stewards for the good of the Gild, 
being summoned, shall pay without delay lib. wax. 

They decreed also that every wife of a brother of the Gild if she 
die in the town shall have the light and decorations of the Gild as 
her husband should have ; but the husband to pay lib. of wax to 
the light. 

And if any brother or sister of the Gild die in poverty, not 
having of his own whence to be honourably buried, he shall be 
buried at the cost and charge of the Gild. 

[Order as to abusing the Summoner ; or refusing ofl&ce ; and 
as to quarrels.] 

Moreover they ordered that if any of the servants of the same 
craft called a journeyman (sic) is accused of fraud before the 
Keepers of Beverley or ofiftcers of the craft, he shall serve no 
master of the craft unless he shall be able to prove a lawful 
excuse before' the said Keepers and craft. 

[Penalty for abusing Alderman and Stewards.] 

If any master of the same craft through anger or envy * shall 
make any one's wife fetch and take away her web out of the house 
of him who first has it for weaving and has warped it, he shall 
pay 40d. 

Every master of the craft newly clothed with the suit of the 
brethren in honour of the most glorious Confessor St. John 
shall keep that clothing for two years without selling it (** sine 
alienatione'O using that clothing the first year on principal feasts 
and when any lord of the magnates of the realm come to town : 
any one giving or selling it within 2 years outside the craft to 
pay 20(i. to the community and 20d. to the castle. 

Every master of the craft who newly sets up his weaving tools 
shall pay to the use of the castle 2s. and be a brother in the Gild. 

iThis is crossed out and ' dampnatur ' wntten in the margin.'] 

If a master of the craft owe a servant called journeyman any 
wages, that servant shall complain thereof to the Alderman, and 
if he shall not be able to compel the master to give satisfaction 
by his order, then he shall complain to the Keepers of the town, 
and if they shall consider the wages due then let there be a 
distraint by the Common Sergeant for payment. 


Ordynaunce of Weavers. [In English.'] 

/. 84. 1496. For thys matter it is ordande and statute 1496 by 
John Eowmthwayte &c. (11 of the 12 Governors &c.) by assent and 
consent of Christopher Attkynson, Alderman of the Weavers . . . 
and all the maisters and bredyr of the same craft, except William 
Cowper and John Bylton, that the Alderman of the Gylde of the 
Apostyls Petyr and Paule sail be chosyn from hensfurth of one of 
thise 8 maysters follo^\ing, that is to say Eobert Dakres, Eoger 
Moyses, Eichard Attky[nJson, John Oversall, William Kynge, 
Harri Watts, Christopher Attkynson, and John Lyghtfote during 
their dayes. And when one of thame be discharged or dysseste 
anothyr to be takyn by the consent of the hole craf te so att (sic) 
the Alderman of the day of the eleccyon shall sett two of those 
forsayde eight maysters of the eleccyon after the customs of the 
sayd towne ; And so one of those two to be chosyn to be 
Alderman by the jorneymen bredyr of the forsayde gylde. 

[Penalty for refusing, 6s. 8d,'] 

That thai shall sett four of the bredyr of the forsayde gylde of 
the eleccyon for stewards, of whome two shall be chosyn for 
stewards by the forsayd maysters and bredyr of the forsayde 

[20d. for refusing.] 

All those journeymen that now is in the town, and also all 
those that are for to come unto the town, shall be searched by the 
Alderman and his searchers (" seyr sours '') if they be able to work 
as a journeyman except he have been prentice in the town. And 
all those that are able to work as a journeyman shall pay to the 
Alderman and his searchers for his search 4d., and all those that 
are not able, they shall either be bound (**fest") prentice for 
a time, or else be hired to work for such wages as they think of 
their conscience that they be worthy for to have to time by that 
they be able to work as a journeyman. Also all those journey- 
men that are in St. Peter's Gild and in clothing that they shall 
be set of work before any other that are not in clothing, if so be 
they will work as good cheap as another man will. 

1500. [Instead of the provision of 1496 for the election of 
Alderman, which is crossed through, it was ordained — ] 

That the Alderman of the foresaid Gild at the day of his 
election shall make his election of two worshipful men of the said 
masters at his pleasure, of the which two the journeymen shall 
choose one to be Alderman of the said Gild for the year 


Smiths' Ordinances* 

1400. (Newly confirmed, 1430.) Election day, morrow of 
St. John Baptist. 

Two meetings yearly called ''Prym Gildes" on Sunday in 
Passion Week and Sunday before the Exaltation of the Holy 
Cross. The castle to be between that of the Carpenters and 

If any smith work or use bad iron or steel in any work 
of the craft to the deceit of the people of the King, or by 
which any one can incur loss or prejudice, all that work so 
found blameable by the overseers shall be forfeited to the use of 
the craft, and the smith shall pay 3s. 4rf. 

No brother of the craft may hire any servant of a co-brother 
before he have first had an honest talk with the said servant's 
master, and looked into the matter whether the same master and 
servant are at one or not, and whether the same servant may 
lawfully serve another master or not, and if there have been any 
quarrel between them the said master and servant shall abide by 
the right order of the said Alderman and Stewards, under penalty 
of 6s. Sd. 

Any smith working on an iron stethy (sic), except goldsmiths, 
shall obey the Alderman and Stewards of the said Gild in all 
lawful and honest commands. 

Sunday after 24 June is to be the General Account Day. 

/. 63. 1465. Every master of the craft who newly works 
C' occupat ") or shall work in the same craft and is not a burgess 
shall pay to the use of the expenses of the craft 20rf. until he be 
a burgess ; and if on the presentment of the Alderman it appear 
to the Twelve Keepers that the master is [able to be] a burgess 
and will not, then he shall pay to the community and the craft 
3s. 4(1. to be equally divided. 

Every master who is a burgess and sets up a forge shall pay 
the first year to the repair of the castle 3s. and to the main- 
tenance of the light lib. wax. 

Every master of the craft who sells anything belonging to the 
craft of smiths of Beverley in the country at the doors of any 
church or elsewhere on any Sunday, except at public fairs and in 
the autumn season, shall pay &c. 2s. 

Every contributor of the said craft shall pay his Alderman 
yearly when the Corpus Christi play is played 4d. to the main- 
tenance of the pageant, and every journeyman 2d. 

This article has * vacat ' in an Elizabethan hand wntten against 


O.K. /. 41. [Before 1413.] To the reverend discretion of 
Thomas C., Thomas Ma. and their fellows, the Twelve Keepers, &c., 
humbly petition John S. and William J., *'serchours" of the craft 
of Coopers, for themselves and all coopers burgesses of the town 
aforesaid and others dwelling therein, that whereas they are by 


no means able, being only six of them burgesses, to support the 
charges of their castle and other charges of the town, they may 
be relieved by the help and counsel of the Governors in form 

First, whereas those who Are yearly elected from them [to be] 
two Searchers, burgesses, are not able to do their ofiftce because of 
an ordinance made in the Guild Hall, therefore they ask that 
those who are not burgesses and are honest and able persons, 
their estate considered, viz. Ealph S. and Thomas T., may be 
induced to become burgesses, and likewise John S. comfrer with 

They ask also, whereas they, as is aforesaid, are heavily 
charged in the town aforesaid, and many coopers dwelling in the 
country come into the town, and there yearly almost continuously 
work and take profits and gains in the said town, but are not 
charged at all with the burdens of the town, that the said Searchers 
may yearly levy 3s. Ad. from every stranger working in the town 
with your leave, viz. of everyone working for a quarter lOd., for 
half a year 20d., and so on according to the time of their occupancy. 

[The Coopers, with whom were coupled the Bowers and Fletchers, 
Joiners, Pateners (wooden clog makers), and Turners, seem to 
have been less intent on common celebration than on functional 
regulation of the trade and putting down bad work. The Coopers' 
earliest recorded regulations are dated 1409, as follows.] 

if. 61.) 1409, 23 July. The first rule provides for the election 
of two Searchers to "search and oversee and rule all of the art in 
Beverley." Penalty for bad work 20s. 

Whoever of them shall have improperly and deceitfully made a 
"cimam," Anglice saw (**sau"), shall pay 12d., whether it be a 
defect of craftsmanship or of the materials. In deceitful fashioning 
of a wheel IM., a chair 12d., a bucket ('*bokett'0 4d., and of a 
great .... or other vessel the defect shall be assessed by the 
Searchers. And none shall make buckets or saws with *royne,' 
on the penalty aforesaid. 

141 J, 3 March. Every master of the craft of coupers who shall 
newly occupy shall pay on his entrance to the use of the craft and 
costs of Corpus Christi play 2s., and every master who takes an 
apprentice shall pay in the first year 6d. 

1416, 24 March. Granted, that in everything pertaining to the 
castle of Bowers and Flechers, viz., in performing the offices of 
Alderman and Stewards and the like, and in the expenses, the 
said Coupers shall be with them equal co-brethren and partners, 
and therefore shall be free from contributing as they used to do 
to the Carpenters. 

And all Jo3niors and Turners living in Beverley shall be with 
the Coupers in all costs and ordinances and their crafty and 

723 b. a 

And in like manner with the Coupers' consent John Redbum, 
couper, is released from their brotherhood and shall be charged 
with the Carpenters. 

1418, 22 April. All Pateners shall be equal brethren and 
partners with Bowers and Flechers and Coupers in castle and 
clothing and all their ordinances registered which relate to their 
castle ; and to this consented WilUam Derykson, patener and 
brewer (**bere brewer")* Hugh Cayser, patener, and Walter 
Palmer, patener. 

1422, 3 July. Every one of the craft of Coupers who finds 
ashes and *' stowres " for '* garthes " belonging to his craft at the 
Beck, although they are bought, is to be partner with the buyer, 
although he was not present at the purchase, paying for his share 
according to quantity as the first purchaser paid or agreed to pay. 

f, 63. 146|, 1 January. Ordinance as to setting in casks, etc, 


/. 67 6. 1413 is the date of the Bowers and Fletchers 
ordinances, registered 28 March, 1428. 

The said Bowers and Flechers shall be charged yearly for ever 
to find a wax light in the choir of the chapel of B.M.V., to burn 
before Christ's Sepulchre [the Easter Sepulchre] from the day of 
the Passion to Easter, and thence throughout the whole year on 
Sunday and Principal Feasts on the candlestick appointed. 
Every master newly occupying the craft to pay 1 lb. wax to the 

Election of an Alderman and one Steward Sunday after Corpus 
Christi Day. 

The crafts aforesaid shall play, or cause to be played, a certain 
pageant on Corpus Christi Day of ** Abraham and Isaac," when 
the community on St. Mark's Day consent that the pageants 
generally shall be played. 

Two ** Prime gildes " a year, Sunday after Easter and Sunday 
in the Octave of Christmas.- '* Those who in any way use the 
making of new bows, clubs C*baculorum") or arrows and the like 
which properly belong to the aforesaid crafts '' to be compelled to 

Usual provisions as to rebels, the refusing ofl&ce, &c. 

1416. The Flechers to have among them a wooden 
castle on Kogation Mondays to be erected and placed at 
** Bull-ryng " opposite the castle of the Butchers ; and to ofifer 
and ride next after the brotherhood of Shearmen, with whom 
they were formerly associated. 

Another edition of the ordinances of Bowers and Fletchers 
appears at /. 77 under date 1411, but there is something 
queer about this date, as the craft purports to include 
*' Bowers, Fletchers, Cowpers, Patenners, Botchers, Bolge- 
makers, Turners, Carvours, and Joynners," whereas from the 


ordinances above given the Coopers would not appear to have 
<Jombined with them before 1416, and the ordinances are said to 
have been renewed (** innovata ") in 1473. 

These ordinances provide for two Stewards instead of one ; 
and for the play of " Fleyng into Egip " as well as for 
*' Habraham and Isaak," and that at the castle on Kogation 
Monday every brother should appear with a ** fit bed-covering " 
("cum coopertura lecti habili"). It is also provided that 
** String-makers et staf -makers " are to pay 2d. a year. 

In a later hand it is said that " BoU-sellars and Dysch-sellers " 
(dishes were then wooden trenchers), **lepys and scuttyll -sellers " 
contribute 5d., and still later, in English but without date, that 
"All Wrights by their craft that can carve or join and occupieth 
making cupbords, tables, or any other thing not parcel of a house 
to be contributors with Bowers and Fletchers." 

/. 82. 1514, 16 Sept. Bowers, Fletchers and Coupers and 
Carpenters. (English.) Award of the Twelve Governors. The 
Carpenters to withdraw their suit in London; the Bowers &c. 
their suit in Beverley. 

Every carpenter being brother with the Carpenters shall be 
free to occupy carving, " enbowinge, rabitting, jonynge, and 
seelinge " without any contribution to the Bowers. 

Every such one that occupieth making of " copburds, 
cownters, chists, awmbres, or pressur " shall yearly pay to the 
Alderman of Bowers for his contribution 8^. ; if no brother 20d. 


f. 66. 1409. Their ordinances begin with a rather remarkable 
preface. — In honour of the highest and undivided Trinity, the 
Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen. Thursday after 
24 June, 1425, 4? Henry VI ; for the common good of the 
people lieges of the King of England in all things which concern 
the craft of Saddlers (" Sellariorum ") in the town and liberty of 
Beverley, by the common consent of all the masters of the said 
craft, the underwritten ordinances were ordained A.D. 1409, lest 
the common people by crafty subtlety or evil ingenuity of those 
exercising the craft should be any way defrauded; to which 
ordinances 8 "Sadillers" (two of them with the surname of 
Saddler and one of Fustor) consented, and which afterwards 
Robert Stokton and others the Twelve Keepers granted to be 
registered the day and year above written {i,e, 1426). 

In the first place, it was ordained and decreed, and with the 
assent of the Keepers of the town confirmed, that every master of 
the Saddlers of Beverley who shall hereafter buy trees made for 
saddles, in English called sadiltrecs, of fustors or any one else 
shall diligently examine them that they be good and well 
strengthened with nails and glue ("glew"), as they ought 
to be, so that they may be of proper service to the purchasers 
and their ^horses without fraud, under the penalty below 


When the said saddle-trees are bought and in the saddlers' 
hands, the saddlers shall well and sufficiently strengthen them . 
with leather thongs ('^nevirs"), so that no defects may be 
found in them by the inspectors of the craft called Sercheours. 

And all masters of the same craft shall well and sufficiently 
cover their saddles for sale ; viz., housed with hides called Salis- 
hery-lethyry calf-lethyr, sivyn-lether, hrynt-lethir, or other leather 
fitting and sufficient, but not with unfitting and insufficient 
leather, and this without fraud or any deceipt of the people. No 
master of the said craft shall work any tanned leather in reins. 
[This was the Loriners' business.] 

All pommels (**ponelli") of saddles for sale made by them 
shall be sufficiently doubled, of calf or sheepskin. None of 
them shall work tanned leather in pommels and in stirap-lethirs, 
unless the leather has been well and sufficiently tanned, by the 
overseer Sercheours {sic). 

Penalty for defaults in the above 3s. 4rf. to the community of 
the town and 3s. Ad. to the costs of the pageant of the craft. 

No master shall work horse-leather in any part of the craft 
aforesaid, except in making sewing -thwanges. 

1441, 18 December. There shall be of the aforesaid Saddlers 
a brotherhood yearly as of the other crafts, and they shall 
maintain a wax light before the image of St. Michael the 
Archangel in the church or chapel of B. M. V. of Beverley, on the 
N. side of the High Altar. Election day, Tuesday after Ascension 
Day. One Searcher only. 

And the said Saddlers shall play or cause to be played yearly 
on Corpus Christi Day the pageant of the Creation of the World, 
as often as by the 12 Keepers or Governors of the town plays shall 
be ordered ('' adjudicabuntur "), under the penalty in the Common 
Kegister of the town specified. Every maker of saddle-trees called 
** Feustor "to be a brother : also every workman or craftsman 
called ** cod maker '' to pay IM. for light, pageant and other 
charges of the craft. 

In the year of John Pierson, John Lorymer, John Siglesthome, 
etc.. Governors, ordered that every master newly setting up shop 
shall swear fidelity to the Alderman, and pay 28. and lib. wax ; 
if he afterwards become able to be a burgess and do not, to pay 
4s. a year equally between commonalty and craft. Every one 
taking an apprentice to pay 20(7. to the craft. 

A journeyman retained for a month to pay 12cZ.; for a year, to 
pay 6rf. a year. 

1493. Every maker of **lade sadyll panels** to pay to 
maintenance of play and light Sd. a year. 


/. 42. h. 20 Oct., 1416 ; written in 1539. Ordinances and con- 
stitutions of the Tanners' crafte in Beverley as well of olde tyme 
used and ordeyned as of newe tyme, and founded as well by the 


consent and supplication of the Tanneres underwrytten as also 
by the grante and licence of the xij Governors of the towne and 
comminaltie of Beverley the xx** daye of Octobre in the yere of 
our Lord God m^ccccxvj. 

Fyrst, that ther be a fraternite and brotherhood of the maisters 
of the Tanners aforesayde in the honor of the blyssed Trinite and 
of the Feaste of Corporis Christi and of the blysse [d] and holy 
confessor Saynt John of Beverley and of all saynts in heven. 

And that the foresayd Tanners shall susteyn and uphold for 
ever on Searge {i.e. taper) of waxe in the chapell of our Lady 
Saynt Mary in Beverley afore the high alter, in the north side of 
the qwer there, to be brynned upon Sondayes and other 
festyyall dayes ; and two torches of wax yerly and for ever to be 
bom in procession in the Feast of Corporis Christi, and at the 
obyt of every brother, and ther to be brynned as well at Placebo 
and Dirige as at Masse. 

Item, yt ys ordeyned and statuted that the brether of the sayd 
crafte of Tanners shall have yerly two congregacions called 
Prymer Gylds, the one of them to be of Tewesday in the Kogacion 
week to elect Alderman and two Stewards, the other on Sunday 
after Innocents' day. 

Item, it ys ordeyned and statuted yerly for evermore to be kepte. 
That the presayd crafte of Tanners shall raise upe on castle oiE 
tree upon Monday in the Kogacion weeke, in the honor of Gode 
and the glorious confessor Saynt John ; and the sayd brether of 
Tanners to sytt in the same castell at the hour of prime and the 
tyme of processyon in clothynge all of one suyt, as nygh as yt 
maye be hade and gotten. 

And also the brether shall ryd at afternoyn in the sayme suyt, 
as other crafts doo, after ther old auncyent and laudable custom. 
And what brother as ys absent and comys not to sytt in the 
castell, nor rydds not at afternoyn, as ys aforesayd, he shall forfett 
and paye to the comminaltie of the towne of Beverley xxd, and 
to the charges and expenses of the sayd occcupaycon of Tanners 
other xxd. for ether default. 

And whosoever refusyth to be cled in the same suyte, and is 
found able by the Alderman, stewerds and iiij of his brether in 
suche tyme and space as they doo agree to be cled in, shall for- 
feit and paye for the said defaulte to the comminaltie xxd. and 
to the expenses of the sayd crafte other xxd. 

f. 43. 1478, 21 April. Ordinances as to payments by non- 
burgesses not apprenticed. 

1494, 6 March. What journeyman that shall werke within the 
towne of Beverley without any maister of the said craft by the 
space of xiiij dayes, be he ether brother or contributor, shall paye 
yerely to the Alderman for the tyme beyng to the expenses of the 
said crafte when the Playe of Corpus Christi ys played in the said 
towne of Beverley viijd., and yerly when that play is note 
played, vjrf. 


y. 43 b. 1539, 2 Sept. Fine of lib. of wax for not attending 
Prymer Gild. 

15i*, 15 Jan. Alderman may summon Prymer Gild when 

1° Edw. VI., 7 June. Ask to be registered *' as well in the 
Iyer [leiger] in the comon place as in ther booke of ordynaunces." 

Penalty for refusing ofl&ce of Alderman. 

1554, 22 Jan. Regulation as to buying of hides. 

Cutlers, Braziers, &c. 

/. 78. 1475, 20 Feb. In honour of God the Father Ahnighty, 
and the most glorious Virgin Mary, and to the honour of the 
glorious confessor St. John of Beverley, and All Saints, Eobert 
Eider, **braciar," Alderman, and William Cardmaker and Eobert 
Lovell, stewards of a certain pageant of the Crucifixion of Christ 
accustomed to be played on Corpus Christi Day, because divers 
men of divers crafts who ought to contribute to the playing and 
maintenance of the said pageant have refused, and refuse, to do 
so ; Therefore they made the ordinances and constitutions under- 
written, with the consent and assent of John Wells, &c., the 
Twelve Governors, 20 Feb., 147#. 

First, that of all Cut 
makers, and Pewterers 
in the liberty of Beverl 

ers, Furberors, Plumbers, Braziers, Card- 
jvjitten in a different hand **and Pynners"] 
ey there should be one Brotherhood, and 
that they and each of them should support the charge of the said 
pageant, and should perform and cause the same to be played 
for ever. 

To have an Alderman and two Stewards, &c. Every ** card- 
cobler, cuttiller vocatus an hawker, plomars, furbiorers, and 
pewtrers qui vendunt aliqua bona infra villam per hawkyng '* to 
contribute 6d. to the pageant. 

A candle before St. Andrew's Image in St. Mary's : and a 
torch in the Corpus Christi Procession. 

Every ** horner et tynkler et wiredrawar " to contribute to 
maintenance of the light IM. a year. 

Porters and Crelers. 

/. 19. 1452, 24 Aug. All Porters and Crelers of Beverley who 
commonly use that craft in the town, and their successors for the 
time being, to take for the carriage of every 100 faggots for sale : — 

From the Beck to the Minster (*' Monasterium ") and Estgate 2d. 
and to Keldgate Bar.3rf. 

From the Beck to Crossebrig 3d., and thence to North Bar 
and [North Bar without] 4d. 

For carriage of every chaldron of sea coals : — 

From the Beck to Minster and Crossbridge Qd. and thence to 
North Bar and without 5d. 


For carriage of every 1,000 blocks of peat ('^terricidiarum") : — 

From the Beck to Minster Id., thence to Keldgate Bar and 
Crossbridge l^d. and beyond to North Bar and without 2d. 

For carriage of a fother of * cartorf ' : — 

From the Beck to Minster and Keldgate Bar and Crossbridge 
IJd. and North Bar and without 2d. 

For carriage of 1,000 thatch tiles and wall-tiles (bricks) : — 

From Beck to Minster 36^. and thence to Keldgate Bar and 
Crossebridge 6d. and beyond to North Bar and without 8d. 

For carriage of every 100 of astilwode : — 

From Beck to Minster Id. and beyond to Keldgate Bar and 
Crossbridge 1 Jd. and thence to North Bar and without 2d. 

Eighty names, of men of various trades, are given as assenting 
to this order. 

1476, 1 April. Porters and Crelers not to carry any astil- 
wode or fagotts for sale from the Beck to the town with their 
carts but only on sledds, and not to have more sledds for one 
hand to fill than one : and not to carry any astilwoode or fagots 
with sledds to the '*hye brig" in gross, and afterwards into the 
town in their carts : and not to place them in caches (**catcheys") 
until the bellman comes from North Bar to High Bridge. 

1494. To have a solemn Mass at the Friars Preachers on 
Sunday after the Assumption and to give a shilling for the same 
to the Friars. 


/. 79. 1485. Their Play the ** Redemption of Adam and 
Eve, called le Coke Pageant." 

** Those who sell certain things belonging to the Cooks craft 
as the Pye-bakers, Pasty-bakers, Flaune-bakers, and Chese cake 
makers to pay yearly 6d., and Otemele makers 4d., and the Dyner 
makers 2^." 


1491, 20 May. Pageant of the Resurrection of Lazarus. 

A wax candle of 1/&. before the image of the Lord lying in 
the sepulchre in St. Nicholas' Church. 

Every hired man .called journejmaan who occupies the said 
craft shall render his account, viz. in water-mill, wind-mill, or 
horse-mill. Every miller who for 14 days works in *'billyng 
or layng " to pay 4:d. 


One more specimen is given of these ordinances, which is un- 
doubtedly the creation by the 12 Keepers of a new Craft Guild, viz. 
that of the Drapers, who had hitherto formed part of the first and 
chief Guild, the Mercers. 


It clearly shows that the distinguishing marks of a separate Graft 
or Guild was the having a separate light in a church, a separate 
castle at the Kogation Procession, and a separate scene or pageant 
at the Corpus Christi Play. 

Ordinatio Pannariorum. 

/. 25. h. 1493. *'In the Fest of Saynt Marc the Evaungelist in 
the yer§ of our Lorde God m**cccc®lxxxxiij°, Itt is agreyd by 
all the commynaltie of the Towne of Beverley 

That the Drapers shall have a confraternite emong thame self, 
and a Castell as other crafts hafe. And att {sic) thai shall be ordande 
and statute by the xij Governors that day chosyn and elect, that 
is for to say by Adam Newcombe, John Kowmthwayte, John 
Cokk, Thomas Jakson, William Blakden, Hugh Leversall, John 
Nuttall, Henry Sawnderson, John Kyrkby, and Robert Elys, and 
ther felawse. 

And thus it is ordaned and statut, And by the assent and con- 
sent of all the Aldermen of thys towne fully concludyd and here 
registerd, that in worship of God and of our Lady and Saynt 
John of Beverley yerly on Cross Monday the sayde drapers shall 
have a castell honestly coverd as other crafts hafe, sette 
by twyx the castell of the merchaunts and the castell of wryghts, 
And that day after the processyon thai shall go nextt after the 
merchaunts, and so att the afternone shall ryde. 

And what Alderman of the towne of Beverley that be found 
rebell agayns this ordynaunce shall forfett to the Gylde Hall 
xxs. And what Burges of Beverley so ever he be that is fownd 
rebell or contrary agayns this ordynaunce shall forfytt to ye 
Gylde Hall vjs. viijrf." 

The full ordinances in Latin of the same date are given on/. 81. 

Their wax candle is to be at St. Mary's before the image of St. 
Michael Archangel. 

The Play, *' Demyng Pylate," i.e. the Judgment of Pilate. 

'* These great costs and charges are now newly charged on the 
said Drapers, where before they had no such charges: and 
therefore it is considered by the said Twelve Governors and the 
said Alderman and by them granted, that the said Drapers who 
now are and shall be in the future may make gaiters (** caligas ") 
and keep apprentices and servants sewing in their shops, without 
any hindrance, or payment of any contribution to the craft of the 
Tailors (**cissorum"), as was anciently registered in the Guild 

Their election day is to be Tuesday in Rogation week and 
they are to have two *'Pryme Gilds," viz., S. John the Evange- 
list's day at Christmas and Second Sunday after Easter, 

Every one, burgess or not, newly occupying the buying and 
selling of cloth by retail in his open shop, to pay for the "upsett" 



Every one selling cloth in a shop by retail to the value of 4 
inarks in the year, not in the Drapers' livery, to contribute 2a. 4rf. 
a year. 

Every one keeping open shop for retail, and not a burgess and 
brother, and able to be so but not willing to become such, to pay 
38. 4d. a year to the town, and 3«. 4d. to the craft. 

To elect two searchers to scrutinize " le yerd- wands " and other 
defects or injuries to the craft of Drapers. 

1494, 6 Dec. Order between Drapers and Tailors. A certain 
great altercation and matter of discord is referred to the award 
of the Twelve Governors. 

Every tailor buying and selling cloth by retail beyond 4 maiks 
a year to pay 2s. 4rf. to the Drapers, but their apprentices and 
servants to be free to occupy the craft of drapers under their 
masters without further payment. 

The Drapers to be at liberty to make gaiters ( ** caligas "), 
women's boots and "le soles" without contributing to the 
Tailors, but if they make any other clothes to pay 2s. a year : 
their apprentices and servants to be able to fit and sew without 
any payments. 


/. 1. The first leaf is nearly all torn away. It begins **In festo 
S. Marci Evangelistae A.D. 1436. Th. Kogerus," and records 
the election of the Twelve Keepers or Governors of the community 
of the town: the Common Clerk, John Thorn ; Common Sergeant 
("sergiens"), William Sylbur: and four "coUectores Pariagii" for a 
year. The back of it contains a mutilated entry as to the election 
of two Waits ("spiculatoribus") for a year at 408. and the delivery 
to them of two silver shields, with sureties for their safe custody 
and re-delivery. 

/. 2, and apparently several more pages, cut away. 

/. 3. "Nominantur pro sagittariis. Extra barras boriales. 
Ista billa liberatur David Chambir et sociis suis." 

Then follows a list of 33 names, headed by David Chambir, 
and opposite the last two in the margin is written **Willelmus 
Warner, Sagittarius." Below that, **r(ecepta) summa 20«"; in the 
margin a crosswith **sol(uta)." Below the recepta is **Will. Warner 
sagittar'." Warner's name does not appear among the 33 names. 
It would appear that the list is that of those who were to contribute 
to Warner's wages, and he receipts it at the foot. 

**Infra Barras Boriales. Ista billa liberatur Willelmo Lincoln 
et sociis suis." Then follows a list of 40 names, which do not 
include William Lincoln. Opposite the names are placed various 
sums varjdng from 12cZ. to 2rf., including 4rf. against the name of 
William Warner. The sum is 208. and that is entered as paid to 
John Ostiller, Sagittarius, whose name appears in the list, first 


as John Hostiller, crossed ont, and then as John Ostiller, eontri- 
bating Sd. His name appears again at the end as Joh. Ostfller, 
Sagittarius : with a cross and "soKuta]'' in the margin. 

Similar lists follow under the headings of the names of other 
streets or wards; each paying 20». and some showing ihe 
particulars, some not. The numbers are as follows : — 

North Bar without 33 

North Bar within 40 

Walkergate 36 

Cormnarket 35 

HighgateC'AltaVia") - - - - 50 

Lathgate 41 

Fischmarkett 44 

Keldegat Archiepiscopi - - - - 31 

Feodum Praepositurae in Eeldegat - - 23 ) 

Feodum Praepositurae in Norwode - - 18 j 

Flemmynggate 73 

Barlyholm 41 

Feodum Praepositurae at Beck (Torrentem) - 38 ) 

Cum feodo Capituli (at Beck) - - - 22 J 


Those bracketed together contribute together for a single archer. 

(The main numbering of the book begins here.) 

/. 1. X die Jul a** xiiij°*° Henrici Sexti. Transgressio 

Will. Gelle, fischer, foris stallavit ij salmones de ij extraneis 
incognitis die Sabbati per tres ebdomadas elapsas ultimo 
praeterito ante dictum diem, in praejudicium communitaids at 
in deceptionem communis populi. Qui venit et submisit se in 
gratiam viij custodum quinto die Octobris, et habet diem Veneris 
proximum in xiiij dies ad concordandum cum dictis custodibus 
pro dicta transgressioue et iiij aliis transgressioneibus super 
ipsum ut infra, praesentatis : pro quibus transgressionibus 
exposuit ii}8. iiijd, : et condonatur graciose quia pauper, et quia in 
futurum in consimilibus transgressionibus versus communitatem 
non transgrediatur. 

Johannes Fery, corvesour, fecit fidei securitatem Johanni 
Sleforth et sociis suis custodibus anni instantis xvj die Julii 
fideliter solvendi Johanni Cossy ad festa Assumptionis Beatae 
Marie Virginis et Michaelis, aequaliter, xs. vid. Soluti xs. vjd. 

Idem Johannes Fery fecit fidei securitatem praedictis custodibus 
dicto die fideliter solvendi Thomae White, draper, in festo Natalis 
Domini proximo futuro post dictum diem, iijs. iiijd, Soluti 
iii«. iiijcZ. 

Judicium inter Thomam White et Johannem Smyth, 
lymbrenner {lime-humer) : — 

Thomas Skipwith, Johannes Sleforth, Johannes Gouton, 
Willelmus Kirkeby, Kicardus Cokyrham, Willelmus Northopp, 
Johannes Bavwme, et Johannes Cokke, ordinaverunt et simol 


adjudicaverunt prsedicto die et anno quod si Johannes Smyth, 
lymbrenner, sepem ThomsB White juxta terram mansionis su8b 
in fnlurum succiderit sive prostemerit (sic), et super ipsum 
Johannem legitime probari et verificari poterit, extunc qualibet 
vice qua reus inventus sit sol vet ad usum communitatis iijs. iiiid. 

Tolnetum apud Neuton Garths. Johannes Kis de Paule 
attachiavit Henricum Tasker pro j horssche, pro tolneto Sanctae 
MarisB Magdalenae vocato Maudelyngarth juxta Hedon, injuste. 

viii® die Augusti. Transgressio. Patricius Knyght attachiatur 
pro V equis captis in loco Common Averys ante diem Nativitatis 
Beatse Marise Virginis registratum et assignatum per assensum 
totius communitatis, pro qua transgressione submisit se in gratiam 
xij custoduQi et exposuit iijs. iiijd. Inde recepti xijd., et residuum 
condonatur graciose sub conditione quod amodo non faciet. 
Kecepti xijd. 

Transgressio. Willelmus Benteley attachiatur pro iiij equis 
captis in le Common Averys, supra, contra ordinationem prsedictam. 
Qui venit et posuit se in gratiam communitatis, et exposuit xxd. 
Inde recepti viijd., et residuum condonatur sub conditione qua 
supra. Todde, laborer, attachiatur pro j equo capto, ut supra, et 
non est burgensis, contra ordinationem praedictam. Kecepti viijd. 

/. 1. 6. Ricardus Forster, harbour, non burgensis, attachiatur 
pro j equo capto ut supra. Pro qua transgressione submisit se in 
gratiam, et exposuit xxd. quia pauper. Inde recepti viijd. et 
residuum condonatur sub conditione quod amodo non faciet. 

Johannes Hardy, corvesour, attachiatur etc. [same as last entry, 
only the sums are 12d. and 4d, : the fine of a burgess being less] • 

Willelmus Wedirby attachiatur pro iij equis (ut supra), et 
reliberantur per plegium Ricardi Hyndclay : pro qua transgressione 
habet diem Martis proximum ad exponendum in gratiam iija. 
Inde recepti vjd. et residuum [etc.] 

Thirteen others are similarly fined for the like offence. 

/, 2. b. Nominantur pro armatis inveniendis versus Scotiam 
xvi° die mensis Augusti anno xiiij°*° regni Regis Henrici VI. 

Thomas Mayne 

Willelmus Lorymer, mercer - 

Adam Oughtibrig - 

Ricardus Weton 

Robertus Jakson - 


Margareta Tirwhit- 


John Reddesham 

Willelmus Wellys de Keldgate 

Ricardus Jamys 

Thomas Barker 

Thomas Poynton 

[and so with five other "armed men" ; each lot of three or four 
Grovemors with about half a dozen to ten others find one between 


y. 3. ** Sagittarii assigiiati ad homines armatos." The twelve 
archers whose names were given in the former list are assigned 
by couples to each of the six armed men. 

*' Solutiones constabulariarmn ad sagittarios assignatos." 
The names of the 12 archers, and the 12 constabularies to which 
they are respectively assigned, are given. It is added, " Sciendum 
quod quilibet prsedictorum sagittariorum recipit pro se de qualibet 
constabularia superius specificata, ut patet per billas inferius 
scriptas, xs." The * billae ' are those before given. It would seem 
that the pages have been bound up out of order. 

/. 3. b. **Liberatio armatursB communitatis. 

Koger EoUeston habet ij paria vambrace, j par rerbrace et j par 
poleyns. Thomas Fleteham habet j loricam communitatis, Will. 
Petons habet de xij Gubematoribus extra Aulam j basenet, j brest- 
plate, j par vawmbrace, j par rerbrace et j par seroticarum. Edward 
Lamb habet, j basenet, j par serotecarum, j brestplate, et j par 
poleyns. Kobert Kasyn habet j brestplate, j par rerbrace, et j par 
serotecarum, pertinentes communitati, et j polax. Johannes 
Colton habet j par serotecarum, j par vawmbrace, et j par 
rerbrace, j par poleyns, j basenet, et j brestplate. Willelmus 
Kelk habet j basnet, j brestplate, j par serotecarum, j par 
vawmbrace, et j par rerbrace." 

All the entries are scratched through, and "quia reliberantur " 
written in the margin, except that of Roger RoUeston. Kelk's 
name is not in the list of armed men or of archers : Thomas 
Fleteham is one of Petons' archers ; the rest are the ** armed 

**Liberatio equorum appreciatorum. 

j equus Willelmi Walleys, pretii xvjs., liberatus ThomaB 
Fleteham, sagittario, sine sella. 

j equus Elizabeth Bolys, pretii xijs., liberatus Willelmo Warner, 
sagittario, sine sella. 

j equus Johannis Sixhill, pretii xxs., liberatus Johanni Brereton, 
sagittario, sine sella. 

j equus Randolphi Scotyr, pretii xviii«., liberatus Eogero Eose, 
famulo Rogeri RoUeston, sine sella. 

j equus Roberti Poumfret, sine sella, pretii x]«., liberatus 
ThomsB Lumbard. 

j equus Ricardi Vyolf, cum sella et freno, pretii xx«., liberatus 
Johanni Colton. 

j equus Roberti Kokke, pretii xxs., liberatus Briano Holm et 
Edmundo Lund pro cariagio suo. 

Sursum redditio officii Pastoris de Westwode. 

Nicholaus Bird venit hie coram Rogero RoUeston, Thoma 
Skipwith, Thoma White et sociis suis, septem custodibus viUae 
Beverlaci, xvj® die Augusti, et sursum reddit officium suum pastoris 
de Westwode, quia oonvenit cum Willelmo Petons, Armato, ad 


equitandum cum eodem Willelmo versus Scotiam. Qui quidem 
Nicholaus xxj® die Augusti disoneratus est de officio praedicto, 
per assensum viij de Custodibus prsedicto die simul In gilda aula 
existentibus, Kogero Eolleston, Johanne Colton, Kicardo Cokerham, 
et Johanne Cokke, tunc absentibus." 

Various fines for trespass of cattle in the Common Averys. 

/. 4 h. **Radulfus Ward habuit j equum in Comon Averys in 
crofto vocato Bisschopscroft contra ordinationem, et sciendum 
quod dictus equus fuit in dicto crofto per spatium xi dierum ad 
minus. Ideo consideratum quod dicta poena (sic) ceperunt. 

Die Martis, xj° die Septembris anno xv*"® regni Eegis Henrici 
Sexti, Thomas Lumbard de Beverlaco venit coram Eogero 
Eolleston etc. (xij custodibus) et recognovit se debere 10/.," and 
gave security for payment. 

Poena versus carnifices. (12 butchers.) 

"Thomas Penreth, Thomas Eddilston, Nicholaus Masseharn, 
Walter Boyton, Thomas Lawe, Johannes Person, Ricardus VyoU, 
Eadulphus Abraham, Johannes Danby, Peter Spaldyng, Thomas 
Fleteham, Robertus Newebald, jurati sunt quod si aliquis eorum 
in futuro ponat scame (sic), sanguinem, seu aliquid aliud cor- 
ruptum in publicis stratis, seu Walkerbek, seu in communibus 
seweris villse Beverlaci, seu in aliis locis publicis, praeterquam 
per xij Custodes assignati fuerunt, quod extunc quilibet eorum sic 
delinquens solvat ad usum communitatis xls. sine pardonatione 


/. 5 b, "Johannes Hornse, Eobert Thonham, pro se et xvj aliis, 
nominatis in j cedula, submiserunt se awardo et judicio Roberti 
Hoppell et Willelmi Rayner, yoman, pro parte dictorum queren- 
tium electorum ; et Henricus Abbott, defendens, hie praesens, 
submisit se awardo et judicio Johannis Newer et Nicholai 
Masseham arbitrorum electorum pro parte defendentis, ita quod 
prsBdicti arbitri finalem finem facient inter partes praedictas die 
dominica proxima post datum praBsentium de omnibus actionibus 
inter partes pendentibus. 

Dat xxviii°- die mensis Septembris anno xv^- regni Eegis 
Henrici Sexti. 

Ad curiam Domini Archiepiscopi [blank in MS.'] die Septem- 
bris anno xv"*""* regni Regis Henrici Sexti. 

Ponderacio Panis. 

Johannes Cokke, baxter, habuit j panem album 
deficientem in pondere . - - . - ij^. ^jd. 

Idem Johannes habuit j alium panem album 
quadrantis deficientem in pondere - - - ija. 

Fin. iiijrf. [This applies to each of the two above mentioned.] 


Will Brown, barter habait [etc.. as above] - i]«. vjd. 
Idem Willelmos habnit j. alinm panem [etc.] ij«. 

Idem Willelmus habnit j panem integrom [etc.] iii]«. 

(ditto) (ditto) - - iiii«. 

Boger Eedall habnit j panem album [etc.] - iiij^., 

(5 times) ij«., iiij«., i]«., ii]«., injd. 

Idem Bogerus habnit j panem integrum qnad- 
rantis deficientem in pondere - - - - iiij«. 

(ditto) (ditto) - - iiij«. 

Idem Rogems habnit j symnell [etc.] - - iij«. viijd. 

Fin. viijd. [This applies to each of the bakers mentioned.] 

Bicardus Malery habuit j panem album [etc.! iiij«. 

Idem Bicardus etc. (4 times) ij«., xvijrf., ij«. xxd. 

Fin. iiijd. 

Bicardus Groos habet [sk'] [etc.] - - - xxrf. 

Willelmus Burdon habuit panem nigrum [etc.] ij«., 

(4 times) ijs., iiij^., ii]«. iiijd. 

Et sciendum quod panes supradicti ponderati fuerunt ad 
quarterium frumenti ad iiija. vjd. 

£t super hoc praeceptum est dictis pistoribus ad pistorandum 
secundum pretium quarterii frumenti ad summam prssdictam. 

/. 6. XX die Octobris anno xv** regni Begis Henrici VI. 

Trans [gressio] pardonatur. Nota. 

Johannes Ostiller emebat j sem piscium maretimorum, 
videlicet codlyng et kelyng, de Thoma Baxter de Paule in 
praejudicium et forestallationem (etc.) in grave dampnum 
totius communitatis etc. 

Qui venit et disoneratus fuit per jm-atum suum etc. 


Johannes White \ Walkers, jurati sunt supervisores et 
!■ scrutatores artis praBdictse pro anno 
Willelmus Hyndeley ) futuro, xxiiij die Octobris. 

xxv die Octobris. 
Transgressio Sd. 

Johannes Dameson, listeter, vel servientes ejus projecerunt 
fimum {et cineres struck out) in Walkerbek contra ordinationem, 
et poena iij«. iiijrf. Pro qua transgressione submisit se (etc.) 
Inde recepti iijrf. ad usum communitatis, et \d. liberatus Willelmo 
Warner pro prsBsentatione ejusdem transgressionis. 

Johannes Payn attachiatur pro xiij bidentibus captis in le Averys 
contra ordinationem, etc. et pardonatur pro modica transgressione. 

Petrus Spaldyng attachiatur pro xj bidentibus. (Fine ijd.) 


Robertus Newebald,attachiatur pro xiij bidentibus ut supra, etc. ; 
transgressio pardonatur, quia juravit quod capti per ascappum]. 

Uxor Bicardi Malery projecit exitus bourn in Walkerbek post 
proclamationem, et poenam iijs. uijd. ; pro qua (etc., fine 3d.) 

Elena Waldeby projecit exitus bourn et sanguinem in alta via 
sive in communi venella juxta domum mansionis suae vocata 
Schomarketlane, contra ordinationem et poenam prsedictam. 

Johannes Bawme et Eicardus Cokerham ordinati sunt super- 
visores Fagottariorum de Westwode hoc anno, capiendo pro labore 
suo X8. de denariis communitatis. 

vj die Novembris. 

f, 6 b. Famulus Willelmi Wellys, vyntner, succidit quercus 
vocatos saplyngs in Westwode, pro qua [etc.] et habet diem Veneris 
proximum ad exponendum poenam iiJ8. m.]d. 

Johannes Payne et Ricardus Kirkeby, jurati Fagottarii in West- 
wode pro anno futuro, et quod habeant nullum Berhoongs {sic). 

Johannes [Dameson], littester, juxta Cukstolpit, projecit et 
lavavit exitus boum in Walkerbek contra ordinationem et poenam 
iijs. iiijd., pro qua [etc.] \i\d, ad usum communitatis et jrf. 
Willelmi Warner, prsesentarii dictae transgressionis. 

Nota bene caiiatoriim jagottarum. 

Willelmus Silver retentus est cum communitate communis 
cariator fagottarum de Westwode pro anno futuro, capiendo pro 
qualibet carecta usque Crossebrig, iiijd. et ulterius usque Monas- 
terium, Keldgate, et Mynstermoregat, iiijd. ob. ; et ultra in Flemyn- 
gate, Barlyholme et le Bekside usque ad altum pontem, vd, 

Scrutatores piscimn et aliorum jurati, 

Jurati fuerunt scrutatores et super- 
visores piscium maritimorum, 
- carnium, et aliorum victualium 
venientium ad villam, et delectus 
fideliter praesentandos. 

Johannes Garnthorp - 
Willelmus Warner, Taylour 

Plegia piv medietate cantance Johannis Kelk. 

Johannes Esthorp, capellanus, venit hie x die Novembris, et 
inducit Thomam Humbercott, gentilman, et Willelmum Esthorp, 
scherman ; qui quidem Thomas et Willelmus devenerunt plegia 
ipsius Johannis Esthorp tam pro reparatione raedietatis terrarum 
et tenementorum cantarige Johannis Kelk, quam pro solutione xxs. 
ad usum communitatis secundum formam indenturarum inter 
ipsum capellanum et communitatem factarum. 

/. 7. Taxatio secundae partis xv""*** et x"'*® Domino Eegi in 
ultimo parliameuto concessarum, solutarum ad festum Sancti 
Martini Episcopi anno xv^° dicti Regis Hefirici. 

Extra barras Boreales. 

Kadulphus Ward Juratus l Summa xija. iiijd. ob. 

David Chambir ,, 

Petrus Graybarn „ / 

(and 80 for each constableship, 2 constables and 4 sworn men.) 

The sums assessed were : — 

North Bar within 



Corn Market - 




Walkergate - 



Alta Via 



Fishmarket - 




Keldgat Abp. 









Flemyngate - 










Feod. Prsepos. 



Apudle Bek in Norwood - 








Feod. capitale 





/. 7 h. Willelmus Silvyr, communis sergiens, pro Margareta 
uxx^re sua submisit se in gratiam communitatis pro transgressione 
facta tam communitati quam Willemo Kepik, subulco, et uxori 
SU8B ; pro qua transgressione exposuit in gratiam, nomine xla., 
xxja. xd. Inde soluti dicto Willelmo Kepik pro damnis et expensis 
suis vija. vjci., et Waltero Dunham et Thomae Bridyng pro feodo 
curiae Domini attornatis ija. 

xxvij die Novembris. 

Praesentatum erat quod John Couke, baxter, hospitavit fru- 
mentum die Sabbati ultimo prsedicto contra ordinationem et 
poenam vja. viijd. pro qua (etc., fine 4d.) 

Uxor Willelmi lavavit etc. in Walkerbek (etc.) sed postea 
transgressio pardonatur quia probatum fuit per vicinos de 
Walkerbek quod non lavavit. 

Dimissio trium anteriorum schopparum et j posterioris in lez 
Dynges : (Lease for 40 years at 48s. 4d, a year.) 

Captio panis. 

Ad Gildam Aulam in vigilia Natalis Domini anno regi Begis 
Henrici vi® xv"*®. 


Boger Eedall haboit j Fewes, (sic) long, jd, deficient, in 
pondere. xzd. 

Idem haboit j alium Fewes, etc. (twice) iiijs. and vs. 

Et sciendum quod prsedicti panes ponderati fuerunt ad 
quarterium frumenti ad iiija. vjd. 

Sersours [Searchers]. 

Johannis Hornsea 
Robertus Thomham 

electi sunt scrutatores et supervisores 
artis Cissorum, et jurati sunt primo die 

Tonge. Johannes Goodsall, mercator, venit hie prsedicto die et 
sursum reddidit in manus communitatis communem pasturam de 
Tong erga festum Purificationis proximum, et solvit firmam 
ejusdem pasturaB xxv]«. viijrf. pro anno ultimo elapso. 

/. 8 b. Johannes Brigehouse, webster, pro rebellione et mjusta 
gubematione sua versus Aldermannum artis suae submisit se in 
gratiam xij Gubematorum, xviij** die Februarii, et exposuit iij«. iiijd. 
tam ad usum communitatis quam artis prsedictse, et transgressio 
pardonatur etc. sub conditione quod amodo in future non facturus. 

Supervisores. Johannes Bayledon et Willelmus Belasys electi 
sunt scrutatores et supervisores artis Textorum pro anno futuro ; 
et jurati sunt prsedicto die a° x™*" H. VI. 

Conditio obligationis inter Abbatem de Ryvaux et Marger- 
(etam) Tirwhit, Willelmum Sowleby de Beverlaco in comitatu 
Ebor, gentilman etc., et Thomam Davell de Beverlaco prsedicto, 
gentilman, in xx^* , 5 Mar. 15 H. VI. 

Conditio istius obligationis est quod si prsedicti Willelmus et 
Thomas et eorumque uterque stent et stet ordinationi et judicio 
xij Gubematorum, vel septem eorum, de quadam transgressione 
pro qua Abbas de Ryvaux prosequitur breve regium contra 
Margaretam Tyrwhitt et Willelmum Sowleby de Beverlaco, 
necnon de titulo, jure et possessione cujusdam ripse in qua dictus 
Abbas supponit transgressionem ipsam fieri, ita quod eorum 
judicium reddatur citra festum Paschse proximum, et uterque 
praedictorum Willelmi et Thomse prsedictum judicium per- 
impleant, quod extunc prsedicta obligatio pro nulla habeatur, 
alioquin in suo robore permaneat et virtute. 

Littera sub communi sigiUo. 

Una littera sub communi sigillo majoris folii liberata erat domino 
Henrico Grove, Sacristse ecclesise collegiatae sancti Johannis 
Beverlaci, pro declaratione innocentise j mulieris apud Lincoln 
pro suspicione felonise ibidem captse et incarceratae. E 
sciendum quod dictus dominus Henricus xxij die Martii anno 
supradicto pro dicta littera manucepit reliberari post festum 
Sancti Michaelis proximum. 

723 b. H 


Sursum redditio pasturce communitatis dictce Tonge ^^at Beck end.'' 

Willelmus Goodsall, famulus Agnetis Brompton, venit hie coram 
Eogero EoUeston et sociis suis xxij die Martii, et sursum reddit 
eisdem ad usum communitatis pasturam vocatam Tonge in fine 
Torrentis, nomine dictae Agnetis etc. 

Licentiata est Alicia Alkebarow prsedicto die ad promovendum 
communem legem versus Willelmum Warner, yoman. 

Johannes Person, corvesour, venit hie coram Custodibus anni 
instantis, et manucepit indictare Johannem Thomas de Swyne, 
barker, pro defectu in una pecia corii non sufficienter tannati : et 
quod habeat ipsum Johannem Thomas coram dictis Custodibus 
die Martis proxima in xiiij dies, ad expectandum gratiam dietorum 
Custodum in omnibus ordinationibus suis pro transgressione 
prsedicta. Qui quidem Thomas venit hie et submisit se in 
gratiam et exposuit vs. Inde reeepti vjd. [etc.] 

Johannes Fery, corvesour, pro defectu in j pecia corii non 
sufficienter tannati submisit se [etc.] Et idem Johannes dicit 
quod prsedicta pecia corii fuit Johannis Thomas, barker, qui venit 
[etc.] Inde reeepti vjrf. ad usum communitatis et vj**- ad usum 
artis Tannatorum, et residuum [etc.] 

Transgressio pard(matm\ 

Praesentatum erat de Johanne Ostiller quod ipse est communis 
foristallator piscium marinorum in Beverlaeo, et speeialiter de 
Symone Est de Halltham juxta Skipsee, ita [quod] ex conventione 
facta inter ipsos praefatus Johannes habebit liberationem piscium 
maritimorum per dictum Simonem apud Stanfery, Wannfery, et 
Weelfery, in grave dampnum et praejudicium communitatis, et 
deceptionem communis populi, etc. 

Conceditur caritative Johannae Cotom et Aliciae Douce duos 
lectos {sic) in le Masyndew apud Crossebrig. 

Famulus Thomae Bevyngton, barker, forisstallavit pelles 
bovium et vaccarum apud Hulbrigg contra legem [etc. fine ij*] 

f. 9 b. Dimissio iiij^ anteriorum schoppamm et j posterioris 
in lez Dynges, 

Eobertus Jakson de Beverlaeo, draper, de novo eepit de ix de 
xii Custodibus anni instantis, vj*^ die mensis Aprilis anno xv™^ 
regni Eegis Henrici VI, quatuor schoppas anteriores in australi 
parte dez Dynges in Beverlaeo et unam schoppam posteriorem 
ibidem ; unde una schoppa anterior et alia schoppa posterior 
die confectionis praesentium est sub tenura Johannis Cokke, 
draper, secunda schoppa sub tenura Willelmi Cokke, tertia 
schoppa sub tenura dicti Eoberti Jackson, et quarta schoppa 
sub tenura Eogeri Cokyrham, mercer. Habendum et 
tenendum [etc.] a festo Martini Episcopi in hyeme ultimo 
praeterito ad finem quadraginta annorum [rent 5s. 4d. 
of silver at Pentecost and Martinmas] . Et idem Eobertus Jakson 


et hsBredes sui post festum Nativ. Sancti Johannis Baptistse 
proxime futurum post datam praBfixam de novo competenter 
sedificabunt, seu aBdificabit, totam australem partem de les D^ges 
prasdictas cum una aula et duabus cameris. Et hoc ent per 
assensum et supervisum praBdictorum xij Custodum qui sunt, vel 
successorum suorum qui pro tempore fuerint. Ad quam quidem 
sedificationem idem Eobertus Jakson et haeredes sui invenient 
meremium et artificium ac omnia alia prasdictis aulae et 
cameris necessaria, suis propriis costagiis et expensis : et 
post aedificationem praedictarum aulas et camerarum, sic ut 
praemittitur, per ipsum Eobertum Jakson vel haeredes sues 
competenter finitarum, extunc xij Custodes sive Gubernatores 
villae praedictae qui pro tempore fuerint praedictas aulam et 
cameras ac omnes alias schoppas superius specificatas, in omnibus 
quibus oportunumfuerit reparabunt, sustentabunt et manutenebunt 
bene et competenter, sumptibus et expensis communitatis durante 
toto termino supradicto. 

Disoneratio hurgensue xixoris nuper RoheHi Lambard, laborer, et 
Jiliorum ejus. 

Memorandum quod uxor nuper Eoberti Lambard venit hie 
coram vij Custodibus, et sursum reddit totum proficuum burgensiae 
suae in pura viduitate sua pro disoneratione solutionis xs. com- 
munitati per ipsum Eobertum debitorum de arreragiis burgensiae 
suae. Et ulterius dicta vidua juravit quod filii ejus disonerantur 
de libertate sua virtute disonerationis dictorum xs. in futurum etc. 

Clares: Walterus Barbour habet clavem Johannis Sleforth. 
Thomas Swanland habet clavem Willelmi Northorpp. 

Memorandum quod Willelmus Jamys, thaylour, promisit solvere 
Custodibus anni sequentis in festo Natalis Domini proximo de 
arreragiis burgensiae suae, iijs. iiijd. 

/. 10. [Torn away.~\ 

/. 11. Porters et Crelers : Willelmus Kirkeman, Willelmus 
Wedirby, et Eicardus Blitton retenti sunt in officio portitorum et 
crelers pro anno future, et jurati sunt. 

Thomas Ulceby et Johannes Gilbert retenti sunt in officio de 
crelers pro anno future, et jurati sunt mode consueto. 

Thomas Garnthorp et Willelmus Warner, taylor, retenti sunt 
in officio supervisorum victualium venalium pro anno future, et 
jurati sunt. 

Raker: Willelmus Pape retentus est in officio scobatoris 
communis mercati pro anno future, et juratus. 

Naylers: Eob. Williamson {and 6 others) Naylers concordant 
cum Custodibus anni instantis in crastino Ascencionis Dominicae 
pro ijs. quia nesciunt declarare quot milliaria habuerunt. Ideo 
totum captum. 

Lectus apiid Crossebrig: Eobertus Waltham admissus est 
caritative ad unum lectum vacantem in dome Trinitatis apud 
Crossebrig et juratus est [etc.] xiij. die Maii. 


Fraesentatur de Boberto Potager et Johanne Ostiller quod ipsi 
insimul foristallaverunt vj . . . piscium maritimorum ij 
hominum de Scardeburgh, videlicet xij semes kelyngs, buttes, 
scates et aliorum piscium, die dominica post nonam proxima 
ante dies Bogationis ultimos praeteritos ante datam prsesentium, 
[ad] grave dampnum etc. Qui quidem Bobertus et Johannes 
venerunt et juraverunt quod nuUos pisces de dictis hominibus 
non (sic, a double negative) emerunt, et sic per juramentum 
suum recesserunt quieti, etc. 

PraBsentatum est de Willelmo Gelle quod ipse prsedictis diebus 
Bogationum foristallavit de j homine de Filay certas kelyngs 
modo prsemisso. 

/. 11 h. xxiiij® die mensis Maii anno xv™<> Henrici VI. Will. 
Barton, barker, attachiatur pro j equo capto in Westwode et 
reliberatur per plegium H. Tasker, et pardonatur sub conditions 
quod die Martis proximo veniet hie et inducet plegium pro 
burgensia sua. 

Adam Agodshalf de Burton, swynard, pro j equo capto in 
Westwode (etc., fine vjd.). 

Will Cokke pro j equo geldyng. Pardonatur quia juravit quod 
veniebat per escapium extra Walkyngton Wode. 

John Wallys pro serviente suo submisit se in gratiam pro 
eo quod ipse succidit ramos quercus in Westwode contra ordina- 
tionem, et juravit quod nescivit. Inde ideo disoneratur de trans- 

Serviens Bic. Vyoll, bocher, [the same is pardoned, as for a 
trivial fault] . 

Sewer. — Ordinatum est quod quilibet manens super seweram 
et Cukstolpitt usque Walkerbek mundabit partem suam post 
diem Veneris proximum in xiiij dies, sub poena cujuslibet in con- 
trarium facientis xijd^. 

Forestalling salmon, — Prsesentatum est ultimo die Maii anno 
supradicto quod Bobertus Skipsee emebat unum salmonen de j 
homine citra burghum, pro xd,, et revendidit communitati pro 
xxd. in regratura et grave dampnum communitatis et com- 
munis populi. (Fine 2d.) 

Stinking fish. — Item quod mater Johannis Ostiller, fischer, 
vendidit pisce[m] fetid [um] unius hominis de Kylnese. (Fine 2d.) 

ff. 12-13. Subscripti nominati assignati sunt pro sagittariis 
inveniendis versus Scotiam ultimo die Junii anno xv™** Henrici 

[The names given amount in number to : — 

33 Extra Barras Boriales 

42 Infra ,, „ 
35 Walkergate 

34 Commarket 
50 Alta Via 

43 Fischmarkett 


48 Lathgate 

80 Eeldegate Archiepiscopi 

22 Eeldegate PrsBpositursB 

18 Feodo PrsBpositursB in Norwode 

73 Flemmyngate 

41 Barliholm 

38 Feodo PraepositursB ad Torrentem 

22 „ Capituli 

Total 529] 

/. 14. Anno xv® regni Eegis Henrici VI. 

Joh. Tapping, baxter, venit hie ultimo die Junii, et fatetur 
ix de xii Custodibus, quod ipse emebat de Agnete Geer, vidua, 
dimidium quarterium frumenti die Sabbati ultimo prasterito 
ante diem prsescriptum, et dictum frumentum hospitabat dicto 
die contra ordinationem et poenam vjs. viijd. [pro qua etc. ; fine 

Scrutatoi'es Fahrorum : V**^ die Julii, John Dryng et Willelmus 
Smith de Keldegat. 

xij die Julii, Johannes Carter, potter, reprobavit Eadulphum 
Ebirstone, Aldermannum suum, verbis contumeliosis et inhones- 
tis, pro qua (etc.) habet diem Martis proximum. Idem Johannes 
habet dictum diem ad exponendum in gratiam xii Gubernatoribus 
xx«. eo quod ipse vendidit oUas ad lez Tynkelers et aliis hominibus 
contra ordinationem et poenam. Willelmus King, potter, fatetur 
dictam transgressionem et pardonatur quia pauper. 

Captio panis. Ad Gildam Aulam xxvj*^** die Julii a® xv^ r.r. 
H. VI. Eic. Ayer, baxter, habuit ij panes nigros, utrumque eorum 
de quadrante et deficientem in pondere utrumque eorum, 
iiij«. viijd. Et sciendum quod prsedicti panes ponderati fuerunt 
ad quarterium frumenti vjs. 

Dimissio. Sibbota, littester^ venit hie in Aula et cepit de 
viij Custodibus anni instantis unum tenementum communitatis 
extra barras boriales proximum juxta domus elemosinarias Beatas 
MariaB Virginis ibidem, ad finem quatuor annorum 
Eeddendo inde . . . viijs. Et communitas dictum tene- 
mentum reparabit. Dat. sexto die mensis Augusti a° r.r. 
H. VI. xV>- 

xx** die Aug. Thomas Lawe, Walterus Boyton, jurati sunt 
scrutatores artis Carnificum. 

/. 14 6. Taxatio iiij**® partis xv™*® et x'"*® solutse in festo 
S. MichfiBlis Archangeli anno xvj™® r.r. Henr. VI. (Same amounts 
as before.) 

f. 15. Famulus Thomse Hondisworth, glover, fugavit j equum 
magistri sui ultra foveam de Swynmore, xxvij® die Augusti, pro 
qua (etc. ; fine i}d.) 


Willelmus Esthorp, scherman, scidit dimidium pannum laneum 
magistri Thomse Skipewith non aquatum, ideo forisfecit ad 
Gildam Aulam xld., et arti de Schermannorum xld., pro qua 
transgressione summonitus erat ad respondendum tarn com- 
munitati quam arti praedictae sub poena vjd., et non venit. Qui 
venit xij die Novembris et exposuit vj«. viijd. Inde recepti ad 
usum communitatis xvjd. et ad usum artis xxd. [etc.] 

/. 16 b. Nich. Masham fugavit j carectam cum foeno ultra 
catenam apud Eastgate sine licentia. (Fine 4d.) 

j^ die Octobris licentiatus est Johannes Sesaa ad prosequendum 
legem versus Johannem Brereton. 

iiij^ die Octobris conceditur Eicardo Malery et sociis suis 
pistoribus villse Beverlaci quod pistorabunt panes venales ad 
x]8, quousque aliter eis prseceptum fuerit per vij Gubernatores 
anni instantis. 

Job. Barker, sporyour, fugavit j carectam ultra catenam pen- 
dentem in Eastgate super novo paviamento. (Fine ijd.) 

Eogerus Kedall reprobavit gubernationem xij Custodum in 
ponderatione panis ad Aulam domini Archiepiscopi, et dixit quod 
ubi ipsi ponderaverunt panes ad vs. vjd., deberent ponderare ad 

/. 17. Nicholas Brid receptus est ad officium subulci Beverlaci 
in festo Omnium Sanctorum ad festum S. Marci proximum 

Captio panis ad Gildam Aulam v^ die Nov. a° xvj r.r. H. VI. 
Ad quam diem Eicardus Malory habuit j 

panem album oboli, deficientem in 

pondere ------ ijs. vjd. 

Idem Eicardus habuit alium panem 

nigrum oboli, &c. (twice) - - - v«. and xxd. 

Will. Brown (twice) - - - - xxd. and ij«. vjd. 
Eogerus Kedall vs. 

Et sciendum quod panes supradicti ponderati fuerunt ad pre- 
tium quarterii frumenti ad xijs. 

Collector paviagii ad Torrentem, Eob. Grene, barber, electus 
est de novo ad officium Collectoris Paviagii ad Torrentem et 
juratus est xviij die Novembris. 

/. 17 b, Taxatio mediatae partis xv""*® at x™*® solutsB anno 
xyjmo regni Eegis H. VI. ad festum S. Martini Episcopi. 

[The sums are double those on/. 7. above.] 

/. 18. Pastura de Westwode. Willelmus Burton de Stock 
retentus est cum communitate ultimo die mensis Januarii a dicto 
die usque in festum S. Marci Evang. tunc proximum sequens, et 
juratus (etc.) quod faciat gappos circa dictam pasturam sufficienter, 
et quod fideliter praesentet defectus et transgressiones factos tarn 
per burgenses quam per alios; et invenit plegia Johannem 
Bellysore, barker, et Thomam Braddok, webster. 


Dimissio Thoralis Calcis viii. Ultimo die Feb. [Patrick Knight 
surrenders the quicklime-kihi and quarry thereto belonging. 
Leased again for 4 years at 40/- a yeart] 

iiij^ die Martii 1437, Joh. Kirkeby de MoUescroft posuit in 
Parrok Ix bidentes contra ordinationem. Fine 2(W. (full fine 2d. 
a bident.) 

Dimissio medietatis venellae juxta Briddal myddyng (let at 
rent of 6d. a year). 

Ric. Clifton, webster, pro defectu artificii sui invento in 
medietate j panni lanei Ric. Halytreholm, barber, submisit se in 
gratiam pro dicta transgressione, et habet diem Martis proximum 
ad exponendum vj«. viijrf. ad usum communitatis et artis 

Johannes Briggehous, webster, pro defectu artificii sui invento 
in medietate alterius panni lanei Aliciae Marshall, nuper uxoris 
Ric. Marshall, mercer, submisit se in gratiam (etc. ut supra). 
Et fullones Beverlaci noluerunt operare dictum pannum quia 
non erat habilis : ideo ipse Johannes Burgeys posuit dictum 
pannum ad unum fullonem patriae in deceptionem et defrauda- 
tionem communis populi etc. Et summa prsedicta remanet in 
communi bursa quousque xij Custodes inde melius avisiantur. 
Inde recepti xxcZ. xviii** die Aprilis, et residuum condonatur 
graciose sub conditione qua supra, quod amodo non faciet. 

Ponderatio panis ad curiam domini Archiepiscopi ultimo die 
Martii anno xvj"'^ r.r. Henrici VI. 


iiijd. Will Brown habuit j wastell long oboli 

deficientem in pondere xxrf. 

iiijd. Idem (do.) j alium wastell (ditto) xxd. 

iijd. „ „ j panem album „ xijcZ. 

vjd. Ric Goos habuit j wastell long (etc.) xiiijrf. 

vjd. Rog. Kedall ,, j panem album ijs. viijd. 

iijd. Idem ,, „ xviijrf. 

iijd. Idem „ „ xijd, 

iijd. Joh. West „ „ xijd. 

iijd. Ric. Malery „ ,, xijd. 

Secundum pretium frumenti prsBdicta 

pondera fuerunt ad xiij«. yjd. 

Quarto die Aprilis anno supradicto Rob. Halytreholm monitus 
est ad exponendum in gratiam xij Custodum die Martis proximo 
futuroxls.; pro eo quod ipse prsesentavit nomina Willelmi Spenser, 
Walteri Barbour, Stephani Tilson, Nicholai Brompton, ThomsB 
Neweburgh, et aliorum burgensium villse Beverlaci in curia 
domini Archiepiscopi pro fimario posito in Aldegat ; per quam 
prsBsentationem ipsi indictati existunt, [in] grave dampnum 
partium praBdictarum et praejudicium totius communitatis. 

*^' Kc.^Baty^^^^^^'^t^®^^*®^^' ^^^j° ^^^ Aprilis, electi, scrutatores. 

Dimissio communis pastime de Tong. John Ousterby, mar- 
chaunt, takes ''communem pasturam communitatis vocatam le 

commanis cistae 


Tong prout jacet ad finem torrentis Beverlaci,*' for 2 years ; rent 
xxvj«. viijrf.; he to repair **ripas et foveas'*: the community to 
have '' proficuum omnium salicium." 

Electio. 15 names, including '* Magister Thomas Driffield," of 
whom 12 marked ** juratus." 

Clares. Johannes Shipworth habet clavem 
Walteri Barbour 

Will Lorymer do. Th. Swanland 

/. 19 b. 1438. Kymvaldgraves. Conceditur caritative con- 
fratribus et sororibus de Kynwaldgravys, et licenciatur eisdem, 
habere x vaccas et j taurum ad pasturandum infra pasturam de 
Westwode pro hoc anno tantum, et nuUos porcos. 

Collectores paviagii. Eob. Earkeham retentus est in officium 
coUectoris Paviagii ad Kelgat-barre, et juratus est, et habet 

Eic. Eichemong et Will. Barras boriales 

Grene inNorwode 

Eob. Grene ad Torrentem et habet pixidem. 

Belman. Job. Eidjmgs retentus est in officium communis 
campanarii pro anno futuro, et juratus est modo consueto. 

Raker. Will Pape retentus (etc.) mundatoris et scobatoris 
communis mercati. 

Five of the Twelve Governors '' habent claves communis cistsB 
in Thesauraria." 

Joh. Thorn retentus [etc.] communis clerici. 

W. Silver „ ,, sergientis. 

Pastores. Johannes Eidynges retentus est in officium Pastoris 
de Swynmore pro anno futuro et juratus. 

Thomas Arows retentus est cum communitate in officium 
Pastoris de Fegang pro anno futuro, et jm-atus est quod bene 
et fideliter custodiet animalia communitatis sibi liberata, et 
pro eis respondebit per plegia Philippi de Thome et Eoberti 
Belton, harbour, etc. 

Et ordinatum est ij*® die Maii anno xvj'"® r.r. Henrici sexti 
per assensum ix de xij Custodibus infra Gildam Aulam 
existentium quod si uterque prsedictorum Pastorum recipiat 
animalia communitatis Beverlaci in pasturis praedictis nisi tantum 
recipiat, et uterque eorum per se recipiat, pro quolibet animali ijd., 
extunc ipsi vel ipse qui contra banc ordinationem prsesumpserit 
{sic) solvant sen solvat pro quolibet animali infra dictam pasturam 
invento per Custodes prsedictos xijrf. ad usum communitatis, sine 
pardonatione aliquali. 

/. 20 b. Spiculatores. Willelmus Johnson, Symon Herforth, 
et Johannes Wardelowe retenti cum communitate in officium 
Spiculatorum Beverlaci xiij die Maii anno supradicto, usque 
festum S. MarciEvang. proximum futurum, capiendo nomine salaiii 
sui de denariis communitatis xxxvjs. viij^Z., et quod quilibet dic- 
torum Spiculatorum habebit j scutum de communitate, et jurati 
sunt quod serviant communitati in officio suo prsBScripto usque 


festum S. Marci sapradictum eie. Et liberantur prsedictis Johanni 
Wardelow et Willelmo Johnson, Spicolatoribus, ij scutd commu- 
nitatis argentei per plegiam Johannis Colton, yoman, prsesentis, 
et Nicholai Brompton absentds. Postea Symon Herforth supra- 
dictos devillavit ; pro quo dicti Spiculatores habent j puerum 
loco dicti Symonis, pro quo puero allocabitur pro labore suo v]«. 
viijd. usque festum S. Marci proximum. Et sic dicti Spiculatores 
habuerunt pro se et puero suo hoc anno tantum xxxiijs. iijd. 

Nicholas Bird retentus est in officium subulci Beverlaci pro 
anno futuro modo consueto, et juratus est. 

Die Veneris ij** die Maii.anno supradicto Nicholas Brompton et 
Bicardus Halitreholm electi sunt et ordinati supervisores 
defectuum pasturae de Fegang pro anno futuro, et ordinati sunt 
appreciatores bonorum ad Torrentem provenientium hoc anno (etc.) 

Bobertus Jakson et Bicardus Gosyn electi sunt supervisores 
defectuum pastursB de Swynmore (etc.) 

Johannes Skipwith et Willelmus Lyncoln ordinati sunt super- 
visores pavamenti Beverlaci, et defectus corrigendi etc. 

Johannes Bewme et Walterus Middleton ordinati sunt super- 
visores reparationis cantarias Johannis Ake apud Crossebrig hoc 
anno. {The last named 8 were Governors,) 

Dimissio croffti extra Bai^, Boiial. Bic. Biale and John Danby, 
barber, take a croft belongiag to the Gild of S. John of Beverley 
for a year. Bent 20s. Governors to have free access to "les 
gravel pitts " to bake clay (** argillo '*)• 

Naylers. — John Grene, William Pees and 4 others, naylers, 
"concordant cum Custodibus anni instantis in crastino Ascen- 
sionis Domini pro ijs. vjd., quia nesciunt declarare quot milliaria 
habuerunt ; ideo totum captum." [This is in eJBFect a regular pay- 
ment made by the Naylers for pavage instead of so much a 
thousand of nails made or sold at the fairs.] 

/. 21. Crelers. — Th. Ulceby, Bic. Blyton ordinati sunt 
cariatores rerum venalium ad Torrentem, et jurati sunt pro anno 
futuro quod bene et fideliter mensurabunt et cariabunt omnia 
ibidem venientia etc. et quod habeant saccos et creles ad servien- 
dum communitati etc. 

/. 21 b. Ponderatio panis. Ad curiam domini Archiepis- 
copi X die Junii a® xvj'"*' H. VI. 

Willemus Brown, baxter, habuit panem 
album, oboli, deficien 

Misericordia in 
onmibus viijd. 


Boger Kedall 

tem in pondere - 
ditto ditto 

ditto ditto 

Bichard Malery 
Idem Bich 


ditto ditto 

habuit j. ditto ditto 

,, „ ij. ditto uterque 

,, „ ; alium panem ditto 

panes supradicti ponderati fuerun 

secundum pretium frumenti ad 








iij Julii. Eobertus Barton, taylour, pro defectu in j toga 
mulieris per supervisores artis cissorum prsesentatus, submisit se 
(etc.) (Fine 3d. and 3d. to craft.) 

Eicardus Gilmyn, husband [man] , posuit j bovieulum ij 
annorum per spatium ij annorum infra pasturam de Westwode 
contra ordinationem. Exposuit iijs. iiijd. (Fine vjd.) 

/. 22. Lectus in Masyndew. Johanna Eobynson nuper 
commorans in Estlyngton admissa est caritative ad unum lectum 
infra domum sanctae Trinitatis apud Crossebrig, et jurata est 
xxviij° die Aug. anno supradicto. 

Transgressio : recepti xijd. Alicia Barbour, vidua, pro j equo 
capto in le Averys (etc.) quia multum transgressa fuit versus 
communitatem in falcatione herbagii communis fovese in Spay 
Dyk sine licentia, ideo totum captum ad prsesens etc;- 

Lectus. Joh. Eatheby to ** Domus S. Trinitatis, xxij® die 

/. 22 b. Taxatio secundae medietatis xv™»® et x™*® anno 
xvij® r.r. Henrici VI. [The same sums as last time.] 

/. 23. Admissio capellani. xij Septembris. Johannes Walkyng- 
ton, capellanus, admissus est unus capellanorum cantarisB Johannis 
Kelke in omnibus sicut W. Holme capellanus nuper habuit ; et 
pro onere et reparacione medietatis terrarum et tenementorum 
praedictsB cantariae devenerunt plegiis (sic) et manucaptores 
\_four named] coram ix de xij Custodibus, etc. 

Supervisores de Westwode. Eob. Jakson et W. Pengcok 
ordinati sunt supervisores fagottarum de Westwode hoc anno. 

Hugo Batirby 
Eicardus Kirkeby 


jurati sunt ad faciendum fagottas de 
Westwode fideliter hoc anno, et habebunt 
nullam berharnes, et ad illud officium 
(etc.) jurati sunt. 

Plegii Johannis Esthorpp, capellani. J. Esthorp, capellanus, 
venit hie coram vij de xij Custodibus xv die Novembris, etinducit 
Joh. Barbour, capellanum cantariae capellae de Hulbrig, et W. 
Esthorp, qui quidem devenerunt plegii et manucaptores dicti 
J. Esthorp tam pro reparacione medietatis cantariaB Johannis 
Kelke quam pro solucione xxs. ad usum communitatis ad terminos 
usuales, secundum formam indenturae inter ipsum (etc.) et 
communitatem factae. 

[Hitherto copious extracts and often the whole entries have 
been given. As the rest of the volume is mainly a repetition of 
the same kind of entries, only those having some novelty or 
specially noticeable are hereafter selected.] 

/. 23 b. Eichardus Langham, sadiller, venit hie coram Thoma 
Mayn et viij aliis dictorum xij Custodum penultimo die Januarii et 


submisit (etc.)) eo quod ipse fecit rescussum contra communem 
sergientem . . . facientem oflScium suum; pro qua transgres- 
sione habet diem Veneris in quindenam proxime futuram : . . . 

Robertus Downys, corvesour, praedicto die submisit (etc.) eo 
quod ipse consilium fratemitatis su8b illicite scandalizavit, contra 
ordinacionem . . . Postea probatum fuit quod non transgressus 
fuit : ideo ad praBsens sit inde quietus. 

/. 24. Ponderatio Panis. 15 Feb., 17 Henry VI. Price per 
quarter, 15^. *'Et omnes pistores habent in mandato quod pis- 
torabunt secundum quarterium frumenti ad xvjs. vjrf." 

St. Gelicroft let for 12 years for 4 marks a year. 

Eob. Jackson, draper, ''cepit desociissuis Custodibussuperius 
nominatis unam posteriorem schoppam in les Djmges supra quam 
sedificatum est unum Campanile " for 25 years at 4s., the Keepers 
to repair the Belltower. 

26 6. ''Memorandum de divisione tenementorum pertinen- 
tium cantariaB Johannis de Kelk xxvj® die Junii, A.D. 1489. 

" Pars Johannis Colman, capellani " : 2 crofts 12s. and 24s. 
a year, a grange, and 3 cottages in North Bar Without ; a cottage, 
2 tenements, and a dovecot on west side of the street ; 2 cottages 
in Couper lane, 3 cottages in Wodelane, 2 cottages in Lathgate, 
one in Fishmarket moregatelane, a tenement in Cornmarket, 
one in Smiths' row ("rangea Fabrorum'*) a waste piece in 
Shomarketlane, a stable in Podynglane; two rents from the 
Churchwardens of S. Mary's, one in Mercer's Eow. Total, 
£9 Os. 4d. Outgoings— To William Ledys, 13s. The Arch- 
bishop, 8s. 2^d. Executors of John EUicutt, 7^d. 

John Colman admitted Chaplain this same day. 

John Easthorp re-admitted. 

Pars Domini J, Esthorp. Two crofts, 8 cottages and a grange 
in North Bar Without, a tenement and cottage in Lathgate, 2 
cottages in Couper lane, 3 in Wodelane, a cottage in Keldegate, 
tenement in Highgate, tenement of a "coverlite webster" at 
corner of Bowbriglane by Walkergate, 3 tenements in Ladygate, 
small tenement in Bakhouslane, cottage in Podynglane. Total, 
Jt8 9s. 6d. Outgoings the same. 

/. 25. S. Mark's Day 1439. Among the 12 Governors is Master 
Thomas Driffeld, who was one of the Canons Eesidentiary of the 

/. 25 h, "Willelmus Sixhill habet j pixidem cum 
carta Domini Begis nunc, et aliis evidentiis sigillatis cum 
sigillo J. Ulceby." 

"Eob. Kirkham cepit j gardinum, partem domus Leprosorum 
extra Keldegatbarr." 


/. 29. Last day of Oct. John Colman resigns Kelke's Chantry, 
xiiij*^ Nov. 18 H. VI. John Barbour inducted by J. Esthorp to 
half of Kelke's Chantry. 

81 Oct. Price of corn Gs. 6d, To bake at 8s. 

/. 29 b, 4 Dec. Buyers of oats not to enter Beverley Commarket 
before 12 noon. 

18 Jan. Price [of bread] 8s. 6d. 

f. 32. '* Poena tarde venientium, A.D. 1440. Ordinatum est 
et firmiter concessum die prsedicto {viz. S. Mark's day) qtiod 
quilibet de xij Custodibus juratis qui prsesens in villa aliquibus 
diebus sessionum et non venerit ad horam primam, nona percussa, 
post tertium ictum super mensam, solvet iijd. totiens quotiens ; 
exponet indilate. Et in dicta ordinatione x de xij praesentes in 
aula, Edmundo Brakynburgh, Johanne Baum tunc absentibus. 

Una equa gray Eicardi Aumf ray de Cotygham liberata pro wayf 
ad ballium Domini Prsepositi Beverlacensis post proclamationem 
inde factam vj*' die Maii anno prsedicto ; idem Eic. venit hie et 
concordavit cum ix de xij Custodibus pro herbagio et costagio f actis 
per communitatem xijd., sicut ex antique ordinatum fuit. Inde 
recepti ui]d, et residuum condonatur graciose. 

/. 32 b. A.D. millesimo cccc"'® xl" . Li festo Sancti Marci 
Evangelistse Johannes Wardelow, Eobertus Congilton et Thomas 
Seman retenti sunt cum communitate in ofl&cio Spiculatorum 
Beverlaci a dicto die usque ad festum Sancti Marci EvangelistsB, 
capiendo nomine salarii sui xxxiijs. iiijd. ad terminos usuales, per 
plegia David Chambir pro dicto Eoberto et magistri ThomsB 
Driffeld pro dictis Johanne et Thoma etc. Postea liberantur 
dictis Spiculatoribus iij scuti argentei cum pertinentiis com- 
munitatis prsedictse, ponderis xiiij unciarum, dimidisB, et dimidise 
quartsB unius uncise; precii xxxvjs. vijd. Etsolutiprooperacione 
dictorum scutorum de denariis communitatis xijs. per plegia ut 

/. 33. 3 Supervisores pastursB de Fegang operis Torrentis et 
pavamenti in Flemyngate et appreciatores bonorum venalium 
per venientium hoc anno ad Torrentem. 

3 Supervisores operis de Dynges et pavamenti juxta ecclesiam 
Beatae Mariae. 

2 Supervisores et Gubernatores pauperum Domorum Elemosi- 
nariarum apud Crossebrig. 

2 Supervisores operariorum de Westwode. 

2 Supervisores defectuum pasturae de Swynmor. 

/. 33 b. John Poynton admitted to half Kelk's Chantry at 
stipend of 6 marks ; and John Esthorp re-admitted to other 
half at stipend of 6^ marks and to have his mother's house at 

5s. rent. 

125 • 

/. 84. John TJlceby, jun., bocher, "vendidit camem bovinam 
de carion die Domimco ultimo praeterito ante dictum diem," (9 
August) ; fine 8d. 

Ponderatio Panis. 18 May, price 8«. 6rf. a quarter, 2 July, 
price 7s. a quarter. 

Disoneratio Burgensia. ** Willelmus Hardynges, magister 
scolarum, venit hie vj° die Septembris anno xix° H. VI. 
Habet diem Martis proximum in viij dies ad exponendum in 
gratiam xij Gustodibus anni instantis, xxs., pro injusta gubem- 
atione sua contra ordinationem de vaccis lacteis positis in 
pastura de Fegang ut infra. Qui venit hie coram Eogero 
RoUeston, Thoma White, Thoma Shipwith, Johanne Sle- 
forth, Johanne Morethwayte, Willelmo Persson et Eadulpho 
Abraham, vij de xij*'*"* Gubernatoribus villae prsesentibus hie, et 
dedicit dictam pcenam forisfacturum ad exponendum in ^atiam. 
Ideo secundum ordinationem registratam disoneratur de libertate 
sua ultimo die mensis Septembris anno xix H. VI. Respice 
tdterius postea.'' (/". 37 b.) 

A glover for like offence, submitting, is pardoned. Rob. 
Bolton for like oJBFence **quia noluit gubernari per ordinationem 
registratam, ideo disoneratur de libertate sua." 

Disoneratio hnrgensue Johamiis Sleforth, Die Lunse xij° die 
mensis Septembris anno xix® H. VI., in praesentia venerabilium 
et burgensium villse Beverlaci simul existentium infra Gildam 
Aulam, et unanimi assensu et consensu dictorum venerabilium 
et burgensium, Johannes Sleforth disoneratus est de libertate 
burgensisB susb, pro eo quod ipse disoneravit Burgenses 
Beverlaci de lez Averys unius crofti sui juxta capellam 
Sancti Thomse extra Keldgatebarr nuper Johannis Nandyk. Ad 
hoc consentierunt Rogerus Rollyston, Johannes Brompton, 
Th. Shipwith, Th. Whyte, Joh. Conton, Joh. Morethwayte, Will. 
Persson, John Davydson et Rad. Abraham, ix de xij^'"' anni 

Restitutio hnrgensice. Qui venit in vigilia Sancti Matthaei 
Apostoli anno prsedicto, et humiliter submisit se in gratiam 
communitatis pro transgressione praedicta, et habet diem Veneris 
proximum ad exponendum in gratiam xls., quos exposuit, et 
remanent in communi cista in Thesauraria. Postea condi- 
tionaliter condonatur, videlicet quod ipse amodo in casu 
praedicto versus communitatem in futurum non faciat trans- 

Robertus Bolton, harbour, alias forisfecit libertatem burgensiae 
suae quam supradictum erat, pro eo quod ipse deprivavit 
burgenses villae Beverlaci et communitatem de TAveryce j crofti 
vocati Lelycroft, et praedicto die et anno graciose restitutus est 
libertati suae, ut praefertur ut supra. 


/. 35 b. Taxatio j quarterii et medietatis integraB xv"**® et 
x"'"* anno xix H. VI. 

Extra Barr. Boriales 37«. l^d. Keldegate - - £2 Os. lOd. 

Infra .... ^4 10s. Od. do. Provost £1 28. 6d. 

Walkergate - - £4 Is. Od. Prov. Norwood- £1 lis. 6d. 

Cornmarket - £5 19s. 6d. Ad Torrent. - £2 5s. Od. 

Alta Via - - - £S Os. Od. Flemyngate - £4 2s. Id. 

Lathgate - - £4 4s. 4d. Feodo Capituli- 14s. lOJd. 

Fishmarket - - £4: 6s. 9d. Barlyholm and 

the Bek - - £4 6s. lOJd. 

/. 86. Conceditur pistoribus xxj die Octobris a® praedicto ad 
pistorandum usque diem Veneris proximum in xiiij dies, secundum 
pretium frumenti ad vs. 

PraBceptum est Thomse Wayte, littester, quod mundari faciat 
communam seweram de Walkerbek in longitudine tenementi quod 
inhabitat citra festum S. Martini Episc. in hyeme prox. post 
diem supradict. sub poena solutionis communitati vjs. viijd. 

/. 86 b. Prsesentatum est de Eic. Tasker quod ipse verbis 
inhonestis et contumeliosis reprobavit assisatores Gildae Brasia- 
torum contra ordinationem. (Fined 8d.) 

Liberatio extra Thesawanam. Memorandum quod Custodes 
anni instantis ceperunt extra cistam communitatis in thesauraria 
Carta novae confirmationis Henrici Sexti, Exemplificatio cartarum 
Thurstani et Willelmi, Carta Eegis Eicardi II., Carta Eegis 
Edwardi filii Eegis Edwardi, Indentura inter xij Custodes et 
communitatem pro punitione Eebellorum etc., Exemplificatio 
buUarum Lucii et Celestini Paparum, Confirmatio novae bullae 
domini Eugenii nunc Papae Eomae, copia Cartae Domini Willelmi 
quondam Archiepiscopi Eboracensis, et Commissio dictorum 
Custodum anni instantis, et remanent sub custodia Johannis 

ij die Decembris, una littera testimonialis sub sigillo majoris 
folii communitatis villae Beverlaci liberatur Eadulpho Ebirston, 
brasier, usque London, pro debito. 

/. 37. xvij Dec. xix H. VI. Lease of waste belonging to Kelk's 
Chantry on N. side of Shoemarket lane. 

**Joh. Baryer ordinatus est xxj® die Jan. aP supradicto ad 
recipiendum de qualibet nave vocata Cache, discarcata inter 
Pontes ad Torrentem, de thak, stramine, terricidiis, feno et 
hujusmodi, solvendum ad mundationem loci fori ibidem obolum, 
secundum ordinationem inde ab antiquo ordinatam." 

/. 37 b. Admissio Burgensice. Willelmus Hardynges, magister 
scolarum Beverlaci, dissoneratus de libertate sua, ut supra, venit 
hie xvii° die Februarii anno supradicto, et admissus est ad 
libertatem burgensiae suae ad supplicationem domini Praepositi 
magistri Willelmi Drifl&eld, magistri auditoris domini Archi- 
episcopi Johannis Portyngton, et plurimorum venerabilium. 
Qui quidem Willelmus Hardynges pro transgressione ut supra 


humiliter submisit se in gratiam communitatis, et exposuit in 
gratiam xx«., et de novo juratus est praedicto die et anno etc. Et 
dicti XX8, graciose reliberantnr dicto Willelmo sub conditione quod 
amodo in futurum non faciat. 

/. 38. *' Ponderatio Panis," at 5s. a quarter 18 May : — 
Fine ijd. j Fewes quam Th. Cotton 

habuit deficit in pondere xxd. 

,, iiijd. ij Symnell Rogeri Kedall, 

uterque eorum de quadrante et 

secundum dictum pretium frumenti 

uterque eorum deficit in pondere ... xxd. 

,, ijd. j Panis albus de quadrante Bic. 

Myre deficit ijs. vjd. 

„ viijd. j Panis equinus ob. Job. 

Sprotlay xijs. (?> 

„ iiijd. j Panis equinus ob. ejusdem iij«. iiijrf. 

Supervisores communis mercati et Criicis. xxiiij° die Martii 
anno supradicto Will. Warner retentus est cum communitate ad 
supervidendum omnia victualia venalia tam ad Crucem quam in 
foris piscium diebus mercati pro a[nno] proximo. 

Memo, quod communicandum cum Thoma Wylton pro redditu 
onerato vjd. de clameo canonici domus Sancti Egidii, exeuntium 
de cotagio aedificato super cornerium de Mynstermoregate 
pertinente cantariae Job. de Kelk. 

/. 38 b. Taxatio quartae partis xv^ et x*® sol. ad Festum 
Paschae anno xix H. VI. (Sa^le as first taxation.) 

Ad mutuandum Domino Regi ad solvendum in festo Paschae 
A° xix H. VI. allocandum de tax. solvenda in festo S. Martini 
proximo futuro in yeme in Beverlaco. 

Th. Mayne - 



Eob. Caux - 


xiij«. iiijci. 

Will. Spencer- 



Step. Tilson - 


xiijs. iiijd. 

John Davidson 


vj«. yiijd. 

Walter Barbour 



Will. Persson- 



Eic. Jamys - 



Th. Bevington 



Joh. Sleforth- 



Job. Brompton 



Guydo Bridekirke 



Joh. Gildyn - 


vj«. viijd. 

Joh. Ulceby - 



Joh. Eedysham 


xiij«. iiijd. 

Ealph Abraham 


vjs. viijd. 

Bad. Warde - 


xiijs. iiijd. 

Th. Wayte - 



Magister Thomas Driflfeld 



88 in all. 
3 at 1x8. - 
1 ,, xh. ' 

XX8. - 

12 ,, xii}8. iiijd. 
18 „ y}8. 


- 9 

- 2 
. 4 

r 8 

- 6 


/. 39 b, XX]. Aprilis a° H. VI. xix«><>. Ordered that every 
Scherman who occupies the art of a Fuller contribute as a master 
68. Bd. to that art, and vice versa. 

Joh. Gave, gentilman, die mense et anno suprascriptis fatebatur 
se succidisse iiij quercus communitatis in fossata de Westwode 
vocata Caste Wyk inter terram dicti Johannis Cave versus MoUes- 
croft vocatam Scheldflatt ex parte boriali. Fine 2d. 

f. 40 b. Election of " Supervisores pavamenti a Torrente 
usque ad Monasterium." 2 others, **operis pavamenti usque ad 

Nono die Maii. Th. Dunkan de Hulbrig warned to mend 


Eobert Hatefield, " armiger, cepit . . . totam commonam 
vocatam le Comonaverys, ij croftorum suorum supra le Sprynghes" 
for 7 years at 6s. 8d. a year. 

Rob. Collard, tilemaker, **cepit le Grovaldyk ex parte occidentali 
de le demmyng" at rent of 1,000 wall tiles (** wal tyl"). 

In festo S. Marci Evangelistse A.D. m? cccc"*® xlj°- 

41. Spiculatores. Thomas Seman, Johannes Wardlowe et 
Robertus Congylton retenti sunt cum communitate in officio 
Spiculatorum Beverlaci a ij° die Junii usque ad festum Sancti 
Marci EvangelistsB proximum, capiendo nomine salarii sui 
xxxvjs. viijd., et liberantur eis iij scuti argentei ponderis 
xiiij unciarum dimidii . . per plegia ThomsB Everyngham, 
magistri Thomse Drififeld et David Chambir, et jurati sunt. Et 
sciendum quod praedictus Thomas Seman [Entry stops'] . 

/. 41 b. Subscripti assignati sunt pro ludo Pater noster 
deludendo xxiij° die Junii a° H. VI. supradicto (XIX). 
ad pagendam dej 

Mercatoresad pagendam Invidise 



FuUones I assignati ad 

Tegulatores ( Superbiam 







Nauti (sic) 



assignati ad 





Cementarii I assignati ad 

Vynters f Gulam 





Scriptores \ 
Tannatores I assignati sunt 
Barbitonsores [ ad Iram. 
Laborarii / 



assignati sunt 
ad Avariciam. 

} assignati sunt 
ad Luxuriam. 

medietatis xv™" et x°^ (Same 

/. 42. Taxatio ultimsB 
amounts as before.) 

/. 44 b. Peritm legis retenttis. Johannes Wenselay, legis peritus, 
retentus est de consilio communitatis a festo Natalis Domini ultimo 
prseterito ante datum praesentium usque ad festum Nat. Dom. 
tunc proximum, Eeddendo et solvendo ei de denariis communitatis 
ad festum Natalis Domini proximum xiijs. iiijd. 

Ponderatio panis facta in curia domini Cardinaliset Archiepiscopi 
ij die Dec. (Price of wheat 5s.) NuUus defectus ponderis. 

/. 45. Amissio Burgensiae. Eobertus Bolton, harbour, xiij^ die 
mensis Martii a® xx® H. VI. disoneratus est de libertate burgensise 
suae, pro eo quod ipse supportavit ministros Vicecomitis comitatus 
Eboraci in arrestando Thomam Braddock, webbester, infra villam 
Beverlaci sine assensu Ballivi domini Cardinalis et Archiepiscopi 
Eboracensis contra libertatem totius communitatis et [in] 
praejudicium ejusdem. 

Postea admissus est ad libertatem burgensiae x die Aprilis 
anno supradicto, et habet diem Veneris proximum ad exponendum 
in gratiam communitatis xP. pro transgressione praedicta, quos 
exposuit, et condonatur graciose sub conditione quod amodo in 
futuro non transgrediatur versus communitatem. 

f. 46. A.D. 1442. Pcena tarde venientium. Ordinatumest quod 
quicunque de xij Custodibus . • . non venerit ad horam octavam 
percussam, post tertium ictum super mensam, solvet ijd. 

Ponderatio Panis. 4 June. (Price of wheat 4s. 6d.) 
vj° die Julii. Bob. Peterer et Th. Cowton moniti sunt ad 
exponendum in gratiam communitatis xls., pro eo quod ipsi 
non habuerunt lumen suum artis Piscatorum in processione die 
Corporis Christi per festum ad Vincula Sancti Petri prox. 

Conceditur caritative confratribus et consororibus domus 
elemosinariae Gildae Beatae Mariae Virginis Beverlaci praedicto 
die habere j equum geldyng in pastura de Swynmore pro anno 

/. 47 b. 31 Julii, 20 H. VI. Will. Dalton, tilemaker, habet 
diem Martis proximam in xv"**™ ad exponendum etc. iijs. iiijd. eo 
723 b. I 


quod ipse cepit xij caches terrse a ripa Torrentis ex parte boriali 

Johannes Bast, tilemaker, (etc.) iij batellos terree a ripa dicti 

Will. Chetil (cepit ut supra) j each terrse, ponderis V chaldron 

/. 48 b. 20 Nov. 21 Henry VI. Steph. Tilson habet diem 
Martis prox. in xv"**" ad exponen. xxs. pro eo quod ipse emebat 
carbones maritimos per ipsum et alios foristallatores in aqua de 
Hull, in grave dampnum [etc.] (Several more to same effect.) 

/. 49. Tax. medietat. xv'"® et x"*»«. 21 H. VI. 

/. 50. ix° die Febr. Every Butcher to produce 6«. 8d. for 
selling flesh ** per iiij dies a tempore occisionis earum contra 
ordinationem." Also Ss, 4d. **pro carnibus suis vagantibus in 
villa contra ordinationem." 16 in all. Fine remitted as to 
flesh : xxd. taken for dogs. 

f. 50 b. A mercer fined for dogs in street. 

** Conceditur Bad. Suter, barkir, praedicto die (xxiiij Martii) 
habere aysiamentum j pontis ultra commune fossatum eundo 
et redeundo per terram Th. Lyddall in transverso Domus Fratrum 
Praedicatorum, per viij annos, reddendo inde ij^- " 

/. 51. 2 Butchers, **supervisores artes SU8B . . concelaverunt 
carnes non bene sesonatos." 

Ponderatio Panis. xij Martii, xxj H. VI. Price of wheat 48. 6d. 
Bakers threatened *'ut subeant judicium pilorise" if any defect 
found at next weighing ; 4 fined. 

/. 51 b. Will. Lorymer, mercer, not allowed to sit as one of the 
12 Governors, while his son is under suspicion of felony on the 
accusation of a thief now in the gaol. Summons of all the venerable 
men of the town to meet in the Chapter House of the Church on 
Sunday, 31 March, to consider the point. 41 names given of 
those who attended the meeting. 

/. 54. 2 Butchers sold **carnem foetidum." 

/. 54 b. Tax '' secundae medietatis xiv"^*« et x™»« 21 H. VI." 

Ponderatio panis. Price 5s. 

/. 57. [N.B. after/. 56, 2 pages cut out, as their remains show.] 
"Willelmus Lorymer, mercer, exposuit [etc.'] eo quod homo de 
Cotyngham fugavit unam carectam ferro ligatam super novum 
pavimentum infra Barram de Newebygpyng." 

A barber fined for reproving one of the 12 Governors "in magna 
aula manerii dom. Archiepiscopt in praesentia plurimorum." 

/. 57 b. 23 Henry VI., 6 Nov. '* Liberatio necessariorum 
communitatis" to Common Sergeant : **iij pikkis et j veterem pik 
fractum, j rastrum cum viij dentibus ferri, j gavelote ferri, et 
iij schovyls, j beryngbarow, ij trowys ligata, j colrake ferri, ij 
whelebarows, et j veterem schovyl." 


18 Nov. ** Tertia monitio Johannis Esthorp, capellani," for 
malicious abuse of John Conton and Ealph Abraham at 9 p.m. 
in the High Street, for frequenting taverns and suspected places by 
day and night, frequenting the society of suspected women and 
the houses of procurers which are not fit to be mentioned, and 
breaking his oath. He is warned that if he abuses any of the 
patrons of the Chantry or does anything against its statutes again 
he will be removed. 

/. 57. Ponderatio Panis. Price of wheat 5s. 6d. 

/. 61. People fined for swine wandering in streets. 

/. 62. Fine for proceeding for debt in Archbishop's Court. 

^ /. 62 b. 12 Nov. 24 Hen. VI. 10 Butchers fined for not obey- 
ing when ordered " quod sursum capiant . . . stalla sua sedifi- 
cata super commune solum ante tenementa habitationum suarum 
in Eangea Carnificum." 

14 Nov. John Esthorp deprived of his salary. 

/. 64. Ponderatio Panis. 26 March 24°. H. VI. A long list. 
Wheat 6s. 

/. 64 b. 1446. The Twelve Governors include Master 
William Hardynges, the Grammar Schoolmaster. Among the 
Elections is ''Mundator commimis mercati juxta Dynges, fori 
piscium, et pavamenti ad Torrentem." 

/. 65. 6 May. Hornsea people as tenants of S. Mary's Abbey, 
York, claim freedom from pavage in Beverley under charters 
of the Abbey. 

10 May. Robt. Potager abetted W. Gelle, fisher, in selling 
fish in Wednesday market when time out of mind a Fish forum 
has been held in Cornmarket every year from S. Mark's Day to 
Corpus Christi Day. 

/. 65 b. Copy of S. Mary's Abbey Charter from K. Henry. 

• A carpenter fined for refusing to wear the livery of the 

/. 66. ** Nich. Perkynson, walker, monitus est hie ad solvendum 
Aldermanno et Seneschallo artis FuUonum ad costagia et 
expensas suis (sic) Corporis Christi hoc anno ij«.; " paid 4d. in part 

/. 66 b. Communis Venella in Lathgate. Dominus Thomas 
Wresill, canonicus Domus Sancti Egidii, venit hie et concordavit 
cumEdmundoPortyngton, Willelmo Hardyng, magistro scolarum, 
Johanne Skipwith et sociis suis, vij de xij Custodibus anni 
instantis, prime die Julii a° xxiiij H. VI. bene et fideliter solvendo 
pro arreragiis communis venellee juxta cimiterium Sancti Egidii 
xij annorum . . . ijs. 

Le&se of piece of land ** extra Keldgate vhi leprosi quondam 


8 July 1446. ** Uxor Egidii Bokeler, smyth," promised to pay 
" solutio xld. annuatim Pistoribus quamdiu occupaverit, xxd. ad 
expensas castelli Pistorum et luminis, et ad expensas et costagia 
pagendae cum ludi contigerit xxrf." 

/. 69. Tuesday, 17 Dec. 1448. John Baron, chaplain, admitted 
**ad perpetuam cantariam Sancti Nicholai in ecclesia seu capella 
B. M. V. Beverlaci, vacantem per mortem domini Eoberti 
Smyth . . et conceditur ei praesentatio ejusdem beneficii per 
Eogerum Eolleston etc. ix de xij Custodibus. Postea, 18 die 
mensis praedicti, recusavit cantariam, et dominus Thomas 
Cleveland. ... est inductus et institutus." 

/. 69 b. Subnominati sunt ordinati ad equitandum usque 
Eonthespitell ad obviandum ibidem Domino Eegi in adventu suo 
usque Beverlacum iij° Oct. anno regni sui xxvij™**- 

Eog. Eolleston, cum iij equis \ 

Walt. Frost, ,, iij „ 

Joh. Sleforth, ,, iiij „ i- ix de xij Gubernatoribus. 

Joh. Brown, ,, ij >» 

[5 others] j» ij ^ 

Th. Mayne, cum iij equis. [102 persons in all.] 

*' Verba subscripta fuerunt dicta dicto Domino Eegi per Eogerum 
Eolleston nomine totius communitatis apud Eonthspetill die et 
anno supradictis. 

**Most graciouse cristen prince our soveraygne lord, ye be 
wolkom til your pepul and town of Beverlay." 

*' Subscripti mutuaverunt xij Gubernatoribus summam sub- 
scriptam quousque missB assessantur et levantur de com- 
munitate sub forma inferius scripta et declarata, videlicet, 

De Thoma Mayne x" 

De W. Spencer x" 

De Joh. Middelton et magistro Willelmo Hard- 

ynges, Seneschallo MagnsB Gildee S. 

Johannis Beverlacensis - - - - x" 

De Th. Whyte pro se et Th. Wayte, littester, - x" 

De Johanne Sleforth c* 

De Magistro Thoma Drififeld - - - - x mar." 

Total dB99 Gs. 8d. subscribed by 22 persons. 

/. 70 b. *' Misae assessae per xxiiij probos homines villee Beverlaci 
pro praesente Domino Eegi faciendo a° H. VI. xxviij**- " The total 
is d6102 17s. Od. The assessments are made on individuals under 
the headings of the various constabularies. The largest assess- 
ment is 40s. paid by William Spencer. 30s. is paid by T. Mayn, 
and also by Mr. Thomas Drififeld, Canon Eesidentiary. T. Scher- 
born, literatiiSf and a good many more pay Is. 

The lessee of a piece of land promises the Governors " j scholder 
de venison." A lessee of another piece gave them a galldn of 
red wine of Gascony. 


/. 73. John Redysham, couke, **monitu8 fuit hie xxij^ die Maii 
ad exponendum [etc.] xls. pro eo quod noluit vendere vinum 
rubeum Vsaconiee secundum lagenam appreciatam ad vjd." 

Assignatio ludi Corporis Christi. 

vj June, xxvij H. VI. [1449] , Ordinatum est per decern de xij 
. . - . quod pagendaB ludi Corporis Christi assignentur in 
forma subscripta deludendse hoc anno : viz., ad Barras Boriales: 
juxta Bub*yng; inter Johannem Skipwith et Robertum Couke 
in Alta Via ; apud Crossebrig ; apud Fisch-market : apud Mynstir 
bowe ; et ad Torrentem. 

Admissio capellani ad cantariam Johannis Ake. 

xvij^ die Junii A.D. 1449, Thomas Smyth, capellanus, 
admissus est ad perpetuam cantariam SanctsB Trinitate ad Pontem 
Crucis Beverlaci jam vacantem per mortem Ricardi Arnald 
ultimi capellani ejusdem, et ad praesentationem xij Gubernatorum 
anni instantis spectantem. 

/. 79 b. " Subscripti nominantur ad inveniendum homines 
armatos versus Scotiam," 28 June, 27 Henry VI. 

This time 6 batches, each consisting of 4 Governors and 9 
others, are warned to find respectively one of 6 armed men : whose 
accoutrements are thus given : — 

** Thomas Cokinham, xls. soluti: habet ij heykes, j lanceam et j 
securim. Dictus Thomas habet j equum Johannis Tasker, 
smyth, pretii xxvj«. viijd., cum sella et freno. 

Johannes Sixyndale, taylour, habet xh. : habet ij heykes et j 
securim communitatis et j lanceam. 

Johannes Keld habet xls. solutos : habet ij heykys et j securim 
communitatis et j lanceam. 

Brianus Holm habet xls. solutos, et habet iiij heykes pro se 
j haynsman et j homine ad portandum le geton, et pro j homine 
ad cariandum cariagium suum : et dictus Brianus habet j equum 
Johannis Barton pretii xxs. 

Willelmus Atkynson xls. solutos, habet ij heykes. Item j 
ventayle, j par vaumbrace et j par rerbrace de armatura 
communitatis, et j securim ejusdem communitatis. Et dictus 
W. Atkynson habet j equum Henrici Tasker, pretii xxvjs. viijrf. 

Willelmus Hanson habet xls., et habet ij heykes. Etidem W. 
habet j equum cum cella (sic) et freno, pretii xxvjs. viijtZ., et j 
securim communitatis, j basnet cum yentale, j par vambrace et 
rerbrace et j loricam et j brestplate et j lanceam.'* 

Various sums are advanced from the moneys of the community 
for the pay of the armed men till a levy can be made, and 15s. 
is paid to William Atkynson for bearing the Geton towards 
Scotland. It would seem, however, that Brian Holme was the 
standard bearer. 


Each armed man had 2 archers assigned to him, each of whom 

ff. 74 h. and 78 6. are taken up with the list of those assigned to 
find archers, and their payments are under the headings of the 
constabularies, as before. Each constabulary pays a sum varying 
from 20s. paid by Lathgate, Barlyholm, Keldgate, to 208. lOd. 
paid by Norwood and the Provost's fee at Bekside. The largest 
individual contribution is 18d., the smallest Id. 

The numbers are : — 

North Bar Without - - 50 Commarket - - - 38 

,, ,, Within - - 45 Norwood and Provost's Fee 

Walkergate - - - 38 at Beck . - - 57 

Highgate - - - - 47 Lathgate - - - - 49 

Fischmarket - - - 40 Barlyholme and Bekside - 71 

Flemmyngate - - - 60 Archbishop's Fee in Keld- 

Provost's Fee in Keldgate, gate - - - - 48 

Highgate and Minster- 

moregate - - - 32 

Disoneratio fratris ad Crossebng. 

5 Aug. Eic. Keleby, unus pauperum domus S. Trinitatis juxta 
Pontem Crucis, disoneratus est de fraternitate domus . . . 
eo quod ipse convictus fuit hie esse fornicator et tenet unam 
mulierem sororem ejusdem domus in concubinam. 

/. 79 h. Fines of Brewster Guild, 36s. 2d. Price of wheat at 
Assize of bread 5s. 22 pay. 

/. 80. Bellman appointed; two bells delivered; two others 
remain with late Bellman. 

Transgressio Piscatoritm. 

f. 83. Bob. Gait, Thomas Tonton, Bob. Potager, Th. Haddiswell 
et W. Gelle, fishers, moniti sunt hie ad exponendum [etc.] xls. quia 
non habuerunt pagendam suam deludendam die Corporis Christi 
hoc anno secundum consuetudinem villsB et contra pcenam 
registratam. Pro qua transgressione submiserunt se et quilibet 
eorum pro se submisit [etc.] Et transgressio pardonatur 
graciose sub hac conditione, quod prsedicti Piscatores pagendam 
suam facient competenter in omnibus citra diem Dominicam in 
Eamis Palmarum proximum futuram post datam prsesentium. Et 
si praedicti piscatores hoc non fecerint [etc.] xls., et ad hoc jurati 
sunt super Sancta Dei Evangelia per ipsos corporaliter tacta. 

/. 83 b. Admissio Capellani, 26 June 1450. Will. Tasker, 
capellanus, admissas est unus Capellanorum cantarise Johannis de 
Kelke jam vacantis per mortem Johannis Esthorp. 

The shepherd of Fegang is made to give security for 40s, 
if he again lets in cows of burgesses living in Keldgate, Eastgate 
and Minstermoregate " ad pasturam de Westwode vocatam 


The burgesses living in Keldgate fined 4d. for giving 2 milch 
cows to Fegang shepherd, who drove them from the Minster to 
the pasture and back again. 

Assignatio Ltidi Corpoiis Chisti. 

Memorandum quod pagend® ludi Corporis Christi assign- 
antur in forma subscripta deludendee. In primis ad Barras 
Boriales. Item apud Bulryng. Item ad domum Johannis 
Skipwith. Item deinde apud Fischmarket. Item inter cer . . .(?) 
et campanam. Item ad Monasterium. Item ad Torrentem. 

/. 84. Lease of Seyntgelicroft for 10 years at 4 silver marks a 

/. 84 6. Pond. Panis, 29 July. 1 default. Price of corn 7«. 
a quarter. 

/. 85. Eobert Gait, fischer, fregit pavimentum juxta finem 
venellsB vocatam Bowbriglane, pro qua transgressione arrestatus 
fuit et positus in gaola : exposuit 3s. 4d. Inde pro expensis 
arresti et curiae dom. Arch. xijd. The rest pardoned on promise 
to restore the pavement. 

/. 85 b. J. Barton, bocher, maliciose cum j cartelax vellet 
verberare Joh Cofy unum de xij Gubernatoribus : fined 2s. 

Two become pledges to Almshouse at Crossbrig for Rob. 
Cokke, **procuratore dictsB domus," for 4 years, "reddendo 
inde annuatim dictis pauperibus . . . xxs. et pro elemosina 
secundum conscientiam suam." 

/. 87. Pond. Panis, 11 Feb. Price 7s. To bake at 6s. 6d. 

1452. 18 April. R. Neve admitted to moiety of Kelk's 
Chantry. "Will. Waleys receptus est procurator domus pauperum 
S. Trinitatis juxta Pontem Crucis pro iij annis proxime futuris, 
solvendo annuatim confratribus et sororibus domus prsedictee pro 
comitatu Eboracensi xxvjs. viijd. per plegia etc. Postea W. 
Thoryton receptus est procurator cum dicto W., et reddit ultra 
summam prsedictam vjs. viijd. 

Memo, quod Johannes Conton, unus de xij Gubernatoribus 
villfle anni instantis, liberavit hie iij liberaturas cum iij scutis 
argenti de novo factis pro spiculatoribus villee, ponderis xviij 
unciarum dimidii preeter j quadrantem deficientem.'' 

This passage has been transcribed by Mr. Hope in his appendix 
to Corporation Plate, II. 604, together with several other passages 
which Mr. Leach showed him. He supposes from this passage 
that there were now two sets of Waits' scutcheons, because 
the weight given before in 1451 was 13J oz. It seems highly 
improbable that the community would have kept two sets of 
such expensive articles as these scutcheons, or would have 
sometimes given the Waits the old set and sometimes the new. 
The use of the words de novo factis points probably to the old 
ones being re-made. 


/. 89. Admissio Capellani ad cantariam S. Nicholai. Thomas 
Stanys, vice Th. Cleveland mort., in ecclesia sen capellaB. M. V. 

/. 89 6. Pagenda sub poena, A.D. 1452. Porters et Crelers 
inf erius nominati moniti sunt prsedicto die et anno quod habeant 
j pagendam de novo factam ad ludendum super die Corporis 
Christi proximo futuro post datum prsesentium seu festum 
Annunc. B. M. V. prox. fut. sub poena forisfacturae xls. ad usum 
communitatis. Eob. Thornskew, aldermannus, monitus est hie 
xvj die Jun. ad exponendum vjs. viijd. eo quod lusores 
artis Carpentariorum nesciebant ludum suum die Corporis 
Christi contra poenam proclamationis communis campanatoris. 
Pro qua trans, etc, et habet diem prox. ad exponend. dictam poenam. 

/. 90. Solutiones ad ludum vocatum Paradice. Adjudicatum es. 
hie per Thomam Whyte [etc.] Gubernatores quod Johannes 
Chapelayn sen., heyrer, solvet annuatim in futuro Aldermanno et 
Seneschallis artis de Kapers ad ludum suum iiijd. et unicus JuUus 
Barker solvet ad dictum ludum ijcL Dat. xi Jul. a° supradicto. 

Petitio dez JV^hsters versus Communitatem, 

f. 91. Qusedam lis et debata facta est inter Johannem Messenger, 
Webster, et Johannem Newton (nuper) servientem dicti Johannis 
Messenger ex parte una, et Eobertum Oversale, aldermannum, 
Eobertum Kyrkeham et Johannem Bentlay, seneschallos artis praB- 
dictsB, ac totam artem dez Websters, quod ipse Johannes Webster 
induxit dictum Johannem Newton in castellum dictaB artis die LunsB 
Eogationis contra voluntatem confratrum artis suae praedictaB, 
Ideo ordinatum est hie quod si praedictus Johannes Messenger, 
vel aliquis alius magister artis praedictae, ipsum Johannem Newton 
recipiat ac ipsum hospitet tanquam servientem suum in futurum, 
contra proclamationem factam versus ipsum Johannem Newton 
in curia domini Cardinalis et Archiepiscopi Ebor., quod extunc 
ipse qui sic inventus est culpabilis, forisfaciat ad usum com- 
munitatis xxs. totiens quotiens aliquis eorum reus inventus est, 
Dat. iij° die Oct. 

/■. 91 b. Two legis penti, W. Ennas and W. Eland, retained at 
13s. 4cZ. a year. 

Liheratio calicis et patence argenti. 

Memo, quod remanet sub custodia Johannis Conton j calyx cum 
patena argenti et deaurata, ponderis vj unc. J ex liberatione 
Johannis Wallays, unius xii Gub., pro qua calice et patena idem 
Job. solvit de denar. commun. Johanni Barow, cartwright, uni 
executorum Thomae Skirlawe, capellani defuncti, xj«. iijd, Et 
residuum denariorum communitatis, viz. iijs. ixd. remanet in 
manibus suis ultra expensas jantaculi xii Guber. Dat. xiij die 
mensis Nov. a° xxxj° H. VI. 

/. 92. Will. Schirburn and John Cummyswell were fined 20d. for 
assaulting one of xii Gov., out of JEIO; the rest remitted at request 


of Lord Egremorne, son of the Lord Northumberland. SevertJ 
tilers find security ** ad essendum burgenses." 

/. 92 b. Spiculatores retenti. xiiij° die Jan. anno xxxj*' regni 
Eegis Henrici Sexti, Johannes Hesilhede, Eobertus de Celario et 
Martinus Gymer de novo retenti sunt in officio Spiculatorum villsB 
Beverlaci tarn diu placuit xij Custodibus sive Gubernatoribus anni 
instantis, et successorum suorum xij Gubernatorum ejusdem villsB 
qui pro tempore fuerint : capiendo nomine salarii sui ad volun- 
tatem xij Gubernatorum villse qui pro tempore fuerint xk. 

Et prsedicti Spiculatores fecerunt fidei securitatem, et quiUbet 
eorum per se, dictis Gubernatoribus villse anni instantis, quod non 
recessent nee aliquis eorum recesset a servitio suo praedicto, nee 
cum aliquo domino Eegni AngUse se retinebunt, seu retinebit, 
sine speciali Ucentia dictorum Gubernatorum anni instantis aut 
successorum suorum in futurum. Et ex curialitate habebunt ad 
vesturam suam ex consensu venerabilium villse infra Gildam 
Aulam aggregatorum xs. argenti. 

/. lOO. 1455. A change in the handwriting. John Boswell 
elected common clerk. 

/. 100 b, 9 Oct. Ponderatio Panis. Price of wheat 5s. a quarter. 

23 Nov. Bob. Galte juratus est scindere pisces maritimos 
dividendos proportionaliter cuilibet Burgensi Ootpokes et levers, 
sub poena xxs. 

Thomas Cowton noluit vendere le Outpokys, levyrs et tayles 
piscium recentium, ideo habet poenam xxs. forisfacere Gildae 
Aulfle quando amodo sic defecerit. 

Johannes Whateley, fischer, juratus est scindere et vendere 
pisces recentes, secundum pretium rationabile in foro cum le 
Outpokes, levyrs, guletes [livers, gullets] , sub poena xxs. 

/. 102 b. Tax last half of 15th and 10th. 

The sums are the same as in the first tax, but 
deductions are allowed to each constabulary : — 

s. d. s. d. 

North Bar Without ... 

24 8 deduct 6 8 

Within ... 

75 8 ... „ ... 7 


60 ... „ ... 6 8 


74 ... ,,..6 8 


72 11 ... „ ... 6 8 

Provost's Fee at Beck 

30 ... „ ... 6 8 


42 7 ... „ ... 6 8 


48 8 no deduction 

Keldgate Abp 

30 8 deduct 6 8 

„ Provost 

15 ... „ ... 2 


33 6 ... „ ... 6 8 

Norwood Provost 

25 ... „ ... 1 

Clapton Fee 

9 Hi... ., ... 1 8 


66 4 ... „ ... 5 


/. 103. 22° Jan. Adspecialemrequisitionem JohannisKyrkham, 
aldermanni artis Tegulatorum, et confratrum ejusdem artis ex una 
parte, et Eicardi Ayres ex altera parte, dictus Ricardus Ayres 
exoneratur de omnimodis costagiis et expensis et aliis oneribus 
ejusdem artis pro perpetuo : excepto tamen quod dictus Ricardus 
Ayre solvet annuatim ad sustentationem pagendaB et luminis 
artis prsedictsB viijrf. Et si contingat dictos Telers tempore future 
erigere seu habere castellum ligneum de propriis die Lunee 
Rogationum, tunc idem Ricardus solvet ad sustentationem dicti 
castelli iiijrf., solvendos die Dominica proxima post Festum 
Corporis Christi de anno in annum. 

/. 106. English. Accord and arbitration, Ulceby, butcher, v. 
Garthern, capmaker. The latter apologizes for imputing felony 
to the former, and pays xxs. 

/. 106 b. A charge that the ** commune registerium fuit 
rasuratum et interlineatum per mercatores et vesturam suam," 
referred to arbitration of Sir John Nevyll, of Cottingham, Kt., 
and given against the accuser. 

/. 109 b. 1456. **Nominati ad inveniendos homines armatos 
versus Scotiam in vigilia S. Bartholomsei," 34 H. VI. Brian 
Holme is one of them. 

/. 110 b. " Subscripti nominati sunt et assignati ad invenien- 
dum sagittarios versus Scotiam." Only the names of 2 constables 
for each constabulary are given, each constabulary finding 10s. 
except North Bar Without and Norwood, which provide Is. 6d. 
and 68. respectively. Lathgate here appears by its modern name 
Laugate. The balance of the 20s. to the Archers is paid 
'' de communi bursa." 

/. 112. 4 March 35H. VI. **Visusduarumfossarum Joh. Smyth 
capellani perpetuae cantariaB domini Rob. Rolleston clerici, nuper 
PrsBpositi Beverlacensis, infra ecclesiam coUegiatam beati 
Johannis Beverlacensis": found that all willows etc. planted on 
them belong to J. Smyth in right of the chantry. 

/. 113. Pond, panis, 5 Dec. 36 H. VI. 1 deficient. Price 5s. 

/. 117. Pond. Panis capta ad Aulam Placitorum domini 
Archiepiscopi, 8 Nov. 37 H. VI. Price of wheat 4s. a quarter. 

/. 117 b. Assisa Panis Equini 21 Nov. Deficiency, 66s. 8d. 
Joh. Sprotley, ostiller ; 63s. 4d. Joh. Barwell, ostiller. Fined 
6s. 8d. each. 

/. 119. Poena venellarum in rangea Carnificum. Two butchers 
to clear the lanes of filth deposited by them on pain of 20d. 

/. 120. 1459. Ricardus Dalkyn receptus est per Custodes ad 
officium Communis Clerici. 


/. 121. Pcena Lvdi Corporis Chtisti per carnifices perdita. 
Unde r, xld., et residuum condonatur ita quod 
amodo taliter non fecerint. 

Die Martis quinto die mensis Junii A.D. supradicto, ad 
quern diem Thomas Law, Alderman artis Camificum Beverlaci, et 
alii confratres sui venerunt in Gildam Aulam Beverlaci prsedicti, et 
xls. monetae Angliae in gratiam communitatis posuerunt pro eo 
quod cum lusoribus suis tarde venerunt ad portas Boriales 
Beverlaci prsedicti ad ludendum pagendam suam in festo Corporis 
Christi ultimo elapso, contra ordinationem inde factum. Et 
remanent cum Will. Kirkby. 

Littera Testimonialis. 

Item, conceditur caritative Margaretse et Elenae filiabus 
Thomae Wayte nuper de Beverlaco, littester, littera testimonialis 
sub sigillo communi ad declarandum statum dicti Thomae patris 
sui, et Thomae filii sui, in prisona in villa de Ewe infra partes 
Normanniae existentium. 

/. 121 h. Memo, quod sigillum commune in baga sigillata 
sigillo Willelmi Mayn remanet in custodia Johannis Welles, 
unius Custodum hujus anni. 

Item, quod baga cum denariis communitatis solutis super 
compotum remanet in custodia dicti Joh. Welles, et continet 
in toto xiijZi. vjd. et debentur de Th. Derlyngton pro fasciculis non- 
dum receptis xijs. ijd. Summa communitatis xiijZi. xijs. viijd., et 
communis bursa remanet in custodia Willelmi Kyrkby unius 

/. 122 h. Die Sabbati xxij^° die mensis Septembris, 38 H. VI. In 
Gilda Aula villae B. congregati fuerunt xij Custodes sive 
Gubematores communitatis ejusdem anni instantis, cum nonnullis 
aliis fide dignis et comburgensibus dictae villae : viz. Johanne 
Holme, uno Baronum de Scaccario Domini Eegis, Edwardo 
Portyngton, Johanne Coppandale, Alexandre Creyke, cum 
quampluribus aliis communitatis praedictae ibidem, per manus 
Newport, armigeri Ballivi villae praedictae, quoddam scriptum 
dicti Domini Eegis sub suo private sigillo receperunt. Cujus 
tenor sequitur in haec verba. 

By the King. 

Trusty and well beloved. We have understande by dayly report 
made to us how divers persons of the Northe partes of this our 
Keaume make great assembles and gaderyng of people for what 
cause we understande not. How be it that it cannot be thought 
but it sowneth greetly to the trouble and subverting of our pees 
and lawes. Forsomuch we, of the greet and singuler truste that 
we have in you, wil desire, pray you specially, and also charge 
you, that with alle thee might and strength that ye can make ye 
addresse you towardes oure persone in alle haste, to entende and 

140 with other our trewe subjects to the rebuking, and 
setting of parte of tho that wold any thing presume to attempte 
ayenste oure persone or oure said pees and lawes, and this as ye 
tendre and love the welfare of our saide person and alle this our 
lande, and the conservacion and keping of the same oure 
pees and lawes. Yeven under oure prive seel at oure 
castel of Kenilworth the XI day of Septembre. To oure trusty 
and wellbeloved the Bailiff and Burgeys of the towne of Beverlay. 

Cujus quidem scripti supradicti auctoritate et mandato XII. 
Custodes praedicti mandato regio obtemperare volentes fecimus 
et ordinavimus homines armatos, sagittarios, ut patet etc. 
Quibus persolvimus summas subscriptas, coUigendas et capiendas 
de tota communitate, viz. de qualibet constabularia, ut sequitur. 

[10 leaves are here torn out, probably because they incriminated 
the Governors &c. on the Lancastrian side.] 

/. 123. 1462. Pecunia mutuata per xij Custodes ad solvendum 
sagittariis cum domino Comite Warwicensi versus partes 
Boriales x"**^ die mensis Aprilis anno regni Eegis Edwardi 
IV" secundo. 

Extra Barraa - 

- 24s. 8id. 

AltaVia - - - 



Infra ,, 

- 65s. 8Jrf. 

Fisshmarket - - 




- 60s. 

Keldegate Arch. - 



Cornmarkett - 

- 648. 

do. Provost. - 




- 66s. 4d. 

Flemyngate - - 



Bekside Prsepos. 

- 30s. 

Norwood - - - 


Laithegate - - 

- 33s. 6id. 

Feod. Capit. - - 



The amounts 

are nearly identical with the moiety of 


and 10th on/. 17 b, but with small variations. 

/. 124. 1 June, 1462. Twenty, being **omnes camifices," 
fined 6$. for keeping for sale in their shops beef killed more than 
4 days. 

/. 125. b, Nomina sagittariorum versus partes Estmarchi» 
conductorum per communitatem villse Beverlaci, quolibet eorum 
capiente vadium pro xxj diebus, tribus capitaneis capientibus 
quolibet eorum plus quam socii sui vjs. viijd., incipiente die 
Martis, xix*"^ die mensis Julii, Edw. IV. secundo. 

The names of the 12 archers and their payments are given. 
All but the first two receive 31s. and 1 jacket : the first two 28«. 
and 2 jackets, parti-coloured blue and white, **viz., quolibet 
jakett contineiite j virgam partiti coloris blodii et albi : summa 
virgarum blodii, vj virg. 3s. 4rf., pretiixjs. lOd. : summa virgarum 
albi viifrf., pretii vijs. 2d. ; in toto xxs. ijd., quos solvit 
Johannes Copy. 

Et [in] solutis Thomae Wencelagh, ballivi, equitantis usque 
Holme ad communicandum cum Vicecomite causa prsBdicta 
ijs. \}d, 

Et in expensis xij Gustodum prsedictorum laborantium circa 
coUectionem dictorum vadiorum per diversas vices, in toto 
xjs. vijd. 


Et pro factura et suitione del jaketts, viz. xiiij, pro quolibet 
jakett iiijd., iiij«. viijd. 

/- 127 6. xvj. Nov. 1463. Littera testimonialis, sigillo com. vill. 
Bev. signata, concessa est Agneti Herrison, relictee Job. Herrison 
apud Towton ad bellum ibidem decedentis, ad mendicandum. 

/. 129 b. Consentientes ad Gildam Aulam habendam in domo 
communitatis nuper in tenura Eoberti Jacson, draper, ^dz. in fine 
australi del Dyngs. 

De xij. Dexlviij. 

Alex Creyke, gent, {dc) Job. Coppandale. 

Mr. Tbomas Manshipp, gent. 13 others. 

Job. Copy, draper. 
Will. Wbetley, gent. 
Job. Eedesam, mercer. 
2 mercers, 1 limmer, 1 cbapman, 
1 brasyer. 


Aldermanni et Seneschalli artis Mercatormn, Carpentariorum, 
Fabrormn, Cissorum, Tinctorum, Tannatorum, Textorum, 
AUutariorum, Barbitonsorum, Cerotbecarum, Coupers, Pisca- 
torum, Watermen. 

Magister Tbomas Mensbipp et alii socii sui xij Custodes 
sive Gubernatores villae die Veneris, xviij die Feb., A.D. 1462, 
publico in Gilda Aula congregati et sedentes, praemunitionem 
legitimam dederunt Jobanni Eedesbam, Gildse Mercatorise Sancti 
Johannis Beverlacensis Aldermanus, quod ipsi relinquere volunt 
et proponunt dictam Gildam Aulam pertinentem dictae Gildae 
ad festum Pentecost, circa annum ex tumc proximum sequentem 

13s. 6d. a year given to Mr. and Mrs. Jakson, tenants of 
Dyngs shops, for surrender of their lease, and 60 ** fasciculos " in 

/. 130 b. Tuesday before Lady Day, 3 Edw. IV. ** Conceditur 
caritative pauperibus Domus ElemosinarisB Sancti Johannis 
Beverl. in Laithegate j carecta focalium de Westwode ad orandum 
pro communitate." 

Eegistration of grant by Edw. IV. of all lands in Beverley of 
Richard Cokerell, gent., attainted, to John Ferreby **valettus 
de corona nostra." 

/. 133. John Ottley, shomaker, attacbiatur ad respondendum 
eo quod ipse occupat, et per plures annos prsBcedentes occupavit, 
shopam suam ut magister, et non est burgensis, contra ordinationem 
inde factam. 

Mi7iistralli retenti. 

f. 137. Walterus Kirkby, histrio, 14 die mensis Nov. anno 
supradicto (1464) invenit plegios Christoferum Shafter, glover, et 


Johannem Calverley; Robertus Spek, alius histrio, invenit 
plegium Johannem Holborn, shomaker ; Willelmus Watford, iij 
histrio, invenit plegium Ricardum Kitson, bocher; ad fideliter 
serviendum communitati ut ministrallus, usque Festum S. Marci 
proximum futurum, et ad redeliberandum xij Custodibus iij colers 
cum iij scutis argenteis, ponderantibus quilibet eorum ut patet 
in libro communi : qiiilibet coler habens xxxvij lynkes, ij stipas, 
ij pendauntis, ij bokilles, j stapul et j swychon, viz. in dicto festo 
Sancti Marci Evangelistae proximo futuro ; et concessum est per 
xij Custodes habere pro salario suo pro tempore prsedicto xija. 

y. 138. Sunday labour. John Smith, shomaker, fined 8d, for 
selling goods on Sundays. 

/. 141. Pond, panis : 1465, Monday after S. Hillary, 5 Edw. IV. 
Price 4s. 

f. 143. A fisherman fined (but fine remitted) for negligence 
in saying he was not a burgess, when he was. 

/. 146 b. 2 Dec. 1466. Rob. Walker, de B., comparuit et 
exposuit in gratiam iijs. iiijd. pro eo quod non habuit Kberatam 
cum confratribtis suis die LunsB Rogationum ultimo praBterito 
prout habuit in mandate per xij Custodes anno prox. praBterito. 
Unde recept. xxc?., et resid. condonatur. 

Roger, bakster, fined 2s. for making black bread mixed with 
barley and peas. 

/. 147. 13 Archers hired at 10s. a day **ad equitandum cum 
domino Comite Northumbriae versus partes Northumbriae et 
Durham ad resistentiam malitiae Umfridi Neville et aliorum 
inimicorum Domini Regis." 

/. 148 b. Alderman of the Cissores fined for taking fines in hia 
craft without knowledge of Governors. 

1467. 20 Apr. Thomas Robynson admitted to Kelk's Chantry. 

Scuta histrionum reliberata, 

f. 149. Scutum histrionis deUberatur per Thoman Sclater, 
et ponderat v uncez di. quarter ; per Johannem Perron, et 
ponderat v uncez di. quarter iij ferthyngwegh troy ; j scutum per 
Johannem Bell, et ponderat vj uncez, et deficit j ob. weght de 
troyea ; in toto xvij uncez et dim. 

Liidu8 de Pater Noster Iwc anno ludendvs. 

/. 150. Consentientes, &c. diversis artificibus vill. Bev. ad ludum 
de Pater Noster ludendum infra villam B. die Dominica in crastino 
Festi Sancti Petri ad Vincula A.D. mcccclxvij, xxix** die mensis 
Maii anno supradicto. Consentientes ; Mercatores, Glovers, 
Nauti, Barbatonsores, Barkers, Tegulatores, Fabri, Cowpers, 
Fletchers, Walkers, Websters, Cissores, Allutarii, LittBters, 
Bakers, Laborarii, Tellarii, Brasiatores, 


Liberantur Registra. Barbatonsores, Cerotecarii, Nauti, 
Tannatores, Flecchers, Coupars, Piscatores, Camifici («ic), PistoreF, 
Textores, Cissores, Fabri, Carpentarii, AUutarii, FuUonee, 
Tinctores, Tegularii, Laborarii, Cellarii, Brasiatores, Mercatores. 

Ludenda in locis assignatis. In primis, ad Barros Boriales, 
Bub-yng, ad ostium Ricardi Conton, in Via Alta, Crossebrug, 
Wedynsday Market, Mynsterbowe, et Bekside. 

LuBores : Pryde, Invy, Ire, Avaryce, Sloweth, Glotony, 
Luxuria, Vicious. 

Assignantur artifices et misteria ad dictum ludum ludendun. 
Omnes isti venerabiles et artifices assignati sunt ad diversas 
pagendas de Pater Noster ludendas ut inferius patet : — 

Ad pagendam de Viciose, viz : gentilmen, merchands, clerici, et 
vadletti; sed Rogeus Kelk et Job. Copy assignati sunt Aldermanni 
dictae pagendae. 

Ad pagendam SuperbisB, viz. : shomakers, goldsmyths, 
glovers, glasiers, skynners et fishers : sed Willelmus Downes 
assignatus est Aldermannus. 

Ad pagendam Luxuriae, viz. : littsters, walkers, wevers, 
pynners, cardmakers, wire draghers; sed Robertus Johnson 
assignatus est Alderman. 

Ad pagendam Accidii («ic), viz. : watermen, husbandmen, 
laborars, sadlers, rapers, crelers, mylners et furbisshers ; sed 
Ric. Bliton assignatus est Alderman. 

Ad pagendam de Gula, viz. : baxters, vinters, pandoxatores, 
coci, tilers ; sed Job. Spaldyng assignatus est Alderman. 

Ad pagendam Invidiae, viz. : bochers, wrights, coupers, 
fletchers, patyners ; sed John Wod assignatus est Alderman. 

Ad pagendam Avaricii (sic), viz. : taillours, masons, braciers, 
plummers et cutellers ; sed Nicholaus Gedney assignatus est 

Ad pagendam Irae, viz. : tannatores, barbatonsores, fabri et 
pinctores ; sed Johannes Robynson assignatus est Alderman. 

/. 151. Spiculatores retenti eisdem die et anno. W.Watson, 
Johannes Watson, Johannes Bulson retenti sunt communes 
histriones villae Beverl. pro anno futuro, et habent tria scuta 
argentea, viz., Willelmus Watson habet j scutum ponder. 
(blank) ; plegium ThomaB Abram, shomaker ; quolibet eorum 
capiente ad salarium suum de conununitate praedicta vjs. viijd. 
et iij«. iiijd. ad corrodium suum. 

X Julii, 1467. Thomas Abrams, shomaker, pro eo quod ipse 
non vestitus fuit in unica secta cum confratribus suis 
die LunsB Rogationum, habet diem Martis proximum ad 
exponendum, etc., iija. iiijd. Quo die comparuit, etc. 

/. 151 b. vij die Augusti A.D. mcccc. Ixvij. Johannes 
Copy, Aldermannus artis Mercatorum, pro rebellione sua 
in pagenda artis Mercatorum Beverlaci dictis lusoribus 


prsestanda, et aliis rebellionibus suis, habet ad disponendum in 
manus dictorum Custodum secundo die sessionis dictorum xij 
Custodum post reventum suum London, xl«. Postmodo comparuit 
et exposuit xls. xviij die Augusti. 

Consentientes ad registra diversarum Artium emendanda et 
corrigenda ; (15 of 48. A committee appointed.) 

/. 152. b. 19 Feb. 1467. Eicardus Kittson, bocher, fined 6d., 
** de eo quod interfecit j taurum non canibus laborosum prout 
deberet et consuetudo villse requirit." 

/. 161. 23 Feb. 9 Edw. IV. Letters testimonial mider the 
common seal to John Maikewhate, tailor, ** ad testificandum 
innocentiam suam de causando mortem Ing. Lepton, ballivi 
libertatis Archiepiscopi." 

/. 161 b. 1469. ** Sagittarii conducti pro communitate ad 
equitandum cum Domino NorthumbrisB pro repressione Hob. de 
Eedesdale et aliorum inimicorun Domini Regis in crastino S.Marci 
ix° E. IV., existentium in negotio praedicto per ix dies." 6 at 
6s, each, and 3s. 4d. ** in regardo " to the BaiUff, with other 
expenses lOd. 

18 June. ** Armati et sagittarii " for 3 days. 

/. 162 b. Money borrowed to pay them. 

/. 163. 1470. Victualia capta de expensis communitatis et data 
Domino Edwardo, Eegi Anglise moderno, ad usum hospicii sui 
apud Eboracum in festo Annunciacionis anno regni sui decimo. 

In primis, de Johanne Tabert, pistore, pro ij 

duodenis panis albi et ij duodenis panis equini, 

xiij pro xij [the baker's dozen] - - - iiijs. Jd. 

Et de Johanne Bell, pistore, pro iiij duodenis 

panis albi et vj duodenis et viiij penyworth 

panis equini xa. viijjti. 

(and so on, from 4 bakers more for 44 dozen white bread and 
28 dozen horse bread.) 

Habentes harnas de communitate prsedicta : — 

Johannes Lorymer, habet j par polanse. 

W. Atkynson. (The same.) 

Rob. Clerk, taillor, habet j paunch de male, j brest et j 
gorgett de male. 

J. Lyndesay habet j basenett. 

R. Robynson habet j brest, j gorgitt de male, et j alium 
gorgett de male. 

T. Cuke habet j habrischon et j basnett. 

J. Maikewhate, saidler, habet j basnett et j gorgett de male. 

R. Brian habet j par waumbrace. 

J. Redesham habet j par cusshes, et reportavit. 

J. Siglesthorne habet j par cusshes. 


3 others, each " j habrichon, j brest, cum j basnett/' 

/. 163 b. Mis£e positae per communitatem praedictam ad resisten- 

dum inimicos Domini nostri Regis E. IV. amio ix** die Mercurii 
in festo S. Cuthberti. 

Extra Barras 13«. 4d. 

Infra Barras 30a. 

Commarket 40a. 

AltaVia 20a, 

Wed3me8day Market - - - . 20a, 

Keldgate Prsepositurae - - - - 7a. 9J. 

Laithgate 10a. 

Norwod 8a. 

Walkergate 20a. 

Flemmyngate 20a. 

Barlihohne 20a. 

Bekside PrsBpositurae . - - - 13a. 4rf. 

Feodum Capituli 10a. 

** Regarda armatorum et sagittariorum cum domino Comite 
Northumbriae versus inimicos Domini Regis de partibus 
RichmundisB, attendencium super xij Custodes, per ij dies Martii 
anno regni Regis E. IV. x**." 3 Capitanei and 16 Sagittarii 12d. 

/. 165. 1470. Tax for archers, 4 August 10 E. IV., with Henry 
Earl of Northumberland. North Bar without 13a. 4rf. and so 
in proportion. 

/. 166 b. Vadia soluta xx sagittariis cum domino Comite 
Northumbriae conductis die Veneris 3 Aug., cuilibet eorum pro 
viij diebus, 8a. 

Et [in] solutis Johanni Copy pro panno blodii et albi mixto 
aequato per lez bendels, xvja. 

Et in regardo dato Willelmo Morsell equitanti ad dictos 
sowgeours pro supervisione et gubernatione eorumdem iija. iiijrf. 
etpostmodo solutis Willelmo Morsell capitaneo dictorum sowgeours 
. . . pro vadio suo pro viij diebus, in partem solutionis, 
xiija. iiij(/. 

/. 167. The last entry in the book, as to a butcher's fine, is 
dated 8 Feb. 147f 

Gild Book. /. 84 b. Chantry of John Ake. 

John Ake's Will. 

1398. In God's name, Amen. Monday before Michaelmas 
A.D. 1398. His body to be buried in the Chapel of Blessed 
Virgin Mary in Beverley. To the fabric of the same 13a. 4d. To 
fabric of collegiate church of S. John Beverley 6a. 8d. To fabric 
of church of Blessed Peter at York 6a. Sd. To Friars Minors of 
Beverley 66a. Sd., on condition that they find a chaplam to celebrate 

723 b. K 


divine service for one year after his decease for his soul. To 
Friars Preachers of Beverley 66s. 8d. on same condition. To 
Friars Minors of Beverley 5s. on condition of their celebrating a 
trental of masses for his soul. To Friars Preachers of Beverley 
5s. on same condition. To Friars of the Order of Blessed 
Mary the Virgin, and to the Austin Friars of Kyngeston 
upon Hull the same sums on same conditions. To Friar William 
Grovall and Friar Eobert Grovall 13s. M. each. To his Kector for 
tithes forgotten 40s. To Sir William of Scarborough (" Scarde- 
burgh"), perpetual vicar of the aforesaid chapel, 6s. 8d. All 
lands and tenements in Beverley to Ellen his wife to find a 
chaplain to celebr&te in his Chapel built on the Crossebrig, if 
the said tenements will sufiftce after providing for her reasonable 
food and clothing and that she have the appointment of 20 poor 
persons in the God's House ('*Domus Dei") there, on any 
vacancy, and after her death the 12 Keepers and Governors of the 
town of Beverley to have the same for the same purpose in 
accordance with ordinances made or to be made by Eobert of 
Garton and Henry Maupas, clerks. 

To his sisters Cecilia and Alice 40s. each. To John of th' Hill 
of Walkyngton 40s. and a gown * sengle.' To John Proktour of 
Walkington the same. To Alice wife of Eichard Thompson of 
Burton, to John Westiby of Dalton and Jane wife of John Gervays, 
each 13s. 4rf.. To Eichard his servant if he lives (*'si convertatiir 
afZ ri^a7/i," recovers) 40s., a horse, a packsaddle, ('^paksadill"), a 
pack cloth (** pakcloth ") a gown of worsted, a doublet and a hood. 

To Thomas of EUerton, if he goes to Eome, 6s. 8d. To Thomas 
Yoke of Beverley, formerly a draper, 40s., his best cloak, and a 
gown of the latest livery of the Merchants but one. To Thomas af 
Lokyngton of Beverley, draper, a new gown of the latest livery of 
the Merchants, another gown of russet, a black belt and a dagger 
{'' bastardum ") hanging on it. To William Blakemore of 
Beverley his best belt. To William of Carleton a gown doubled 
with fustian and a ** puned cote." To every poor man and 
woman lying in the Maison-Dieu a new gown of russet and 6d. for 
their shoes. To Margaret of Thwenge 6s. 8d. To Laurence of 
Frottingham of Hull and his wife, on a good account between 
them and his executors, 40s. Eesidue to Ellen his wife and 
Thomas Yoke, executors, to dispose of for the good of his 
soul. Witnesses: Eichard of Beverle, William of Blakemore, 
and William Span, Town Clerk C'clerico communitatis villsB"). 

Proved before John of Harwod, assessor of the Chapter of 
York, 7 October, 1398. Eelease given on full administration 
and account 17 Nov., 1398. 

1398. License in Mortmain. 7 June, 21 Eichard 11. For 
12 marks, license to Eobert de Garton and Henry Maupas, 
clerks, to grant to the 12 Keepers of Beverley 2 messuages and a 
vacant place 120ft. long, 80ft. broad, for a chaplain to 
celebrate divine service daily for souls of Thomas, late Archbishop 


of York, John of Ake of Beverley and Elen his wife, in a certain 
chapel newly built on the same place, and for 12 poor to dwell in 
some houses built in the same place and continually to pray for 

1899. License to same by Kicliard (Scroope), Archbishop of 
York, to grant to Eichard of Kyse and others, 12 Keepers and 
Governors of the town of Beverley, a tenement held by Thomas of 
Kyse in Keldgate ; and place lately built on upon the Crossebrigg 
for a chaplain to celebrate divine service, and for 24 (sic) poor 
and their successors in a certain God's House, lately built on the 
Crossbrigg, and confirming the grant of the Chapter of the 
Cathedral Church of Blessed Peter at York of the tenement which 
John of Ake held on the day of his death in the Crossegarthes. 
Dated in our manor of Ryse, on vigil of Nativity of St. John 
Baptist, 23 Richard II. 

License to same for John of Ake's house hold of the Prebend 
by Robert CrowU, Prebendary of Fridaythorp in the Cathedral 
Church of Blessed Peter of York, confirming grant of Master 
Richard de Scrop, Archbishop of York, of Thomas of Rys' house 
held of the Archbishop. Same date. 

Grant by Henry Maupas, clerk, of messuages, as in the 
License of Mortmain, to William Dalton and others, the 12 
Governors. Dated at Beverley, 1 March, 8 Henry IV. Witnesses, 
Robert of Hilton, knight (**chivaler''), John Conestable, knight, 
John Hothom, knight, Robert Twyer, knight, John Routh, knight, 
William RoUeston, Richard Agwillion and many others. 

Power of attorney to Nicholas of Rys to deliver seisin of same. 
Same date. 

[Ordinance of the Tylers, 20th April, 1563, written here.] 

1407. 8 Henry IV. 7 March. 

Ordinance of John Ake's Chantry, by Henry Maupas. 

/. 86. After pious exordium, "Intendo et dispone juxta 
exilitatis mero modulum in quadam capella ad Pontem Crucis in 
villa Beverlaci sumptibus providi viri Johannis de Ake de 
Beverlaco, mercatoris defuncti, et Elenae uxoris suae adhuc 
superstitis, de novo constructa, quandam erigere cantariam unius 
capellani imperpetuum duraturam ad quandam domum 
communiter dictam Domus Dei pro inhabitacione quorumdam 
pauperum, et pro aliquali parte eorum sustentatione[m] pf ovidere 
sicut inferius continetur." 

The appointment of this chaplain and of the poor (20) to belong 
to Elen Ake during her life, and after her death to the Governors. 

Chaplain to have six marks a year : to be presented within 40 
days of vacancy to Archbishop, in default the presentation to 
pass to Chapter of Beverley, and in default to the Archbishop. 


Chaplain to obsen^e the canonical hours, with Placebo, Din{fe, 
and Commendation, according to the use of York, daily, and certain 
masses, viz., on Sunday, mass of the Trinity; on Monday, of the 
Dead ; on Saturday, of Our Lady, excepting double feasts. 

Chaplain to be admitted a brother of the House. Power of 
removal for misbehaviour or non-residence after two warnings. 

Twenty poor to be kept of either sex. 

To be summoned by bell, to be rung by a brother assigned for 
the purpose, for J hour at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily for mass 
and vespers in the chapel. All able to rise from their beds are 
to attend on bended knees. The ringer is to inform and urge 
them to pray for the Founders' souls and lead them in saying 
one Creed, 3 Lord's Prayers and 3 Angelic Salutations and the 
third part of the Psalm of the Blessed Virgin, viz., with Creed 
and 50 Angelic Salutations and 5 Lord's Prayers. The rest of the 
Psalm they are to say daily by themselves at convenient times. 

Those unable to leave their beds are to say the same at the 
same times. 

Power of removal for misconduct or absence. 

Dated at Beverley same day and witnessed by same persons as 
the deed. 

/. 88. 1417. Obit of John Ake and Elen his wife. 

Indenture of four parts between Elen of Ake and John of 
Bilton, chaplain of the chantry of the Holy Trinity in the chamel 
(** charnello ") of the chapel of the B.V.M. in Beverley, of one 
part, Thomas Skipwith and three other churchwardens (**custode8 
fabrics ") of the chapel of the B.V.M., elected by the conunon 
consent of the parishioners of the same, of the other part ; \vit- 
nesses that, in consideration of a set of vestments of cloth of gold, 
green and blue, with three copes of the same suit, and 2(M. 
sterling paid to the churchwardens to the use of the fabric or 
new work of the same chapel, they grant to the parties of the first 
part a yearly rent of 5s. ScL issuing from a messuage outside the 
North Bar, where Thomas Godyf now lives, bequeathed by John 
of Lokyngton to the churchwardens, to be paid to the said parties 
if default be made in celebrating the obit of John of Ake and the 
said Elen his wife in the chapel of the B.V.M. on Sunday before 
Michaelmas. The rent to be distributed that day as follows : — To 
Master Peter of Irford and his successors, vicar of the chapel, 4rf. ; 
to 12 cHltplains present at Placebo and Dinge and mass with music 
2s. 2d,, of which 12, Thomas Browne, chaplain of the chantry of 
the Hospital of the Holy Trinity or Poor-house at the Crossebrig 
and his successor is always to be one ; viz., to two of the 12 
acting as Eectors of the Choir 6d., viz. 3 J. each, and to the other 
10, 2d. each ; for offering at the mass. Id. ; to the 4 parish derks 
of the chapel for ringing the four chief bells 4d. ; to the 4 
choristers among them, 2d. ; for the cover of the tomb of the 


Akes Id. ; for 4 wax tapers to bum on the tomb 6d. ; to the com- 
mon bellman to go through the town for the souls of the same 
2d. ; to the common box of the Hospital or Poor-house at the 
Crossbridge Sd. 

If this is performed the rent is then to remain to the Church- 
wardens. Witnesses : Nicholas Kyse of Beverley, Thomas Frost, 
Thomas Coppardale, William Cokerell, Thomas Coppardale, 
Thomas Caldebek, Thomas Swanland, Thomas Jolyf, and others. 

Dated Lady Day, 1417, 5 Henry V. 

/. 87. 1419-20, 9 Jan. Memorandum : on Tuesday 9 January 
1419, 7th year of Henry V., Nicholas Ryse and 8 others, 9 of 
the Keepers or Guardians of the Town, present in the Guild Hall, and 
also many discreet men (**probi viri et discreti") 22 in number, and 
many more gentlemen (**honesti") of the community, duly 
summoned by the Common Sergeant, confirmed, for 20 marks 
paid by John Bilton of Beverley, chaplain, and Richard Fauconer 
of the same, skinners, executors of the will of Elen of Ake, 
widow of John of Ake, the ordinance of the Chantry on Cross 

/. 87. h. 1419 20 Dec. Presentation to Henry Archbishop 
of York, by Nicholas Ryse and the other Governors, of Thomas 
Brown of Beverley, chaplain, to the Chantry of the Chapel 
of the Holy Trinity at the Cross Bridge. 

1419-20. 14 Jan. Institution by the Archbishop of same in 

Letter to admit same to same by same, same date. 

/. 88 b. 1419-20, 9 Jan. Indenture between Nicholas Ryse 
and others. Keepers of the Town, of the one part, and Thomas 
Brown, chaplain of the Chantry of the Holy Trinity at the 
Cross Bridge, of the other part. Receipt by Brown for books, 
chalices and other ornaments of the said chapel, as particularly 

Amongst other things are a Missal of York use, valued at £4, 
a Breviary (**portiforium manuale"), because new, of York use, 
fully valued at £4. Indenture of the Ordinance of the Chantry, 
£5. Chalice and paten, because new, of silver gilt, 13| oz. 
36«. 8d, Bell, 10s. Two cloths with red crosses painted on 
them, for Lent, Ss. id.; &c. A cupboard of 3 shelves (** stagis") 
for the vestments, books, etc., 6s. An alabaster image of the 
Trinity with painted wooden canopy C'tabernaculo"), Gs. 8rf. 
Image of Virgin with Child on left arm, of wood, well carved, 
and gilded, 40s. Another of alabaster, 3s. id. Wooden 
crucifix, with Virgin and S. John, on the wall over the altar, 
3s. id. Portable crucifix, 20d. Image of S. Ann and Virgin, 
6s. Sd. Two small pictures standing on the altar, 20d. A 
woollen carpet in front of the altar on principal feasts, 20s. 
Lamp with a ** cassula " of latton, 16d. Two forms, &c. A leaden 
' halywaterfatt," Sd. 


Bond by Brown and three sureties in £S0 for safe custody 
of the said goods. 10 January, 1419-20. 

Perhaps the most singular travesty of any document published 
by Poulson is his version of the Indenture summarized above. 
There is scarcely a single item given correctly. The bell to 
hang **desuper capellam" is translated **a bell for the upper 
chapel"; a cloth **ad serviendum" in Lent is written **ad 
emendum"; **two towels hanging at the lavatory" appear as 
** towels laced at the ends"; a fanon **de lineo pic to" appears 
as *' a fanon the lining painted ;"' and so forth. 

Conveyance of lands, &c. from a Mercer of Coventry, 

/. 89 b. 1404, 30 April, 5 Henry IV. Charter of WiUiam of 
Wythonwyke, otherwise called Syward, of Coventry, mercer, 
granting to John Hapford, merchant and passenger of Coventry, 
and WilUam Melborne of Beverley, mercer, all his lands &c. in 
Beverley. Witness John of Barowe, Mayor of Coventry, Philip 
Baron and Simon Sheffeld, Bailiffs of the same, John of 
Garton, draper (** pannarius"), Ealph of Garton, mercer of 
Coventry, Eobert Swanland, Thomas Dene, drapers of Beverley, 
Laurence Trymenell, clerk, and many others. Coventry, 
Wednesday, vigil of SS. Philip and James, 5 Henry IV. 

Letter of attorney to Robert Swanland to deliver seisin of 

1404. 12 July. Charter of John Hapford, mercer and passenger 
of Coventry, and William Melborne of Beverley, mercer, the above 
Grantees, re-conveying to Grantor and his wife Isabel for life ; 
remainder to their daughter Ellen and the heirs of her body; 
remainder over to John, brother of William, and his heirs ; in 
default, to Governors of Beverley, to sell and distribute proceeds 
for good of the souls of William and Isabel. 

Witnesses : John of Melton, John of Wythornwyke, Robert of 
Sledmer, Stephen Graybarn, William Spen, clerk, and others. 
Dated, Beverley. Saturday after Translation of St. Thomas the 
Martyr, 1404. 

Kelk's Chantry. 

Copy of tripartite agreement (" compositionis ") respecting 
the Chantry of Thomas Kelk, formerly of Beverley. 

/. 91 h. 1425. 24 Apr. The Keepers of the Town, Roger 
Rolleston, John Brompton and others (named), — after recital 
that Nicholas Chamberleyn of Beverley by his deed of feoffment 
confirmed to the then 12 Governors 6 messuages, 14 cottages, 
3 acres of land and 7 acres of meadow, with licence of Henry V.* 
and Master Henry Bowet archbishop of York, to find two chaplains 

* Licence is on Rot. Pat., 2 Hen. V., part 3. m. 9, dated 29 Jan. 1414-5. 


to pray for the souls of Thomas of Eelk. merchant. AUee his wife, 
John his son and Margaret his wife, and all the faithful departed, 
in the church or chapel of the B.V.M. at the altar of S. Thomas 
the Martyr, and tiie said Nicholas gave other rents and tenements 
in augmentation of the same — with the consent of the Vicar and 
Churchwardens ordain as follows : — 

The chaplains to celebrate mass daily and divine service 
according to York use, with Pla^rebo and* Diri/fr, for the souls 
aforesaid ; and to be present at Matins, Hours and Vespers, in their 
stalls in choir next the stalls of the chaplain of the Chantry of 
Saint Katharine and the chaplain of the brotherhood of the Holy 
Trinity, or, by assignment of the Vicar and Churchwardens, to one 
of them a stall be assigned in the South part of the choir. 

The chaplains to be of good behaviour, not to frequent suspect 
women, to take care of books, chalice, vestments, and ornaments. 

Leases of the property to be made with consent of the Governors. 

Power of removal for misconduct by the majority of whole body 
of Governors. 

Chaplains to be sworn to obser\'e ordinances in the Guild 

Dated, Tuesday before St. Mark's Day, 1425, 8 Henry VI. 

Richard Sutton and Thomas Scarburgh, now chaplains, admitted 
and sworn. 

Sealed with common seal of the community of the town, the 
common seal of the churchwardens of St. Mary's, the seal of 
Master Peter Irford, ^-icar of same. 

[Poulson represents N. Chamberlayn as having *' endowed'* 
the Chantry; but he was only the representative of Kelk 
in carrying out his foundation.] 

Miscellaneous Deeds. 
(Endorsed) Ferybi Croftes. 

Circa A.D. 1200. Omnibus Sanctae Matris Ecclesise filiis 
prsesens scriptum visuris vel audituris Eobertus de Sancto 
Edmundo, Prior de Feriebi et conventus ejusdem loci, salutem. 

Sciatis nos quietem clamasse Eogero de Morlay et heredibus 
suis pro nobis et successoribus nostris in perpetuum redditum 
unius marcsB quem Willelmus de Morlay nobis dedit in molendino 
suo de Stenigton pro tribus croftis quos Eogerus de Morlay nobis 
dedit in territorio de Burtona, scilicet croftum presbiteri sicut 
fossatum ilium includit, et Brotherhowcroft sicut fossatum ilium 
includit, et croftum quem Normanus praepositus tenuit sicut 
fossatum illud includit, ad capud calceti versus austrum. 


Et si forte contigerit quod Prior de Feribi vel praedictus 
conventus ejusdem loci in aliquo tempore per aliquod ingenium 
vel malum consilium Imic quietae clamationi contraire voluerint, 
Eogerus de Morlay vel heredes sui recognoscent se ad prsedictos 
croftos quos nobis dedit in preefata villa de Bartona. 

Et ut liffic quieta clamatio firmitatis robur obtineat sigillum 
nostrum et conventus nostri prsesenti scripto apposuimus. Hiis 
testibus, Willelmo de Morlay, Dunecano de Morlay, Ricardo 
Hyrnig, Henrico de Coigniers, magistro Walkelino, Kadulfo 
capellano, Eicardo clerico, et multis aliis.* 

(Endorsed) Ourum Karre. 

1333. 29 Sept. Omnibus hoc scriptum indentatum 
visuris vel audituris Eogerus de Somervyl, dominus de Burton 
Annays, Noveritis me dedisse etc, Agneti quae fuit uxor 
Eichardi de Wychenore, quondam camerarii mei, unum toftum 
cum crofto et tres bovatas terrae et unam placiam turbariae in 
Orehdurker ad fodiendum annuatim viginti caractatas turbariae 
sine vasto vel venditione ; et unam i)laciam prati inter pratum 
domini Willelmi capellani ex parte orientali et croftum quod 
Eobertus Ape quondam tenuit ex parte occidentali, cum omnibus 
pertinentiis suis in villa et territorio de Burton Annays; illud 
videlicet toftum cum crofto, et illas tres bovatas terrae et illam 
placiam turbariae et dictam placiam prati . . . quas dictus 
Eichardus de Wychenore quondam de me tenuit. 

Habendum et tenendum [etc.] ad terminum vitae suae [etc.] 
Eeddendo inde annuatim 62s. sterlingorum [etc.] : [she to 
repair and cultivate properly] . 

Dat. apud Burton Annays die Jovis in festo Sancti Michaelis 
A.D. 1333. [But Michaelmas Day fell on Wednesday in that year.] 

Hiis testibus, Johanne de Thirnom tunc senescallo domini 
Eogeri de Somervyl, Johanne Fraunceys de eadem, Alexandre 
de Burton, Thoma Cutmot de eadem, Thoma Preman de 
Grauncemor, et aliis. 

Bound seal, brown wax. Virgin with Child, seated, issuing 
from a crown. 

1352. 23 June. Indenture in four parts. Grant by John of 
Wilton of Beverley to Chapter of S. John's Church Beverley, of 
houses in High Gate, Fishmarketmorgate, and Keldgate, to find 6 
marks a year for chaplain of a chantry in honor of Corpus Christi 
on north side of S. James' Altar or at head of S. John's tomb in the 
Minster. (Printed in Proceedings of Society of Antiquanes, 
8 March, 1894.) 

* This charter seems to dispose of the account given by Tanner (Dugdale*s 
Monasticon VI. 590), that Feriby Priory was founded on the dissolution of a 
Templars^ Preceptory there. This deed is certainly not later than John, and the 
Temple was not dissolved till Edward II. 


1378. 20 Dec. Grant by Jane, widow of John Randolf , to Sir 
Rob. de Bakton, rector of Louthorp, of an oxgang in Kuston 
field, belonging to her as heiress of her father John Hobkyn. 

Sciant praesentes et futuri quod ego Johanna quae fui uxor 
Johannis Randolfi de Kyllom, in pura viduitate mea et in legitima 
potestate mea dedi [etc,'] domino Roberto de Bukton, Rectori 
ecclesiae de Louthoq), unam bovatam terrsD in campo de 
Ruston juxta Louthorp, prout jacet in eodem campo juxta 
terrram quondam Simonis Spynes de Naflferton, et quam quidem 
bovatam terras habui de jure haereditario post decessum Johannis 
Hobkyn patris mei, cujus haeres ego sum : Habendum et tenendum 
[etc.'] . . . imperpetuum. 

Hiis testibus, Willelmo de Kelk, Rogero de Ruston, Willelmo 
de Pokethorp, Willelmo de Thweeng de Ruston, Ricardo de 
Sothiby de eadem, Johanne Warde de Louthorp, et aliis. 

Dat. apud Ruston, 20 Dec, 2 Richard II. [1378]. Round seal 
of grantor, green wax. 

1420, 9 June, 15 Henry V. Grant by Margaret, widow of 
John de Lyndale, son and heir of John de Lyndale of North 
Burton, executrix of John, of houses m the Crossgarths devised 
by him on trust for sale to John Elton of Everyngham, 
*'gentylman,'' and Alice his wife, and Walter Gude, chaplain. 

**Hii8 testibus, Thoma Skypwyth, W^altero Midelton, Johanne 
Bewine, Ricardo Beflforth, Waltero Dunhame clerico de Beverlaco, 
et aliis. Data apud Beverlacum nono die mensis Junii, A.D. 
millesimo cccc"""- vicesimo, et anno H.V. 10° " 

1469. 22 Sept., Robert Prokter, chaplain to Thomas Mynskip, 
of Beverley. Settlement of capital messuage in Crossgartthes on 
Thomas Mynskip for life, remainder to Thomas Mynskip, junior, 
and Elizabeth his wife and their heirs male, remainder to 
Nicholas and Edmund sons of T. Mynskip, senior, successively 
in tail male, remainder to right heirs of T. Mynskip, senior. 

" Hiis testibus, domino Johanne Prokter, capellano, domino 
Johanne Marche, capellano, Ricardo Spencer, et multis aliis. 

Dat. xxij"** die mensis Septemb. anno regni Regis Edwardi 
iiij * post conquestum Angliae nono" [1469]. 

1548. 28 August. Sir Michael Stanhope and John Bellowe to 
Abraham Metcalfe and Jane his wife, granting mansion of the 
Seven Rectors of Beverley, granted to them by Letters Patent 
of 26 Aug. 

" Omnibus Christi fidelibus ad quos haec praesens carta 
pervenerit, Michael Stanhope, miles, et Johannes Bellowe, 
armiger, salutem. Sciatis nos pro quadam pecuniae summa nobis 
per Abraham Metcalfe de London,genero8um,et Johannam uxorem 
ejus bene et fideliter soluta, undo fatemur nos [etc'] , acquietatos 
{etc,~\ dedisse, concessisse, vendidisse, barganizasse et hac praesenti 
carta confirmasse praefatis Abrahae et Joannae Totum illud 
messuagium tenementum seu mansionem nostram ac omnia 


domos aedificia ortos pomeria gardina et curtilagia nostra 
quaecumque eidem messuagio [etc,'] adjacentia, spectantia, sive 
pertinentia, cum eorum pertinenciis universis, scituata jacentia et 
existentia in Beverley in comitatu Ebor., nuper in manibus et 
occupatione propria nuper Septem Eectorum in nuper collegio 
sancti Johannis Beverlaci in prsedicto comitatu Ebor., qusB 
quidem omnia et singula prsemissa nuper fuerunt parcella 
possessionum dicti nuper collegii de Beverley prsedicta; adeo 
plene libere et integre prout omnia et singula prsBmissa ad 
manus domini Eegis nunc inter alia devenerunt, ratione et 
prsetextu cujusdam Actus de diversis cantariis coUegiis guildis et 
fratemitatibus dissolvendis et determinandis in Parliamento 
ipsius domini Eegis nunc tenti apud Westmonasterium anno regni 
sui prime inter alia editi et provisi, et adeo plene libere et integre 
prout idem dominus Eex nunc per litteras suas patentessub 
magno sigillo suo Anglico confectas, gerentes datam 26 die Augusti 
anno regni sui secundo, ea omnia et singula prsemissa nobis 
jDrsefatis Michaeli et Johannse ac heredibus et assignatis nostris 
inperpetuum inter alia dedit et concessit, habendum tenendum et 
gaudendtim prsedictum messuagium [etc.'] ac cetera omnia et 
singula prsemissa \_etc,'] Tenendum a dicto domino Eege nunc 
heredibus et successoribus suis ut de manerio suo de Burstwicke 
in dicto comitatu, [efc.]" 

Warranty. Appointment of Wm. Grimston, gent., and Henry 
Logeneif, yeoman, attorneys to deliver seisin. Dat. 28 Aug. 
2 Edward VI. 

1552, 28 Nov. Edwardus VI., D.G. Anglia [etc.'] Kex, F. D. et 
in terra ecclesise Anglicanse et Hiberniae supremum caput. 
Omnibus [etc.,] salutem. 

Inspeximus inter recorda et irrotulamenta curisB nostras 
Augmentationum et Eevencionum coronae nostras, [etc.] — 

Memorandum. Where the Burgesses and '* Communaltie " of the 
town of Beverley within the county of York have exhibited their 
Bills of complaint unto the King's Highness, showing by the safiae 
bill that where there was a great parish church within the said 
town (&c.) called S. John of Beverley Church, within which 
church there was lately a College which had divers manors, lands, 
[&c.] belonging to the same, amounting to the value of £1000, 
all which [&c.] are now common into the King's Highness hands 
by reason of a statute made [Jjc, The Chantnes Act] in the 1st 
year of his reign, And that for the necessary reparations of the 
said church long time since there were given and assured certain 
lands and woods of the yearly value of £60 and above, which 
were not within the compass of the said statute, And nevertheless 
the rents and profits thereof received to the King's Highness use 
ever sithence the dissolution of the said College ; By reason whereof 
the said church was in great decay and in short space like to fall 
in utter ruin and decay, the parishioners there not being able 
to repair the same. It might therefore please His Highness to 
grant unto the said Burgesses and Communalty the said £60 and 
above by grant [&c.] 


Which supplication and the matter thereof the Lords of the 
King's Majesty's Most Hon. Council by their letters from 
Hampton Court, 6 July last past, did refer to the consideration of 
the Chancellor and General Surveyors of the Court [&c.] Where- 
upon the said Chancellor [&c.] upon consideration . . . and search 
of records touching the King's title to the premises, did find the 
said lands [&c.] to be i)ossessions of the said College, and that 
the King's Highness hath good right and title to the same by 
force of the said statute ; Nevertheless the said Chancellor [&c. j 
found ... by the certificate [of Chantries] that there was an 
ofi&ce called the office of W^orks in the said Collegiate Church which 
had lands [&c.] to the yearly value of i*68 Is. assured unto it, 
And that with the profits the officer thereof did repair the said 
church . . . and was accountable to the same late College for the 
same . . . 

For that the said church is very great and ruinous, and 
yet very necessary to be upholden, the said town being a 
market town very notable and populous, and the parishes therein 
very great, and in consideration of the other circumstances before 

It is ordered and decreed by said Chancellor, [&c.,] 12 Nov. 6, 
Edward VI., [&c.,] That the 12 Governors of the said town [&c.] 
and their successors for the time being shall receive and take the 
rents, issues and profits of so much of the said lands [&c.] called 
[&c.] the office of Works of the said church as are yet remaining 
in the King's Highness' hands, and are of the clear yearly value 
of d£33 188. lOd., as by a particular thereof made by Sir John 
Bellow, particular surveyor of the King's lands within the East 
Riding . . . appeared. 

And where the King's Majesty, by way of exchange, is 
pleased and contented to give a grant to the high and mighty 
prince John, Duke of Northumberland, and to his heirs the 
manor of Bentley, being of the . . value of £18 5s. lOrf., and 
being parcel of the . . office of Works . . . , 

It is ordered and decreed that the said 12 Governors [&c.] 
shall receive [&c.] the rents [&c.] of all the lands [&c.] belong- 
ing to the two late chantries of S. John of Beverley and S. William 
founded in the [&c.] church [&c.] aforesaid being of the . . 
value of £14 18s. 4rf. And also ... all that annual pension of 
£4 13s. 4rf., which was payable by them to the King's Highness 
yearly in the right of the late chantry of S. Katherine founded 
in the church of Our Lady within the town of Beverley. 

And it is ordered [&c.] that the Twelve [&c.] shall employ all 
the said rents [&c.] upon the reparacions of the said church from 
henceforth yearly as necessity shall require and as before time 
hath been accustomed [&c.] And shall yield accompt thereof 
yearly to the King's Majesty's auditor of the said county. . . . 

And it is further ordered [&c.] that the Twelve [&c.] shall 
have the arrearages of all the premises which belonged to the said 
office of the Works [&c.] before the said exchange amounting to 


. . ;£62 14.9. 8^/. for one whole year endincr at [Michaelmas] last 
past to be paid immediately uik>ii the making of this decree . . . 

Nos autem touorem [&c.] duximus exemplificandum. In cujus 
rei testimonium has litteras nostras lieri fecimus patentes. Teste 
Ricardo Sakevyle, milite apud Westmon., 28 Nov. anno regni 
[(fee] sexto. Irrotulatum in officio Willelmi Notte, auditoris. 

Great Seal in brown wax, much broken, the reverse effaced. 
Poulson's assertion that the people of Beverley did nothing to 
get this grant is seen by its very terms to be wrong. 


The accounts of the Twelve Keepers or Governors commence 
with the year 1814. The receipts are as follows. From the 
admission of live burgesses at 3.s. 4r/. each, and 5s. from Alan 
Helver, Ml Is. Sd, Cents paid for the Dyngs, Whitsuntide term, 
£2 186-. 5(/. ; St. Martin's term, £'6 9s. lOd. For the pasture of 
the Fegang, Ml 16s. Id., and of the Swynmore, Ml 8s. 9rf. 
For 16,000 tiles from the Tilery, M'l, Then follow particulars of 
numerous receipts from taxes and from the boxes of the wards, 
&c., the Millers' box, and the Merchants' box. To several of the 
merchants the community was indebted for money lent towards a 
present to the Archbishop ; and money was also due to several 
representatives sent to London to procure a lessening of a tax, 
'* w^hen William of Dal ton and Sir Thomas du Clay were in 
London for the same business." The total sum of receipts was 
MS'd 16s. 6J(/., and of expenses twopence more. The expenditure 
includes M*d 4s. 6d. for the expenses of Sir T. du Clay and Will. 
Dalton in going to London and for gifts, with reference to the tax- 
abatement. Presents were given to the Sheriff and to Sir Gerard 
Salwayn and Sir Walter de Heselarton on theii- coming to array 
men against Scotland ; and to Sir Thomas Cotyngham, to whom, 
with others, fees were paid for counsel and assistance. A separate 
account follows of the receipts and expenditure for pavage, the 
former amounting to M12 Os. Id,, and the latter exceeding by a 
halfpenny. Large quantities of white stone were bought for the 
streets, and a wooden bridge was made in Bowbriglane. 

1366. In the account for this year there are eight entrance 
fees. Additional boxes from which contributions are received are 
the Butchers', Bakers', Tanners', Brewsters', Carpenters', Dyers', 
Ironmongers', Fishers', Tilers', and Skinners'. The expenses 
include Mi Os. 11^/. to the Archbishop for a pipe of wine; 20s. to 
Sir Symon de Heselarton, knt. in the sessions at York of Lord de 
Percy and his fellows, to be favourable and helpful to the com- 
munity ; payments for bills (petitions) made to the King's council 
to remove piles in Hull, and for the expenses of the Sheriff and 
steward of Holderness when they sat for the removal of the piles 
in Hull ; 3s. for a year's rent of the Guildhall to the Chapel of 


B. V. M. (paid also in 1386). The schoolmaster, '^Magister 
Scolarum/' occurs amongst those who pay pavage. The balance 
of total receipts (£165 17s. OJt/.) over expenses was £*40 5s. 10^^. 

1386. Poulson says that there is no roll of accounts for the reign 
of Kichard II. ; but there is one for the year 1386, which is in a 
remarkable form, as it exhibits a change, if not in the government 
of the town, at any rate in the administration of its finances, 
being the ** Compotus," not of the Twelve Keepers, but of '* Thomae 
Gervays, aldermanni villae Beverlaci, Johannis Trippoks, 
Johannis de Aeon, camerariorum." The alderman and cham- 
berlains for 1385 are also mentioned, as paying over a balance 
of £S 17s. How long the change lasted does not appear, 
but the next extant account, twenty years later, for 1405, is ren- 
dered again by the Twelve Keepers {cf, the Town Chartulary, 
/. 18, the Charter of 138|). The entrance fees in this year are 25. 
One mark was given to the *'almosser" (almoner) of the King 
for his good word on behalf of the community to the King. To 
Richard Tirwhit for divers speeches and help for the community 
in the court of the Archbishop, 3s. 4J. To Robert of Garton for 
instructions for a letter sent to Grimsby for freedom from toll 
taken there from the burgesses, and for other help and counsel, 
3s. 4r/. The payments for paving and ditching are numerous. 
To Sir Walter, chaplain of the Gild of St. John, 20s. For fish 
sent to the Friars Preachers for a pittance for the easement which 
they afford to the community in keeping the common chest, 6s. 
To William Frost for speaking with master Walter of Skirlawe 
[who was a canon of Beverley, keeper of the Privy Seal, and after- 
wards Bishop of Durham], procuring him to be a friend and 
favourer of the town, 3s. 4r/. To Robert Chapman, to be favourable 
and helpful to the community, 6s, Sd, To Richard Warde for the 
same, and for exoneration from making the bridge in the Church- 
yard of St. John's Church, 6s. Sd. [Other gifts also in return for 
help.] Delivered to Thomas Jolyf and John Trippoks for their 
journey to London, and for the accomplishing ('^perpetratione") 
of the Pavage Charter, £4. And to the said John Trippoks for his 
aforesaid labour to London in company with Jolyf, 20s. To 
Thomas Tirwhit for expediting the common business at London, 
£6. To Thomas Gerveys, alderman, for fulfilment of his office, 
100s. And to John Trippoks and John' of Akon, draper, the 
chamberlains, for the same, each 20s. 

1405. Entrance fees received from 23 burgesses. The trouble 
caused by the northern rebellion in which Archbishop Scrope 
was engaged is marked by various entries. Paid to Hugh 
de Arderue for his counsel in the time of lawsuit and insur- 
rection, 6s. 8d. Expenses of watching and keeping the town, 5s, 4</. 
For timber brought for bars for defence of the town, and making 
them, Friday before Whitsunday, 29s. Sd. To a valet of the King 
carrying a letter for the community of Pouiitfraytt, Gs. Sd. Wine 
and beer for armed men and archers, 3s. 4:d. To Walter Barbour, 
for bis labour in going to Ripon to ask of the King's passage and 
removal to the North, 3s. 4.d. To Richard Cokeram, a gift of 


courtesy for his good carriage and favour in the Northern parts 
with the armed men, 6s. Sd. Wine for the same armed men at the 
time of their meeting in the market, 156^. Cloth bought for the 
hoods of the men-at-arms and archers, 12s. Sd. A debate between 
the community and Lord de Mauley involved a gift of wine to 
the steward and household of the latter and other expenses. 
To Eobert Bubthorp, the King's squire, for his good favour to 
the King, 40s. For a hogshead of wine given to Sir John de 
Scropp, 46s. 8^. The waits, for their yearly fee, 40s. ; they are 
called ** spiculatores," a term by which, in common with those of 
** histriones" and ** ministralli,*' these officers were designated.* 
The total cost for making a new Bar was £29 13s. 2d. 

1407. From the account for this year Poulson gives copious 
extracts, but both his Latin original and translation have many 
mistakes ; one of which, in the heading, represents the whole body 
of Keepers as **defunctis" in the sense of ** functis officio," 
whereas the word applies only to the two last persons named, in 
the sense of ** deceased.'' Forty-nine burgesses were admitted 
with fees of 20s. each, and Thomas Walkyngton, archdeacon of 
Cleveland, with fee of 40s. From Eichard Laythorpe, rent of 
the Lepers' House outside Keldgate Bar, 3s. An entry trans- 
lated by Poulson as describing receipts **for withy-beds, faggots, 
and escapes of the pastures," is in reality for "lime-kilns 
{t}ioralis)y faggots, and strays (extralmrce) on the pastures." Fines 
to the amount of £4 7s. 8d, were received from divers burgesses 
and brewsters unjustly indicted in the county for obtaining a 
commission of the peace so that the county might not hold 
inquisitions in the town. [A similar commission hsA alresidy 
been granted in 1396.] Most of the items in the account of 
expenses (including those on the visit of Henry IV. and his 
son John) are given by Poulson ; one which he omits is the cost 
of "red lasch," or fringe, added to the green cloth of the Guild 
Hall table. 

1409. Entrance fees from 56 new burgesses. Subscriptions 
to the amount of £8 7s. Id. were received for leading and tiling 
the Bars. In the expenses we find, for wine to John the King's 
son, in the Minster yard, 2s. 9d. ; on the vigil of St. Andrew, 
at inspection of charters and muniments, &c., 7s. 6d. ; expenses 
of Eichard Beverley to York about toll taken at Hornsea from 
the burgesses, 4s. 6d. ; costs of work on the High Bridge, 
£9 12s. 2d. ; rebuilding the North Bar (the only Bar now 
standing), £96 9s. IIJ^Z. This was begun 16 July, and was 
completed to the "roseynyng" of the doors about 4 Apr. 

This building account has been published by Mr. Leach in 
full under the title " The Building of Beverley Bar," in 
Transactions of the East Riding Antiqivaiian Society ^ vol. iv., 1896, 

* Poulson translates it as " archers" in the account for 1407 and elsewhere, and 
Messrs. Jewett and Hope (Corporation Plate, 1895, II. 541) mistake in distingmshing 
the watchmen from the waits. 


p. 26 seq : with an extreuiely interesting paper entitled the 
"North Bar, Beverley/' by Mr. John Bilson, F.S.A., F.E.I.B.A., 
on its architecture, and the mediaeval use of bricks (** wall- tiles ") 
for building, and their prices. He estimates the cost of building 
the Bar now at jesOO to £900. 

1416. Entrance fees of 30 burgesses. Several salters fined 
4rf. for selling salt at the Beck at a higher price than it was 
appraised at. The payment for the rent of the Lepers' House 
is now entered as being 6d, to the Archbishop ** for the common 
tenement outside Keldgate, once the Lepers' House." The rents 
for the Guild Hall are entered as 20s. to the Alderman and 
Stewards of the Merchant Guild of St. John of Beverley, and 3s. 
to the Wardens of the fabric of the Chapel of the B. Mary. There 
were expenses connected with the delivering up at York of the 
commission of the peace granted to the Twelve Keepers by the 
charter of 18 Feb., 2 Hen. V., the charter (with the exception 
of the last clause) having been annulled by Parliament on the 
petition of the Archbishop of York, as it was in derogation of the 
rights of the Archbishops as keepers of the peace in their lordship 
of Beverley. The circumstances and charters are detailed in 
Poulson's history, I. 174, 184, where also, at p. 192, the reserved 
clause, which exonerated the burgesses from the collection of 
taxes outside the town, is noticed as being included in the 
Inspeximus charter of 15 May, 1 Hen. VI. One hundred marks 
were lent to the King, which were had in September out of the 
hands of the Rector of Brantingham and Robert Midelton ; the 
costs attending the negotiation of the loan were no less than 
£4 lis. 3Jd. A new pavage commission for seven years was 
obtained on the mediation of Sir Symon Gawnstede, which cost 
£19 12s. 5d. 

Appended to this account is a list of ancient arrears, some of 
them 14 and 15 years back, but not yet written off. 

There is also added an account of the ** rents and farms of the 
community which belonged to John Kelk." 

He had founded a Chantry in St. Mary's Church, of which he had 
made the Twelve Keepers trustees. A copy of the Ordinance of 
the Chantry made in 1425, 9 years after this account is in the 
Guild Book, as printed stipra, 

£ s. d. 

The Keepers' account for **rentsof divers tenants 
of lands and tenements whose names appear in the 
account of Richard Sutton, chaplain, sewn to this 
account " - - - 22 6 

And received from Nicholas Chamberlayne, 
draper, executor of the will of the said John Kelk, 
for the price of a garden called Enyrgarthes, which 
Nicholas sold to William RoUeston, and gave the 
sum thence arising for repairs of the said tenements 8 

Balance from year before 4 11 

Total 34 17 



Rents resolute 2 5 8 

Eepairs of tenements, including one " next 
pardysse " (paradise) 8 2 2 

Stipends and Fees. 

To Richard Sutton for his salary at 4 terms, 
celebrating for the soul of John Kelk, merchant - 4 

To the same for his fee for collecting the rents 
and seeing to repairs 10 

To Sir Thomas Scardeburgh, chaplain, celebrating 
for the soul of the said John Kelk - - - - 4 


For tenements vacant through lack of repair and 
arrears of excessive rents 4 7 11 

Allowed because one tenant cannot yet be dis- 
trained, and others have nothing to be distrained, 
and so on - - - - . - - - 6 4 3 

Richard Sutton's account, on paper, is annexed, under the name 
of **Kelk-rent." It includes a great number of houses in 
*^ Outside Bar," ^^Couper Lane," ^*Wodlane," ** Saint Marigate," 
**Lathgate," **Fishmarketmorgate," **Mercer-rawe." 

1423. Fees for 15 new burgesses. Five are admitted without 
fee in right of their fathers, one of them John Tyrwhitt, described 
as ''squyer ; " and Thomas Brown, chaplain of Theme, is Eulmitted 
free, because he promised to be at scot and lot as in common (" com- 
municarius") for the future as a burgess. Two persons were 
fined for neglecting the pageants on Corpus Christi day, and 18 
for rebellion in the Guild Hall on St. Mark's day. The payment 
to the waits, **spiculatoribus," is again (with the Eiddition of et 
before the word) transformed by Poulson into **moneys paid to 
members of the Guild who were formed into a body of archers.** 
A breakfast, dinner and supper on Corpus Christi day to the Earl 
[of Northumberland], countess, and family, in the house of 
William Thyxhill, barber, cost £4 Os, 4:d. To Master Thomas 
Bynham, Friar Preacher, for making and composing the banns 
C'les banes ") before the Corpus Christi play proclaimed through 
the whole town, 4 May, 6s. Sd. To the waits of the town, 
on the morrow of Ascension Day, riding with the said proclamation 
of Corpus Christi through the whole town, 20J." For two pairs of 
bags to keep the money of the community in, 2d. For a little 
leather sack to place the ** remembranciae" and other books in, 
for the profit of the community, 4 June, 4rf. Expenses of the 
Twelve Keepers on Corpus Christi day in governing all the 
pageants passing through the whole town, 7s. 6d. 12 Jane, 

♦Misled by a heading at the top of p. 275. vol. I. of Poulson, the date is wrongly 
i(\\en in Jewitt and Hope's Corporation riute, II. 501, as 1500. 


for bread, wine and other expenses on William Tyrwhitt 
for counsel in the matter of the rebels making an affray on St. 
Mark's day in the Guild Hall, 3s. lOd. Expenses for three days, 
with horse hire, of a messenger sent to the Mayor of York about 
toll wrongfully taken there, lOs. lid. 4 April, for two silver 
shields (**scutis") in honour of the community, to be yearly 
delivered to the waits at the pleasure of the Keepers for the time 
being, under sufficient sureties, the price of the shield 31s.,® 
of which for workmanship lis. 8d. [These two shields were 
the waits' ** scutcheons " or badges. They were remade in 1433, 
and a third was added later]. Dinner on the audit-day, 
£3 16s. 11 Jd. Among arrears are included 37s. due 
from Eichard Skryvener, formerly Common Sergeant, for sums 
received from divers burgesses which he had not paid over or 
accounted for ; and a lime-burner had absconded owing 25s. for 

In the heading of this year the Twelve Keepers are for the first 
time called Keepers or Governors, "custodes sive Gubernatores." 
The latter title gradually superseded the former. Whether, or in 
what way, the new title implied any additional power or position, 
does not appear ; but it seems to point to a change of view, and 
the substitution for mere guardianship under the Archbishop of 
an assertion of some independent rule. 

1433. Entrance fees, 21. In this year there occurs for the 
first time a statement of the pledges taken as security for arrears 
of burgess fees and of rents, &c. They are mostly pots (**o118b"), 
but from William Draper, goldsmith, are taken a pot, two basons, 
and two . . . , as security for 6s. 8d. 

The chaplains of Kelk's Chantry are Thomas Scardeburgh 
and John Esthorp. 

Paid a goldsmith for working of two shields or arms (** scutos 
sive arma ") of the community for the waits, 14s., gold bought 
for them, 3s. id. Six ounces of silver bought beyond the weight 
of the old shields, 15s. In two ** corsis " [cases?] bought for 
the said shields, 2s. 4rf. In wine given to John EUicarr, retained 
of counsel for the community, in buying the measures of the 
Archbishop, 14^^. Eeward to William Surleby, bailiff, for a copy 
of the registered statute-weight, balance and measure, 20s. 

Appended is a list of the weights and measures for the use of 
the community : — 

*' 1 potell, 1 quart, 1 pynte, 1 gille de peutir, ij panyers, 1 hopir, 
1 modus, 1 firthindel, 1 p° Cpeck?) and ^peck of wood, 1 gallon, 
1 potell, 1 thirdpart, 1 quart of wood," for measuring ale, bought 
in the 5th year before : as appears in the account of that year. 

And they have *'5 pikkes, 1 whelbarow, 1 other barow, 2 tuppis, 
3 schovelis, 2 saas, 1 tubbe, 2 boUis, 2 scotellis, 2 sparris, under 
custody of the Shepherd of Feyang ; 850 stanlatts, 6 sparrs, 

*Poulson (followed in Corporation Plate, II. 501) gives by mistake " precii 
ejusdexn, xis*" but in his translation has the correct fibres. 

723 b, I. 


1 fleke, 1 horslok, 1 gavelok " of iron, and 2 silver shields for the 
minstrells (**ministrallis"), also armour for 6 men except 
" cuschewsand grevys." 

And there remains in the Common Chest in the Guild Hall 
a bond for ten marks of Master Thomas Chapman and others for 
confirmation of all the liberties of the town under a Bull sealed 
with a leaden seal after the fashion of the Court of Eome. These 
are they who are bound, Master Thomas, John Brompton, and 
William Weston, clerk (**literatus") of Beverley, and it remains 
in the Treasury. 

1437. Entrance fees of new burgesses, 12. Paid to Eoger 
EoUeston and two servants riding to London, 31 May, for a plea 
against the Prior of Bridlington, 12s. lljd., and six shillings a 
week for 8 weeks in London, 48s. To Brian Holm, bailiff, for 
his labour in speaking with the Archbishop at Southwell for his 
award and judgment in the matter, 6s. 8d. To William Silvir, 
[the Common Sergeant] going to Southwell, with hire of horse, 
9s. 4d. Three Keepers going to York to the Archbishop, three 
days, 32s. 8d. Two swans, six capons, and four gallons of red 
wine of Gascony to John Iwardeby, 6 Sept., 16s. id. Expenses 
of nine Keepers at the Bailiff's house for counsel as to answer to 
Mr. Thomas Chapman for confirmation of the new Bull of liber- 
ties of Beverley, 21 April 4s. Id. 

1445. New burgesses, 15. For arrears of entrance fees brass 
pots are the common pledges, but four yards of black cloth are 
taken from a tailor, two basons (** pelves'') and a washing-bason 
(**lavacrum") from a cook, a **baselard harneysed" from 
Lawrence Sewardby, yeoman, a pair of shearmen's 
scissors (**schermanscheris") from a fuller, a small hammer 
from a smith, and two silver spoons from a noercer, 
WilUam Gasquyn. Wooden bars and two ** turnstilys " were 
put up at the ends of the lanes of the town, at a cost of £2 6s. 3d. 
Various extracts from the Account, relative to troubles caused by 
" the family " of the Earl of Northumberland, guarding of the 
bars, &c. are printed in Poulson, I. 205-212, in which the follow- 
ing corrections should be made ; 6s. 8d. instead of 7s. 8d. for 
bread, wine and beer for 24 archers ; Eobert Davyson instead of 
" Sanyson "; expenses of Master Thomas, for three days, 18d., 
instead of 13s. ; bread and wine for the sons of the Earl of North- 
umberland, 8d. instead of 8s. The following are additional 
entries : — Three clerks of the Justices for writing a supersedeas 
for the men of Beverley indicted for felony, 6s. 8d. To twelve 
jurors of the Esterithing for not proceeding against the men of 
Beverley in the said indictment, 6s. 8d. Expenses of ofiScers of 
the King, 7 Jan., staying a night in Beverley with 32 horses, 
supping and breakfasting, 41s. 3d. Expenses, Tuesday, 8 Jan., at 
Sutton in Holderness, on four justices sitting there, the under- 
sheriff of York, escheator, bailiffs of Hortill and Holderness, and 
other ministers of the King, for delivery of 71 men of Beverley 
indicted for felony at Norton, £9 13s. 


1449. Total receipts £93 4«. 8d. ; expenses, ^£98 11«. 8Jd. 

Parage expenses. 22 Apr. To John Holme, counsel for the 
community, for his labour and expenses in obtaining the Pavage 
patent ('*prosecutione paviagii patentis") newly confirmed this 
year for ten years, £5 2«. 5d. 

Common expenses. 1 May, the Governors, Henry Thwaytes, 
steward of the Archbishop, the bailiff, and others, for continuance 
of the muster to the end of Pentecost, 6s. Sd. Four capons and 
two gallons of red wine of Gascony presented to John Holme, 
baron of the Exchequer, for the honour of the community, 6s. 8d. 
Expenses of Stephen Tilson and William Atkinson riding with 
four horses to York, to communicate with Henry Vavasour for their 
answer to the letter of the King sent to the inhabitants of Beverley 
for money to be lent to the King, going and returning 2J days, 
with hire of horses, 22 Sept., 7s. 8d. Expenses to Willesthorpe 
with letter to Henry Thwaytes as to divers transgressions of the 
men of Skipsea distraining burgesses of Beverley, 18 Oct., 4s. 6d. 
Expenses of the Governors of this year and of the year before on 
Thomas Wylton and William Gren as of counsel of the 
community, in the Guild Hall, as to the answer to be given to 
Thomas White and John Middelton against the patent sealed in 
Chancery obtained by Alexander Crayke to discharge him of 
money owed to the King and other contributions of the town 
hereafter, 5 Dec, 5s. 8d. Reward and expenses of William Sleforth 
carrying the tax of the town to London, payable (**pacabilis") 
there, 19 Jan., 26s. Sd. Expenses of eight Governors sitting in 
the Guild Hall to receive the tax five days, in bread, ale, and wine, 
18 to 22 Feb., 4s. Sd. 18 March, dyeing the green cloth, nails, and 
red fringe ''(redlasch)'' for covering the Guild Hall table, 9d. 
Expenses on Thomas Wylton for his counsel with regard to 
C*versus") John Portyngton, junior, and Edmund Portyngton, as 
to the Chantry of Nicholas of Eyse in St. Mary's Church, newly 
confirmed by the said John and his wife, as appears in certain 
indentures sealed between them and the community, 9d. 

Costs of the War C* giierrariim'') against Scotland. Paid to 
Jane Sotheby, widow, for half a white woollen cloth, bought 
of her for the **heykes" for the men-at-arms, the archers, 
'' heynsmen,'' and carriage men riding to the parts of Scotland, 
28 June, 10s. Ad. Thomas Littester, for half a blue cloth, for 
work of the ** heykys," 17s. Expenses of ten of the Twelve 
Governors, 29 June to 3 July, sitting in the Guild Hall to receive 
the men-at-arms and archers chosen to travail (** laborandum") 
to Scotland, 3s. Sd. IJ yard of cloth of Eeynes bought for 
working 1 Geton, price 2s. lOd. IJ yard of blue Tarteron bought 
for the same Geton 3s. Ad. 2 J [yards?] of white and blue 
silk of Paris bought for making the fringe round the said Geton 
2s. 2d. 4 July, 9J yards of the said silk in fringe C*frenge") 
round the said Geton 10s. For tailoring C'cissura") of the two 
half cloths for the '*hykes" lOd. J (sic) red buckram 
C*Bokirham") bought for making a socket C'soket") for the 


Geton aforesaid 3rf. 8 July, John Sixyndale, taylor, for making 
28 **heykes" for the armed men and archers and others above- 
mentioned, and making the Geton, in all, Is. J of a red woollen 
cloth the same day for crosses on the heykes and for silver of 
Cyprus C*Sipris") bought for embroidering ("browderyng") the 
same, 8d. 

Expenses of 8 Keepers after receiving the bills of all the 
constabularies of the town, charged to pay archers assigned to 
them, the said day. Id. 

Expenses on the archers after their labour at the muster on 
Westwode and of the Keepers in viewing the muster, 21d. 

Last of July, for bread and wine given to armed men their 
servants and archers, riding twice to Scotland, Ss 4d. 

John Foster riding to Hull for copy of a commission of truce 
C*trug8B") directed by the King to the said town, and a copy 
thereof, 12d. 

Brian Holme, bailiflf of Beverley, esquire, to pay a man 
carrying the Geton of the community to the parts of Scotland, 
8 days, with hire of horse, Is. a day, 8^. 

William Atkynson, William Haweson, John Kelde, John 
Sixyndale, Thomas Cokirham, men at arms, and each of them 
for self and horse of the arrears of their wages ("vadiorum") one 
day returning from the parts of Scotland to Beverley, 2s. 6d. of 
the money of the community, 13s. M. 

To twelve archers, each of them for self and horse one day's 
arrears of their wages (etc.) 16d.=16s. 

William Atkynson for a bill sealed with the seal of the sheriff 
of Yorkshire, being a warrant in discharge of the said nien at 
arms and archers released from the parts aforesaid, 20d. 

Brian Holme, bailiflf, man-at-arms, arrears of his wages, as 
appears by bill, examined and approved at the audit, 2s. Ad. 

Total 51. 58. 4d. 

Costs of Dinner. Expenses of the Great men ("magnatum") 
of the town dining together on the Audit day, in bread, wine, 
ale, flesh, capons, fowls, birds, spices, fuel, salaries of cooks and 
servants, and rewards, and small expenses, reckoned together as 
shown in bill examined at the audit, £5 Os. Od. 

A separate account of John Kelk's Chantry is appended ; showing 
Eeceipts, as per account of JohnEsthorp, chaplain, £7 4«. 2d. 
Expenses : — For 9 of the 12 Governors of this year and 4 of the 12 
of the year before dining together 3 days in July, over the scrutiny 
of the accounts, 9s. 4d. And expenses of the said Governors in the 
Guild Hall about the examination and true proof of the injuries 
wickedly and unjustly done by the said chaplain to the said 
chantry, through men worthy of confidence, 4s. 5d, 


1450. New burgesses 14. Total receipts, dtllT 14«. 9Jd. ; 
expenses, £90 8s. 1^. From **Kelk rent'' 33«. 3d. was received, 
with 135. 4d. from Thomas Oversal, chaplain, one of the executors 
of the will of John Esthorpe, late chaplain of the chantry of John 
Ake. Eight-pence fine for carrying faggots to a woman in 
Flemmyngate before they had been priced by the Governors ; 
twelve-pence, for abuse by a woman of the searchers of the craft 
of Bakers in doing their oflSce. Paid to Eichard Furbishour for 
keeping the arms, with twelve axes and six heads of six lances, 
3s. 4d. In an offering msAe to Master William Percy, son of the 
Earl of Northumberland,*^ at celebration of his first mass, by 
nine of the Governors, each 6^. 8d., for the honour of the com- 
munity, £S. To Thomas Wethys, goldsmith, for mending the 
two silver shields of the community, 2 Oct., 12d. Alms to the 
craft of the Skinners for their pageant or play on Corpus Christi 
day, 4:8. Cost of the common sewer in Keldgate by the Minster, 
called **Wateryngplace," including carrying "mudde" from it, 
20 days, 33s. 5d. Several entries relating to the sending men 
south to support the King against **le Mortimer," otherwise Jack 
Cade, at the order of the Earl of Northumberland, are printed by 
Poulson, I. 216, but under the year 1456 instead of 1450, with 
some errors also in the text. 

1460. The account for this year is the only one ornamented 
with illustrations. It begins with an elaborate C in red and black, 
with a scroll entwined bearing the words '' Posui Deum adjutorem 
meum." Apparently it was intended to be the initial of Com- 
potus, but a smaller C in red is repeated, and each initial letter 
in the heading is rubricated ; the initials also throughout are very 
elaborate. Perhaps this extra care on the part of the scribe was due 
to the fact of the first Governor being Thomas Tone, clerk, or pos- 
sibly to the entrance upon office of a new Common Clerk, Eichard 

Twenty-four burgesses were admitted. The total receipts were 
£90 3s. l^d.y and expenses £90 19s. 9Jd. There are payments 
for keeping the Bars, caused by the beginning of the Wars of the 
Eoses, and other expenses in consequence of the wars, which are 
printed in Poulson, I. pp. 226-243, together with items for 
entertainment of the Earl of Northumberland and costs on the 
feast of Corpus Christi. But the following are there omitted : — 
A gallon of red wine given to Sir Thomas Crakanthorpe on his 
return from Wakefield, and another gallon of wine given to the 
same after the muster was taken in the West ward 16 March, 2s. 
and red wine, expended by the Governors the same day after the 
muster, 15d. The " monster " is almost immediately followed by 
the *' taking" of Beverley, apparently by approach by water. 
** Expenses of the master of the great ship of Lord Warwick with 
his companions, at Beverley, in the house of John Sprotley, 
innkeeper (" ostiler "), by tally, 9s. 4d, and of divers esquires and 

•William Percy, born 7 Apr. 1428, was appointed prebendary of BiccaU in the 
church of York in 1436, and bishop of Carlisle in 14521 


sailors in Alice Bexwik's house in the month of April, as appears 
by tally, 10s. 8d. And paid to John Darcy, tailor, for making 
** del Jakes" for the **sowgeour8" with Lord Edward, King of 
England, 6s. 8d, The burgesses appear to have been forced to 
play a dangerously double game, in endeavouring to keep in with 
both the contending parties, for while they were paying for 
the clothing of K. Edwards's soldiers they were also paying 20d. 
to ** John Bower, riding to York with bows for King H." 
** Reward to Henry Awger, captain, that no one should plunder, 
20s." There are various entries for pike and bream bought for 
Lords Fawconbridge and Graystok, who occupied the town for 
Edward. Poulson's extracts are copious on these points. It is 
only necessary to correct one or two mistakes. The cloth of 
which eight yards were bought for the men-at-arms sent with 
Edward IV to Newcastle was not red but blue (** blodii ") ; and 
it was not a gift of four ** wild fowl " that was sent by Lord 
Neville to the Keepers, but four deer, ** feras." 

Expenses of two of the Keepers riding to Frothingham to speak 
with John Holme, Baron of the Exchequer, for letters patent of 
the King for pavage, last day of May, 5s. Sueing out two 
complaints against the Prior of Bridlington, at the suit of Eobert 
Vicars and Thomas Colynson, for taking toll at Bridlington, 14d. 
Expenses of the Twelve Keepers assembled by reason of dis- 
traint of men and burgesses of Beverley for toll to be paid at 
Bridlington in John Eedesone's house, there being present divers 
of the more honest men of the town and two canons of Brid- 
lington, 14fL 

All these extra expenses of the war-time ran up the total of 
the ** common " charges to the very unusual amount of £Q6 4s. 
7Jrf., which is exclusive of ** taxes" contributed by the unfortunate 
inhabitants to both sides. 

1494. From 1460 no accounts are extant for a whole 
generation, the next being those of John Seglystorne, Roger 
Moyses, and William Peyrson, &c., A.D. 1494. 

£ s. d. 
Total Receipts - - 92 16 OJ 

Payments - - 90 5 OJ 

There is a rather remarkable list of Fines this year. 

12d. of John Armestrong, Alderman of the Tailors, because he 
did not bring in his Searchers to be sworn on the first day 
of sitting after their election, contrary to the order, and penalty 
of 40s. 

The Aldermen of the Barbers and of the Dyers are fined for 
the same. 

Four persons are fined for absence on St. Mark's Day. 

John Rychardson, barker, is fined 22d. for selling a hide not 
well tanned. 


William Taylor, fysscher, 6d. for carrying away certain fish 
from the Fish Market on Tuesday in Rogation week. 

John Bylton "wever," 2d. for abusing the Common Sergeant 
in Westwood in the execution of his ofiSce. 

John Husthwayte, Alderman of the **Sadillers," 6d., because 
the Light of his Craft was not lighted on Feast days as specified 
in the Register. 

Henry Payntor, Alderman of Paynters, fined 3s. id, for not 
rendering his account on the day stated in the Register. 

Richard Boyth 6d. and 8 others the same, for coming to the 
Watch without defensive harness C*apparatu"). 

Robert Mounces, ''wryght," for not telling his neighbours to 
come in harness, as ordered. 

Henry AUman, one of the constables, for giving leave to his 
neighbour to remain at home during the watch, 4d. 

John Steynson, bowcher, for entry and handsel (**gersuma") 
of a shop on south side of the Dyngs taken for 25 years by 
indenture, 13s. Ad, 

Robert Weyll, fischer, for not doing his ofiSce in searching for 
herrings bad and out of season (**inseminatorum") coming to 
market and not searched, id, 

Robert Smith, walker, for having a dead pig lying in the com- 
mon street till it was carrion (** caryon ") and refusing to bury it or 
move it when charged to do so by the 12 Governors, &d. 

Thomas Poteger, fyschar, because his servant bought a sein 
(** seyn '') of sea fish and resold it regrating the market, against the 
penalty of 6s. 8d., Sd. 

John Schaklok for leading a catch with hay and corn into the 
Beck (** torrent ") against the ordinance, 2d, 

Robert Metcalfe, mylner, for having certain cows taken in the 
Common Averyce, not being a burgess, 6s. 8d. 

Of the Bailiff of the Provostry for a gray mare delivered f o him 
as a waif (** wayfe "), 12d. 

Robert Whyte, merchant, for having a hound (** molossum ") 
wandering in the streets without a keeper or a muzzle, against 
the penalty of 3s., Sd. 

26 others the same sum for the like offence. 

William Kynge, Alderman of the Weavers, for having a brother 
in the brotherhood and livery (**vestura") not being sworn a 
burgess, contrary to the penalty of 40s., 6d. 

Receipts of Fagots (dc) 

£6 received of Thomas Peyrson and John Northend, masters 
of Westwood within the time of this account, viz. for 6000 fagots 


cut and made by them in the wood of Westwood, besides 6s. 6d. 
paid for ... . bought for binding the said bundles, with carriage 
and expenses, and besides 10s. to the said Thomas and John 
for their labour in making, selling, and collecting the money 
coming from the fagots ; and besides Id. for 20 fagots given to the 
Maison Dieu (**Masyndew") of Holy Trinity at the Cross Bridge, 
by way of alms ; Id, for 20 fagots given to the Maison Dieu of 
St. Mary's outside the North Bar ; Id. for 20 fagots given to the 
Lepers' house ; Id. for 20 fagots to Henry Powkeryng by 
agreement for fencing St. Giles' croft; 14d. for 40 fagots given 
to the fagot makers. 

6s. from Alexander Bossall and John Steynson, masters of 
Fegang, for 200 fagots of willows. 

13d. for fagots on Swynemore. 

2s. 4:d. of Thomas Bawde for offall of old wood (" aldewod ") 
outside North Bar. 

Subscriptions for pavement C'ex devocione") 46s. 4ci. 


Bents Eesolute include payment to Archbishop's collector for 
** land or croft of S. Giles, belonging to the community, called 
Saynt Gely croft." 

Lady of Derby, lady of manor of Cottynham, for firm 
issuing of Dyngs £4. 

There are payments for wine given to master Eichard Clifford, 
master Cholmley, master of the receipts, master Askewe, and 
others. Expenses at watch on the night of 17 Aug. by the King's 
command, 3s. 4:d. Watch on 27 Dec. Ad., and watch on another 
night, id, 

Eobert Melton, Common Clerk. 

1502. Total receipts, £96 6s. &d. Expenses, £98 6s. 8d. 

Sixteen new burgesses, including Alicia Wryght, described not 
as ** spinster " but as ** synglewoman." Fourteen shillings 
received as rent from the alderman of the Great Guild of St. 
Mary where the ** Masyndewe " is built. Some of the receipts 
for fines are printed in Poulson, I. 260. To them may be added 
this curious one : ** 12rf. of William Hewson, * couper ' speaking 
malicious words in the town and in taverns, saying that Charters 
belonging to the community were either absent or stolen." 
The repairs include those of ** a long chambre at the Cross- 
garthes, with great part of the Hall, £5 17s." 

The Expenses on entertainments of Magnates include: — 

On St. Mark's day on Eichard Cholmeley, knight, master Andrew 
Newman, Eichard Eokeby, commissioners of the King and of the 
Archbishop, and other gentlemen in the house of Peter Crawe, 


Sir Richard Cholmeley, knight, and John Hume, a Scotch 
knight, in John Henyson's house 24 July, 4«. lOd. 

On the Council of the Archbishop and Earl of Northumberland 
at Edward Dugmanton's, lis. 8d, 

Expenses of master Robert Constable, knight, bringing a letter 
from the Archbishop to the 12 Governors, 3«. 

Expenses last day of October on master Marmaduke Constable 
and Edward Savage, knights, 8^. id. 

At Edward Dugmanton's inn (**hospicium") on William 
Savage and other gentlemen when they took the cognizance 
C*lez conysants") of the King to the town, 6s. 

The expensive rewards entailed on the Governors by an invi- 
tation to breakfast with the Earl of Northumberland at Leconfield 
are given by Poulson, I. 262-3, but the expenses there noted on 
the " Lord of Misrewle " at Dugmanton's inn were in Beverley, 
not at Leconfield as he supposes. The payment to ** Alicia 
Vice " of ** the expenses of several gentlemen of the council of 
the said Earl " were not to any such questionable lady at all, but 
only " on another occasion " (** alia vice") ! Poulson also mistakes 
(I. 267) the first item in the Common Expenses ; the shilling there 
given to the Minstrels for drink was not on all the Rogation days 
but on the third ("feria tertia") only. Then follow expenses of 
the Twelve Governors on Cross Monday, which are printed by 
Poulson (ib. 259) with some mistakes in prices, &c., of which the 
chief is as follows : for ** one tub of ale bought, the covering 
repaired with a piece of silver," read, ** a tub of ale, 9d. ; 
mending the cover of a piece of silver, 14d." The Governors 
also contributed 4d; and not 3rf. each to the expenses of the 
** castle," and the total expense to the community was therefore 
lis. lid. not 12s. lid. 

John Johnson and Richard Booth with 2 servants riding to 
York to speak with the Archbishop and the Council of the King, 
with wages of their servants, and horses, 4s. Sd. 

Sir Robert Newton carrying a letter, viz. copy of the charters 
of divers Kings, to London, 8d. 

For parchment bought, in which are written copies of divers 
charters, and which were sent to London to be shown before the 
judge of the Lord the King, against the town of Scarborough 

Paid in broken money, viz. 1 oz. containing 4s. 7d., for 
mending the 3 silver shields, 4s. Id. And paid Andrew 
Goldsmyth for mending the said shields, 2s. 

[This is wrongly given by Poulson, I. 267, who is followed by 
Messrs. Jewitt and Hope, II. 501, the words 1 oz. being omitted 
and *' the third silver shield " substituted for the text.] 


The cleansing of the streets is rather exceptionally included 
among ** Common expenses." There seems to have been a general 
purgation of slums, including Spinny lane (" Spynyslane"), 
vault ("volta") at end of Barlyholme, Grenelane, end of lane 
called Colmankeld, vault by the **Spowte" of the Friars 
Preachers, one in Eastgate, one at Minster-bow, one in 
Mynstermoregate, Well lane. Cross Bridge, Bowbridge, lane by 
the Guyldhaule, Birdall middyng lane, lane by house of 
William Tirwhytt, knight, vault at Norwood, lane by 
Mr. Coppandale's, lane by wall in part of Walkerbeck near 
Qwyntyn place. 

Loss of lis. Sd. on bad money sold. Loss on a piece of bad 
(**corrupti") gold called 'Afyre shyllinge,' sold to Thomas 
Goldsmyth for 4s. 8^. 

Expenses of the 12 Governors of the town, on the day of the 
playing of Corpus Christi, on themselves and Aldermen of divers 
crafts and burgesses of the town and other gentlemen meeting 
them, 30s. 9JcZ. 

2 gallons and a bottle of Malvesey for the 12 Governors 
on the vigil and day of St. Mark, 2s. Beer for burgesses in 
Common Hall that day, 4d. 

Next follow two elaborate accounts of presents ("exenniis," 
not, as in Poulson I., 265, "expensis") given to the Earl of 
Northumberland and the Archbishop of York, Thomas (Scott) of 
Kotherham, comprising such dainties as cygnets, heron sews, 
bitterns, *schewlerds' and curlews (**kyrlews"). The details 
are given in Poulson {loc. cit.). The cost of the Earl's present 
was £2 9s. Id, and of the Archbishop's £5 Is. 8d. 

1519-20. Account of Eichard Eassalls, John Wyllemot, 
Eichard Pattoner, etc., A.D. 1519. Total receipts dElOS 17s. 2d. 

New Burgesses 22. 

Under the heading of ** Transgressions" we may notice — 

Ad. of John Godchepp, because his servant cast a weir (or a 
net, ttmu)i leyp) in Fegangdikes to catch fish there ; 4d. of John 
Yonge for two horses not bound with fetters shod behind, against 
the order; 6d. of John Stacy, barber, selling torches mixed 
with tallow and rushes (**ceboet rosellis") to the deceiving of 
the people of the Lord King; 3s. Ad. of William Abbot for 
abusing John Wylkynson, draper, one of the Twelve Governors ; 
IM. of Eobert Mathew for working a horse's hide against the 
ordinance and to the deceiving {etc.) 


Under this heading John Anderson, the Common Clerk, 
received 53s. Ad., a sum which represents a considerable 
augmentation of the usual salary of 40s. 


Common Expenses include — 

7s. spent by the 12 Governors being with Sir William Pyers, 
poet (sic), at Edmund MetcalfFs house to make an agreement with 
him for transposing [** transposicione "] the Corpus Christi Play. 

3«. Ad. given to the said William Pyers for his expenses and 
labour in coming from Wresill to Beverley for the alteration of 
the same. 

6s. Sd, to a bearward of the King. 3s. 4d. to a bearward of 
the Earl of Kent. 

8d, paid ** old Whetley " for keeping and cleansing the ** clew " 
at Parson-bryg. 

2s. 4d. for lib, pepper, and Sd, given to a servant of the Earl 
of Northumberland for bringing a deer from him. 

2s. given to the **trumpetts" of the Duke of Buckingham for 
playing before the Twelve. 

2s. to the King's minstrels C*mimi") playing at Hasands. 

10s. 8d. for carriage of the Westwood kydds this year. 

5s. 8d, expenses of Mr. Eeceiver and the 12 Governors at 
Antony Goldsmyth's house dining on two bucks there. 3s. 4d. to 
the Lord Cardinal's foresters for bringing them; 6d. as a 
reward to the 4 yeomen. 

146^. for expenses of John Crosley, Barnard, talour, and 
William Eedshaw riding to York for a citation against the 
12 Governors for suit of Court for the Common Hall and 
lands in the Cross Garths. 

Expenses on Magnates. 

6s. 8d, on master Archdeacon of Eichmond and others on 
Eogation Days. 

10s. for present to master Josselin Percy at Fox's house. 

5s. for victuals and wine to the Lord Cardinal's auditor at the 

40s. for audit day expenses. 

1520. Account of John Whyte, Henry Sanderson and Brian 
Falconer, A.D. 1519 to 1520, but there being another roll extant 
for that year it appears that the heading is wrong. The names 
of the Governors from whom the balance is received show that 
this is the later roll for 1520 to 1521. 

Eeceipts, £100 19s. 12Jci. Expenses, ^£60 8s. 5d. Balance 
from last year, £il 8s. 3|d. 

Eleven new Burgesses. 


A novel item of receipt is Eent of the Comnon Averis ; of 
Staveley feld, from Martinmas to Candlemas (11 Nov. to 2 Feb.) 
68. 8d. ; of Holme Kyrkeleas on each side of the road to Grovall, 
6s. 6d.; of Northwood leas on south side of the road to the 
town, 4:8. 

Herbage of '* Kelgat lez '' this year 12d. 

The old heading ** Forfeitures" C*Forisfactur8B") now becomes 
(as in the preceding year), ** offences'' (**Transgressiones") but 
their nature is the same. We may notice — 

4d. of Thomas (sic) for that he had a horse ** shod byhynd " in 
Fegang, not tied. 

2«. of Eichard TroUopp, Alderman of Payntours, for that his 
Play of "Lez 3 Kyngs of CoUeyn" was played badly and 
disorderly, in contempt of the whole community, in the presence 
of many strangers. 

IM. of Eichard Gaynstang, Alderman of Talours, for that his 
Play of ** Slepyng Pilate," was badly played, against the ordinance 
made in that behalf. [These two entries are printed by Poulson, 
I. 278.] 

28. of William Patson, Alderman of Drapiers, for his play badly 
played; Ad. of the same because his pageant was not covered 
with decent dresses (** vestibus honestis "). 

8d. of John Peyke of Cotynghame for selling a measly pig 
(** porcum leprosum Anglice mesell ") in the common market to 
the damaging of the people of the Lord King. 

4d. of John Hancok, shomaker, for that he had worked a 
sheep's skin into shoes. 

2d. of Eobert HoUysworth because his shoes were not 
sufficiently made. 

Among the receipts for woodfalls this year are Us. 8d. 
for 35 tops C*toppes") of oaks in Westwood ; of which 4 
were given to the fabric of St. Mary's and to the Friars 

Paving is included under *' Common Eepairs " with 18«. Id. 
for mending the new louvre C* lover") of the "esyngs" under the 
** Common Hall." 

John Anderson, Common Clerk. 

Common Expenses include — 

6s. 8d. to John Grene, bearward ('* ursario ") of the Lord 
Henry, Earl of Northumberland, for exhibition of dancing bears 
(**agitatione ursonum") in the market place ("foreceto") this 

8s. Id. to a goldsmith for exchange of a chalice belonging to 
Kelk's Chauntry, which was broken when St. Mary's Church fell. 


8d. for a gallon of wine given to the Lord Cardinal's 
(i.e. Cardinal Thomas Bainbridge, Archbishop of York) Receiver 
when he rode to London. 

6d. for carriage of the ** gravell hills " (sic) from the market 
place at Bogation Days. 

45s. 6d. for expenses of the 12 Governors and other gentlemen 
at the time of the Corpus Christi Play this year. 

16s. for 4 new cushions (** quyshyns ") for common use. 

16s. 2d., alms to divers poor infected in this great sickness 
C* infirmitate ") at the Beckside, Kelgat, Kyrkleyn, and outside 
North Barr. 

3s. 4d. for making a new ferryboat at Wele ferry. 

4d. for a parti-coat C* parti cote") given to John Ventrus for 
overseeing the strange poor coming to the town this year. 

Is. to Eichard Eudd [lie ivas the Common Sergeant] for 
expenses at Hulbrigg in Lent, preserving fish there. 

nd. for expenses to Bugthorp to Eobert Eokeby for his 
counsel concerning a letter of the King. 

6s. 8d. to John Crossley for his horse lent to Robert White 
from Beverley to London to the King's Council for divers 
matters concerning the town. 

8d. to Edmund Fattonson when the great sickness was in 
his house. 

16d. to Henry Scot for **8 new shone for 2 horses that Eobert 
White rode to London on." 

lOd. for provender C^prsebenda") of the same for 12 days. 

62s. lOd. for expenses of said Robert White riding to London 
for deliberation of a matter between the **Esterlyngs merchaunds" 
and the town of Beverley, for 19 days. 

41s. 8d. for a ** bay geldyng bought for Eobert Whyte to ryde 
to London for the Town matter consernyng a byll of complaynt 
of the Esterlyngs, which horse was gyffyn to Eobert Whyte for 
his labour," and 3s. 4d. for a new saddle given with the same horse 
and 4d. for the grazing (**grey8syng ") the same between ** May 
day and Mydsomer." 

3s. 4d. to a **pursevaunt " of the King who brought a writ 
concerning the Esterlyngs. 

3s. 4d. to another King's servant carrying a letter for keeping 
sea coals at Newcastle. 

5s. lOd. for expenses of Sir de Crestynok and other servants 
of master Dalby, Provost, attending on him to the house Mere- 


4d. to William Yong for keeping the grating ("grayte") at 

Expenses on Magnates. 

2 pike, bread, wine and other stuffs C*stuffuris") to master 
A.shton, clerk of the council of the Lord Cardinal, being at 

8s. lOd. for a present to Lord Percy, Earl of Northumberland 
at Beverley Park. 

10s. 8d, for a present to master Dalby \_Provost of the Minsterl 
at his first coming into residence this year. 

1522. Total receipts, £92 4s. 8d. Expenses, £72 13s. 8Jd. 
Balance from last year, £37 2s. 3d, 

Ten new burgesses. 

Thomas Setryngton was fined 12cZ. for abusing Robert Gye, 
one of the twelve Governors, with unseemly words. 

Five shillings given to Thomas Forster and others infected in 
the great sickness this year. 

Five shillings to Master William Elson, learned in the law, 
for his counsel in making bills of musters for the King's com- 
missioners. Spent by the 12 Governors at Robert Welle's house 
with the Master Mason (**latomo") of St. Mary's Church, 8s. 6d. 
For three ells of tawny cloth for a jacket for Thomas the keeper 
of ** les beggers ''5s. For six ells of tawny cloth for Richard 
Rudd, common sergeant, 17s. To one William Worsley who 
showed the price of ** ly castell " (Newcastle ?) coals to the twelve 
Governors this year, 3s. 4d. To the Duke of Suffolk's bearward, 
12^. To a jester (or trumpeter? ** joculatori") of the King playing 
before the 12 Governors, 8s. For the expenses of the Governors at 
the time of raising the prest-money for the King, 48 Ad, Spent on 
Lord Henry Percy, Thomas Dalby, and Richard Rokysby, knight, 
the King's commissioners for the musters in the Westwood, 
5s. Sd. 

Expenses of stipendiaries hired against Scotland, 

For nine score and twelve ells of white woollen cloth, from 
which nine score and sixteen white ** jaketts" were made for that 
number of hired men going towards Scotland with master Richard 
Rukby, knight, their captain ; their names are in the paper book 
in the office of the Governors, £9 19s. 2d. For red, green, and 
**yallow" cloth for the **conysaunces" and **garding" of the said 
jackets, 24s. 11^. For 16 ells of ** fyne whyte," bought for Richard 
Rokeby, **graunte" captain, and Richard Creke, "petit" captain, 
of the said soldiers (**soldiorum") 21s. 4d. To John Wensley for 
4J sheaves (**shaff") of arrows for divers stipendiaries who had no 
arrows, 13s, Ad. For a bow for C. Qwrisby, Sd. 42s, for conduct 
money of so many soldiers from Beverley to York. Total, 
;£15 Is. 5d. 


1541. Balance from last year £39 8«. lOd. Receipts, 
dei63 ll8. 6d. Expenses, £123 68. 9d. 

Sixteen new burgesses. 

A legacy of 13s. Ad. was received from Richard Saunderson, 
glover, deceased, for mending "decayd" roads. From Robert 
Broune, **prolingnisvitreis" [or **viteris." Qu. wood and glass? 
or, old beams, veteris for vetenhiis .^] from the chapel of St. Anthony, 
3s. 4d. From the churchwardens (**gardianis") of St. Mary's, 
£30 (probably in repayment of money advanced for rebuilding 
the church). 

Among the Common Expenses is an item of 18s. 3d. for the 
** jakket " of Henry Sergeand who appears to be a new Common 
Sergeant. Common Repairs amount to £29 3«. Id,, including 
**whyteng of the North Bar" and *'42s. llrf. for divers workmen 
in Friar Lane, and making ** le Kyngs armes." 

Expenses on Magnates were very high. 68«. Sd. in regard to 
the Kyug's players, the Prynces players, with other expenses of 
Magnates. £4 18s. Id. in regard to the Knight Marshal of the 
King, and other officers, viz., **harolds, foytmen and trompitors." 

£4 5s. for capons for the Archbishop. 

38s. 6d. expenses of 4 of the Governors when the King came 
to Doncaster, 

£10 for a benevolence given to our Lord the King. Total, 
£30 18s. 5d. 

Fees include — 

53s. 4d. to a new Common Clerk, John Thurland, and 40s. 
to Henry Sergeant, common sergeant. Henry Sergeant also 
received 6s. M. as keeper of Westwood, and 6s. 8rf, as keeper oi 
the market. 

3s. 4d. to Richard Wendyke for **le burgese house." 

Audit Day (again these expenses are very high) £6. 

Among the ** pledges" may be noticed — 

2 copeboards, a pare of bedestoks in house ferme of Wyllyam 
Gallande, 6s. Sd. 

A croyke with a cheyne for puUinge down of houses, 6s. Sd. 

8 pare of styrope ledders, a whyt breeste garth, 2 blake 
headstalls, 2 reynes, 18 single garthes and 11 snafifuUs, 8s. 

5 yards of kylne heyre [sic] for burgese money of Wyllyam Gyll, 

1545. 37 Henry VIH. Account of Robert Gray, John 
Westowt, Robert Thomson, &c. Balance from last year 
£69 9s. U. Total Receipts £199 16s. lid. Expenses £189 
7s. 5cZ. 


Fifteen new Burgesses. 

Transgressions include — 

6d. of Eobert Ledhouse '*for tayking in a brother befor he 
was burges." 

4d. of Thomas Hardy for a **rescowe, whan hys catell was 
goynge to the feyld." 

2d. for wood lying in the street. 

8d. of John Standeven for selling candles beyond the price 
limited to him by the Twelve. 

At last we get a translation of the odd phrase '^extrahora 
pasturarum," viz. Dryvynge of Pasture. 

*^ For en Receytes'^ include — 
6s. of William Brownberd and Eichard Hodge for butter money . 
£8 of the same for rent of divers stalls. 
^40 of the Churchwardens of St. Mary's. 

Common Expenses include — 

45s. M, paid **secke folke as appereth by dyverse bylls 

28s. to collect of the King's subsidy for the common lands 
of Beverley. 

4s. 4rf. to **soldyors" at muster in Westwood. 

12d. for shoeing the common horse and a lock to him. 

15s. *4n regard to the wayts affore Crystmas towardes ther 

2s. ** in regard to the master of the begars." 

£27 15s. 8d. '*for costs and charges of 4 speremen, duo carters 
and coyts and conducte money of 10 soldyors and for a horse given 
to Sir John EUerker." 

£5 3s. 4d. over and besides £80s. 8d. " received for leade of the 
Masyndowe, and 2s. received of dyverse persons, payede for 
scouryng of Beverley Beke." 

2s. 2cl. to the Vicar of St. Mary's for tithes of Horse green. 

The entry of Expenses of Great Men occurs for the first time 
in English. 

18s. 8d. expended of Mr. Lieutenant ("Levetenand") when he 
took muster in Westwood. 

20s. 8d. for 8 cranes and 5 bitterns C'bytters") given to master 

45s. for a present sent to Hull to my Lord Lieutenant and 
for other preparation made for his lordship. 


The Rents {^^Resolnciones'') hitherto paid to the Archbishop are 
now paid to the King, who had now acquired, by exchange with 
Archbishop Holgate, the manor of Beverley, viz. £5 from Westwood, 
28. for a piece of land outside North Bar, 7s. for Saint Gilly 
croft, lOdr. for a tenement in Kelgate, 13s. 4d. for Dyngs ; 
£5 6s. Sd. for Toll, while 4s. is paid to Mr. Leeds for Free rents 
at Cross Bridge. 

Fees. Eobert Hyll, chaplain at the Cross Bridge, now for the 
last time probably, receives his salary of £4 2s, 

8s. 4(1. to the Bailiff of Beverley for Burges house. 

Among pledges are 5 sheafs of arrows for burgess money 10s. 

A bow for a common lane 6d. 

John Thurland, Common Clerk. 

1556. 2 and 3 Philip and Mary. ** Deus cepta secundet. Jesus." 

Account of Eobert Grey, Kichard Fewill, Eichard Grenehop, 
&c., 12 Governors or Keepers of the town and community 
of Beverley. Balance from last year, £33 lis. 8d. ; Total 
Eeceipts, £140 4s. lO^d. ; Expenses, £108 16s. Qd. 

Sixteen new Burgesses. 

The Eeceipts no longer include any Chantry Eent. 

The other rents are - much the same ; but there may be 
noticed — 

3s. 4d. of Eobert Hill, clerk, for his chamber with garden in 
the Trinitie Masondewe, [which is the same he paid before, and 
means that the Maison-dieu went on as before] . 

2d. of the King and Queen's Eeceiver for the late chantry of 
St. Nicholas. 

2d. of the same for the late 7 Eectors, for the heirs of Mayn, 
for sewer in Flemynggate. 

2s. of the same for John Wright for a **poste gate." 

5s. of the same for the late 9 Vicars for a lane in Mynster- 

6s. of the same for a lane late in the tenure of Nicholas 
Hogard, clerk. 

Nothing received of common Averys this year, because it 
seemed otherwise good to the masters and the community. 

Transgressions include — 

2d. of Eoger Newson for being and fishing in Fegang by night 
against the ordinance. 

2s. 6d. of Christopher Eawe, by way of fine, for his restitution, 
on his submission, to the liberty of the town. 

723 b M 


Covwwn Expenses are headed bv the new and significant item 
4.iL paid for faggots to burn books. 

14d. for two royal letters missive, for the Mayor of Pomfret 
and the Bailiff of Eipon. 

28. for searching and carrying King Edward's charter to 

20s. in reward to the Queen's Players. 

Qs. for wine for Eeverend men. 

Ss. 4:d. for wine and pears for the Lord President. 

20s. to John EaffuUs for part of the belfry ("pro parcella 

£5 8s. 8d. for expenses about Toll against Pomfrett and 

30s. for the minstrels' (** mimorum ") liveries. 

£4 Os. 6d. for expenses at York for toll in Lent sessions there. 

6s. 8d. for serving the royal letter on the Mayor of Pomfrett. 

Rents include the new item of £4 to the King and Queen for 
the Trinitie Masondewe; so that it would appear that the 
town had to purchase the Maison Dieu from the Crown as a 
chantry, though hospitals for the poor were not within the 
Chantries Act. 

Among Fees occurs — 

26s. 6d. to Eobert Hill, clerk, as a reward, for his aug- 

Michael Haryson is now the Common Clerk. 

Among the Pledges a more explicit description is given of 
the " crook for pulling down houses " as " One great iron croke 
with a chyne for plukmg downe houses at skathe fyers, 6s. 8rf." 

They include also — 

One Hand-gun (" goin "), the price 5s. 

2 Hemp cords for 2d., 2 sylver thimbles for 4d., one sylver- 
tache, for 2d., one hemp coler for Id., and one Liglishe primer 
for 2d., takyn of Yorkmen and in the custody of Kichard 

1557. Account of William Sandes, Christopher Farar, , 
Eichard Craven, &c., 3 and 4 Philip and Mary. Balance from 
last year £33 6s. Sd. Eeceipts £140 15s. 4d. Expenses Jei02 
18s. 8Jd. 

Nineteen new Burgesses. 

In the rental of the Dyngs, the term ** opellam " is used 
apparently as meaning a shop. 


Among Common Rents a new name seems to occur in ** l&d. 
for 2 sebions [selions ?] in Osivaldgate,'' 

Among Small rents we find — 

4(1. for a lane called Turne agayne lane. 

lOd. for le Cat fosse lane. 

8rf. of Kichard Johnson for le Weste Masendue lane. 

20d. of the heirs of widow Garbrey for the Tentoure lane. 

4rf. of Matthew Garbreye for the Whyte lane. 

6d. for the Shypper lane on south part of Flemmyngate. 

12d, of Alice Saunderson for the Spynes lane. 

8^. of Edmund Metcalfe for the Coyner lane. 

2d, of Peter Atmarr "pro 1000 sterquiliniis " outside the gate of 

Transgressions produce, inter alia, — 

3«. 6d. from 6 people for selling candles contrary to the 

16d. from 4 people for ** le tye dogges." 

6rf. from Alexander Bradshaw, clerk, for impleading divers men 
outside this Court without leave. 

Ad. of John Watson for paying toll (*'le toole") at Malton against 
the ordinance. 

6d. for selling herrings (^^halicium") against the ordinance. 

Foren Receytes include — 

2s. of '* le Wattermen " for their disobedience. 

lOd. of the Alderman of 'Me Carpenters '' for the forfeiture of 
Robert Pinder in his craft. 

Ss. 4rf. of the Alderman of '* le Glovers " for the like. 

19d. of the Alderman of ** le Mynstrelles " forfeit among them. 

18d. for half the Buttery C'Buteri") forfeits. 

4s. 6d. of Henry Power and Richard Bullock for a '* standing " 
on Rogation days of one ** le upholster." 

£17 lOd. of Richard Pearson for Toll and Stallage. 

Common Expenses include — 

6s. 2d. for a royal writ against Ardington. 

47«. 5d. to the King's Serjeants at the Musters and for keeping 


£4 15s. l^d, on Eeverend men, viz. Thomas Wharton, etc, and 
on toll and other things, as appears in 4 separate bills of William 

12rf. for mending the stocks in Keldgate. 

12d. paid by Eobert Sparrowe about the Masendue of St. Mary's 
outside the Bar. 

£3 Os. 2d, to Eichard Bell, draper, for 10 soldiers' ("sowdgers") 
white cotes with red crosses. 

10s. in reward to Lord Skroope's players. 

53s. 4d. to a Searcher orapewterer C*putherer") of London for 
agreement between him and our neighbours the '*putherars." 

Among Pledges are — 

1 dozen and 8 Flemmyshe saltes being tinn, 16 spoones tynn, a 
puther dyshe, 2 brasse weaghtes, a leade weaght, a horse lock, a 
peace of Aron Balle or Bealme and a skale. 

15 . . An imperfect bill ; the first sheet lost. Eeceipts, 
£135 13s. 6d. Expenses, £107 7s. lOd. 

For en Receipts include 9s. 6d. for the old ** campanatore " 
(belfry ?) of the Lady Masondewe ; 5s. of James Eediscaile for 
drying oats on the kiln on Sunday ; 16d. of Eobert Farer for 
abuse of his brethren the Governors. 

Transgressions include 39s. 4^^. from 38 brewsters (of whom 
five were women) for disobedience to the Twelve concerning the 
sale of beer. The proportion of brewers to population is 

Common Expenses. 13s. 4d. and a tree given in ** regard " 
among the inhabitants of Wele and the mending of " le ferry- 
bote." 24s. to servants and officers of Lord Perecye on his first 
incoming. £8 10s. for divers **bybee," Anglice wethers, given to 
Lord Perecye. 20s. to the Queen's players. 50s. for minstrels' 
liveries and badges. 7s. for exchange of money at London. lOs. 8rf. 
lost at Michaelmas when money fell. £5 6s. 8d, paid and spent 
by the commissioners on mustering days and at Kingston-upon- 
Hull at divers times when they were there as witnesses, and for 
sealing of the award, and on Lord Perecye, and other common 
expenses, as appears by Adam Spencer's bill. 6s. paid for paper 
of the King of England (?) 10s. paid and spent by John Haryson 
going to Hull divers times, and for writing divers proclamations 
as appears by bill. 

Fees include 13s. 4fZ. for the Common Clerk, John H9,ryBon. 

1558. Account of Matthew Garberey, Eobert Thompson, 
Eichard Fewle, Eichard Greenhope, Eichard Bell, draper, William 
Grey, Thomas Settrington, Arkenwald Shipherde, Thomas Daye, 


John Adamson, Adam Spence and Eobert Farer : 4 and 5 Philip 
and Mary. Total Receipts, £145 4s. 8d, Expenses, £158 Us. lljd. 
Arrears from last year, £38 16s. 7Jrf. New Burgesses 16. 

Among Transgressions — 

Nine persons are fined 2.s. each for selling beer contrary to the 

Two persons are fined 4rf. for their pigs in St. Mary's Church 
yard, and another for his pig entering at liberty the common 

Two more the same for a cow in their neighbours' gardens. 

Expenses, in most cases said to be ''as appears by bill of 
Thomas Settrington " — 

56s. for 18 greaves for soldiers. 

34s. M, for blue colour for the little tunics of the soldiers. 

26s. 8(Z. for Christopher Thimabie and Roger Catton going to 
Lords Westmorland and Northumberland. 

£11 18s. 4cZ. for certain necessaries for the soldiers and for 
business against Hull for Hull Bridge. 

15s. M. for cloth of yellow and green for facings ("laciniis") of 
the tunics of the soldiers. 

4s. for allowances (?" salarinis ") for horses for William 
Francklande and others. 

80s. 8rf., 4s. 8rf., and £5 16s. 8d. spent at York on the business 
of Hull Bridge. 

£24 19s. and £13 16s. 8rf. spent at London for the same. 

6s. lOrf. for wine when Queen Elizabeth was proclaimed. 

2d. ** pro uno le money-bagge." 

40s. for the Waits' liveries and badges. 

23s. 4rf. for a bill at B. Mary's Masondewe outside North Bar* 

2s. 6rf. for paupers' badges. 

Fees include 6s. 8rf. to executors of Robert Hill, clerk, and 
5s. A(L to John Harrison, Common Clerk. 

1562. Balance from last year £23 17s. 5d. Receipts, 
£297 Is. Id. Expenses £251 18s. M. Thirty new Burgesses. 

The fines are for ordinary offences : throwing rubbish in the 
streets, and not keeping channels clean ; bad herrings in Walker- 
beck ; disobeying ordinances, &c. 

A '* benevolence" of £54 10s. \d. was collected towards 
scouring the stream called Beverley Beck, as appears by a book 


Among the Common Expenses is a payment of 13«. 4d. to John 
Harison, the Town Clerk, for going to York with ** Magna 
Carta," and for writing a deed, as appears by a bill thereof. 
This ** Carta" was of course the Great Charter of the town, but 
Poulson, who prints this entry under the wrong date of 1560 
(I. 315) supposes that it was a printed copy of the Magna Charta 
of K. John, and that Harison was paid for making a MS. 
transcript of it ! 

Twenty shillings were paid to the Queen's players, and 13«. 4rf. 
to the Duke of Suffolk's players. 10s. for the minstrels' badges 
(**signis"), and 53s. 4rf. for their tunics and Eobert Browne's. 
20s. to Lord Eobert Dudley's bearward, and 5d. for wine for him. 
Sd. for a bellrope for the Trinity Masondieu, and 5s. 4d. for 
repairs on that house and the Lady Masondieu. 

18s. spent on the King of Arms at Hardie's. 
£75 18s. for scouring the Beck. 

£59 16s. llrf. on two occasions going to London to Lord 
Eobert Dudley, as appears by two bills thereof. 

12d. to a poor woman for keeping a lame boy. 

Resohwions. The rents payable to the Queen for the Dyngs, 
Westwood, &c., representing the Archbishop's lordship, are now 
paid to Lord Eobert Dudley, but that for the Trinity Maison 
Dieu is still paid to the Queen. 

The Implements include 52 flacketts, 10 lead hammers ("lede 
malles"), 3 arrow bags and 2 J sheafs of arrows. 

1570. 12-13 Eliz. Eichard Bullock, Thomas Settrington, 
Edmund Stowte. Eeceipts, £201 Os. OJd. Expenses, £188 
17s. Id, 17 new Burgesses. Common Clerk, £4 18«. 4d. 

? 1572-3. [So stated outside, but the date is torn away.] Eich- 
ard Bullock, Thomas Settryngton, Eobert Fayur, etc., 12 Gover- 
nors or Keepers. Eeceipts £258 8s. 9d. Expenses £187 12s. 4d. 
9 new Burgesses £1 each. 

Among Common Expenses a.Ye p&ymentQ to players "Comitis 
LeicestriaB," £1 10s. Lusoribus Magistri Eichardson 8s. For a 
seal 12s. (From subsequent accounts it appears that Eichardson 
was the Grammar School master.) John Harison (the Town 
Clerk) for his fee, £6 13s, M. 

On the back among other items is, ** Lottry money. The said 
Accomptants to be accompte of xs. due to Mr. Lacy," etc. 

Among the Implements are, "v. greate cheanes of iron for 
calseyes (causeways). The Waits' chaines and skutcheons of 
silver, vj bowes and vij shefe of arrows, viij leade malls." 

1573. Edward EUerker, Esq., William Farley, &c., late 
Governors, and Edward EUerker, late maior of Beverley aforesaid, 
Piieharde Wilson, Eicharde Bullock, &c., now Governors from 


S. Mark's Day, 15 Eliz., to Michaelmas in the same year. This 
is the first account written in English. On the incorporation 
the account day was changed from S. Mark's Day to Michaelmas 
Day. Keceipts, de277 18s. lid. Total Expenses £288 16s. 6d. 

Two new Burgesses, one paying 10s., one 15s. 62 fined 4s. to 
4d. for brewing without licence. 

Sale of trees in the Hirne, £196 3s. lOd. ; thorns there, 
£6 4s. 

Paide and spent by Mr. Bullock, Mr. Wilson, &c., in and about 
th'opteyninge of the new chartre graunted unto the Maior and 
Governors and Burgesses of Beverley by our most gracious 
soveraigne Lady Queene Elizabeth at the sute and requeste of 
our most benigne lorde therle of Lacyter, as apperith by a 
particular booke thereof made, £223 Is. lOd. 

Paide for a fyne in th'eschequour to the Queen's Majestie 
for the common busshell, as appeirith by the sherif his depute's 
acquitance, £1 Os. 4d. 

Paid for the lesser mace of silver at York, £1 5s. Sd. 

Paid for parcell of the chareges of the newe pryson, as plainelye 
dothe appeare by a bill of Mr. Farley thereof made, £4 10s. 2d. 

Paide more for makinge the new pryson, as appears by another 
bill of Mr. Farley, £4 8s. Od. 

Paide for wine, sugar, etc., to my Lord President when he 
came thoroughe the Towne, 12s. 6d. 

More for new prison, as appeareth, &c., £1 6s. 8d. 

1574. Kichard BuUocke, maior, Michaelmas 15 Eliz., to 
Michaelmas 16 Eliz. 25 new Burgesses £1 each. Eeceipts, 
£428 16s. lOd. Expenses, £456 4s. lid. For trees on Hirne, 
£132 12s. 5d. 

For the first time the fines on the Assizes of Bread and Beer 
come into the Town accounts. 

48 bakers were fined for short weight sums varying from 8s. 
to 4rf., £4 16s. Id. 

45 brewsters for selling aile with unlawful measures; fines 
from 6s. Sd. to 6d., £4 16s. Od. 

Estreats of the Court of Record are a new item. 

One man is fined 3s. 4d. for making ** a fraie ": 34, 20rf, ** for 
ditches not cleansed " : 12, 3s. 4d. or 2s. 6d. for killing calves 
under 6 weeks old. And there is a long list of other small fines 
filling 3 membranes of parchment, chiefly for "non-appearance " 
or ** default in suit of court," but including 6d. for beinp; a 
common drunkard, and 12(/. for abusing a constable. 


Among Expenses : Given to Mr. Eichardson when his scholars 
plaid in the Hancehouse 5s. A *' butt of Seek " to my Lord 
President, £10. The Mayor for his diet £30, and for courts, £8. 

1575. In this account the '* rents, revenues, issues and profits 
belonging to the church of St. John of Beverley, and now 
appropiate to the Hanshouse," appear for the first time. 

The Minster Rents are however only given in gross at 
£68 18s. U. 

Fees and Wages as well for the Town as the Minster. First, 
paid to Mr. Eichardson, clerk. Master of the Grammar School 
for one whole year's wages, £21 Os. OcL 

John Stubbs as well for the clerkship of the Town as for his 
ofiice in the Minster, £13 Os. M, 

In the face of this and other payments yearly for the Grammar 
School, Poulson states (I. 452) that the first entry "which has 
any reference to the subject " is on the rolls for 1605. The fact 
is that with the Minster property the Corporation took over the 
obligation to support the Grammar School, which he rightly says 
** is of great antiquity and coeval with the Society of St. John.'' 

1578. Minster Eents, as by the rental thereof doth appear, 
£68 18s. U, 

Payments : — 

Mr. Prylor in part of the purchase of the Trinities, £20 OsvOd. 

Paid to Mr. Beckwithe of York, goldsmith, for making of the 
silver mace and for the silver plate of the same, £5 17s. 2rf. 

Waits' liveries, 28 Nov., £2 7s. 3rf. 
Fees and Wages : — 

In primis to Mr. Eichardson, governor of the Grammer 
SchoUe, for his whoUe yere's fee, £21 Os. Orf. 

John Stubbs, clerk of the town, £13 6s. 8d. 

Sir Thomas Sanders keping the Minster clocke, 6s. 8^. 

1584-5. An accompt of Peter Harpham, late Maior of the 
towne of B. within the county of York, of all and singular the 
rents, revenues, issues and profits and commodities appertaining 
to the Hansehowse and commonalty of the same town and of all 
the rents revenues issues and profits belonging to the church of 
St. John of B. and now appropriate to the said Hansehouse, and 
of all the rents belonging to the decayed lands granted to the 
same town by Mr. Walker, and also of all the expenses, &c., of, 
for and concerning the said town and church, from Michaelmas, 
26 Eliz. 


£ s. 


Old and New Burgesses 


26 6 


Towns Rents : — 



7 2 


Crossegarthes . . - . 


1 19 

Common Eents - . - - 


17 10 


Small Eents - . . _ 


2 3 


Quenes Rents . . - _ 


26 9 


Minster Rents - - - - 


75 14 


Qnyte Rents 




Bakers' Fynes 


1 11 


Court of Record - - ' - 


19 19 


Contributions and Upsets - 


1 3 

From Aldemien of Guilds. 

Transgressions ----- 


6 11 


Fynes in the Court - - - - 




Old Debts 


79 3 


Forren Receipts . - . - 


64 12 


For 6 several Cowsheds, 6^. 

Towle {i.e. 'foil) .... 



Ed. Thompson for ye Towle, includes toll of 2 coverlet weavers. 

Londiners Standings 


5 5 


Draining of Pastures 


7 12 




15 14 


Court of Record . . . . 





6 13 


Bwiall in the Mynster 




Sir G. Kitchen. 

Sessions at Michaelmas and Easter 


5 15 

Wood sold in Westwood 


159 3 


Consealyd Lands . - - - 


195 7 


Fynes of St. Mary Church Lands 


22 19 


Shodd Carts 


1 2 


Attorney Fees 


14 5 


Assistants of ye Church 


18 13 


? 1585. Mich. 26 Eliz. to 27. Fees and 

wages :- 


To Mr. Whincop, preacher, for his fee, £80. 

Mr. Kitchen, one of the Assistants, i>16. 

Mr. Recorder, £10. 

Nathaniel Gossop for keping the Grammer Scole for three 
quarter of a yere. Is. lOd. 


1590. Among Minster payments : — 

Work about the Scowle house. 

Item payd as appereth by a bill dated the 8th of Jan., 
98. lid. 

To Mr. Whincop, £32. 

Mr. Kitchen, £16. 

Mr. Bardon [the Grammar Schoolmaster] as parte of his fee, 
£7 16s. Sd. 

1648-9. Accounts of Churchwardens of St. Mary's. Building 
the New Loft for 13 pews, £33 Ids. U. 

1651-2. Account of Churchwardens of St. Mary's, To Sir 
Michael Walton for the use of the Commons of England, £1 
8«. M. In August, paid for ringing on a day of thanksgiving 
for our great victory over the Scots, 9s. 6d. 

£ B. d. 

Kental 51 14 2 

Fines 18 6 6 

Burials in Church and Chancel - - - 5 8 4 

Old Lofts, Bents &c. 8 2 6 

Pews .-287 

Arrears 18 4 

81 8 5 
Expenses 70 6 10 

To Poor on election of Churchwardens, 6«. 

Spent at Thomas Smailes' upon the same day with the Maior 
and others, 58. 

Bread and wine for Communions, £2 4:8. 6d. 

Books in the Chancell, 3s. 8d. 

An owle-killing in the Church May 29th, 6d. 

Churchwardens and Church officers dinners when they gathered 
Whit-Sunday rent, 8s. 

A stone of ** wyer " (wire) for the clocke and chymes, 10». 

Paid the Kingers on the day of thanksgiving for the great 
victory over the Scotts at Worcester, 20s. 




Abbot, WilRam, fined for abuse, 170. 

Abbott, HeniT, 109. 

Abraham, Ealph. 109, 125, 127, 131. 

Thomas, 90. 
Abram, Thomas, shoemaker, 143. 
Abusing alderman of woollen weavers, 94. 

assessors of brewers, 126. 

constables, 183. 

governors. 170, 180. 

summoner, 94. 
Abusive language. 73, 74. 
Aceez [Acres], 31, 32. 
Account day of bakers, 87. 

of merchants, 81. 

of smiths, 96. 

Warden to pay up at, 84. 
Account, ornamentation of, 165. 
Accounts by tally, 165, 166. 

fine for not rendering, 167, 

of alderman and chamberlain, 157. 

of governors, 156-end jpamm. 

• break in, 166. 

first written in English, 183. 

or keepers, when to be rendered, 


of Kelk's Chantry. 164. 
Accoutrements of armed men. 133. 
Aclyfe. Thomas, 50. 
Aeon. John de, chamberlain, 157. 
Acres. Sec Accez. 
Adamson, John, 181. 
Adleston. William, keeper, 89. 
Admission fees of burgesses, 156-end. 
Adultery, children begotten in. 40. 
Affeerers of the Brewsters' Guild. 10. 
Aglyon, Richard, 66, 67. 
Agodshalf , Adam, of Burton, 116. 
Agwillion, Richard, knight, 147, 
Ake, Ellen, 146-149. 

John, Alice sister of. 146. 

bequests, &c., of, 145-160. 

Cecilia sister of. 146. 

chantry of, 121, 133, 147, 165. 

Richard servant of, 146. 

Akon, John of, draper, chamberlain, pay- 
ment of, 157. 
Albermarle {sic), William, earl of. 25. 
Alderman and seneschals of ropers, 50, 

of bowers, coopers and fletehers. 50, 

of butchers, powers (>f, 77 

of cutlers, &c., ordinances made by, 

of Great Guild of St. Mary. 168. 

of journeymen ("shoemakers ?;, 93. 

of labourers, 50. 

of minstrels, 179. 

of saddlers, oath to, 100. 

of shoemakers, deputy of, 91. 

powers of, 91. 

of smiths, powers of. 96. 

of tanners, powers of, 101-102. 

of watermen, 50. 

of weavers, election of, 95. 

examines journeymen, 95. 

Aldermen consent to ordinances, 48 49 

contributions and upsets by, 185. 

fail to swear searchers, 166. 

in pageants, 68, 69, 143. 

of Beverley, keepers or governors, 

of crafts, false return by, 54. 

penalty for disobedience of, 104. 
' Aldewod,' offal of, payment for, 168. 
Ale, measures for, lol. 

price of, 169. 

tax paid in, 163. 

true assize of, 54. 
Alehouses, resort to forbidden, 59. 
Alford, Launcelot, Governor, 79. 
Alkebarow, Alicia, 114. 
Allman, Henry, constable, fined, 167. 
Allutarii. See Shoemakers; 
Almoner (' Almosser ') of King, 157. 
Alms to poor, 173. 

to skinners, 165. 
Almshouse in Laithgate. 141. 

of fioly Trinity at Crossebrig. 135. 

St. Mary's, 129. 
Almshouses, officials of, 124. 
Alum, dues on, 15. 
Anderson, John, common clerk, 170, 

"Anger," by what trade represented, 129, 

Ape, Robert, croft of, 152. 


Apprentices, coopers', payment on taking. 

entrance fee of, 78, 83. 

of carpenters and tilers, 47. 

of drapers allowed, 104. 

privileges of, 105. 

of tailors may deal as drapers, 105. 

of weavers, 95, 170. 

persons permitted to take, 84. 

saddlers', payment on taking, 100. 

shoemakers', payment on taking, 92. 

statute of. 83. 

time of, 83. 
Archbishop of York. See York. 
Archdeacon of Cleveland, 158. 

of Richmond, 171. 
Archers and armed men, cloth for hoods 
for, 157. 

provided, against Scotland, 138. 

rewards of, 145. 

time of service of, 144. 

wine for, 157, 164. 

arrears of wages of, 164. 

assigned to armed men, 108, 134. 

beer for, 157. 

bread for, 164. 

cost of food of, 162. 

expenses on, after muster, 164. 

'heykes' of, 163. 

hire of, 140, 142, 144. 145. 

payment for, 105, 106, 134. 

provided, 107, 116, 163-164. 

tax for, 145. 

wages of captains of, 140. 

warrant in discharge of, 164. 
Ardeme, Hugh de, payment to, 157. 
Ardington, writ against, 179. 
' Areniare' = arraign, 39. 
Armed men, accoutrements of, 133. 

archers assigned to, 108, 134. 

in northern parts, 158. 

payment of, 133. 

provided, 107, 133, 140. 

servants of, 164. 

See also Archers. 
Armestronge, John, 51, 166. 
Armour of oonununity, 108, 144, 162. 
Arms belonging to town, 138. 

making of King's, 175. 

payment for keeping of, 165. 
Amald, Richard, chaplain, 133. 
' Aron Balle or Bealme, a peace of,' given 

as a pledge, 180. 
Arows, Thomas, 120. 
Array, commission of, 8. 
Arrest within the town, 129 
Arrows, cost of, 174. 

makers of, 98. 
Ashes bought by coopers, 98. 
Ashton, master, clerk of Wolsey's council, 

Askewe, master, wine given to, 168. 
Assemblies, 47. 
Assessments and payments in Beverley, 

Assessment for present to King, 132. 

of traders, 82. 
AflsesBor of Chapter of York, 146. 

Assessors of brewers, insolence to, 126. 
Assistants or Councillors, twenty-four, 54. 
Assize of bread. See Bread. 

of beer. See Beer. 
'Astilwode,' 70, 103. 
Athelstan [Edelstan], 11,26. 
Atkinson [Atkynson], William. 133, 144, 

163, 164. 
Atmarr, Peter, 179. 
Attachment of burgesses, 39. 
Attkynson, Richard, weaver, 95. 

Christopher, weaver, 95. 

Thomas, alderman of barbers, 50. 
Atwood, Robert, riots made by, 48. 
Audit day, expenses of, 161, 164, 171, 175. 
Auditor, Archbishop's, 126. 

Cardinal's, 171. 

King's, 155, 156. 
Augmentations, court of, 164. 
Aumfray, Richard, 124. 
Austin Friars of Hull, 146. 
•Avarice," by what guilds represented, 129, 

Averys, 125. 

sheep on, 110, 111. 

Common, 64, 172, 177. 

lease of, 64, 128. 

money accruing from, 61. 

rent of, 172. 

trespass on. 64, 107, 109, 122, 

Award, sealing of (as to Hull Bridge?^, 

Archbishops, as to rioters, 48, 49. 

arranged in Archbishop's court, 109. 
Awger, Henry, captain, reward to, 166. 
Axes, 133, 165. 

Ayer, Richard, bakes short weight, 117. 
Ayre, Richard, baker, 86. 
AyreB, Richard, tiler, 188. 


Babthorp, Robert, ^ight, 18. 
Badges, minstrels', 1^. See Wait«. 

paupers', 181. 
Bags, cost of. 160. 

Bailiffs of Beverley, 38, 39, 129, 102, 165, 

Holme, Brian, 162, 164. 

Lepton, Ingelram, 144. 

Newport, — , 139. 

Wenoelagh, Thomas, 142. 

— Rudstan, Robert, and Soalby or 
Surleby, William, 13, 161. 

of Coventry, 150. 

of liberty of Archbishop, 144. 

of Provostry, 167. 
Bailiwicks, payments fr(»n, 67. 




Baieux, Willelmns de, 8. 
Bakeries, work of, 37. 

dues on, 15. 
Bakers, accounts of, 87. 

alderman of, 86, 87. 

John Northende, 50. 

and innkeepers, ordinance between 

apprentices of, 88. 

assent to ordinance, 62. 

* 'Avarice," represented by, 129. 

box of, parent from, 156. 

buying of com by, 85. 

common, 87, 88. 

disobedient to craft, 85, 86. 

forbidden to hire mills, 85. 

to buy on Saturday, 88. 

to hire Scotchmen, 88. 

to work on Sunday, 88. 

"Gluttony," represented by, 143. 

journeymen of , 86, 87. 

loss of burgess- rights by, 85. 

ordinances for, 85, 86. 

pageant of, 87, 88, 182. 

payment to, by wife of Giles Bokeler. 

searchers of, 86, 87, 88, 165. 

short weight of bread of, 109. 

stewards of, 86, 87. 

to bake according to price of com 
110, 118, 123, 120. 

torches to be maintained by. 87. 

vesture of, 87, 88. 

warden of , 87. 
Baking, charge for, 124, 135. 
Bakton, Bobert de, rector, grant to, 153. 
Balance weight, registered, 161. 
Banns before Corpus Christi play, 160. 
Barbers, 48, 142. 

aldei-man of, 50, 141. 100. 

assent to ordinance, 62. 

"Anger," represented by, 129, 143. 

dues on, 15. 

seneschals of, 141 . 
Barbone, Walter, 80. 
Barbour, Alice, fined for trespass, 122. 

John, <;haplain, 122, 124. 

Walter (1405), 157. 

(1436-1440), 115, 119, 120, 127. 

Bardon, Mr. . mast-er of the grammar school . 

Barkeby, William, 10. 
Barker. Adam. 67, 72. 

John, 118. 

Julius, payment by, 136. 

Thomas, to pay for armed men, 107. 

Walter. 27. 
Barkers. See also Tanners. 

50, 69, 142, 143. 

"Anger," represented by, 143. 

William Rudd, alderman of, 50. 
Barley, fine for using, in bread, 142. 
Barnard. — , tailor, 171. 
Barningham, John, treasurer of York 

Cathedral, 10. 
Baron, John, chaplain, 132. 

Philip, bailiff of Coventry, 150. 

Birow, John, oartwright, payments to 

Barowe, John of, mayor of Coventry, 

Bars, blood not to be oast at, 78. 

leading and tiling, 158. 

wooden, guarding, 162, 165. 

making, 157, 162. 

Barton, Henrv of, steward, 10. 

J., assaults Governor, 135. 

John (1416). 74. 

(1448). 133. 

Bobert, tailor, fined for bad work, 

William, arrested for stray hone, 
Barwell, John, ' ostiller," fined, 138. 
Baryer, John, to receive river tolls, 126. 
Basins taken as pledge, 162. 
' Baslard, hameysed.' as pledge, 162. 
Basnets, 108, 133. 144, 145. 
Basset. — , 36. 

Bast, John, tileiiiaker, fined, 130. 
Baterby, Hugo, 'fagottarius,' 122. 
' Batumer,' &. 

Baty, Richard, searcher of websters. 119. 
Bawme or Bewme, John. 10, 63, 80, 106 
111, 121, 124. 

charters, etc. entrusted to, 126. 
Bawde. Thomas, 168. 
Baxter, Thomas, of Paul, 110. 
Bayledon, John, searcher of weavers, 

Baynton, 30. 
Bayonne, 31. 
Beacons, 8. 

Bears, dancing, payment for, 172. 
Bearward, Duke of Suffolk's, 174. 

Earl of Northumberland's, 55, 172. 

King's, 171. 

Lord Robert-Dudley's. 182. 
Beaumaris, 32. 
Beck, ashes and ' stowres ' found at, 98. 

carriage of goods from, 102, 103. 

to. 111. 121. 

'catch' led into, 167. 

collector of pavage at, 118. 120. 
Beck, no ships, &c. to be built at the, 48. 

earth taken from bank of, 130. 

end, pasture at, 114, 120. 

illegal sale of salt at, 159. 

overseers of work of, 124. 

pavement at, 128, 131. 

payment at bridges at, 126. 

scouring of, 176. 181, 182. 

valuers of goods sold at, 121, 124. 
Beckside, alms to poor at, 173. 
Beckwithe, Mr., 184. 
Bed-covering, fit, at castle, 99. 
' Bedestoks ' given as pledges, 175. 
Bedford, John, 8. 

Robert of, 14. 
Beef, fine for selling old. 140. 
Beer, assize of. 26, 37, 38, 183. 

cost of, 157, 162. 

irregularities in sale of, 180. 

ordinance as to sale of, 181. 
Befforth, Richard, 153. 


Beggars, payment to master of, 176. 

Thomas, keeper of, 174. 
Begging, letters granted for, 141. 
Belasys, William, searcher of weavers, 

Belfry, 128, 178. 
Bell, John, baker, 86, 144. 

escutcheon delivered by. 142. 

Richard, 180. 
Belhnan, 43, U, 120, 134, 149, [180?] 
Bellow, Sir John, surveyor of King's lands, 

Bellowe, John, grant of house to, 153, 
-1— grant by, 153, 154. 
Bells, delivered to Bellman, 44, 134. 
payment for ringing, 148. 
of Trinity Chantry, 149. 
Bellysore, John, barker, surety, 118. 
Belton, Robert, barber, surety, 120. 
Benevolence, local, for scouring Beck, 
royal, 175. 
Benteley, William, fined, 107. 
Bentley, John, seneschal of websters, 

rents Groval Dyke, 62. 

Bentley, manor of, 155. 
'Berhames,' 122. 
*Berhoongs' (sic), 111. 
Beverley, customs of . 9, 14, 37. 
franchise of, 49. 
franchises of, 58. 
indenture for government of, in 1345. 

libertiesof,8, 9, 10, 11,12, 37. 
liberty of, 27. 
manor of, 177. 
mayor of, 65, 85, 186. 

Edward Ellerker, 82. 182. 

Richard Bullocke. 183. 

Peter Harpham, 184. 

minute book of, 105. 

park. Earl of Northumberland at, 

port of, 25. 

privileges of town of, 129. 
special protection for, 29. 
teking of, 165. 
places in or near: 

Aldebek. tilery of. 62. 
Aldegate, 119. 

Archbishop's Ft-e in Keldgatc. 

gaol, 9. 

hall, 118,130. 138. 

Bakhouse Lane. 123. 
Barlyholme. 57, 70, 106. Ill, 
112, 117, 126, 134, 137, 140. 
146, 170. 
Bar of Newebygpyng. 130. 
Bar, outside, 160. 
Bars, 78. See also North 

Bsck, 11, 48, 55,57.70,72,98, 
102, 103, 118, 120, 121, 124, 
126, 128, 130, 131, 133, 134. 
135, 169, 167. 176. 181. 182. 

Beverley, places in or near — conU 

Beck, at,(apud le Bek, adTorren- 

tem), 106. 112, 126. 

end, 114,120. 

Provost s Fee at, 106, 117, 

Beckside, 111, 134, 143, 173. 

Provost s Fee in, 134, 140. 

Bishopscroft, 109. 
Bowbridge, 170. 
Bowbriglane, 123, 136. 

bridge made near. 156. 

Briddall, 119. 

Mydding lane, 170. 

bridge in St. John's churchyard, 

bull ring, 98, 133, 136. 143. 
butchers' market, |70. 

row, 131. 

Caste wyk, 128. 
Catfosse lane, 179. 
chanty, Ake^s, 133. 

Holy Trinity, 149. 

Kelk's, 122, 123, 126, 127, 

134, 136. 

Nicholas of Byses, 163. 

Rolleaton's, 138. 

St. Nicholas's, 132, 136. 

chapel of St. Anthony, 176. 
or church of St. Mary, 13, 

62, 86, 93, 98, 101. 102, 104, 

123, 124, 129, 132, 136, 146. 

148, 161, 166, 167, 169, 163, 

168, 172, 174, 176. 
churchyard of, 181 , 


house of, 117. 

lands of, 186. 

of St. Thomas, 22, 125. 

church of St. John, (Minster), 

* 2, 11, 18, 17, 21, 26, 69, 69, 

102, 103, 123, 128, 136, 138, 

145, 162, 164, 166, 166, 174. 

chapter house of, 10. 130. 

chantry of Corpus Christ! 

in. 152. 

. churchyard of, 167. 

dean of, 21. 

land of, 26. 

pavement to, 128. 

St. James's altar in, 152. 

St. John's tomb in, 162. 

yard of, 168. 

church of St. Mary. See 
■ Chapel. 

St. Nicholas, 103. 

Clapton fee, 137. 
Cokwald strete, 22. 
Colmankeld, 170. 
common hall, 66, 84, 88, 170. 

' esyngs ' under, 172. 

common place, 64. 
com-marlet, 67, 85, 88, 106, 

112, 116, 123, 124. 126, 181, 

134, 137, 140, 146. 
Cottynham (Cotyngbun), 20, 42. 

124, 130, 168, m. 


Beverley, plaoea in or near — cont. 
Couper's lane, 123, 160. 
Coyner lane, 179. 
Gross bridge (Crossebrig), 69, 91 , 

102, 103, 111, 114, 115, 121, 

122, 124. 133, 134, 135, 143, 

146, 147, 148, 149, 168, 170. 

Crossegarths, 147, 153, 168, 171, 


new hall in, 55. 

Cukstolpit, 66, 111, 116. 
Dyngs, 19. 20. 29, 64, 115, 124, 

131, 156, 168, 177, 178. 182, 


market near, 131. 

new hall on, 61, 

shops on, 112, 114, 123, 

141, 167. 
Eastgate. 69, 102, 118, 134.170. 
Enyrgarths, 159. 
Estlj^on, 122. 
Everyngham, 153. 
Fegang, 19, 55, 60, 62, 63, 65, 

121, 124, 125. 134. 135. 156, 

161, 162, 177. 
Fegangdikes, 170. 
Feodum oapituli. 106, 112, 117, 

126, 140, 145. 
ferry, 180. 
fiflhmarket. 57. 106, 112. 116, 

126, 127, 131, 133, 134, 135, 137. 

140, 167. 
Fishmarketraorgate. houses in, 

Fishmarketmoreeatelane, 123. 
Fleming-gate (Flemyngate), 21, 

57,72, 106, 111, 112,124, 126. 

137, 140, 145, 165, 177, 179. 
Friar lane, 175. 
Friars Minors, convent of, 64. 

preachers, 21, 130. 

' spowte ' of, 170. 

Grene lane, 170. 
Grovaldyke, 62, 128. 
Grovalgrene, pasture on, 62. 
Grovall, 55, 62, 171, 172. 
Guohraerelane, 48. 
Hill of Pleas of Archbishop. 

Hedon, 107. 
High Bridge. 103, 111. 112. 126. 

cost of work on. 158. 

Highgate, 57, 106, 123, 134, 


houses in, 152. 

Provost's Fee in, 134. 

High Street. 111. 112, 116, 126. 

Hime, the. 183. 
Holme Kyrkeleas, 172. 
Horsegreen, 176. 
House of Lepers, 123, 158. 159. 

Keldgate.57, 69, 107. Ill, 112, 

117. 123. 126. 131, 184, 135, 

147. 152, 153, 177. 180. 

Beverley, places in or near — cont. 

Keldgate, Archbishop's Fee in, 

106, 112. 117. 134, 137. 140. 
Bar, 22. 102, 103, 120. 123. 

158, 159. 
St. Thomasschapel without. 


lez, 172. 

Provost's Fee in, 106, 117, 

134, 137, 140. 145. 

sewer in, 165. 

Kyrkl^, 173. 
Lady Croft, 64. 
Ladygate, property of Kelk's 

Chantry in, 123. 
Lairgate. See Lathgate. 
Lathgate, 67. 69, 106, 112, 117. 

123, 124, 126, 134, 137. 138. 

140, 145, 160. 

almshouse in, 141. 

common lane near. 131. 

Lelicroft, 10, 125. 

Lort Lane, 21, 

Maison-Dieu of St. Mary's, 168, 

180, 181 
of the Holy Trinity at 

Crossebrig, 114, 115, 122, 134. 
• 148, 177, 178, 182. 
mansion of Seven Bectors, 153. 

market, 86. 
Maudelyngarth, 107. 
Mercer's Row, 123, 160. 
Merebekks, 173. 
Milecrosse, 20, 26. 
Milkky(pasture inWestwood) , 1 34. 
Minster. See Church of St. John. 
Minstermoregate , 21.111, 134, 

170, 177. 

cottage at, 127. 

Provost's Fee in, 134. 

Mollescroft, 9,27.119, 128. 
'Monasterium.' 111. 128. 
Mynster Bow, 133. 143. 170. 
Neuton Garths. 107. 
Newdyke, 19. 

Newebyggyng, Bar of, 130. 
New u&U in Crossgarthes. 55. 
North Bar. 8. 25. 69, 72, 102, 

103, 120, 133, 135, 139, 173. 

175, 177. 

croft outside, 121. 

• Maison Dieu of St. Mary's 

outside, 168. 

messuage near, 148. 

old wo^ outside, 168. 

rebuilding of, 158, 159. 

within, 105, 106, 112, 116. 

126, 134, 137, 140, 146. 

bailiwick of. 67. 

without. 102. 103, 1C5. 

106, 112, 116. 117. 123, 126 

134, 137, 138. 140, 145. 168. 

— — bailiwick of, 57. 

house in. 117. 

North wood leas, 172. 
Norwood. 67, 112, 120, 134, 138, 

140, 146, 170. 


Beverley, places in or near — cont, \ 

Norwood, Provost's Fee in. 106. 

117, 126, 137. 
Orehdurker, lands in, 162. 
Oswaldgate, 179. 
Ourum Karre, 152. 
Outings, 19. 

park, 174. 

the Archbishops, 19. ] 

Parrok, 119. 

Parsonbridge, 11,48, 171,174. 

Podynglane, 123. 

Provost's Fee, 112. 1 

at Beck, 106, 117, 134. 

in Keldgate, etc., 13i. 

in Noi-wood, 106. 117, 126, 

Queengate, 19. 
Qwyntyn place, 170. 
Bouthespitell, 132. I 

ByngoldPlane-ende, 21. j 

St. Giles, house of, 127, 131. 

cemetery of , 21, 181. 

Croft (St. GiUy Croft, St. 

Gelicroft), 123, 135, 168, 177. ■ 
St. John's house, 11. 
St. John of Beverley, shrine of, 

St. John of Jerusalem, tenement 

of. 21. 
St. Marigate, 160. 
St. Mary's parish, 59. 
St. Nicholas Home, parish of, i 

Sanctuary, the, 55. ' 

Sandholme, 61.69. 
Scheldflatt, 128. 
Shoemarket. 71. 
Shoemarket lane, 111. 

chantry property in, 123. 

tables of shoemakers in, 92. 

• waste near, 126. i 

Sice, 27. I 

Skipper lane, 179. 

Smith's row, 66, 123. 

Southburton, 63. 

Spay Dyke, 122. 

Spinning (Spynys, Spynes ; lane.. 

170, 179. 
Spray Cross, 65. 
Sprynghes, crofts upon, 128. 
Stanfery, il4. 
Staveley feld. 172. 
Stenigton, 151. 
Stoneacre, 19. 
Stone Cross, 61. 
Stock, 118. 
Stocks, 180. 
Stork, 27, 61,69. 
Swyne, 114. 
Swynmore.61,63, 117.120. 121. 

124. 129, 156, 168. 

gate, 65. 

Swynmoresdyk. direction for 

mending. 128. , 

Theme, 160. I 

Thome, 27. I 

Thume, 65. 

Beverley, places in or near — cont, 

Tong (Tunge) common pasture 
of, 66, 113, 114, 119. 

Trinities, the, 184. 

Tume Acayne lane, 179. 

Tykton, 27. 

Walkerbek,ll,70, 78. 109, 110. 

sewer of, 126. 

Walkergate, 57. 106, 112. 116. 
123, 126, 134, 137, 140, 146. 

Walkyngton, 146. 

Wode, 116. 

Wannfery, 114. 

Wednesday market, 143, 145. 

Wele.27, 180. 

ferry, 114, 173. 

Well lane, 170. 

West Masendue lane, 179. 

Westward, muster taken in, 165. 

Westwood, 8, 20, 63. 64, 111, 
116, 118. 120, 122, 128, 134. 
141, 168-185 passim. 

White lane, 179. 

Wodelane, 123, 160. 

Wodemanse. 27. 
Beverley, Richard [of]. 146, 168. 

Thomas of, 10. 
Bevington, Thomas, 114, 127. 
Bewine, John, 163. 
Bewrae, John. See Bawme. 
Bewshyr, George, 76. 
Bexwik, Alice, expenses in house of, 166. 
Biale, Bichard, croft taken by. 121. 
Bills ^petitions) payment for. 166. 
Bilson, Mr. John, paper on North Bar by, 

cited, 159. 
Bilton, John of, chaplain, 148, 149. 
Bird, Nicholas, 108-109, 121. 
Birkyn, Sir Bichard of, 21. 
Bitterns, gift of, 170, 176. 
Blakden. William, Governor, 104. 
Blakemore, William, 146. 
Bliton, Bichard, alderman of pageant of 

Sloth, 143. 
Blitton (Blyton), Bichard (1436-7), 115, 

Boats C batellaa *), 48. 
Bokeler, Giles, smith, 132. 
Bolde, Bartholomew, 32. 
Bole, John, fuller, grant by, 90, 
' Bolge-makers,' crafts assooiated with, 

• Boilers,' 65. 

* BoU-sellars,' contribution by, 99. 
Bolton, Bobert, burgess-rights of, 125 129. 
Bolys, Elizabeth, horse of, 108. 

Bond by Sir W. Manypenny,86. 

for custody of chantry goods, 150. * 
for liberties of Beverley, 162. 

Book of paper, common, 45. 

Books, burning of, 178. 

Booth, Bichard, steward of merchants, 
(1582), 82. 

Boothe, Bichard (1600, 1602', 55, 1C9. 

Bordeaux, 7. 

surrender of, 31. 

Bossall, Alexander, 55, 168. 


Boswell, John, oommon olerk, 197. 

Botiler, Friar John, asks for sand, 64. 

Bow, ooet of, 174. 

* Bow for a oommon lane,' 177. 

Bower, John, paid for oarrying bows to 

York. 166. 
Bowers and Fletchers, ordinanoee of, 97- 

Bowers, John Bowmthwayte, alderman of 

Bowet, Henrj, archbishop of York, 151. 
Bowmer, Thomas, 75. 
Bows sent to Henry YI, 166. 
Boxes for levying payments and assess- 
ments, 14. 

of wards and trades, payments from, 
Boyth. Biohard, fined, 167. 
Boyton, Walter, butcher, 109, 117. 
Braddok, Thomas, webster, 118, 119, 129. 
Bradshaw, Alexander, 179. 
Brakynburgh, Edmund. Governor, absent, 

John, 80. 
Brantingham, rector of, 159. 
' Brasell,' dues on, 15. 
Brazier, a, Governor, 141. 
Braziers, ' Lnamry ' represented by, 129. 
Braziers and cutlers, craft of, 102. 
Bread, assize of, 26, 37, 54, 109-110, 112- 
118, 117, 118, 119, 121, 127, 130, 134, 
138, 183. 

black, 110, 117, 118. 

fine for adulterating. 142. 

hawking of, forbidden, &. 

marks on. 88. 

price of, 124, 142. 

privilege of baking conceded, 118. 

purchase of, 161, 162, 164. 

supply of. 70. 

taken for King. 144. 

Ux paid in, 163. 

times to sell. 88. 

wastel, defect in weight of, 119. 

weighing of, 128, 1&, 129, 131, 135, 
137, 142. See also Bread, assize 
Breastplates, 108, 133, 144, 145. 
Brereton, John, horse delivered to, 108. 

lawsuit against, 118. 

Breviary of York use, value of a, 149. 
Brewers, 142, 143. 

assent to ordinance, 62. 

' assisatores ' of Gild of, 126. 

'Avarice ' represented by, 143. 
Brewing without licence, 183. 
Brewsters, 57, 180. 

(brasiatrices) . 38. 

box, payment from, 156. 

guilds, 10. 11, 134. 

guilds, estreats of, 11. 

unjustly fined, 152. 
Brian, B., armour of, 144. 
Bricks, mediaeval use of, 159. 
Brid, Nicholas, town swineherd, 118. 
Bridekyrke, Gny, 25, 127. 
Bridge, discharge from makixu;, 157. 

payment for boats unloading at, 126. 

Bridle delivered with horse, 108. 
Bridlington, canons of, 166. 

prior of, 25, 162, 166. 

toll at, 166. 
Bridyng, Thomas, proxy, 112. 
Brigehouse, John, webster, 113, 119. 
'Brochemakers,' 65. 
Broghton, Thomas. 86. 
Broke, — . 32. 

Brompton, Agnes, pasture sorrendered for, 

John, 125, 127. 150. 162. 

Nicholas. 7. 79. 119. 121. 
Brotherhowcroft in Burton lands. 151. 
Broune, Bichard, 53. 

Bobert, payment by. 175. 
Brown. John, 30, 132, 148. 

(Broune). Thomas, chaplain at Cross 
Bridge, 148, 149, 150. 

chaplain of Theme, 160 

William, short weight of bread of. 
110, 188. 119, 121. 
Brownberd, William, payment by. 176. 
Browne, Bobert. 182. 

Brownflet(Brounflet), Henry, knight, 13. 44. 
Bryghte. William, 50. 
Bubthorp. Bobert. King's squire, gifts to. 

Bucket, deceitful fashioning of, 97. 
Buckingham. Duke of, 171. 
Buckram, cost of, 163. 
Bucks, brought by Cardinal's foresters, 171. 
Bugthorp, 173. 
Bukley, William, 32. 
BuUock, Mr., 183. 

Bichard (1557), 179. 

(1573-1582). 59, 82, 182, 183. 

Thomas, Governor, 51. 
Bulls, Papal, 13. 14. 86. 126. 

of Liberties of Beverley. 162. 
Bulls, not to be killed unbaited, 78. 

illegal killing of, 144. 

pastured on Westwode. 120. 
Bulson, John, common minstrel. 143. 
Burdon, William, baker, 110. 
Burgage, free, 11. 

• Burges (Burgese) House, ' 175, 177. 
Burgess, ability to be a, 74, 75. 

impleading another, ordinance against, 

money, 185. 

pledges for, 175. 177. 

rights, fine for not acknowledging, 142. 

fine for refusing, 78, 105. 

profitof. 54, 125, 129. 

penalty for surrender of , 44. 

restitution of, 125. 

resignation of, 115. 

weaver not sworn as, 167. 
Burgesses, admission of, 126, 156. 160. 

complaints of distraining, 168. 

eighteen, choice of, 51. 

thirty, choice of, 50. 

forty-eight, 47, 141. 

new, 165, 168, 170, 171, 174, 175 

oath on entry of, 41. 
ordinances for, 46, 47. 



Burgesses — cont, 

persons to become, 97. 

smaller fines inflicted on, 107. 

summons of, 43. 
Burgeys, John, fraud by, 119. (See 

Brigehouse, John.) 
Burton Annays, Roger de Somervyl, lord 

of, 152. 
Burstwioke, manor of, 164. 
Burton, 116, 146, 162. 
Burton, Alexander of, 162. 

AUce of, 6S. 

lands in, 151, 152. 

.North, John de Lyndale of, 153. 
Burton, Thomas, goldsmith, 89. 

WilUam, of Stock, 118. 
Burwell, John, 30. 
Bushel, common, fine in the Exchequer for 

the, 183. 
Butchers. 38. 60. 71, 72, 79, 143. 

alderman of, 50, 77. 79, 139. 

assent to ordinance, 62. 

associated with other crafts, 98. 

box. payment from. 150. 

castle of. 98. 

dogs of, 71. 130. 

entrance fees of, 78. 

fined, 109, 181. 139. 140. 145. 

("flesshewers'). 66. 

forbidden to kill pork. 79. 

forbidden time for killing meat, 77, 

foreign, 77. 

ill seasoned meat. hidden by, 130. 

bad meat sold by. 130. 

' Luxury ' represented by. 129. 

ordinances, 76. 

penalty for illegal sales by, 130. 

players of, 139. 

row. 131. 138. 

searchers of. 75. 76, 79, 117. 

sheep of, in Swynmore, 61. 

stewards of, 79. 

two, to cleanse lane, 138. 

windows of. time of closing. 79. 
Butter money. 176. 
Buttery. 179. 

• Buttes • (fish;, forestalled. 116. 
Button. Peter of. knight, 19. 
•Bybee' ^wethers), 180. 
Bylton. John, weaver, 95.. 167. 
Bynham, Thomas, Friar Preacher, 160. 
Bynks (benches), 51 . 

* Cach.* See Ketch. 

Cade, Jack, men sent against, 166. 

Caldebek, Thomas, 149. 

Calverley, John, 141. 

Candle, wax, before St. Christopher, main- 
tained by painters, 89. 

Candlemakers, 'Gluttony' represented by, 

Candles, fine for sellins too dear, 176.- 

ordinance as to selling, 179. 

of Weavers' GUd, 9i. 
Canon residentiary, Thomas Driffeld, 123, 

Thomas Wresill, 131. 
Canons, 25. 

of Bridlington, 166. 
Capmakers, ' Pride ' represented by, 128. 
Capons, 162, 163. 
Captain, 'graunte,* Bichard Bokeby, l74. 

pay of, 146. 

'petit,' Biohard Creke, 174. 
tCardooblers* contribute to Cutlers' pageant, 

Cardinal. See Bainbridge, Thomas. 
Cardmaker, William, cutler, steward of 

pageant, 102.. 
Cardm^ers, association with cutlers, etc., 

' Luxury' represented by, 143. 
Carleton, John, 72. 

William of. legacy to, 146. 
Carlisle, William Percy, bishop of, 166. 
Carpenters (wrights). 47. 48. 99. 141, 

alderman of. 60, 136. 141. 179, 
. box. payment from, 166» 

castle of, 96. 

contribution of, to Bowers, 99. 

coopers not contributory to, 97. ' 

dues on, 16. 

* Envy ' represented by, 143. 

'Gluttony' represented by. 129. 

hours of work of, 47. 

J. Bedbum to contribute to. 98. 

players of. 136. 

seneschikls of, 141. 

suit of, against Bowers. 99. 
Carpet, value of, 149. 
Carrier (' cariator '), 48. 

common, of faegots. 111. 
Carriage (a toll). 127 
Carriage men, ' heykes * for, 168. 
Carriage of fagots, payment for, 111. 
Carrion, fine for refusing to remove. 167. 
Cart with hay, fine for driving beyond 

Eastgate. 118. 
Cartage, 13. 
Carter, John, potter, fined for illegal sales, 

Carters, charges of, 176. 
' Cartorf ,' cost of carriage of. 108. 
Carts. 'shodd.' 186. 
Cartwrights, 66. 

Carvers, associated with other trades, 98. 
Casks, ordinance as to. 98. 
Cass, Elyas, Governor, %6. 
• Cassula,' 149. 
Caster, Thomas of, 26. 
Castles, wooden, for Cormis Christ! play, 
&c., 46, 47, 49. 67, 68, 72, 80, 169, 

of bakers, 86, 182. 

of bowers, 99. 

of butchers, 98. 

of carpenters, 96, 104. 

of coopers, detbhen, fte., 96» 

of drapers, 104^, 


Castles— cont. 

offletohen, 98. 
of fallen, 90. 
of merohaiits, 81, 104. 
of shoemakers, 91, 92. 

of smiths, 96, 101. 
of tailors, 96. 

of weavers, 93, 94, 136. 

of Wrights, 104. 
'Catoh.' SeeKetoh. 
Gatton, Roger, 181. 
Causeways, 182. 
Cauz, Robert, tax paid by, 127. 
Cave, John, gentleman, fined for cutting 

oaks. 128. 
Cawood, 49. 

Cayser, Hugh, patener, 98. 
Celario, Robert de, wait, 137. 
Celestme, Pope, 14. 126. 
' Cellarii,' 143. 
Chains, 71-72. 

of iron for causeways, 182. 
Chair, deceitful fashioning of, 97. 
Chalice and paten, 149. 

of silver, 136. 
Chalk, dues on. 16. 
Chamberlains of Reverley. 157. 
Chamberlain of Roser de Somervyl, 152. 
Chamberlayne, Nicholas, draper, 150, 151, 

Chambir. David. 105. 112. 124, 128. 
Chancellor of England, 35. 

of the Court of Augmentations, 155. 
Chancery, patent sealed in, 163. 
Chandlers, 48, 66. 
Chantry Act. 154. 
Chantry at Crossbridge, 148. 149. 

chapel at Hulbrig. 122. 

Kelk's, accounto of. 160. 164. 

admissions to. 124. 135. 142. 

chaplains of. 122. 134. 161. 

cottage belonging to, 127. 

founded in St. Mary's church. 


induction to, 124. 

lands of , 122, 123, 126. 

sureties for repair of lands, 111, 


Maison-Dieu considered as a, 178. 

of John Ake. 145. 147. 

chapUins of. 133, 146, 147, 165. 

repair of, 121. 

of Corpus Christi, grant to find 
chaplain for, 152. 

• in Minster. 152. 

of Holy Trmity, 148. 149, 151. 

of Nicholas of Ryse. 163. 

of Rob. Rolleston. chaplam of, 138. 

of St. John of Beverley, 155. 

of St. Katherine. 151, 155. 

of St. Nicholas, 132, 136, 177. 

of St. William. 155. 

payment for property of, 111, 

abusing patrons of. 181. 

breaking statutes of, 181. 

rents oeaie in 1556. 177. 
Chapel, on CroM Bridge. See Chantiy of 
J(mn Ake. 

Chapelayn, John, sen., *heyrer, 136. 
Chaplain admitted to St. Mary 'schuroh, 136. 
of Guild of St. John, payment to, 157. 
Chaplain, Ralph, 152. 

William, meadow of. 152. 
Chaplains, payment to, 148. 
Chapman. Governor, 141. 
Chapman, Robert, payment to, 157. 

Thomas, 162. 
Chapter Fee, payment from, 57. 

House, meeting of venerable men 

in. 130. 
of St. John's church, 152. 
Charter of Abp. of York (Henry I), 27. 
Charters of Beverley ;— 

Edward the Confessor, 25, 26. 
Edward I, 17, 30. 
Edward H, 17. 30. 126. 
Edward IH (1332), 17, 178. 
Elizabeth. 55, 58, 183. 
the Great. 14. 36. 182. 
Henry I, 17. 25. 26. 30. 
Henry U. 14, 17. 30. 
Henry HI, 17. 30. 
Henry IV. 9, 27, 30. 
Henry V, 9, 12, 25, 30, 159. 
Henry VI. 11, 12, 30. 126. 169. 
John. 17. 30. 
Richard II. 8. 18, 30. 126. 
Stephen, 26. 30. 
William I, 25. 

York, Archbishop of (Alexander 
NeviUe). 20. 30. 

(Richard). 30. 

(Thurstan), 2. 13, 30, 


(William Sewall), 13, 

30, 126. 

Dean and chapter of, 19. 

copies sent to London, 169. 
fine for declaring them stolen. 168. 
bond for procuring papal confirma- 
tion, 162. 
royal, not to confer burgess rights 

on a Grithman, 46. 
of Hen, VI. in custody of 

William Sizhill. 123. 
cost of inspection of, 158. 
Charter of Hedon Hospital, 12. 

of St. Mary's Abbey, York, 12, 131. 
Chetil, William, earth taken from Beck 

bank by, 130. 
Cheriburton, 30. 

Cheesecake makers, payment by, 108. 
Chest, common, in Guild Hall, 162. 

payment for keeping, 167. 
Chester, 33. 

Chichester, bishop of, 84. 
Choir, rector of, 148. 
Cholmeley, Richard, knight, 168, 169. 
Cholmley, — , master of receipts, 168. 
Choristers, payment to, 148. 
Church doors, sale by shoemakers at, 98. 
Churchwardens of St. Mary's, 128. 148, 
149, 161, 169, 175, 176. 

rents to Chantry from, 128. 

Clay, Sir Thomas du, payment to, 166. 
Clark, John, 74. 


Cleanser of oommon market, etc., elected, 

Clerk, common, fees receiyed by, 

penalty for abuse of, 44. 

salary of, 170. 

Jobn Anderson, 170, 172. 

John Boswell, 137. 

Richard Dalkyn, 138, 165. 

Walter Dimhame, 153. 

John Haryson, 180. 181, 182. 

Michael Haryson, 178. 

Eobert Melton, 168 

William Spen, 146. 

John Stubbs, 184. 

John Thorn, 105, 120. 

John Thurland. 175, 177. 

of Cardinal's Council, master Ashton, 

of the market, 27. 
Clerk, John, servant, 36. 

Richard, 152. 

Robert, tailor, armour of, 144. 

Watkyn, 21. 
Clerks of Justices, paid for supersedeas, 

parish, payment to, 148. 

• Viciose ' represented by, 143, 
Cleveland, Archdeacon of, 158. 
Cleveland. Th., 132, 136. 
' Clew' at Parsonbridge, 171. 
Clifford, master Richard, 168, 
Clifton, John, 36. 

Richard, webster, 119. 

William, 36. 
• Clock, minster, 184. 
Cloth, black, taken as pledge, 162. 

blue and white, 145. 

cost of different kinds of, 163, 164, 

dues on, 14, 15, 16. 

for men-at-arms, 158, 166. 

liberty to sell, 49. 

market, 29. 

of Reynes, cost of, 163. 

payment by new traders in, 104. 

retail sale of, rules for, 105. 

woollen, defect in, 118, 119. 
Cloths, altar, value of, 149. 
Clothing. See Livery. 

charge of, 49. 
Clowys,' 11. 
Clubs, makers of, 98. 

not to be carried, 45. 
Coals forestalled, 130. 

price of, shown to Governors, 174. 

weight of, 130. 
Coat money, 176 
Cobblers, order concerning, 72. 

their 'Domesday Roll,' 12. 

and tanners, statute between, 90. 
' Codlyng,' forestalling of, 110. 
•Cod md^ers,' payment by, 100. 
Cofy, John, Governor, 135. 
Coignlers, Henry de, 152. 
Cok, John, Alderman of merchants, petition 

by. 82. 
Ookeram, Richard, gift to, 157 

Cokerell, Richard, attainted. -141. 

lands of, granted away, 141. 

William, 149. 
Cokerham, Richard, 106, 109, 111. 
Cokinham, Thomas, armed man, 133. 
Cokke, John, baker, short weight <^ bread 
of, 109. 

, draper, shop taken by, 114. 

Governor, 104. 

Governor, absent, 109. 

judgment given by, 106. 

Rob., plrages for at Crossebrig Alms- 
house, 135. 

WiUiam, 114, 116. 
Cokirham (Cokyrham), Roger, 9, 79, 114. 

Thomas, man at arms, 164. 
Cole, John, 49. 
CoUard, Robert, tilemaker, Grovaldyk 

taken by, 128. 
Collars of minstrels, size of, 142. 
Collector of Archbishop, payment to, 168. 
' CoUectores Paviagii,' election of, 105. 
Collectors of Pavage at Keldjgate bar, etc., 

College of St. John of Beverley, 164, 155. 

dissolved by Chantry Act, 154. 
Colman, John, chaplain, 123, 124. 
Cologne, pageant of three Kings of, 89. 
' Colrake ' delivered to Common Sergeant, 

Colton. John, 108, 109, 121. 
Colwell, William, 25. 
Colyn or Colynson, Thomas, 36, 50, 166. 
Commission of twelve Governors, 126. 

of peace for the town, 158, 159. 
Commissioners of King and Archbishop, 
expenses of, 168. 

(of array?), 171, 180. 
Committee for amending Register ap- 
pointed. 144. 
Conunonalty, sunmions of, 54. 
Common Bench, 26. 

rights, penalty for hindering, 65. 

Seal, custody of, 139. 

letters testimonial granted un- 
der, 139. 
Conunoners, 39. 

Conmions of England, contribution for, 186. 
Concealed lands, 185. 
Concubines of burgesses, children of, 40. 
Conduct money, 174, 176. 
Conestable, John, knight, witness, 147. 
Congilton, [Con^lton], Robert, retidned 

as wait, 124, 128. 
Constable, 39, 167. 

in Archbishop^s Court, 48. 
Constable, John, 13. 

Marmaduke, knight, expenses of, 169. 

Robert, knight, expenses of, 169. 
Constables, two in each consfeabnlary, 138. 

for North Bar without, 112. 
Constableships, 112. 
Constabularies, bills of, 164. 

twelve archers assigned to, 106. 
Conton. See Couton. 
Contributions, anoisnt, 46. 

for men-at-arms, 134. 

unlawful, 46. 


Conway, 82. 

CoDjngwode, Roland fiobson of, 56. 

Cook, pledge for arrears of entrance fees 

from a, 162. 
Cooks, aldennan of, Bobert Gray, 50. 

' ATarice ' represented by, 129. 

'Gluttony ' represented by. 143. 

pageant of, 103. 
Coopers, 66. 142. 143. 

alderman of, 50, 141. 

associated with other crafte, 97. 98, 99. 

*Envy' represented by, 143. 

'Gluttony' represented by, 129. 

masters of, 97. 

ordinances for, 96-98. 

partnership of in purchase. 98. 

petitions of, 37. 

poverty of, 97. 

searchers of. 96, 97. 

seneschals of. 141. 

stewards of , 97. 
Cof^pandale. — , lane by house of, 170. 

Adam son of William, 14. 

John, 11, 48, 139. 141. 

Stephen, keeper, 63, 66. 

Thomas, 27. 

, senior, 67. 

Coppardale, Thomas, 149. 

Copshawe, — , 36. 

Copy. John. 140, 141. 143. 145. 

Corby, Simon de, oath of, about silver 

working, 89. 
Cordwainers. See Shoemakers. 
Com, buying. 85. 

dues on, 15. 

fine for illegal purchase of. 117. 

fine for Saturday housing. 112, 117. 

forestallers and regraters of . 54. 

market, times for trading in, 88. 

price of, 110. 113. 117, 118. 119. 121, 
123, 124. 125, 126. 127. 135. 

restraint on export of, 25. 

seixure of, 7. 
Coroners, Archbishop claims, 26. 
Corpus Christi Day, celebration of, 67- 
69, and see below, 

expenses of, 131. 

feast. 165. 

gild of. 68. 

pageant, 160, 165. 

penalty for not playing, 134, 


where played, 133, 135. 

play, 170, 173. 

penalty for spoiling, 139. 

cost of transposing, 171. 

procession. 129. 

proclamation of, 160. 
Corsis ' for waits' shields, cost of, 161 
Cortt, William, 50. 
Corvesour. See Shoemaker. 
Coryn, Bichard, alderman and steward of 

Merchants' Gild. 79. 
Cossy, John, payment to be made to, 106. 
Cosyn, Bichard, elected overseer of Swyn- 

more, 121. 
Cotom, John, admitted to Maison-Diea, 114. 

Bobert pf , steward of shoemakers, 90. 

Cotton, Hi., fined. 127 
Cottryll, William, 9. 
Cotyngham, copy of release for, 41. 

Lady of, §0, 42. 

John Peyke of, 172. 

John, 27. 

Sir John Nevyll of, 188. 

Sir Thomas, fee to, 156. 
Couke, John, baker, fined, 112. 

Bobert, 183. 
Counoil, common, 82, 88. 

. grant of election of, 53. 

vacancies in, 53. 

King's. 169. 

appeal to. on town matters, 173. 

burgess petition considered by. 


petition to, 156. 

of Archbishop, entertainment of, 169. 

of Cardinal, clerk of, 174- 

of shoemakers, 123. 
Councillors, twenty-four, choice from, 54. 
County, indictments in. 158. 

inquisitions in town held by. 158. 
Court Leet. jurisdiction of, 53. 

presentment at, 54. 
Court of Archbishop, 37. 

expenses of, 135. 

fine for proceeding in, 131. 

payment for help in, 157. 

proclamation in. 136. 

of Augmentations. 154. 
Couton. John, 80. 125, 131. 135. 136. 

, judgment given by. 106. 

Bichard, hostel of, 143. 
Coventry, bailiffs of, 150. 

mayor of, 150. 

' passenger ' of, 150. 
Coverlid weavers. 66. 
Cowper. William, weaver, 95. 
Cows, 120. 125. 
Cowton. Thomas. 129, 137. 
Craft, initiation of brothers to. 47. 
Crafts, aldermen of, 45. 46. 64. 

of Beverley, list of, 65-66, 141. 

register, 45. 

stewards of. 45, 46, 64. 
Craftsmen of Beverley, directed to play, 66. 
Crakanthorpe, Sir Thomas, 165. 
Cranes, gift of, 176. 
Cras, Alexander, 14. 
Craven, Bichard, 178. 
Crawe, Peter, 51, 52. 

entertainment in house of, 168. 
Creyke, (Creke, Crayke), Alexander, 139, 
141, 163. 

Bichard, 'petit captain,' 174. 

Bobert. 52. 53, 56. 
Crelemen, 69. 
Crelers. 48. 

ordinance assented to by, 62. 

alderman of. Henry Weton, 50. 

appointment of, 115, 121. 

duties of, 121. 

rate of payment of, 102. 

rules for carriage by, 103 

•Sloth 'represented by, 128, 143. 

warned for notexhibiting pageants, 186. 


Oressyngham, Hugh de, justice in eyre, 26. 
Crestynok, Sir de (sic), payment to, 173. 
Crofts, grant of, 151, 162. 
Crook for pulling down burning houses, 

176, 17S. 
Crosley (Crossley), John, 171, 173. 
Cross, overseers of sales at, 127. 
Croule, 36. 

Crowll, Robert, prebendary of Friday- 
thorp, 147. 
Crucifixes, value of, 149. 
Cuisses. 144, 162. 
Cuke, T., armour of, 144. 
Cummyswell, John, fined, 186. 
Cupboard, value of, 149. 
Cupboards given as pledges, 176. 
Curlews, gift of, 170. 
Curriers, 92. 

Curtal axe, fine for assault with, 136. 
Curtase, William, 61. 
Cushions, cost of, 173. 
Cutlers, 66, 102. 

•Avarice* represented by, 143. 

braziers, &o., alderman of, 102. 

ordinances of, 102. 

stewards of, 102. 

torch of, 102. 
Cutmot, Thomas, de Burton, 162. 
Cyprus, silver of, cost of, 164. 


Dagger, forbidden, 46, 64. 

Dakres, Robert, weaver, 96. 

Dalby, — . Provost of Minster, 173. 174. 

Thomas, 174. 
Dalkyn, Richard, common clerk, 138, 166. 
Dalton, John Westiby of, 146. 

William de (1344-6), 27, 156. 

Governor, (1406, 1411), 67 147. 

(1429), 26. 

(1441), 129. 

(1461), 9. 

Dameson, John, 'littester,' 110, 111. 
Danby, John, barber, croft taken by, 121. 

—.butcher (1436), 109. 

(1469), 75. 

shop of, 92. 

Darcy, John, tailor, payment to, 166. 

Darrell, Edmund, 22. 

Davell, Thomas, gentleman, and others, 

bond between, 113. 
Davidson (Davydson), John, 126, 127. 
Davyson, Robert, 162. 
Dawson, Richard, 74 
Daye, Thomas, 180. 
Debt, burgess distrained upon for, 48. 

oases of, 47. 

proceeding for in Archbishop's Court, 

writ under Common Seal for, 126. 
Defaults, presentment of, 76. 

Defenoe of town, payment for, 167. 
Delivery of men indicted for felony, ex- 
penses for, 162. 

of ' necessities ' to Common Sergeant, 
Demesne pigs, allowed in Westwood, 63 
'DemyM Pylate,* play of drapers, 104. 
Dene, Q^omas, draper, 160 . 
Denizens, sons of, o9. 
Derby, barons of, 27. 

lady of. 168. 
Derlyngton, Th., debt of, to oommunity. 

Derykson. William, patener and brewer, 

Devereux, Sir Walter, 82. 
Dicson, Thomas, riots made by, 48. 
Dinner at Merchant Alderman's house, 81 . 

given by Merchant Warden, 84. 

on audit day, cost of, 161. 

to great men, cost of, 164. 

to Earl and Countess of Korthumber^ 
land, cost of, 160. 
Dish sellers, contribution by, 99. 
Disputes, settlement of, 47. 
Distraint of burgesses, 163, 166. 
Ditches, common, 69. 

view of, 138. 
Ditching, payments for, 157. 
'Dogges, tye,* 179. 
Dogs, butchers', 71 

in the street, fine for, 130. 
Doncaster, visit of King to, 175. 
Douce, Alicia, 114. 
Downes, William, alderman of pageant of 

Pride, 143. 
Downys, Robert, shoemaker, 128. 
Dowthorpe, William, riots made by, 48. 
Draining of pastures, 185. 
Draper, William, goldsmith, pledges of, 

Drapers, 49. 

(• Pannarii '), 104. 

('tannatores'), 65. 

alderman of, 172. 

and tailors, order between, 105. 

brothers of, 105. 

castle of, 104. 

fine for refusing to Join, 106. 

gild of, founded. 108, 104. 

new charges on, 104. 

new master in craft of, 80. 

ordinances of , 103rl05. 

place of, in procession, 104. 

play of. 104.172. 

privileges of, 80, 104, 106. 

searchers of, 105. 
' Driffeld ^Driffield). Master Thomas. 120. 

123, 124, 127, 128. 182. 
I Driffield, 19. 

I Driffield, William, reeve, 126. 
Dryng, John, 112, 117. 
Dudley, Lord Robert, 182. 
Dugmanton, Edward, inn of, 169. 
Dunghills outside the gate ef Westwood, 

Dunham, Walter, derk of Beverley, 158. 

payment to. as pro^, 112L 


Dankaii. Th., of Hulbrig. 128. 
Durham, rifling in, 142. 

bidiop of (Walter of Skirlawe). 157. 
Dyers, aldennan of, 166. 

aldermen and Seneflohals of, 141. 

'Avarice ' represented by, 129. 

box, payment from, 156. 

dues on, 15. 
' Dyner makers,' payment by, 103 


East Biding, jurors of, 162. 
Ebirstone, Balph. alderman of Potters, 

brasier, 126. 

Eddilston, Thomas, butcher, 109. 
Edward IV., 140. 

victuals for household of, at 

York. 144. 

grant of lands in Beverley, 141. 

contribution for resisting enemies 

of, 145. 

town occupied for, 166. 

VI., Parliament of, 154, 155. 
Egremome, Lord, 137. 
EEnd, W.,136. 
Election, absence from, 43. 

day of Drapers, 104. 

of cleanser of common markets, etc., 

of fifteen men, 120. 

of Governors, 51, 64. 

interference in, forbidden, 52. 

Elizabeth, Queen, proclamation of, 181. 
Ellerker, Edward, 58, 82. 182. 

Sir John, horse given to, 176 

Sir Balph. 53. 
Ellerton. Thomas of, legacy to, 146. 
EUiearr or EUioarr. John, 7. 13, 44. 

counsel, for community, payment to, 
Ellicott, John, payment to executors of, 

Elsdale, Thomas, alderman of 'Walkers 

(Fullers), 50. 
Elson, William, payment to for counsel, 

Elton. — , 32. 

Alice, 153. 

John, of Everyngham, 153. 
Elys, Elyas, 50. 

Robert, governor, 104. 
English, accounts first written in, 183. 

primer given as a pledge. 178. 

use of, 176. 
Ennas, W., 136. 
Entrance fee, paid to the community, 44. 

into craft of Butchers, 78. 

• of burgesses, 157-162. 

' Envy/ by what trades represented, 128, 


Erghet, John of, 'hayrer,' undertakes to 

play. 66. 
Esoheator. 162. 
Eshton. Bobert, 50. 
Eske Moor, 26. 

Est. Simon, of Halltham, accused of fore- 
stalling. 114. 
Esterlyng merchants, dispute with. 173. 
Esthorp, John, chaplain. 123, 124, 131. 161 

account of, 164. 

chantry injured by, 164. 

death of, 134. 

salary of, 124. 

sureties of, 111, 123. 

wiUof. 165. 

William, 111, 112, 118. 
Estreats, 26. 

of Brewsters' Gild, 11. 

of the Court of Record, 183. 
Eu, men of Beverley imprisoned in, 139. 
Eugenins, bull of Pope. 36, 126. 
Everyngham, Thomas, 64, 128. 
Ewage, 12. 
Exchequer. John Holme, baron of, 139, 

163. 166. 
Expenses, common. 157-176, pasHm. 

cleansing of streets included in, 


of crafts, assignment of, 47. 
Eyre, Justices of. 26. 


Faggot makers, 168. 

carriage of. 111. 168 

cost of, 102. 

. rules for, 103. 

gifts of. 168. 

granted to almshouse, 141. 

mon^ owing for, 139- 

received for, 167, 168. 

of Swynemore. 168. 

of Westwode, 122, 141, 167. 

of willows from Fegang. 168. 

payments for, 158. 

for making, 168. 

priced by governors, 165. 

searchers of. 111. 
Fair belonging to Hedon Hospital, 25. 
Faiivday, exceptions for, 18, 79. 
Falconer, Brian, account of. 171. 
Farar (Farrer) or Payur, Christopher, 88, 

Farer. Bobert, 180, 181, 182. 
Farley, WiUiam, 182, 183. 

Mayor, 58. 

Fauooner, Nicholas, 66. 

Richard, executor, 149. 
Fawconbridge. Lord, occupies Beverley, 

Fayur. See Farar 


Fealty to town, oath of, 47. 

Felony, aoouaations of, 46, 113, ISO, 162. 

fine for imputing, 138. 
Ferreby, John, yalet of Edw. IV, 141. 
Ferriby Priory, 151, 162. 

Alice of, 68. 

Bob. de St. Edmund, prior of , 151. 
Ferry boat, cost of new, 173. 
Fery, John, shoemaker, 106, 114. 
'Fewe8,'113, 127. 
Fewill (Fewle), Bichard, 177, 180. 
Fifteenths and tenths, 111, 117, 118, 122. 

126. 127, 129. 130. 137. 
Filey, 116. 
Filth, removal of, 17. 
Finances, change in administration of, 157. 
Fines, amount of, 10. 

for breach of town regulations, 28, 29. 

for escape of robbers, 26. 

for resisting Governors' orders, 28, 
29. 120. 

for falsely disclaiming burgesship, 

levying of, 39. 

list of, 166, et seq. 

rules concerning, 54, 142. 

unjustly inflicted, 168. 
Fire, crook for pulling down houses in case 

of. 175, 178. 
' Firthindel ' (a measure), 161. 
Fish, carrying away in Bogation week, 167. 

corrupt, 54. 

division of, 137. 

fine for refusing to sell, 137. 

forestalled, 110, 114, 116. 

illegal sale of, 131. 

in Fegang dikes, 170. 

market, ('foi-um,') 131. 

cleanser of, 131. 

payment for preserving, 173. 

sent to Friars Preachers, 157. 

stinking, fine for selling, 116. 
Fishermen, ('pansaremen'), 48, 66, 129. 

aldermen of, 50, 141. 

box, payment from, 156. 

'Gluttony' represented by, 129. 

oath taken by. 134. 

Pride played by, 143. 

punishment of, 38. 

seneschals of. 141. 

warned for having no pageant. 134. 
Fishery in Hull water, 26. 
Fishing by night, ordinance against, 177. 
Fitzhugh. William. 22. 
Fitz-John. Eustace, 3. 
• Five shyllinge ' ( a bad coin), 170. 
•Flaoketts.' 182. 

' Flaune bakers,' payment by, 103. 
Flesh, corrupt, 54, 77. 

sold illegally, penalty for, 130. 

See Butchers. 
Fletcher, William, Governor, deceased. 58 
Fletchers, 06, 69, 97, 142, 143. 

alderman of. 50, 97. 

and Bowers, ordinances of, 98. 

• Cruelty ' represented by. 128. 

* Envy ' represented by, 143. 

Fletchers — cont. 

place of. in prooession, 96. 

joined with other trades, 97f 98, 99. 

&c., stewards of, 97. 
Fleteham, Thomas, archer, 106. 

butcher, 109. 

Fleynburgh. 6. 

Food, overseer of sales of, 127. 

Footage, 13. 

Foreigners, contribution by, 88. 

penalty for buying from, 78. 

sale of bread by. 88. 

when allowed to traffic, 88. 
Forestalling, 38. 54. 70. 

of coals, etc.. penalty for, 130. 

of codling and • kelyng,' 110. 

of fish, accusation of. 114, 116. 

of salmon. 106. 116. 
Forfeits to the community, 61. 
Forfeitures of tenant of burgess, 39. 
Forster, Thomas, gift to, 174. 
Fossard, Nigel, 3. 
Foster. John, payment of, 164. 

Bichard, barber, fined, 107. 
Fox. — . house of, 171. 

• Foynes.' on Mayor's gown, 69. 
France, 36. 

Franchise of Beverley, 49. 

Fraunceys. John, 162. 

Free Warren, 27. 

Friars, assemblies at houses of, 47. 

Minors, legacy to. 146. 

licence granted to, 64. 

oak tops given to, 172. 

of Order of Virgin Mary. 146. 

plaices of, in Beverley, 77. 

Preachers, 103, 146. 

house of, 130. 

keep common ohest, 167. 

'spowte' of, 170. 

Friday thorp, prebendary of, 147. 

Fronsek, 31. 

Frost, Thomas (1306). 42. 

(1354). 43. 

(1407-1417). 62, 149. 

(1493-1497). 49, 76. 

Walter, Gbvemor, to meet Henry YI. 

William, 167 
Frothingham. expenses of riding to, 166. 
Frottingham, Laurenoe of, lecaoy to, 146. 
Fuel, 70. 

appraisement of, 66. 
Fullers, alderman of. 131. 

castle of, 86, 90. 

disobedience to oraft, 90. 

object to working faulty eloth, 119. 

payment by ' Schermen ' to, 128. 

petition to Henry VI, 87. 

pledge of, for entrance Ism, 162. 

• Pride ' represented by, 128. 

seneschal of, 131. 

* Furberors.' * Furbiskers ' or Fatban^' 66. 

joined with other trades, 99. 
payment to pageant of ootleni 102. 
' Sloth ' represented hj, 143. 
Furbishoor. Biohaird, paid fat ktifim 
arms, 166. 


Furriers (Pelliparii) ' Cruelty ' represented 

by. 182. 
* Fustors ' (saddle-tree makers), joined 

with saddlers. 100. 
trees bought of, 99. 


Gaiters, drapers allowed to make, 104, 106. 
Gaits, Stephen, Governor, 78. 
Gallande, William, pledges of, 175. 
Gallows, Archbishop claims, 26. 
Gait, Kobert, fisher, arrested, 134, 135, 

Gtaol, Archbishop's, at Beverley, 9. 

delivery, 26. 
GJarbray, Biohard, warden of merchants, 

Garbrey (Qarberey), Matthew, 179, 180. 

widow, 179. 
Qargrave, John, walker, 11. 
Gamthorp, John, searcher of food, 111. 

GPhomas, searcher of food. 116. 
Garthem, — , capmaker, fined, 138. 
' Gtirthes ' belonging to coopers, 98. 
Gar ton, John of, draper, 160. 

Ralph of, mercer, 150. 

Bobert of, clerk, 146, 147. 

payment to, 167. 

Gascony, wine of, 132, 162, 163. 

.price, 138. 

Gasquyn, William, mercer, 162. 

Gauntlets (seroticaej, 108. 

• Gavelok,' of iron, 162. 

' Gavelote,' of iron, delivered to Common 

Sergeant, 130. 
Gkiwnstede, Sir Simon 169. 
Gkynstang, Bichard, alderman, 172. 
Ge, Thomas, chaplain, 66. 
Gtedney, Nicholas, alderman of pageant of 

Avarice, 143. 
Q«er, Agnes, widow, 117. 
Geld, pa}Tnent of, 26. 

William, fisher, 44, 181. 184. 

accused of forestalling, 106. 1 16. 

Gervays. Jane, legacy to, 146. 

John, 20. 

(Gerveys), Thomas, Alderman. 14, 167. 
' Geton,' (standard;, bearer of, 138. 

payment of, 164. 

making of. 163, 164. 
Gilbert, John, retained as creler, 115. 
Gild, absence from, 84. 

beasts, order for, 64, 66. 

book, 37-69, 60 (note). 

■ • extracts from, 61, 146-161. 

ordinance for Kelk's chantry in, 


disobedience to , 84. 

distinguishing marks of. 104. 

Great, of St. John of Beverley, 132. 

merchant, 11. 12, 

Gild— cont, 

of Corpus Christi, 6. 

of Pater Noster, 5, 68. 

of St. Elen, 6, 68. 

of St. John. 167. 

of St. John Baptist. 6, 68. 

of St. John in May, 6, 68. 

of St. John of Beverley, 6, 68, 121, 141. 

of St. Peter, 98, 96. 

Azelon, 6. 

Melon (sic), 68. 

of the Blessed Mary, 5, 68. 
Gildehouse, Stephen, 74. 
Gilds, list of, in 1430, 68. 
Gildyn, John, tax paid by, 127. 
Giles, St., warden of house of, 68. 
Gillyng, John of, baker, 86. 
Gilmyn, Bichard, husband [man] , 122. 
Girdelers, 66. 

Glasgow, William TumbuU, bishop of, 86. 
Glaziers, joined with other trades, 89. 

' Pride ' represented by, 143. 
Gloucester, Humphrey, Duke of, 13. 
Glovers, 66, 142, 143. 

aldermen of, 50, 141, 179. 

• Cruelty ' represented by, 128. 
' Pride ' represented by, 148. 
seneschals of. 141. 

'Gluttony,' by what trades played. 129. 

Godohepp, John, fined, 170. 
Gbld, loss on bad, 170. 

for waits' shields, cost of, 161. 

to be assayed, 89. 
Goldsmiths, 65. 

paid for working waits' shields, 161. 

payment to for chalice, '172. 

excepted from ordinance re Smiths, 96. 

joined with other trades, 89. 

masters of, 89. 

order for marking silver, 89. 

ordinances of, 89. 

overseers of, 89. 

petition of, 89, 

' Gluttony' represented by, 129. 

* Pride ' represented by, 143. 
torch of, 89. 

Goldsmyth, Andrew, 169. 

Anthony, 171. 

Thomas, bad gold sold to, 170. 
. Goods, freedom to buy and sell, 49. 
Gk)odsall, John, merchant, 118. 

William, servant, 114. 
Goodyf , Thomas, 148. 
Goos, Bichard, baker, 110, 119. 
Gorget of mail, 144. 
Gossop, Nathaniel , master of the grammar 

school, 186. 
Governor (?) entrance fee of, into Butohera* 
Craft, 78. 

refusing to be, 68. 
Governors of Charitable houses, 124. 

[Twelve], 40, 46, 47, 48, 49, 62, 66, 
66, 69, 76, 86, 87. 174. 

accounts of, 52, 64, 166. . 

agreements by, 124, 181. 

and community, indentures 

between, 126. 


Governors, [Twelve] — conU 

appeal to. 83. 

armed men found by, 107, 133. 

— - arms given by, 108. 

assessment by, 82. 

awards by, 99, 105, 113. 

— — attendants of, 146. 

bread to be presented before, 87, 


breakfast of, 136. 

buildings to be repaired, etc. , by 

candidates for mayoralty chosen 

by, 58. 
chantries administered by, 122, 

132, 133, 146, 148. 150, 151, 164. 

cited to York. 171. 

common averys to be let by, 61. 

charge of bad work brought 

before, 114. 
charters taken from treasury by, 

collars, etc.. to be delivered to, 


common clerk appointed by, 138. 

contribution of, to castle, 169. 

debts acknowledged before, 109. 

decision of, questioned, 118. 

deprivation of burgess rights bv, 


dinners of, 164, 171. 

eight of, 109, 163. 

election of, 64, 58. 

manner altered, 50, 65. 

nullified, 52. 

protected from interference, 


electors of, 52. 

expenditure by, after mu8ter,l65. 

expenses of, at Corpus Christ i 

play, 170, 173. 

faggots priced by, 166. 

fine adjudged by, 119. 

for abi\se of, 130, 170, 174. 

for assaulting one of, 135. 


— — received by, 144. 

for resisting ordinances of, 

fines not to be levied without 

knowledge of, 142. 
fines payable by, 54, 59, 124, 


four of, 107. 

forces to be provided by, 140. 

gifts to, 132, 176. 

grammar schoolmaster, one of, 


grant of property to, 147.. 

Guild Hall transferred by, 141. 

Henry VI, met by nine of, 132. 

inspection of ordinances by, 79. 

keys of Treasury chests held -by, 


King's jester playing before, 174. 

limitation of relatives among, 

loans to, 132, 140. 

Governors, [Twelve] — eont. 

— — William Lorymer forbidden to 
sit as one of, 130. 

meeting of , 139. 

minstrels paid by, 142. 

money for churon repairs granted 

to, 165. 

muster lists kept by, 174. 

name first used, 161. 

ordinances by, 51, 68, 77, 78, 

79, 80, 81, 87, 88, 113, 120, 142, 

of oraft43 confirmed by, 82, 

101, 102, 104. 

pageant ordered by, 87. 183, 


payments to, 121, 163. 

period of office, 62. 

persons ineligible as, 63, 64. 

petition to, 97. 

powers of, 61. 

presentation to W. Percy by nine 

of, 165. 

prest money raised by, 174. 

prices limited by, 176. 

purchase of new hall by, 66. 

receipts of, 166. 

rewards given by, 169. 

right of, to bake clay, 121. 

security given before, 106. 

seven of, 108. 

— ^^ — special duties for certain of, 121. 

submission made before, 122. 

sureties given before, 122. 

ten of, men for Scotland received 

by, 163. 

. trespass judged before. 125. 

trumpets of Duke of Bucking- 
ham play before^ 171. 

waits retained at pleasure of, 137. 

wine for, 170. 

wrongs to be presented to, 64. 

Grammar School, 157, 182, 184. 186, 186.^ 
Grammar schoolmaster, WiUiam Har- 
dynges, one of the Governors, 131, 

— Richardson, 182, 184. 
Grauncemor, Thomas Preman de, 162. 
• GraveU hills,' expense of carriage of, 178. 
Gravel pits, right of access to, 121. 
Gray, Robert, 63, 176, 177. 

— — alderman of cooks, 60. 
Graybam, Peter, sworn man, 112. 

Stephen, 160. 

Thomas, 60. 
Graystok, lord, occupies Beverley, 166. 
Grazing, cost of, 173. 
Great men. dinner of, 164. 

expenses of, 176. 
Greaves, 162, 181. 
Green wax pennies, 29. 
Greenhope (Grenehop), Richard, 177, 180. 
Gren. William, counsel of oommnnity, 

Grene, ^-, collector of pavage, 120. 

John [of] , bearward, 66, 172. 

, nauer, 121. 

Robert, oolleotor of pavaae, 118. 120. 
Grevys, William, Governor, ol. 


Grey. Bobert ; tu Qnm. 

William. ia>. 
Grimily^, tofl at. 157. 
Grirartone, Wm.. 164. 
' Ghithmen/ (sanctuary men) 44, 46. 55, 75. 

forbidden to carry arms, 45. 

payment by, 93. 
Groom of the King's Chamber, 82. 
Groyall. Bobert, friar, 146. 

William, friar, 146. 
Grove. Henry, sacristan, 113. 
Gmffe. William, 32. 

Gude, Walter, chaplain, houses left to, 153. 

Guildhall. 41, 47.48, 62. 72. 81, 109. 112. 

117. 137. 139. 156, 161. 162, 163. 165. 

affray in, 160, 161. 

archers and men at arms received in. 

chaplains sworn in. 151. 

common chest in, 162. 

clerk of, 44. 

forfeits to, 104, 118. 

goldsmiths* marks to be known in. 89. 

£me by, 170. 

rent of. 166, 157. 159. 

table, 168, 163. 

transference of, 141. 
Gye. Bobert, Governor. 174. 
Gyll, William, pledges given by, 176. 
Gymer, Martin, wait, 137. 
' Gyrthman.' See Grithmen. 

Habergeon, 144, 146. 

Haddiewell. Thomas, fisher. 134. 

Hall of Archbishop, weighing of bread in. 

Halltham. 114. 
Haltwhistle. 66. 

Halytreholm (Halitreholm). Biohard, 79. 
119. 121. 

Bobert, 119. 
' Halywaterfutt," value of a, 149. 
Hammer taken as pledge. 162. 
Hamondson. Bichard. 62. 
Hampton Court, 165. 
Hancok, John, shoemaker, fined, 172. 
Hand-gun. 178. 

Handsel of shop, payment for. 167. 
Hanshouse, 2. 11, 12. 14. 54. 84, 184. See 

also Guildhall. 
Hanson. William, 133. 
Hapford. John, lands of, 160. 
Harald. Thomas, 27. 
Hardie. — . 182. 
Hardy; John, shoemaker, fined, 107. 

Thomas, fined for rescue. 176. 
Hardyng, or Hardynges, William, Gov- 
ernor, 79, 131. 

■• grammar schoolmaster, 126, 126. 

seneschal of Great Gild of St. 

John of Beverley, 132. 

Harness, watchmen's defensive, 167. 

horses', given as pledge, 175. 
Harold, John, baker, 85. 
Harpham, Peter. 184. 
Harrison [Heryson], John, common clerk, 

180. 181, 182. 
Harwod, John of, 146. 
Haryson, Michael. 178- 
Hasands, 171. 
Hatefield. Bobert, 128. 
Haulay. Alan. 26. 
Haweson, William, man-at-arms, 164. 

• Hawkers,* cutlers called, 102. 
Hawking of bread forbidden, 88. 
Hay lee. John, 75. 

' Haynsmen,' (' heynsmen '), 133, 163. 
Havthwayte, John, 60. 
Helver, Alan, payment by, 166. 
Henry I. 26. 
Henry IV, payment to valet of, 157. 

visit of, 168. 
Henry V, grants licence in mortmain, 160. 

loan to, 169. 
Henry VI, 37, 38, 41. 106. 107. 109. 

answer of. to Duke of York's letters. 

bows sent to York for, 166. 

charters of, 126. 

letter of, 139. 

loan to, 127. 

loan demanded by. 163. 

officers of, at Beverley 162. 

visit of, to Beverley, 132. 
Henry Vni, 14,62,63. 

letter from, 173. 
Henry, P., 26. 
Henry of the cellar, 36. 
Henyson, [Heryson ?] John, 169- 
Herbertus Canonicus, 3. 
Herforth, Simon. 120. 

* Heron sews,' gift of, 170. 
Herle, W. de, 26. 
Herrings, appraisement of, 64. 

fine for not searching. 167. 

ordinance as to sale of, 179. 
Herrison. Agnes, widow, 141. 

John, killed at Towton. 141. 
Heselarton, Sir Simon de, 156. 

Sir Walter de, 166. 
Hesilhede. John, wait, 137. 
Hethe. Boffer. 76. 

Hewson, William, cooper, fined, 168. 
' Heykes,' 133, 134. 163. 

cost of cloth for. 163. 

cost of making, 163, 164. 
•Heynsmen,' see 'Haynsmen.' 
Hides, dues on, 15. 

fine for forestalling. 114. 

for working unlawfully, 170. 

for selling ill tanned, 166. 

regulation as to buying, 102. 
Hill. Eobert, 177.178, 181. 
Hilton, Eobert of, knight. 147. 
Hobkyn. John, 153. 
Hodge, Bichard, payment by, 176. 
Hogard, Nicholas. 177. 
Hogg, Edward, 76. 


Holbom, John, shoemaker, 142. 
Holderness. 9, 24. 

bailiflf of, 162. 

sheriff of, 156. 

stewards of, 156. 

Sutton in, 162. 
Holgate, Archbishop, 177 
HoUysworth, Robert, fined, 172. 
Hohne, 140. 

Holme (Hohn), Brian, 107, 108, 133, 138, 
162. 164. 

John, 25. 163. 

baron of Exchequer, 139, 163, 


of, 67.71-2. 

Richard (1305), 42. 

(1354-1365). 43, 70. 

W., chaplain of Kelk's chantry, 122. 
Holsham, 8. 
Holt Castle, 32. 

Hondisworth, Thomas, glover, 117. 
Hoods for men at arms and archers, 158. 
Hoppell, Robert, chosen arbitrator, 109. 
Hopton, Robert, 22. 
Homers, 65, 102. 
Hornsea, exempjbion claimed by, 131. 

toll taken at, 158. 
Hornsea (Homse), John, 109, 113. 
Horses, toll demanded for, 107. 

cost of shoes and shoeing, 173, 176. 

cost of, 173. 

delivery of, 108. 

fines for, on common averys, 107. 

prices of. 108, 133. 
Horsebread, 87, 127. 

assize of. 138. 

ordinance concerning, 88. 

taken for King, 144. 
Horseleather, use of by saddlers forbidden, 

Horse-lock, 162, 176, 180. 
Horsemill, 103. 
Hortill. bailiff of. 162. 
Hosts, proclamation about. 57. 
Hotham. John, knight, 147. 
Hotoft, William, 36. 
Hounds, fines for stray and unmuzzled, 

Hours of work of various trades, 47. 
Household, steward of the King's, 12. 
Howell, John. 9. 

Hulbridge (Hulbrig, Hullbrig), 19, 27, 65. 
114, 128, 173, 179, 181. 

chantry chapel at, 122. 
Hull (Kingston-upon-Hull), 70, 146, 164, 

controversy with, as to Hull Bridge, 

piles in, 156. 

Water, 20, 26, 55, 130. 
Humbercolt, Thomas, 10. 
Humberoott, Thomas, gentleman, 111. 
Humbleton, Robert de, 27. 
Hume, John, a Scotch knight, 169. 
Huntingdon, 12. 

Husbandmen, ' Gluttony ' represented by, 

' Sloth ' represented by, 143. 
Husthwayte, John, alderman, 167. 

I Hyll, Robert. /^e« Hill. 

Hyndclay, Richard, 107. 

Hyndeley, William, searcher of Walkers, 
I Hymig, Richard, 152. 

Images of saints, value of, 149, 
Infangthef in Beverley, 26. 
Ingleton, Robert, mayor, 82. 
Innkeepers ("hospes, hostilarii *}, ordinance 
about, 57, 87, 88. 
Cpandoxatores *), Gluttony represented 
by, 143. 
Irford, Master Peter [of], 148, 161. 
Iron, penalty for use of bad, 96. 
Ironmongers' box, payment from, 156. 
Iwardeby, John, gifts to, 162. 

I Jackets of archers, colour of, 140, 

! price of, 140, 141. 

i Jackson, Robert, 79, 107, 114, 115 121 

I 122, 123, 141. 

I Thomas, Governor, 104. 

Jamys, Richard, 107, 127. 
! William, tailor, 115. 

j Jester (?) of King, payment to, 174. 
I Joan, princess of Wales, 20. 
Johannis, Eustachius filius, 3. 
John, * clerious,' 27. 

of th* Hill, of Walkyngfcon, 146. 
son of Henry IV. (Duke of Bedford), 
Johnson, Edward, Governor, 51. 

John, messenger to Arohbishop, wases 

of, 169. 
Richard, 179. 
Robert, aldennan of pageant of 

Luxury, 143. 
William, wait, 120. 
Joiners, 37, 97. 

associated with coopers, &o., 97, 98. 
Jolyf , Thomas, 149. 

, obtains pavage charter, 157. 

Journeymen, 46, 49, 75. 
of bakers, 86, 87. 
of butchers, 78. 
of carpenters and tilers, 47. ! 
of goldsmith, payments by, 89. 
of millers, 103. 
•of saddlers, payment by, 100. 
of shoemakers, 93. 
of tanners, pavment by, 101. 
of weavers, 94, 95. 

, alderman chosen by, 96. 

to be examined, 96. 


Jurors, payment to for hot proceeding 

against men of Beverley, 162. 
JuBtioeB of Peace, how made, 53. 
Justices, clerks of, 162. 


Kedall, Boger, short weight of bread of, 

110, 113, 118, 119, 121, 127. 
Keeper of Privy Seal, Walter of Skirlawe, 

ofWestwood, 175. 
Keepers [Twelve] , of Beverley, 40-65 and 
S5'9Q passim, 81, 107, 117, 119, 158,166. 

See also Governors. 

eight of, 106. 117,164. 

nineof, 117, 149. 

seven of, 115. 

three of, 162. 

accounts of, 157, 159, 164. 

agreement of, with nailers, 115. 

burgess-dues to be paid to, 115. 

commission and release of, 41 , 42. 

commission of peace surrendered 

by, 159. 

deliver chapel ornaments, 149. 

delivery of offenders by, 58. 

election of, 40, 43, 105. 

expenses of, 160-166 passim. 

first called Governors, 161. 

gilds formed by, 86, 103. 

gild rules confirmed by, 90, 99. 

gild rules made by, 95. 

landsletby, 62. 64. 

leave to build given by, 115. 

liveries regulated by, 89-90. 

oath of, 41. 

pasture regulated by, 61, 63, 64. 

penalty for absence of one, 40. 

petitions to, 86, 89, 96. 

places for refuse assigned by, 109. 

plays ordered by, 66, 100. 

— — sand in Westwood granted by, 64. 

shops let by, 1 14. 

trespass punished by, 63. 

trustees of John Ake's chantry, 


trustees of John Kelk's chantry, 

151, 159. 
Keld, John, man-at-arms, 133, 164. 
Kelk. Alice, 151. 

John (de Kelke, of Kelk), 10, 63, 66. 
chantry of, 10, 111, 122, 125. 
134. 159, 160, 164. 

list of property of, 159. 
son of Thomas Kelk, 151. 

Margaret, 151. 

Boger, 49, 81. 

alderman of pageant of Y ioes, 143. 

Thomas, merchant, chantry of, 150. 

William, arms possessed by, 108. 

de, 153. 

Kelk's Chantry. See above, and under 

Kelk-rent, 160, 165. 
Kelsteme, William de, 27. 
' Kelyng,' forestaUing of, 110, 116. 
Kenilworth, castle of, 140. 
Kent, bearward of earl of, 171. 

countess of, 20, 42. 
Kepik, William, swineherd, 112. 
Ketches ('caches, catches % 48, 130, 167. 
Kexby, Thomas of, baker, 85. 
Keyage, 12. 
Keys, 115. 

of common chests, 120. 
Kids, 185. 

Kiln (' thorale '), 48. 
Kilns, dues on, 15. 
King of Arms, 182. 
King, William, potter, 117. 
Kirkby (Kyrkby), John, Governor, 104. 

Walter, minstrel, 141. 

(Kyrkby), William, governor, 9, 106. 

Kirkeby, John, of Mollescroft, fined, 119. 

Bichard, * fagottarius,' 111, 122. 
Kirkeman. William, porter and creler, 115. 
Kirkham, John, 50. 
Kirkham (Kirkeham, Kyrkham), Bobert, 

120, 123, 136. 
Kitchen, Mr., 185, 186. 

Sir G., buried in the Minster, 185. 
Kit [t] son, Bichard, butcher, 74, 142, 144. 
Knaggs, Balph, 82. 

Knife, ' grithman ' forbidden to carry, 45. 
Knight Marshal, expenses for, 175. 
Knight (Knyght), Patrick, 107, 119. 
Knights, 147. 
Knights' fees, 13. 
Kokke, Bobert, horse of. 108. 
'Kydds,' of Westwood. Ill, 171. 
Kyllom, 153. 

' Kylne heyre,' given as pledge, 175. 
Kylnese, 116. 

Kynge, William, weaver, 95, 167. 
Kynwaldgraves, brothers and sisters of, 

63, 120. 
KyrUiam, John, alderman of tilers, 138. 

Labourers, 142, 143. 

' Anger ' reprewnted by, 129. 

' Sloth ' represented by, 143. 
Lacy, Mr., 182. 

' Lade sadyll panels,' makers of. 100. 
' Lagan,' 12. 

Lamb, Edward, arms possessed by, 108. 
Lambard, Bobert, labourer, 115. 
Lame boy, payments for keeping a, 182. 
Lamp, value of a, 149. 


Lanoes, 1S3. 

heads of, 165. 
Land, freedom from toll by purchase of, 

Lands, subsidy collected from common, 

Lanes, failure to cleanse, 138. 
LanghAm, Biohard, saddler, 122. 
•Lasch,' cost of red, 168, 163. 
Lastage, 12. 
Latoners, 65. 
Law[e], Thomas, butcher (1486-59), 109, 

117. 139. 
Lawsuits before keepers, 56. 

between burgesses restricted, 43. 
Lawyer retained by community, 129. 
Lawyers, payment of,' 136. 
Laythorpe, Richard, 158. 
Leading Bars, cost of, 158. 
Leadsetters, work of, 37. 
Lease of croft from St. John's Gild, 121. 
of half of a lane, 119. 
of house in the North Bars without, 

of land of Kelk's Chantry, 126, 

of limekiln, 119. 
ofshops, 112.114, 123, 141. 
of town lands, 120, 123, 128, 131, 135. 
Leather, kinds used by saddlers, 100. 

' unlawful tanned, ' 54. 
LeoonBeld, 36, 169. 
Ledhouse, Robert, 176. 
Ledys, William, 21, 123. 
Leeds, Mr., 177. 
Leicester, Earl of, 182, 183. 
Lelywhyte, John, 50. 
Lepers' House, 123, 168. 

rent of, 158, 159. 
Lepers, land where they formerly dwelt, 

Lepton, Ing., bailiff of Archbishop, 144. 
' Lepys and scuttyll-sellers,* 99. 
Lessees of land, gifts to Governors by 

Letters testimonial, under Common Seal, 

41, 42, 139, 144. ! 

Leversall, Hugh, Governor, 104. I 

Liberties of the town, bond for, 162. \ 

Liberty of Archbishop, bailiff of, 144. 
Licence for grant of lands, 150 

in Mortmain, 146, 147. 
Light, founded by woollen weavers, 93. 
every craft to have a, 46, 47. 
goldsmiths to maintain St. Dunstan's, 

in Corpus Christ i procession, men 

summoned for not having, 129. 
of bakers, payment towards, 132. 
of merchants, payment to, 80,'81. 
of saddlers, 100, 167. 
of smiths, payment to, 96. 
use of, at burial, 80. 
wax, of Bowers and Fletchers, rules 
for, 98. 
' Ligna vitrea, ' 175. 
Limekiln, lease of, 119. 
Limekilns, payments for, 158. 

' Limmer, 141, 
Lincoln, 12. 

woman imprisoned at, 113. 
Lincoln, William, 105, 121. 
Littester, Thomas, blue cloth bought of, 


Littesters (Lyttsters, i.e. dyers), 50, 69, 
142, 143. 

* Luxury ' represented by, 143. 
Livery, drapers demand, 49. 

fine for not wearing, 91, 131. 
partnership of coopers, fletohers, &o., 

in, 98. 
rules for, 84. 
of bakers, 87, 88. 
of carpenters, 131. 
of merchants, regulations for, 81. 

suit of, left by will, 146. 

of ' shermen', order for, 89, 90. 
of shoemakers, 92, 143. 
of tanners, rules about, 101. 
of waits, 176, 180, 181, 184. 
of weavers, regulations about, 94. 
Loans to Governor, 132. 

to King, 159, 163. 
Logeneif, Henry, yeoman, 154. 
Loksmyth, John, 66. 

Thomas, 66. 
Lokyngton, John of, 148. 

Thomas of, draper, 146. 
London, carriage of tax to, 163. 
common business in, 157. 
copy of charters sent to, 169. 
journeys to, 173. 

cost of, 157, 162. 

representatives sent to, 156. 
suit of carpenters in, 99. 
writ to run to, 126. 
' Londiners' Standings,' 185. 
Lord Lieutenant, present to, 176. 
Lord President, 178. 

Lorioa,' 133. 
Loriners, business of, 100. 
Lorymer, John, of the Smith's Bow, 66. 

near the Cukstole Pit, 66. 

Governor, 100. 

* polanse ' of, 144. 

Thomas, 66. 

WiUiam, 9-10, 11, 22, 107, 120. 130. 
Lothyngton, William of , 14. 
Lottery, 182. 
Loursadl, Henry, 50. 
Louthe, Richard of, 14. 
Louvre under the Conunon Hall, cost of 

mending, 172. 
Lovell, Robert, cutler, steward of pageant, 

Lowthorp, rector of, 153. 
Lucius (III), Pope, 13, 126. 
Luda (Louth). William de, 27. 
Lumbard, Peter, 14. 

Thomas, 108, 109. 
Lund, Edmund, horse delivered to, 108. 
Luxury, by what trades played, 199, 143. 
Lyddall, Th., right of way through land 

of, 130. 
Lyghtfoote, John, weaver, 95. 


Ljndale, John de, 153. 

Margaret de, grant by, 153. 
Lyndesay, J., armour of, 144. 


Maoe, 183, 184. 

Magna Oharta of Beverley. 21, 36. 
Magnates, expenses for, 171, 174, 168. 
Maikewhate, J., saddler, armour of, 144. 

John, tailor, 144. 
Mail paunoh, breast, and gorget, 144. 
Maison Dieu, legacy to poor of, 146. 

sale of lead of, 176. 

St. Mary's. 168, 180, 181, 182. 

Trinity, at Cross bridge, 168, 177, 
178, 182. 

admissions to, 114, 122. 

Malery, Richard, baker, 110, 118, 119. 

wife of, Ened, 110. 

Malt, dues on, 15. 

Malton, tolls at, 179. 

Malvesey for Governors, cost of, 170. 

Manshipp, Thomas, gentleman, 141. 

Manypeny, William, knight, lord of 

Congtursault, 35. 
March, wardens of the [Scottish] , 24. 
Marche, John, chaplain, 153. 
Market at Beverley, purchase of wheat at, 

butchers', 70. 

clerk of the (a Royal officer), 12. 

clerk of (Archbishop's officer), 53. 

common, overseers of, 127. 

, raker of, 115. 

keepers of , 54. 175. 

Lord's, 70, 71. 

Saturday, 88. 

shoemakers ,71,72. 

Wednesday, pageant played in the. 
Markets, 26. 
Marschall. John. 9. 
Marshal of the Household, 27. 
Marshall, Richard and Alicia his wife, 119. 

Robert, 66. 
Martin, prebend of St., 13. 
Marton, William, collector of pavage, 120. 
Masham (Masseham), Nicholas, 109, 118. 
Mason, the master, of St. Mary's Church, 

Masons, 65. 

•Avarice " represented by, 143. 
. combined with other crafts, 89. 

' Gluttony ' represented by, 129. 
Masses, celebration of, for Gild brethren, 

money left for, 146. 

offerings, 148. 

solemn, for porters and crelers, 103. 
Masseham, Nicholaus, butcher, 109. 

Master of beggars, payment to, 176. 

of Receipts, ■ Cholmley, 168. 

Masters of crafts, burgesses alone to be, 

to be presented to the governors, 47. 

of bowyers and fletchers, 98. 

of coopers, 97. 

of goldsmiths, 89. 

of saddlers, 99, 100. 

of shoemakers. 93. 

of smiths, 96. 

of weavers, 93, 94, 95. 
Masters of Fegang, money for faggots from, 

of Westwode, faggots made by, 167, 
Mathew, Robert, fined, 170. 
Mauley, lord de, 158. 
Maupas, Henry, clerk, 146, 147. 
Maxay, John, baker, 85. 
Mayn, , 177. 

William, common seal in basr sealed 
by, 139. ^ 

Mayne, Thomas, 9, 10, '21, 22, 25, 64, 68 

107, 127, 132. 
Mayor of Beverley, 55. 58, 69, 83, 85. 

, election of, 58. 

of Coventry, 150. 
Measures, 30, 54. 

common, list of, 161. 

payment for copy of the registered, 
Meat, sale of bad, 75, 125, 130. 

concealment of ill-seasoned, 130. 

• over seeded,' 71 
unseasonable, 71. 

Meaux, convent of, 20. 

Meetings of burgesses forbidden, 47. 

Melbum (Melbome), William, 67, 150. 

Meleton, John, 8. 

Mellent, Robert, count of, 26. 

Melton. John of, 150. 

Robert, common clerk, 168. 
Men-at-arms, 8: 

cloth for, 166. 

discharge of, 164. 

• heykes ' of, 163. 
wages of, 164# 

Menship, Thomas, keeper, 46; 
Meroer fined for dogs in street, 130. 
Mercers, Gild of , 103. 

contributions to, 83. 

See also under ' Merchants.' 
Merchandize, payment by traders in, 82. 
Merchants, 142, 143. 
Merchants' GUd, 11, 12, 79, 159. 

names of members of, in 1446, 80. 

aldermen fined for rebellion, 143-4. 

aldermen of, 50, 141, 143. 

box. payment from, 156. 

charged with altering common register, 

• Envy ' represented by, 128. 
livery of," 146. 

loans bj, 156. 
ordinanoee of, 79-85. 
seneschals of, 141. 
siftersof gUd, 81. 


Merchants' Gild — cont, 

upsets of, 83. 

* Vioiose ' represented by, 143. 

warden of, 82, 83. 

See also Mercers. 
Messenger, John, webster, 136. 
Metcalfe, Abraham, and Jane his wife, 153, 

Edmund, 179. 

— — agreement at house of, 171. 

Eobert, miller, 167. 
Metoham, Thomas, 8. 
' Metlagh, ' custom called, 12. 
Metyngham, John of, 26. 
Middleton, 20. 

Middleton (Middelton, Middilton), John, 
79, 132, 163. 

(Midelton), Walter, 121, 153. 
Midelton, Robert, 159. 
Millers, 103. 

box, payment from, 156. 

'Sloth' represented by, 143. 
Mills, dues on, 15. 

hire of, 85. 

* Minster life, ' meaning of, 25. 
Minster yard, wine in, 158. 
Minstrels. See Waits. 
Minstrels of King, payment to, 171. 
Minute Book, 105. 
*Mi8ae,'132, 146. 

Misrule, lord of, 169. 

Missal of York use, value of a, 149. 

Monday Court, attendance by Governors 

at, 59. 
Money, loss of bad, 170. 

payment in broken, 169. 

exchange of, 180. 
Morethwayte, John, Governor, 125. 
Moreton, John of, shoemaker, 90. 

Roger of, mayor of York, 10. 
Morlay, Duncan de, 152. 

Roger de, lands given by, 151, 152. 

William de, payment by, 151, 152. 
Morsel], William, captain of soldiers, 

• Mortimer le ' (i.e. Jack Cade), 165. 
Mortmain, licence in, 146, 147. 
Mounces, Robert, wright. fined, 167. 
Moyses, Roger, 95, 166. 

Mulso, Sir Edmund, 32. 

Murage, 12, 17, 30. 

Murdoc, Geoffrey, 3. 

Murthewayte, William, keeper of Beverley 

Park, 36. 
Musters, 174, 179, 180. 

expenses of, 163. 176. 

in West ward, 165. 

in Westwood. 164, 174 
Muzzles, fine for not having, 167. 
Mynskip. Edmund, 153. 

Elizabeth. 153. 

Nicholas, 153. 

Thomas, the elder, 153. 

the younger, 163. 

Mynskyps, Edward, 55. 
Myre, Richard, fined, 127. 


Nafferton, 153. 

Nails, per thousand, commutation of 
payment for, 121. 
I Nailers, agreement of, with keepers, 115, 
Nandyk, John, 125. 
Nauti (sic). See Shipmen. 
Neville, Humphrey, rising of, 142. 

[Ralph] lord [third earl of West- 
morland] , gift to the Keepers by, 
166. See (3so Westmorland. 
'Neyirs' (leather thongs), 100. 
Nevyll, Sir John of Cottingham, arbitrator, 

Newcastle, men sent to, 166. 

sea coals at, 173. 
Newcombe. Adam (1490-1494), 49, 50, 75, 

riots made by a464), 48. 

Newebald, Robert, 109, 111. 
Neweburgh, Thomas, 119. 
New Hall, ordinance about, 62. 

in Crossgarthes, purchase of. 55. 
Newman, Andrew, commissioner, 168. 
Newport, — , bailiff, meeting oonvened by , 

Newson. Roger, 177. 
Newton, John, apprentice, 136. 

governor, 79. 

Sir Robert, payment to, 169. 
Non-burgess, fine for receiving, 176. 
Normanville, William, knight, 8, 86. 
North Bar, cost of rebuilding, 158, 159. 
Northoave, 36. 
Northende, John, 50, 167. 
Northopp, or Northorpp, William, 106, 

Northumberland [Eleanor], Countess of 
Henry [Percy] , second earl of ,8, 30, 
160, 162, 165. 

sons of, 187, 162. 

fifth earl of, 145. 

sixth earl of, 66, 169. 170, 

171, 172, 174. 

seventh earl of, S6, 174, 

180 181 
[John' Neviu] fourth earl of. 142, 

John [Dudley], Duke of, grant of 

church lands to, 166. 
rising in, 142. 
see Percy. 
Norton, indictment for felony at, 162L * 
Noryd, Harry, deputy-ohamberlain of 
North Wales 32. 
Thomas, 32. 
Notts, sheriff of, 27. 
Nower, John, chosen as arbitnlor, 109. 
Nuttall, John, Governor, 104. 
Nuttyll, Thomas, 9. 


Oaks, fine for cutting, 111, 128. 

toppings of, 172 
Oath, at entry of burgess, 41, 65. 
of gild brothers, 85. 
of the thirty persons, 41. 
of twelve keepers of Beverley, 41. 
accused clear themselves by, 116. 
Oatmeal makers, payments by, 103. 
Oats, buyei-s of, 124. 
Obit of John Ake and Elen his wife, 148. 
Officers of the King, expenses for, 162, 

Ogle, Oswyne, 53. 
Oldhalle, Sir William, 32. 
•Opella,' = shop, 178. 
Ordinances, new, 46., 49. 

penalty for making, 81. 
Orleans, Bastard of, 31. 
Ostiller (Hostiller), John, archer, 105, 

fisher, 110, 114, 116. 

* Ostryes ' (inns), to be presented by t*he 
searchers, loaves found in common, 87. 
Ottley, John, shoemaker, arrested, 141. 
Ottyr, Edward, 55. 

Thomas. 55. 
Oughtibrig, Adam, governor, 107. 
Oiisterby, John, merchant, 119. 
•Qutpokys,' 137. 
Oversal, Thomas, chaplain, 165. 
Overs-lie. Robert, alderman of websters 

Oversall, John, weaver, 95. 
Overseers of alms houses, 124. 
of goldsmiths. 89. 
of pasture of Fegang, &c., 121, 124. 
of pavement, 121, 12S. 
of repair of Ake's Chantry. 121. 
of Swynmore, 121. 124. 
of Westwood, 122. 
of workmen of Westwood, 124. 
Owl-killing in St. Mary's church, 186. 
Owsby. John, governor, 51. 

Pageants or phiys : — 

Corpus Christi, 51. 6^, 67, 68, 
6i), 80. 96, 97, 101, 102. 136, 
139, 160. 171, 173. 
Mauncly, 87. 

Pater Nosf^r, 128, 142, 143. 
aldermen of, 143. 
expenses of, 46, 47, 49, 80. 

723 b 

Pageants or plays — cont. 

fine for ill-dressing of, 172. 

neglecting, 160. 

— — not exhibiting, 136. 
list of, 143. 
of crafts : — 

Bakers, 88, 132. 

Butchers, 139. 

Cooks, 103. 

Coopers, 97. 

Cutlers, 102. 

Drapers, 104, 172. 

Hayrers, 66. 

MUlers, 103. 

Painters, 89, 172. 

Skinners, 165. 

Smiths, 66, 96. 

Tailors, 65, 172. 
order to Tailors for expenses of, 65. 
subjects of : — ^ 

Abraham and Isaac, 98. 

Creation of the World, 100. 

Crucifixion of Christ, 102. 

Flight into Egypt, 99. 

Judgment [*Demyng'], of Pilate. 

Paradise, 66, 136. 

Redemption of Adam and Eve , 1 03. 

Besurrection of Lazarus, 103. 

Sleeping Pilate, 172. 

Three Kings of Cologne, 89. ^/pr - 

where played, 143. 
Painters, alderman of. 50, 167, 172. 

' Anger ' represented by, 143. 

associated with other trades, 89. 

&c.. candle of, 89. 
Palmer, Walter, patener. 98. 
* Pansaremen,' 48. 

Panys, William, complaint concerning. 45. 
Pape, William, retained as raker, 115, 120. 
' Pardysse * (Paradise), tenement next. 160 
Parchment, cost of. 169. 
Paris, silk of, for 'geton,' 163. 
Park in Beverley, breakers of, 36. 
Parliament, 154. 
Particoat, cost of, 17. 
Passage (a toll), 11, 13. 
' Pasture, Dryvynge of,' 176 
Pastures, common. 41, 60. 

of Beverley, provisions for. 60. 

persons having rights of common in. 

See also Averys, common. 
Pasty bakers to pageants, payment by, 103. 
Paten of silver bought by the governors, 

and chalice, value of a, 149, 
Pateners, associated with other trades, 98. 

castle of, 98. 

craft of. 97. 

' Envy ' represented by, 143. 

livery of, 98. 
Patson. William, alderman, 172. 
Pattoner, Bichard. account of. 170^ 
Pattonson. Edmund, payment to, 173. 
Pattyngton, Richard. 80. 
'Paunch of male,' 144. 
Paupers' badges. 181. 

of merchants' gild, burial of. 80. 


Pavage (paviage), 12, 13, 17, 19, 30, 157. 

charter oonoeming, 167. 

collectors of, 118, 120. 

commission, obtained. 159. 

expenses, 163. 

fine assigned to use of, 65. 

immunity from, claimed, 131. 

patent for, 166. 

patent for, newly confirmed, 163. 

payment by nailers for, 121. 

separate account for, 156. 
Pavement, breakage of, 135. 

cleanser of, elected, 181 . 

driving on new, 118, 130. 

overseers of, 121, 124. 128. 

subscriptions for, 168. 
Paving, payments for, 157. 

under what head included, 172. 
Paviours, hours of work, 47. 

payments of, 37. 
Pay of armed men, advance by community 

for, 133. 
Payn[e], John, 110, 111. 
Payne. Robert, riots made by, 48. 
Payntor, Henry, alderman, fined, 167. 
Pearson, Biohard, 179. 
Peas, fines for putting, in black bread. 142. 
Peat, cost of carriage. of, 103. 
Pedage, 12. 
Pedlars, 70. 

Pees, William, nailer, 121. 
Pengcok, William, overseer of faggots, 122. 
Penreth, Thomas, butcher, 109. 
Penycoke, William, Governor, 79. 
Pepper, cost of, 171. 
Perci, [Alande], 3. 
Percy, [Henry, third] de, 166. 

Josselin, present to, 171. 

William, [afterwards Bishop of 
Carlisle] , payment to, 165. 

See also Northumberland, Earla of. 
Pereson, Richard, 178. 
Perkynson, Nicholas, walker, 131. 
Perron, John, minstrel, 142. 
Person, John, butcher, 109. 

shoemaker, 114, -See Pierson. 

Persson, William, 125, 127. 

Peter er, Rob., summoned for not having 

light, 129. 
Petons, William, man-at-arms, 108. 
Pevrell, William, 27. 
Pewterers, 180. 

associated with other trades, 102. 
pageant of, 102. 
Peyke, John, of Cotynghame, fined, 172. 
Peyrson, Thomas, master of Westwood, 
William, Governor, 55, 166. 
[Philip] * King of England, paper of ' (?; 

Picks, 161. 

delivered to Common Sergeant, 130. 
Pictures, value of, 149. 
Pierson, John, Governor, 75, 100. 

Thomas, Governor, ordinance by, 82. 
Pigs, fine for allowing in churchyard, 181. 

for selling unwholesome, 172. 

not to pasture on Westwode, 120. 

Pigs, penalty for wandering, 64. 
Pillory, bakers threatened with, 130. 
Pinder, Robert, 179. 
Pinners associated with other trades, 102.* 

' Luxury ' represented by, 143. 
Pitage, 12. 
Plasterers, 47. 
Players, Duke of Suffolk's. 182. 

Earl of Leicester's, 182. 

King's and Prince's, 175. 

Lord Scroope's, 180. 

Master Richardson's, 182. 

Queen's, 180, 182. 
Plays. See Pageants. 
Pleas held before SheriCr, 26. 

of Quo Warranto, 26. 

various kinds of, 26. 
Pledges for arrears due to town, 161, 162, 

175, 177. 178, 180. 
Plumbers, 65. 

associated with other trades, 102. 

' Avarice ' represented by, 143. 

pageant by, 102. 
Plundering the town, provision against 

soldiers', 166. 
Poet ; see Pyers. 
Pokethorp, William de, 153. 
Poleaxe, 108. 

♦ Poleyns,' ' Polanse,' 108, 144. 
Ppmfret (Pontefraot), letter to community 

of, 157. 

mayor of, 178. 

tolls against, 178. 
Pontage, 12. 
Poor, overseeing of, 173. 

Ake's foundation for. 147. 
Pork, times for killing, 79. 
Porters, 48, 69. 

and crelers, appointment of, 115. 

payment for Masses by, 103. 

rate of payment of, 102, 108. 

regulations for, 103. 

warned for not exhibitingpageant 

Portington [Portyngton] , Edmund, 9, 10. 
I 79, 131, 163. 
Portyngton, Edward, 139. 

John, 8, 10, 123. 

the younger, 64, 163, 

Potager, Robert, fisher, 116. 131, 134. 
Poteger, Thomas, fisher, 167. 
Pots, illegal sale of, 117. 

taken as security, 161. 
Potters, alderman of, 50, 117. 
Poumfret, Robert, horse of, 108. 
Power, Henry, 179. 

Powkeryng, Henry, fagots given to, 168. 
Poynton, John, 124. 

* Praestaciones,' 12, 14. 
Prayler, William, recorder, 58. 
Preaching Friars, house of, 130. 

keep the Common Chest. 47 w., 

Prebend of Fridaythorp, 147. 

of St. Martin, 13. 
Preman, Thomas, of Graunoemor, 152. 
Prest money, raising of, 174. 
'Pride,' crafts representing, 128, 143. 


Prime, ringing of, 40. 

Gilds, liVQTy to be worn at, 84. 

of bowers and fletohers, 98. 

of drapers, 104. 

of merohants. 81, 83. 

of smiths, when held, 96. 

of tanners, 101, 102. 

Prior of Bridlington, plea against, 162, 

ofFerriby. 151, 162. 
Prison, new, 183. 
Prisons, custody of, 23. 
Privy Seal, demand for loan under, 22-23. 

keeper of, 157. 

letter under, 148. 
Prooorators of Crossebrig Almshouse, 135. 
Prokter, John, chaplain, 153. 

Bobert, ohaplain, 153. 
Proktour, John, of Walkyngton, 146. 
Provender, cost of, 173. 
Provost of Beverley, 3, 124, 126, 138. 

of Keldgate, payment by, 126. 

of Minster (Master Dalby), 173, 174. 
Provostry, Bailiff of, 167. 
Prylor, Mr., 184. 
Pulforthe, — , 3a 

Pursuivant of King, payment to, 173. 
Puttok, Bobert, trespassed on Fegang, 63. 
* Pye bakers to pageants,' payment by, 103. 
Pyers, Sir WiUiam, poet, payment to, 171. 
Pykeryng, John, 30, 36. 
Pynohebek, — , 36. 


Quarrelling, penalties for, 81. 
Quo Warranto, Pleas of : — 

Edward I., 26. 

Edward UI., 26. 

Henry IV., 26. 

Eiohard II., 26. 
Qwrisby, C, bow for, 174. 


Baffles, John, chosen governor, 58. See 

also Buffules. 
Baffulls, John, 178. 

Bake, delivered to Common Sergeant, 130. 
Baker, of common market, 115, 120. 
Bandolf , Jane, 153. 

John, of Kyllom, 153. 
Bapers, 66. See also Bopers. 

Alderman of, 136. 

Seneschals of, 136. 

' Sloth ' represented by, 143. 
Basket, Walter, petition of, 89. 
Bassalls, Biohara, account of, 170. 

Basyn, Bobert, arms possessed by, 108. 
Batheby, John, admitted to MaiBon-Dieo, 

Bawe, Christopher, 177. 
Bayner, William, yeoman, 109. 
Bearbraces, 133. 
Bebels against the Governors, punishment 

of, 48, 51, 126. 144. 
Beceipts. foreign, 176 to end passim. 

for fagots, eto., 167, et seq, 

master of, 168. 

of Qovemors, 156-166, passim. 
Beceiver, Cardinal's, 173. 

expenses of, 171 . 

King's and Queen's, 177. 
Becorder, 58. 

Becord, Court of, 183, 185. 
Rectors of Choir, payment to, 148. 
Becters, the seven, 177. 

grant of mansion of, 153, 154. 

Bedburn, John, cooper, release of, 98. 
Beddesham, John, mercer, 107, 127, 141, 

Bedenesse, John of, 19. 
Bedesdale, Hob ot, a rebel against the King, 

Bedesone, John, meeting at house of, 

Bedisoaile, James, 180. 
Bedshaw, William, journey to York of, 

Bedysham, John, cook; fined, 133. See 

also Beddesham. 
Befusal to work, penalty for, 48. 
Befuse :— 

disposal of, 29, 69. 

heaps (sterquilinia), 39. 
Begister, common, 64, o7, 100. 

charge of altering, 188. 

Guild HaU, 9. 

old, 37. 

rules specified in, 167. 

the present, 42. 
Begistors of crafts, 45, 144. 
Begrating, 54, 70. 
Beins, saddlers forbidden to work tanned 

leather in, 100. 
' Bemembrancise,' and other books, saok 

bought for the, 160. 
Bents :— 

from Alderman of Great Guild of 
St. Marys, 168. 

for town tolls, 2. 

of crofts outside North Bar, 121. 

of Groval Dyk, 128. 

ofGuildhall, 156, 167, 159. 

of Lepers' House, 158, 159. 

of shops, 114. 

of stalls, 176. 

Whit Sunday, 186. 

Archbishop's. 177. 

Chantry, 177. 

Common, 185. 

Crown, 177, 182, 185. 

for common lands, 166, 172. 

Minster, 184, 186. 

Mr. Leeds's free, at Cross Bridge, 


Bents — cont. 

plec^es for, 161 et seq. 

quit, 185. 

raising of, 51. 

resolute. 160, 168. 

small, 185. 

various, 178. 179. 
Repairs, cost of, 168, 175. 
BepresentatiTes sent to London on town 

business, payment of, 156. 
'Berbrace,' lf>8. 
• Bejmea,' cloth of, 163. 
Eicoall, prebendary of, W. Percy, 165 

Eichard II., 126, 157. 
Bichard, clerk, 152. 

servant of John Ake, 146. 

servant of Pynchebek, 36. 

Bichardson, !Mr., master of the Grammar 

School, 182, 184. 
Biohemong, Bichard, collector of pavage, 

Bicher. William, knight [1435], 8. 

William, riot made by [1464] , 48. 
Bichmond, archdeacon of [1519], 171. 

archers and armed men from, 145. 
Bickby, Bichard, 'graunte captain,' 174. 
Bider, Bobert, brazier, alderman, 102. 
Biding, East, king's lands in, 155. 
Bidyoges, John, bellman and shepherd. 

Bievaulx, abbot of, and others, bond be- 
tween, 113. 
Bipon, 26. 

Adam of, 90. 

bailiff of, 173. 

expenses of journey to, 157. 

infangthef, etc. in, 26 

tolls against, 178. 
Bis, John, of Paul, 107. 
Bise, Nicholas, Governor, 61. 
Biston, 9. 
Boads, legacy for mending, 175. 

repairs of, 19. 
Bobson, Perceval, 55, 56. 

Boland, of Conyngwode, 66. 

Thomas son of Perceval, 56. 
Bobynson, John, alderman of pageant, 143. 

Joan, 122. 

E., armour of, 144. 

Thomas, 142. 
Bogation days, 142, 179. 
Boger, baker, fined, 142. 
Boger, Th., 105. 
Eokeby, Bichard, commissioner, 168, 174. 

knight, 52. 

Eobert, payment to for counsel. 173. 
Bokysby, Bichard ; «ce Bokeby. 
Boland, Thomas, canon of Wartre, 63. 
BoUeston, Bobert, clerk, chantry of, 138. 

provost, 25. 

Boger, governor, 21, 25, 50, 45, 62, 
108, 109, 114, 125, 150, 162. 

welcomes King, 132. 

William, mercer, governor, 61, 67, 
147, 159. 
Rome, Court of, 102. 

journey to, 140. 

Bapers, alderman of, 50. See Bapers. 

' I^de * represented by, 128. 
Boee, Boger, servant, 10. 
Boses, expenses caused by wars of the, 165. 
Botherham, Thomas Scott of, archbishop 

of York. 170. 
Boucliff, Guy, 13. 
Bouth, John, knight, 147. 
Bowmthwayte, John, 49, 50, 95, 104. 
' Boyne.' coopers not to use, 97. 
Budd. Bichard. common serjoant, 173, 174. 

William, 50. 
Budstan, Bobert, 13. 
Budstane, John, 8. 

Buffulls, Bobert, 53. See also Baffles. 
Buston, grant of land in, 153. 

Boger of, 153. 
Bychardson, John, barker, fined, 166. 
Byell, MatUda. 63. 
Byse, manor of, 147. 

Nicholas [of], 67, 147,149. 

chantry of, 163. 

Bichard [o^ , governor, 63, 147. 

Thomas of, 147. 


* Saas,' 161. 
Saddles, 100, 108. 

cost of, 173. 
Saddlers, 66. 

alderman of, 50, 100, 167. 

associated with Fustors, 100. 

establishment of brotherhood of, 100. 

light of, 100, 167. 

ordmanoes of, 37, 99, 100. 

preface, 99. 

pageants of, 100. 

* Pride ' represented by, 128. 

searchers of, 100. 

' Sloth ' represented by, 143. 
Saddle-trees, ordinances about, 99, 100. 
Sakevyle, Bichard, knight, 156. 
' Saleuz ' (coin), 35. 
Salisbury, Bichard, Earl of, 8. 
Salisbury leather, 100. 
Salmon, forestalling of, 106, 116. 
Salt, dues on, 15. 

fine for selling too dear, 169. 
Salt-cellars given as pledges, 180. 
Salters fined, 159. 

Salwayn, Sir Gerard, presents to, 166. 
Sancto Edmundo, Bobert de, prior of 

Ferriby, 161. 
Sanctuary men, 55, 75, 78. 

payments by, 37. 

See also Grithmen. 
Sanders, Sir Thomas, 184. 
Sanderson, Henry, accounts of, 171. 

William, Governor, 88. 
Sand[e]s, WUliam, 178, 180. 
Sandholme, 27. 


128. . ^ . 

SaundenoB. A2Ke. 1 A 

Bidimzd. lesiey f Jr r3adB0i£i^ jtefi 
br. 175- " " 
SaYige. Edvaid. fc^ig^ir eipemaes sL 1@. 

WiUiia. cspases ^ l^. 
Sawndersoa. IUetv. G^sfvaanr. l*?L. 
Saws. p3iiakj for motkae bad. 97- 
Sav, Wiiliim. 33l 
Sayage. 12. 

Soarbonra^ 116. 1G9. 
Soardrfmrgib, Sir Johm- dtaprtfr . ISO. 
Sear[de]baz^ IbooBiB. ffanaiH 1.31. 

Scardebm]^ Sir WiiJaa de. Tiear of die 

chapel <^ St. Mary. ks»7 to, 146. 

Schaklok. John, fixxd. 167. 
Scherbom. T.. -litHatzB.' 132. 
'Schewlerds/ gift of, 170. 
Schirbnrn. William, fined. 136. 
School : Sfe Ckammar SehooL 
SchotelaDger, Henry. 36. 
ScissoiB, taken as pledge. 162. 
Sclater, Thomas, minstrel, 142. 
Soot and lot, 160. 
Scot. Henrj, piTment for honeshoes to. 

Scotland, a5, 109, 13S. 

expeditions against, 107, 116. 133, 
156, 163, 164. 

e^ense of, 174. 

serrice of persons bom in, 8S. 
Soots, thanksgiring for rictory over, 186. 
Scott. Thomas, of fiotherham, Archbishop 

of York, 170. 
Scotyr, Bandolph, horse of, 108. 
Scribes, * Anger ' represented by, 129. 
Soroeton, Thomas of, 14. 
Scroope, Lord, 180. 

Bichard, Archbishop of York, 147, 
Scropp, Sir John de, gift of wine to, 157. 
Scuttles rsootellis;, 161. 
' Scatty 1 sellers to pageants,' oontributioDs 

by, 99. 
Sea-coals, cost of carriage of, 102. 

King 8 letter concerning, 173. 
Sea fish, ' seyn ' of, fine for regrating, 167. 
Seal, Common, 55, 151. 

letters under, 113, 141. 

letters testimonial under, 144. 

■ writ under, 126. 

of churchwardens of St. Mary's, 151. 

of Koger de Somervyl, 152. 
Searchers, appointment of, 54. 

of merchants, rules for, 82. 

of saddlers, 100. 

of shoemakers, election of, 93. 

of smiths, 117. 

of tailors, 113, 122, 166. 

of victuals, appointment of, 115. 

of walkers, sworn, 110. 

of weavers, elected, 113, 119. 

journeymen examined by, 95. ' 

' Searge ' (taper), to be maintained by 
tanners, 101. I 

SesNaUrw^ Joka. 76, 80. 166. 

S^mna T^wum retained as wait, 124, 

: oC fullers, sommons by, 131. 
id GsvBfc Gild of St. John of Beyerlej, 

I of npeiB. 137. 
cf nrioiis crafts, 141. 
Uw^bstna, 136. 
S-Egaaod, Henry, cost of jacket for, 175. 
Sef«emat«t-ffiaee. 59. 

Sa^eaat, Common, 16, 17, 44. 64, 80, 94, 
105. 130. 130, 175. 

Bodd, Bichard, 173, 174. 
Sereeand. Henry, 175. 
SilTir, William, 105,112, 120, 162. 
Sbryrener, Bichard, 161. 

fine for abusing. 167. 

meeting conyened by, 149. 

resistance to, 123. 

Serjeants, King's, 179. 
Ssrrant fugitiyes. Statute of, 36. 
Servants, drapers allowed to have, 104. 
of drapers, privileges of , 105. 
of smiths, hire of, 96. 
of tailors, free to occupy craft of 
drapers, 105. 
Sjsaa, John, leave for lawsuit granted to, 

Sessions of lord de Percy at York, 156. 
Settrington, Thomas, 180, 181, 182. 

fined, 174. 

Settryngton, Edward, 76. 
Sewardby, Laurence, yeoman, 162. 
Sewers, cleansing of, 116, 126. 
in Keldgate, cost of, 165. 
refuse not to be placed in, 109. 
'Sewing thwanges/' making of, 100. 
Sewyn, Simon, 21. 
Shafter, Christopher, glover, 141. 
Shearmen, craft of, payment by Fullers to, 
by shoemakers to, 93. 
' Cruelty ' represented by, 128. 
forfeit paid to, 118. 
order for clothing of, 89. 
privileges of, 80. 
scissors of, 162. 
Sheep, feeding of, 61. 
in 'Parrok,' 119. 
onAverys, 65, 110, 111. 
Sheepskins, fines for making shoes of, 172. 
Sheffeld, Simon, bailiff of Coventry, 150. 
Shepherd of Fegang. 120, 134, 135, 161. 
of Syrynmore, 120, 124. 
of Westwode, resignation of, 108. 
Sheoherds of common pastures, payment of, 

Sheriff of Yorkshire, 129. 140. 156. 164. 
Sheriff's Toom, jurisdiction of, 53. 

presentment at, 54. 
Sherman, Bobert, petition of. 89. 
Shields, silver, for minstrels, 105, 121, 
128, 185. 142. 148. 162. 

• oorsis ' for, 161. 

— cost of, 124. 161. 

cost of menoing. 165. 109. 

sureties fur. 101. 


Shipherde, Axkenwald, ISO. 
Shipmen, 66, 142, 143. 

* Cruelty ' represented by, 128. 
Ship-building, 48. 

Ships and boats, dues on, 15, 16. 

Shipwith, Thomas, Governor, 126. 

Shirburn, Bichard, 74. 

*Shodd carts,' 185. 

Shoemakers. 62, 66, 71, 72, 90-93, 142, 143. 

aldermen of, 60, 90, 91, 92, 93, 141. 

' coriours ' of, 92. 

council of, slandering the, 92, 123. 

• Pride ' represented by, 128, 143. 
searchers of, 93. 

security given by, 93. 
seneschals of, 141. 

sisters of, 91. 
statutes of, 90-93. 
tables of, 92. 
Shoes, fine for making ill. 172. 
Shop, payment for entry and handsel of, 

Shops, lease of, 112, 114, 123. 

masters of, must be burgesses, 141. 

open, 46, 49, 105. 
Shovels, 130, 161. 
Shrewsbury, 33. 

Sibbota, littester, house taken by, 117. 
Sickness, great, 173, 174, 176. 
Siglesthome, J., armour of, 144« 

John, Governor, 100. 
Silk of Paris, cost of, 163. 
Silver, alloy of, 89. 

cost of mending piece of, 169. 

for waits' shields, cost of, 161. 

order for marking, 89. 

to be assayed, 89. 
Silver, William, common carrier of faggots, 

Silvyr, [Sylbur], WiUiam, oonmion 
sergeant, 105, 112, 120, 162. 

William, Margaret wife of, 112. 
Simnel, short weight of, 110, 127. 
Siste:^ of merchants, 83. 

shoemakers, 91. 

weavers, 93, 94. 
Sixhill, John, horse of, 108. 

William, King's charter in the custody 
of, 123. 
Sixyndale, John, tailor, 133,. 164. 
Skates, forestalled, 116. 
Skinners, 65-. 

alms to, for pageant, 166. 

box, payment from, 166. 

ordinance, 37. 

Pride played by, 143. 
Skipsea, 114, 163. 
Skipsee, Robert, fined, 116. 
Skipwith, John, 79, 121, 131. 

pageant played near house of, 

133, 135. 

Thomas (1417-1420), 148, 163. 

(1435-1446), 25, 80, 106, 108, 

Skipworth, John, key held by, 120. 
Skirlaw, Thomas, chaplain, 136. 
Skirlawe, Master Walter of , 157. 

Skryvener, Bichard, debtef, 161. 
Slander, submission made for, 123. ' 
Sledmer, Bobert of, 160. 
Sleforth, John, 106, 116, 125, 127, 132. 

discharged of burgess rights, 126. 

restored to burgess rights, 126. 

William, 11, 74, 163. 
' Slepyng Pilate,' play of Tailors, 172. 
Sloth, by what crafts represented, 128, 143. 
Smailes, Thomas, 186. 
Smith, John, admitted chaplain of the 
Chantry at Cross-brig, 133. 

• shoemaker, fUied, 142. 

Bobert, chantry vacant by death of, 

[Smyth] Bobert, 61, 167; 

William, searcher of smithB, 1 17. 
Smiths, 60, 65, 142. 

alderman of, 50, 96. 

and seneschals of, 141. 

' Anger ' represented by, 143. 

' Cruelty ' represented by, 128. 

ordinances of, 96, 96. 

overseers of, 96. 

payment by, for trading in onwrought 
iron, 84. 

pageant of, 96. 

omitted. 66. 

pledge for entrance fee taken from, 162. 

Prime Gilds of, 96. 

searchers of, 49, 117. 

stewards of, 96: 
Smothyng. John, 36. 

Smyth, Thomas, chaplain of BoUeston's 
Chantry, 138. 

lime burner, 106, 107. 


Soldiers, captains of, 146. 

coats, 180. 

greaves, tunica, &o. of, 181. 

payment for * jakes ' of, 166. 

payments for, 146. 
' Soles,' drapers free to make, 105. 
Somervyl, Boger de, lord of Burton 

Annays, 162. 
Sons of burgesses, priyilegeB of, S9. 
Sotheby, Jane, widow, 163. 
Sothiby, Bichard de, of Buston, 168. 
Soulby, or Surleby William, bailiff, 13, 21, 

113, 161. 
Southwell. 27, 162. 

cost of journey to, 162. 
Sowleby, William ; see Soulbj. 
Spaldyng, John, alderman of pBgeant, 14S. 

Peter, 109, 110. 
Sparow, William, 60. 
^arrowe, Bobert, 180. 
Spearmen, charges of, 176. 
Spec, Walter, 3. 
Spek, Bobert, minstrel, 142. 
Spen, William, clerk, 160. 

town clerk, 146. 

Spence, Adam, 181. 
Spencer, Bichard, 163. 
Spenser, John, 73. 

(Spencer), William, 11, 25» 80, 119, 
127, 132. 


Spicer, Thomas, 14. 

' Sponers,' 66. 

Spoons, silver, taken as pledge, 162. 

* Spowte ' of Friars Preachers, 170. 

Sprotlay (Sprotley), John, 9, 127, 138, 

Spynes, Simon, of NafEerton, 153. 
Stacy, John, barber, fined, 170. 
Staff makers, payment by, 99. 
Stafford, Willliam of, baker, 85. 
Stallage, 12, 13, 30, 176, 179. 
Standeven, John, fined, 176. 
Stanhope, Sir Michael, 153, 164. 
Stanley, Sir Thomas, 32. 
Stanys, Thomas, admitted to chapel of St. 

Marv, 136. 
Star Chamber, order for peace of the town 

made in, 52-53. 
Statute-weights, payment for copy of, 161. 
Statutes for reformation of abuses, 46. 

ordaining of, 51. 
Staynton, Peter of, 14. 
Steel, use of bad, 96. 
Stenigton, 151. 
Sterlyng, William, steward of shoemakers, 

Stethy, smiths working on iron, 96. 
Steward, [King's], 27. 

of Archbishop, Henry Thwaytes, 163. 
Stewards of crafts, 45, 46, 47, 67, 68. 
Bakers, 86, 87. 

Bowers and Fletchers, 98, 99. 
Butchers, 72-79. 
Cutlers, &c., 102. 
Merchants, 71-82, 159. 
Shoemakers, 90-93. 
Smiths, 96. 
Tanners, 101. 
Weavers, 94, 95. 
of Holderness, expenses of, 156. 
of pageants, 102. 
Stewardships, joint, of bowers, coopers, and 

aetchers, 97. 
Steynson, John, 76, 167, 168. 
Stirrup leathers, rule for working, 100. 
Stokton, Bobert, k3eper, 99. 
'Stowres,' purchase of, by the coopers, 

Stowte, Edmund, 182. 
Strangers, hosts to be surety for, 57. 

ordinance as to sons of, 39. 
Strays, payment for, ir)8. 
Streets, cleansing of, 170. 
String-makers, payment by. to pageants. 

Stubbs, John, 184. 
Subsidies, 13, 30, 176. 
Suffolk, duke of, 174, 182. 
Summuge, 13. 

Summoner of Gild of Weavers, 94. 
Summons of burgesses, 39. 
.Sunday labour, 79, 88, 92, 96, 142, 180. 
Supersedeas, payment for writing of, 162. 
Sureties for custody of chantry ornaments. . 
for 'procurator' of Crossebrig Alms- 
house, 135. 
for shepherd of Fegang. 120. 

Sureties for waits, 128, 141, 142, 161. 
Surleby, William ; see Souleby. 
Surrender of burgessHship, penalty for, 44. 
Surveyor of King's lands, 155. 

General, decision by, 155. 
Suter, Ralph, barker, 130. 
Sutton in Holderness, 162. 
Sutton, John, alderman of shoemakers, 90. 

Biohard, chaplain of Kelk's Chantry. 
151, 159, 160. 
Swanland, Bobert, draper, 150. 

Thomas, 115, 120, 149. 
Swans, &c., pricaof, 162. 
Swine in streets, fine for, 131. 
Swineherd of Beverley, appointment of, 

118, 121. 
Sword, wearing of short, forbidden, 45, 

Sworn men for North Bar without, 112. 
Symonds, William, alderman, 86. 
* Syrmen ' ; see Shearmen. 
Syward, William, mercer, 150. 

Tabert, John, baker, 144. 
Taillour, William, shoemaker, 48. 
Tailor, Bichard, councillor, 88. 
Tailors, 9, 50, 65. 142, 143. 

alderman of, 141, 142, 166. 172. 

and drapers, relations of, 104, 105. 

'Avarice ' represented by, 129, 143 

castle of, 96. 

order to. for expenses of pageant, 65. 

play of, 172. 

searchers of, 113, 122, 166. 

seneschals of, 141. 
Talbot, Sir John, 32. 
Talour, Barnard, 171. 
Tanners, 101. 

aldermen of, 101, 141. 

and cobblers, statute between, 90. 

' Anger ' represented by, 29, 

book of ordinances of, 101. 

box, payment from, 156. 

brotherhood of, established, 101. 

castle of, 101. 

discipline in gild of, 101. 

ordinances of, 100, 

payment for defective work to, 114 

petition to be registered, 102. 

play of, 101. 

prime gilds of, 101. 

•searge' of, 101. 

seneschals of, 141. 

torches of, 101. 

unapprenticed, payments by, 101. 

See also Barkers. 
Tapers, wax. payment for, 148. 
Tipping, John, bM^t^r, fined, 117- 


'Tarteron for Gteton,* cost of, 163. 
Tasker, H., acts as bail, 116. 

Henry, 107, 133. 

John smith, 183. 

Biohard, fined, 126. 

William, chaplain, 134. 
TaEatioH bj oraita 47. 
Taxes (fifteenthB mid tenths), 9, 22. Ill, 
117, 118, 122, 126, 129, ISO, 137. 

, advAtiofisof, 127, 123. 

deduct ion B from, 137- 

expenses of etirriago of, 163. 

in kind, 163. 

outside town, 159. 

paid to both sides in civil war, 166. 
Taylor, William, fisher, fined, 167. 
'Tellarii,' 142, 143. 
Tenant of a burgess, forfeiture of, 39. 
Tenements, costs of repairs of, 160. 

vacant, 160. 
Tenths. See Taxes. 
Terrage, 12. 

Thatch tilej, cost of orirriage of, 103. 
Theft, penorlty for, 106, 
Theme, Thomaa Brown ^ chaplain of, 160. 
Thimabie. Christopher 181. 
' Thirdpart * [a measure), 161. 
Tbirnoiiit John do^ 152, 
Thirty personi, corporation of, 41. 
Thirty -six persons, council of, 53, 55. 
Thomas, fined. 172. 

John, of Swyne, barker, 114. 

keeper of begg^irflt cloth for, 174. 

Master, expenses of, 162. 

* pTuepoHitus/ 3. 
Thome, Philip do, surety for Thomas 

ArowB. 120. 
Thompson, Ed., 185. 

Biehardi Alice wife of, 146. 
Thorn [p]son, Eobert, 88, 175, 180. 
Thomson, John, governor, 51. 
Thonham, Eobert, 109. 
Thorcn, Richard, son of Nicholas of, 62. 
Thorn H John, conimOEi clerk, 105, 120. 
Thomham, Robert, senrcherof Uilors, 113. 
Thorns kew Robert, aldemiTin, 13fl. 
Thoiynton, John 30. 
ThorytoQ, W., 'procurator' of almshouse, 

•Three ICyngg of CoUeyn,' play of 

Pointers, 172, 
Thurkilby, Eoger de, 26. 
Thui'limd, John, common clerk, 175, 177. 
Thurstan, Archbishop, cbfirUvra of, 126. 
Thwaytes, Ileury. 10, 163. 
Thweeng, William de, of Ruston, 153. 
Tiiwenge, Maigaret of. legacy to, 146. 
Thvxhill, William, barber, 160. 
Tilers. 47. I3S, 142, 43. 

alderman of, 50, 138. 

tox, payineot. from, 156. 

castle of, 138. 

furnaces, dues on, 15. 
Gluttony represented by, 143. 

Itnura of work of 47- 

ordinances of, 37, 147. 

pageant of, 138. 

'Pride' represented by, 128. 

Tilery, rent for, 166. 
Tilea, paid ag rent, 62. 

payment tor, 156, 
' Tikthokker/ 47, 
' Tilewaller, ' 47. 
Tiling Ihe Bars coat of, 158. 
Tilson, Stephen, 119, 127, 130, 163. 
Timber for the Bars, cost of, 157. 
Tipplers 10, 57 

unmarried, piyraent by, 89. 
Tirwhit, John, son of Adam, 14, 44. 

Margaret, 107, 113. 

Eiohard, payment to, 151. 

[Tyrwhit]t Thomas, son of John, 44, 
Tirwhitt, Eichard, 19. 
Tirwhytt, William, knight, lane by house 

of, 170. 
Tirwitt, Ad^m [c 1330], 14. 

[1411], 67. 
Tithes, 146. 

of Horse Green, 176. 
Todde, — , labourer, arrested, 107. 
Toffts, Eobert, 74. 
* Tole, Willelmufl filius,' 3. 
Toll, 10. 

andtea[m], 11. 

at Bridlington, 166. 

at Grimsby, 157. 

at Hornsea, 158. 

at Malton, 179. 

at York, 161. 

©lemptionfrom, 10, U, 44, 100. 
ToDs, 177, 178, 179, 185. 

in Beverley, 2. 
'Tondu/ Adam, 10. 
Tone, Thomas, clerk, governor, 165. 
Tonton, Tbomap, fleher, liM. 
Torches, fine for adulterating » 170. 

proct^esional , iii a intn i ned by goldsm ith s 
and tanners, 89, 101. 
Tower of London, 33. 
ToT^n Chartuliiry, 157- 

lands granted by Mr. Walker, 184. 
Towton, battle of, 141. 
' Tray ^ a measure of salt, 15. 
Trcii^ure trove, 26. 
Treasury, bond in, 162. 

charters. &o. tiken from, 126. 

kep of cheats in, 120. 

money in common chest in, 125. 
Trent ham, WilLmmi Governor, 79. 
Tre^pMs on Common Avery&r 109. 
Trinity Almshouee at Crose-bridge ; see 

Trimty priest, pavment tOt 81. 
Trippok[s] , John, 71, ^. 157 
Trollop^ Richard, alderman, 172. 
'Trow>'s/ 130. 

Truce, oommisaion off directed to Hull, 16 4. 
Trumpets of Dnke of Bnctinghrtin. 171. 
Trymenell. Laarence, clerk, 150. 
^Tuppis/ 161. 

Tu rnbull . Wi 1 1 iara , Biehop of Gkagow, 35 . 
Turners, 37, 65. 

aasociated with coopers and others, 97,98- 
Turnstiles, cost of, 162. 
' Turstinus Arohidiaoonus, ' 3- 


Twenty-four persong, sammons of, 54. 

men of Beverley, assessment by, 132. 
Twyer, Bobert, knight, 147. 
Tynk[e]lers, 102, 117. 
l^nmouthe, William, alderman, 86. 
Tyrwhitt, John, squire, admitted as 
burgess, 160. 

William, payment for cjounsel to. 161. 


Ughtred, Bobert, knight, 8. 
Ulceby, — , butcher, 138. 

J., seal of, 123. 

John, butcher, 125. 127. 

Thomas, oreler, 115, 121. 

'Upholster,' 179. 
Upsets, 83, 104, 185. 

* Vadletti,' vices represented by, 143. 
Valet of King, payment to, 157. 

Bioh. Cokerell, 141. 

Valuers of goods sold at Beck, 124. 

Vanibraoes, 108, 133, 144. 

Vaults, various, 170. 

Vavasour, Henry, 163. 

Velvet, tippet of, for Mayor's gown, 59. 

Venison, gift of. to governors, 132. 

' Ventayle,' 133. 

Ventrus, John, gift to. for overseeing poor, 

Vicars. ' the late ' nine [1556], 177. 
Vicars, Bobert. 166. 
Vices, by what trades played, 128, 143. 
Victuals, appraisement of, 55. 

overseers of sales of, 127. 

searchers of, 115. 
Vintners, 66. 

— • — * Gluttony ' represented by, 129, 
' Vitrea ligna, ' 175. 
Vyolf , Bichard, horse of, 108. 
Vyoll, Bichard, butcher, 109, 116. 


Wnge-receivers, journeymen. 46. 

Wages of archers and of men at arms sent 

to Scotland, 164. 
Waggas, Bobert. 50. 

723 b 

Waggons, dues on. 15. 

Waghen, 20. 

Waif, delivered to bailiff of Provostry, 167. 

horse delivered to reeve as, 124. 
Waits (= minstrels), 178, 180, 181, 182. 
alderman of, 179. 
appointed, 105, 120, 124, 137. 143. 
chains for, 182. 
collars of, 142. 
drink-money given to, 169. 
liveries of, 184. 

cost of, 176. 

pay of boy allotted to, 121. 

payment of, 120, 124, 137, 142, 148, 

158. 160. 
shields of, 120, 124, 185, 142, 148, 

161, 162, 182. 
securitv found by, 124, 137, 141, 142, 
Wakefield, 165. 
Waldeby, Elena, fined, 111. 
Wales, Joan, princess of, 20. 
Walkelin, master, 152. 
Walker, Mr., grant of lands to the town 
by. 184. 

Bobert, fined. 142. 
Walkers (Fullers), 11, 66. 69, 142. 
aldermen of, 50. 
* Luxury ' represented by, 143. 
searchers of, sworn. 110. 
Walkington, Bichard of, 20. 
Walkington, John, chaplain. 122. 
Walkyngton. Thoraas, archdeacon of Cleve- 
land, 158. 
Wallays. John, governor, 136. See also 

Wal[l]ey8, William. 108. 135. 
Wallibus, John de. 26. 
Wall tiles, cost of carriage of, 103. 

paid as rent, 62, 128. 
Wallys, John, 116. 
Walsyngham, Bichard of, 90. 
Waltham. Bobert, admitted to almshouse, 

Walton, Henry of, 90. 
John de, 27. 

— ■ — Archbishop's official, 10. 
Sir Michael, 186. 
Bobert de. 27. 
War against Scotland, costs of, 107-8. 133, 

163, 164. 
Wars of the Boses, 139-145, 165-166. 
Ward, John, of Lowthorp, 153. 
Wardage. 13. 

Ward[e], Balph, 109, 112, 127. 
Warde. Bichard, payment to, 157. 
Ward[e]lowe, John, wait, 120, 121, 124, 

Warden of bakers, 87. 

of merchants, 82-85. 
Wardens of Chapel of Virgin Mary, 159. 
Wards, boxes of, 156. 
Warkyngton, John, mercer, keeper, 61. 
Warnage, 12. 

Warner, William, archer, 105, 108, 110, 

I tailor. Ill, 115.127. 

yeoman, 114. 


Warren, free, 26. 
Warton, Thomas de, 27. 
Wartre, law suit of prior of, 63. 
Warwick, 12. 

earl of, 140, 165. 
Wastnesse, — 34. 

Watch kept by King's command (1494), 

the town watch, 67, 167. 
— • — expenses of, 168. 
Watermen, 179. 

aldermen of, 50, 141. 
seneschals of, 141. 
' Sloth ' represented by, 143. 
Watermill. 103. 
Water-course, right of, 55. 
' Wateryngplaoe,' 165. 
Watford, William, common minstrel, 142. 
Watson, John, 179. 

common minstrel, 143. 

William, common minstrel, 143. 
Wattkyn, John, 50, 75. 
Watton^rior of, 21 . 
Watts, Henry, 51,95. 
Wax, fines paid in, 72, 73, 74, 75, 94. 
paymenta of, 81, 91, 92, 102. 
torches of, 87. 
Wayte, Thomas (1407), 63. 

'littester,' (1435-1448). 22, 79, 

126, 127, 132. 

imprisoned with his son in En, 

letters testimonial to his daugh- 
ters Ellen and Margaret, 139. 
Weaver, fined as non-burgess, 167. 
Weavers, 50, 66, 93, 94, 95, 119, 136, 142. 
alderman of, 50, 94, 95, 136, 141, 167. 
— — apprentice of, 186. 
livery of, 94, 95, 167. 
• Luxury ' represented by, 129, 143. 
ordinances of, 37, 93, 94, 95. 
petition of, 136. 
searchers of, 95, 113, 119. 
seneschals of, 136, 141. 
sisters of, 93, 94. 
stewards of , 94, 95. 
summoners of, 94. 
wives of, 94. 
Web, penalty for causing withdrawal of, 94. 
Webster, tenement of a *coverlite,' 123. 
Websters. See Weavers. 
Wedirby, William. 107, 115. 
Weights, 54, 161. 
Welle, Robert, expenditure at house of, 

Well[e]s, John, governor, 74, 102, 139. 
Wellys, William, of Keldgate, 107, 111. 
Wencelagh, Thomas, bailiff, payment to, 

Wendyke, Richard, payment by, 175. 
Wenselay, John, lawyer (1441), 129. 
Wensley, John, Governor (1522), 52, 174. 
West, John, short weight of bread of. 119. 
Westiby. John, of Dalton. 146. 
Westminster, 53, 154, 156. 
Westmorland [Henry Nevile] , Earl of, 181 . 
Weston, William, clerk, of Beverley, 162. 
Westowt, John, account of, 175. 

Wethys, Thomas, goldsmith, 167. 
Weton, Henry, 50. 

Richard, governor, 107. 
Weyll Robert, 50, 167. 
Wharton, Thomas, 180. 
Whateley, John, fisher (1455), 137. See 

also Whitlay. 
Wheat, time for selling, 86, 88. 

price of, 129, 130, 131, 134, 137, 138. 
Wheel, badly made, 97. 
Wheelbarrows, 130, 161. 
Whetley, — , payment to old, 171. 

William, gent.. Governor, 141. 
Whincop, Mr., 185, 186. 
White, John, searcher of walkers, 110. 
Robert [1520], 173. 

constable [1437] , 112. 

[Whyte], Thomas, 80, 132, 163. 
Thomas, draper. Governor, 106, 107, 
108, 125, 136. 
Whitgift, 36. 
Whitlay, John [1465], 9. 
WTiyt, Thomas, tiler, 62. 
Whyte, John, account of, 171. 

Robert, alderman of Merchants, 
Governor [1493-1602], 49, 60, 61, 
80, 81, 167. 
Willesthorpe, expenses to, 163. 
William, charter of K„ 126. 
Williamson, Robert, nailer, 116. 
Willows, faggots of, 168. 

ownership of, 138. 
Willyamson, John, 36. 
Wilson, Richard. 182, 183. 
Wilton, John of, grant by, 162. 

(Wylton), Thomas, 9, 22, 26, 64, 127, 

William, 67. 
Windmill, 103. 
Windows, dues on, 16. 
Wine, cost of, 166, 167, 168, 161, 162, 
164, 173. 
dues on, 16. 

for Prince John, ooet of, 168. 
gifts of, 168, 166, 168, 109. 
of Gascony, 132, 133, 162, 163. 
tax paid in, 163. 
Wineseller, 67. 
Wiredrawers, contribution to light of, 102. 

' Luxury ' represented by, 143. v 
Withemsea, 24. 
Woad [wayd] , dues on, 16. 
Wod, John, 74. 

alderman of pageant, 143. 

Women's boots, drapers free to make, 

Wood in street, fine for, 176. 

measures of, 161. 

Wood-knife, forbidden, 54. 

Woodfalls, receipts for, 172. 

Wool, dues on, 16. 

Worcester, battle of. 186. 

Work, penalties for bad, 49, 119. 

Works, office of, belonging to St. John*s 

church, 166. 
Worsley, William, 174. 
Wragby, John of, 14. 
Wreck at Beverley, 26. 


Wresill, payment for journey from, 171. 
Wresill. Thomas, canon of St. Giles, 131. 
Wright, John (1407), Groyal soil rented 
by, 62. 

Governor (1498-1636;, 61, 63. 

(1666), 177. 

Biohard, steward of merchants, 82. 
Wrights. See Carpenters. 
Writs, return of, 26. 
Wryght, Alicia, new burgess, 168. 
Wyohe, Thomas, 9. 
Wyohenore, Agnes de, 162. 

Bichard de, chamberlain, 162. 
Wylkynson, John, draper, fined, 170. 
Wyllemot, John, account of, 170. 
Wythonwyke, William of, lands of, 160. 

Tard wands, to be scrutinized, 106. 

Yeomen, 109, 114, 121, 164, 162. 

Yoke, Thomas, draper [1398], legacy to, 

Yole [?]. Thomas [1391], 71. 
Yonge, John, fined, 170. 
York, 11, 144, 148. 
archbishops of : — 

Arundel, Thomas, 146. 

BoYill, Sewall de, 19, 27. 30. 

Bowet, Henry, 26, 149. 160. 

Gerard, 26, 27. 

Giffard, Walter, 20. 

Holgate, Bobert, 131, 177. 

Kemp, John, 7, 10, 21, 26, 162. 

Lee, Edwi^, 63. 

Neville, Alexander, 8, 20, 30. 

Savage, Thomas, 169. 

Scott. Thomas, of Botherham, 

Scroope, Bichard, SO, 147. 

Thomas (temp. Henry L), 27. 

Thurstan, 2, 12, 13, 30. 

Wiokwane, William, 19, 20. 

William, 12. 13, 126. 

Wolsey, Cardinal Thomas, 173 
{erroneously printed Bain- 

York, archbishop of, 41, 46, 62, 53, 136, 

bailiffs of, 38, 39, 60, 71, 129. 

council of, 169. 

courts of, 9, 37, 38, 39, 48, 71, 

109, 119, 121, 129, 167. 
— — gaol of, 9. 

great seal of. 66. 

hall of, 118,130, 138. 

judges of, 26. 

jurisdiction of, 26, 27, 63, 169, 

162, 168. 

lordship of, 182. 

officers of, 10, 62, 71. 126, 168. 

presents to, 166, 176. 

rents of, 123, 169, 168. 

stewards of, 10, 38, 64, 163. 

water-rights of, 66. 

burgess laws of, 2. 

canons of, 27. 

cathedra] of, 146, 147, 166. 

treasurer of, 10. 

chapter of. 146, 147. 
charter of (Edw. I), 30. 

(Henry I), 26. 

commission of peace delivered up at, 

conduct money to, 174. 
council of the King at, 169. 
Duke of, answer of King to, 34. . 

letter of, to the King, (1460), 32. 

'second bill' of, 33. 

exhibiting charter at, 182. 

expense of journeys to, 168, 161, 162, 

163, 166, 169, 171. 
justices in eyre at, 26. 
mayor of, 161. 
mints at, 26. 

St. Mary's Abbey at, 181. 

liberties of, 12. 

sessions at, 166. 

sheriff of, 8, 13. 

time of journey to. 163. 

tolls at, 10, 11. 161, 178. 

under-sheriff of, 162. 

use, breviarv of. 149. 

, missal of, 149. 

Yorkshire, 164. 

sheriff of, 29. 30, 129, 164. 
Young, William, payment to, 174. 








First Report, with Appendix 
Contents:- - 
England. House of Lords ; Cambridge 
Colleges ; Abingdon and other Cor- 
porations, &o. 
Scotland. Advocates' Library, Glas- 
gow Corporation, Ac. 
Ireland. Dublin, Cork, and other Cor- 
porations, &c. 

1871 Second Report with Appendix and 
1 Index to the First and Second Re- 

I PORTS .... 

Contents :— 

< England. House of Lords ; Cam- 

I bridge Colleges ; Oxford Colleges ; 

Monastery of Dominican Friars at 

I Woodchester, Duke of Bedford, 

I Earl Spencer, &c. 

\ Scotland. Aberdeen and St. An- 

drew's Universities, &c. 
Ireland. Marquis of Ormonde; 
Dr. Lyons, <fec. 

1872 Third Report 
(Re- Index 

Contents: — 

with Appendix and 


House of Lords ; Cam 
bridge Colleges ; Stonyhurst Col 
lege ; Bridgwater and other Cor 
porations ; Duke of Northumber 
land. Marquis of Lansdowne, Mar 
quis of Bath, &c. 

Scotland. University of Glasgow 
Duke of Montrose, Ac. 

Ireland. Marquis of Ormonde 
Black Book of Limerick, &c. 


1873 Fourth Report, wrri 
Part I. 
Contents : — 
England. House of Lords. West- 
minster Abbey ; Cambridge and 
Oxford Colleges ; Cinque Ports, 
Hythe, and other Corporations, 
Marquis of Bath, Earl of Denbigh, 
Scotland. Duke of Argyll, <fec. 
Ireland. Trinity College, Dublin 
Marquis of Ormonde. 


[C. 56] 

[C. 441] 

[C. 673] 

8. iL 

3 10 


[C. 857] 

6 8 













Fourth Report. Part II. Index - 

Fifth Report, with Appendix. Part I. 
Contents : — 
England. House of Lords ; Oxford 
and Cambridge Colleges; Dean and 
Chapter of Canterbury ; Rje, Lydd, 
and other Corporations. Duke of 
Sutherland, Marquis of Lansdowne, 
Reginald Cholmondeley, Esq., &c. 
Scotland. Earl of Aberdeen, <feo. 

Ditto. Part II. Index 

Sixth Report, with Appendix. Part I. 
Contents : — 

Enoland. House of Lords : Oxford 
and Cambridge Colleges ; Lambeth 
Palace ; Black Book of the Arch- 
deacon of Canterbury ; Bridport, 
Wallingford, and other Corporations; 
Lord Leconfield, Sir Reginald Graham, 
Sir Henry Ingilby, <fec. 

Scotland. Duke of Argyll, Earl of 
Moray, <fec. 

Ireland. Marquis of Ormonde. 

Ditto. Part II. Index 

Seventh Report, with Appendix. Part I. 
Contents : — 
House of Lords ; County of Somerset ; 
Earl of Egmont, Sir Frederick Graham, 
Sir Harry Verney, &c. 

Ditto. Part II. Appendix and Index 
Contents : — 
Duke of Athole, Marquis of Ormonde, 
S. F. Livingstone, Esq., &c. 

Eighth Report, with Appendix and Index. 
Part I. 
Contents :— 
List of collections examined, 1869-1880. 
England. House of Lords ; Duke 
of Marlborough; Magdalen College, 
Oxford ; Royal College of Physicians ; 
Queen Anne's Bounty Office ; 
Corporations of Chester, Leicester, 
Ireland. Marquis of Ormonde, Lord 
Emly, The O'Conor Don, Trinity 
College, Dublin, <fec. 

Ditto. Part II. Appendix and Index 
Contents : — 
Duke of Manchester. 

Ditto. Part HI. Appendix and Index 
Contents :— • 
Earl of Ashbumham. 




[C. 867 





[C. 2340 


[0. 8040 

[C. 8040 


8. d, 
2 6 


3 6 

8 6 

1 10 

7 6 

8 6 

[Out of 

[Ota of 



1883 Ninth Repokt, with Appendix and Index. 
(Re- Part I. .... - 

printed Contents : — 

1895.) St. Paul's and Canterbuiy Cathedrals ; 

Eton College ; Carlisle, Yarmouth, 
Canterbury, and Barnstaple Cor- 
porations, &c. 

1884 Ditto. Part II. Appendix and Index 
(Re- Contents : — 

printed England. House of Lords. Earl of 

1895.) Leicester ; C. Pole Gell, Alfred Mor- 

rison, Esqs., &c. 
Scotland. Lord Elphinstone, H. C. 

Maxwell Stuart, Esq., &o. 
Ireland. Duke of Leinster, Marquis of 
Drogheda, &c. 

1884 Ditto. Part III. Appendix and 
Index ..... 

Contents : — 
I Mrs. Stopford Sackville. 

1883 I Calendar op the Manuscripts of the 
(Re- ' Marquis op Salisbury, K.G. (or Cecil 
printed MSS.). Part I. - 

1888 Ditto. Part II. ... 

1889 Ditto. Part IU. 

1892 Ditto. Part IV. ... 

1894 Ditto. Part V. ... 

1896 Ditto. Part VI. ... 

1899 Ditto. Part VH. 

1899 ! Ditto. Part VHI. 

1885 Tenth Report .... 

This h introductory to the following : — 

1885 (1.) Appendix and Index 

(Re- ' Earl of Eglington, Sir J. S. Maxwell, 

printed I Bart., and C. S. H. D. Moray, 

1895.) C. F. Weston Underwood, G. W. 

I Digby, Esqs. 

1885 I (2.) Appendix and Index - - 
j The Family of Gawdy 

1885 i (3.) ArPENDix And Index 
I Welts Cathedral. 

(4.) Appendix and Index 

Earl of Westmorland ; Capt. Stewart ; 
Lord Stafford ; Sir N. W. Throck- 
mDfton; Sir P. T, Mainwaringt 
Lord Mua caster, M.P.^ Capt. J. F. 
Bugotf Earl of Kilmorey. Earl of 
Po'wi^a, iind others, the Corporations 
o£ Eenda!, Weniock, Bridgnorth, 
Eye, Plymouth, and the County of 
Eeaex ; artd Stonyhur&t CoHege, 

(5.) Appenhii and Index 
i The Marquia o! Ormonde, Earl of 

Fingall, Corporations of Galway, 
Waterford, the Sees of Dublm and 
Osflory, the JesoitB in Ireland. 











rC. 3773 
^ ii.] 














[4/:76 L] 

8. d, 
5 2 

6 3 

[Out oj 

3 5 

3 5 
2 1 

2 11 
2 6 
2 8 
2 8 

2 8 

[Out oj 

3 7 

1 4 

[Out of 

[Out of 

2 10 







8, d. 


(6.) Appbndk and Index - - - 8vo. 
Marquis of Abergavenny, Lord Braye, 


1 7 

G. F. LuttreU, P. P. Bouverie, 1 

W. Bromley Davenport, R. T. 

Balfour, Esquires. 


Eleventh Report .... 
This is introductory to the following : — 






(1.) Appendix and Index 

H. D. Skrine, Esq., Salvetti Corre- 



1 1 

spondence, j 


(2.) Appends and Index - - - ,, 



House of Lords. 1678-1688. 



(3.) Appendix and Index - - ,, 


1 8 

Corporations of Southampton and 




(4.) Appendix and Index 

Marquess Townshend. 


2 6 


(5.) Appendix and Index 
Earl of Dartmouth. 



2 8 


(6.) Appendix and Index 
Duke of Hamilton. 



1 6 


(7.) Appendix and Index 

Duke of Leeds, Marchioness of 
Waterford, Lord Hothfield, &c. ; 
Bridgwater Trust Office, Reading 
Corporation, Inner Temple Library. 




Twelfth Report .... 
This is introductory to the following : — 




(1.) Appendix .... 
Earl Cowper, K.G. (Coke MSS., at 
Melbourne Hall, Derby). Vol. I. 


2 7 


(2.) Appendix .... 
Ditto. Vol.IL 


2 5 


(3.) Appendix and Index 
Ditto. Vol. m. 


1 4 


(4.j Appendix 

The Duke of Rutland, G.C.B. Vol. I. 


8 2 


(6.) Appendix and Index 
Ditto. Vol. n. 




(6.) Appendix and Index 

House of Lords, 1689-1690. 


2 1 


(7.) Appendix and Index 

S. H. le Fleming, Esq., of Rydal. 


1 11 


(8.) Appendix and Index 

The Duke of Athole, K.T., and the 
Earl of Home. 




(9.) Appendix and Index 

The Duke of Beaufort, K.G., the Earl 
of Donoughmore, J. H. Gurney, W. 
W. B. Hulton, R. W. Ketton, G. A. 
Aitken, P. V. Smith, Esq. ; Bishop 
of Ely; Cathedralsof Ely, Glouces- 
ter, Lincoln, and Peterborough, 
Corporations of Gloucester, Higham 
Ferrers, and Newark ; Southwell 
Minster ; Lincoln District Registry. 



2 6 






Appendix . - . - 
The First Earl of Charlemont. 

Vol. I. 


Thirteenth Bepobt - . - - 
This is introductory to the following : — 

(1.) Appendix 

. The Duke of Portland. Vol. I. 

(2.) Appendix and Index. 
Ditto, Vol.11. - 

1892 ! (8.) Appendix. 

J. B. Fortescue, Esq., of Dropmore. 
I Vol.1. 







(4.) Appendix and Index .... 
Corporations of Bye, HaBtlDgs, and 
Hereford. Capt. F. C. Loder* 
Symonds, E. B. Wodehouse, M.P., 
J. ifovaston, Esqs-f Sir T. B. Len- 
nard, Bart., Rev. W. D. Macray, and 
Earl of Dartmouth (Supplementary 

(5.) Appendix and Index. 

House of Lords, 1690-1691 - 

(6.) Appendix and Index. 

Sir W. Fitzherbert, Bart. The Delaval 
Family, of Seaton Delaval; The 
Earl of Ancaster; and General 
Ly t tel ton - Anne^ ley , 
(7.) Api'tMitx AND Inuex. 

The EaH q£ LonsdaJe - 

(8.) Al^l'ltSUlX ANt) INIiJ^X, 

The First Earl of Charlemont. 


FouBTEENTH Bepobt . . - . 
Thi:* h introductory to the following :— 

(1.) Al'T'Vvr'n; ^y^^ !^'^■■^. 

The Duke of Butland, G.C.B. Vol. III. 
(2.) Appendix. 

The Duke of Portland. Vol. HI. 

(3.) Ai^I'EXTjIX anm lNDt:?s. 

The Duke of Boxburghe ; Sir H. H. 
CampbeU, Bart. ; The Earl of 
Strathmore; and the Countess 
Dowager of Seafield. 
(4.) Appendix and Index. 

Lord Kenyon 

(5.) Appendix. 

J. B. Fortesoue, Esq., of Dropmore. 
Vol. II. 

(G.) Appendix and Index. 

House of Lords, 1692-1698 • 

(Mantitcriptt of the House of LordSy 
1693-1695, Vol. I. (New Series) See 
H.L. No. 6 of 1900, Price %/9j. 

(7 ) Appendix. 

The Marquis of Ormonde • 



[C. 6338 


! [C.6474] 

[C. 6827 




1 3 


1 11 




1 11 


2 8 


1 2 


2 10 


2 8 



s. d. 
1 11 

I [0.6827] I 3 



2 7 

2 4 

2 4 

1 4 

1 11 

1 10 






1897 ' 



(8.) Appendix and Index. 

Lincoln, Bury St. Edmunds, Hertford, 
and Grejit Grimsby Corporations; 
The Dean and Chapter of Wor- 
cester, and of Lichfield ; The 
Bishop's Registry of Worcester. 

(9.) Appends and Index. 

Earl of Bucklngham^jbife ; Earl of 
Lindsey ; Earl of Onsilow ; Lord 
Emly ; T. J. Hare, Esq. ; and J. 
Round, Esq., M.P. 

(10.) Appendix and Index. 

The Earl of Dartmouth. 
American Papers. 

Vol. n. 

Fifteenth Report. 

This is introductory to the following : — 

(1.) Appendix and Index. 

The Earl of Dartmouth. 

Vol. m. 

(2.) Appendix. 

J. Eliot Hodgkin, Esq., of Richmond, 

(3.) Appendix and Index. 

Charles Haliday, Esq., of Dublin; 
Acts of the Privy Council in Ireland, 
1656-1571 ; Sir William Ussher's 
Table to the Council Book ; Table 
to the Red Council Book. 

(4.) Appendix. 

The Duke of Portland. 

Vol. IV. - 


(5.) Appendix and Index. j 

The Right Hon. F. J. Savile Foljambe- ! 


(6.) Appendix and Index. ; 

The Earl of Carlisle, Castle Howard - | 

(7.) Appendix and Index. 

The Duke of Somerset ; The Marquis of | 
Ailesbury; and SirF.G.Puleston, Bart, j 

1897 ! (8.) Appendix and Index. 

I The Duke of Buccleuch and Queens- 

I berry, at Drumlanrig. 

1897 (9.) Appendix and Index. 

J. J. Hope Johnstone, Esq., of Annandale 

1899 (10.) Shrewsbury and Coventry Corporations; 
Sir H. O. Corbet, Bart., Earl of Radnor, 
P.T. Tillard ; J. R. Carr-Ellison ; Andrew 
Eingsmill, Esqrs. 


8vo. ; [C.7881] 







! [C.8551] 




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2 9 


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.0 10 

3 6 
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1 4 










Manuscripts in the Welsh Language. 

Vol. I. — Lord Mostyn, at Mostyn Hall, 
CO. Flint. 

Vol. I. Part II.— W. R. M. Wynne, 
Esq., of Peniarth. 

Manuscripts of the Duke of Buccleuoh and 
Queensberry, K.G., K.T., preserved at 
Montagu House, Whitehall. Vol. I. 

Ditto Marquis of Ormonde, K.P., preserved 
at the Castle, Kilkenny. Vol. II. 

Ditto the Duke of Portland, K.G. Vol. V - 










Ditto J. M. Heathcote, Esq., of Conington 

Ditto J. B. Fortescue, Esq., of Dropmore. 
Vol. III. 

Ditto F W. Lejborne-Popham, Esq., of 
Litt ecote. 

Ditto Mrs. Frankland-Russell-Astley, of 
Chequers Court, Bucks. 

Ditto Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, Hants 

Ditto Beverley Corporation 

Ditto Chichester, Canterbury and Salis- 
bury Cathedrals; of the Corporations of 
Berwick-on-Tweed, Burford and Lost- 
withiel ; and of the Counties of Wilts and 

Ditto Sir Geo. Wombwell, the Duke of 
Norfolk, Lord Edmund Talbot (the 
Shrewsbury papers). Lady Buxton and 

Ditto the Duke of Portland, K.G. Vol. VI., 
with Index to Vols, III.-VI. 








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